Mile 338 Dispatch

October 27, 2009
by Randy and Beth

Clatsop Spit, Jetty Lagoon, Fort Stevens SP
Tuesday 11:45 AM
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There was a dead sea lion at the start of mile 338 this morning. No presence of stranded birds which is why I wanted to walk our beach mile.
Other Mile 338 Reports (60)


January 1, 2023 - Randy and Beth
A very quiet day on our beach mile with beach clean of debris/driftwood. Erosion of dune/grasses due to recent King tides. Very little man made garbage; the beach appeared scoured clean. Only a few...


September 24, 2022 - Randy and Beth
More people than we have experienced on mile 338 on this sunny autumn day with a bank of cirrhus clouds on the horizon. We watched three small seals playing in the surf, sand crabs (mole crabs) being...
June 27, 2022 - Randy and Beth
Two notable things on our beach mile walk today. As we walked south to north we spotted ladybugs on the small driftwood/grasslike seaweed combo that was at the edge of the  surf zone. This was along...
March 19, 2022 - Randy and Beth
Notably, very few birds. Only a few seen flying overhead, but none on beach. Small pebbles strewn on beach. Steep erosion of foredune as we approached parking lot B access to the beach. 


December 25, 2021 - Randy and Beth
A cold walk on Christmas morning that started out with hail and a moderate north wind, and ended with sun coming through the clouds. The beach was scattered with medium to small size rocks (mostly...
September 23, 2021 - Randy and Beth
A very mild day on our mile with "flat" ocean waves and smell of clams. The beach was very clean of debris. First time we have seen the carcass of a brown pelican on the mile. 
  • brown pelican carcass
July 1, 2021 - Randy and Beth
This was a barren/scoured clean mile. Only three gulls sighted. The approach to the beach from the parking lot was steep, but gentler than our visit in January. 
March 19, 2021 - Randy and Beth
We experienced a very windy walk on our mile. Looking it up later at home, winds were predicted at 35 mph gusts coming from the south. The beach was pretty clean from debris and only saw very few...


December 27, 2020 - Randy and Beth
A pleasant day to walk our mile. Small sandpipers running back and forth with the incoming/outgoing tide. Signs of high tides (see photo) on the bluff. Small to medium stones blanketing the beach. 
  • signs of high tides
September 28, 2020 - Randy and Beth
A very clean beach mile with scattered crab shells and small piles of bull whip kelp. People were eating lunch or walking dogs.
June 15, 2020 - Randy and Beth
We missed our spring beach walk due to the closures of state parks so were happy to experience the wonder of the beach today. People were enjoying clam digging, hang gliding, picnicing, walking and...
January 19, 2020 - Randy and Beth
On this warm day many people were enjoying the beach with their dogs. There was an absence of kelp bundles which we would have expected after our stormy weather. Sawdust showed where several beach...


September 27, 2019 - Randy and Beth
Due to recent beach cleanup and minus tides, our beach mile was very clean. Only an occasional gull and the curlews for bird activity.
August 4, 2019 - Randy and Beth
Lot's of people enjoying the ocean on this beautiful summer day. We walked the low tide line north and followed a steady stream of crab shell debris in the high tide line on the way back south.
April 25, 2019 - Randy and Beth
The beach looked relatively clean, but we still collected an assortment of plastic debris (photo attached). We enjoyed watching the busyness of the small sandpipers and observed a larger sandpiper...
January 21, 2019 - Randy and Beth
A MLK Day hike on our beach mile--a very mild day with a beach that had been swept clean by a very high set of tides. We saw more sandpipers than usual and only a few gulls. On the return walk we...


September 24, 2018 - Randy and Beth
Second day of fall was almost cloudless and temps in the 60's. Most notable wildlife spottings were two dead murres and one dead black bird (possibly a crow). Very sad to see a dead seal pup on the...
June 21, 2018 - Randy and Beth
My friend from Japan, Taeko, and I enjoyed a summer solstice walk on our beach mile this morning. We saw people surfing, walking and biking the mile. Driftline had crab, clam and mussel shells, sand...
April 22, 2018 - Randy and Beth
This was a windy and sunny day on the beach on Earth Day 2018. We encountered clam diggers, windsurfers, horseback riders, families playing in the sand, people walking--lots of recreation going on....


December 25, 2017 - Randy and Beth
A beautiful, windless day on the beach. Randy made the comment that it was "about as bland a beach mile as we've ever walked". Not too much excitement other than gulls and a raven taking turns eating...
October 15, 2017 - Randy and Beth
A very clean beach mile and a warm day and low tide brought out families to dig clams.
August 13, 2017 - Randy and Beth
An active day on our mile with people excited about seeing whales spouting off shore.
March 23, 2017 - Randy and Beth
One family enjoying the beach. Several lean-to structures on the beach created from driftwood. Several very large flocks of sandpipers numbering about 1000 or more. Someone had cleaned up some...


December 25, 2016 - Randy and Beth
We had a sunny day for a Christmas Day beach walk. Our mile was very clean. There were the usual sandpipers making their way along the tideline with a dozen or so gulls.
October 2, 2016 - Randy and Beth
Almost no driftwood--possibly due to sand drift covering some. A Western Grebe was sitting about 30 feet from the waterline for some time, but managed to get back to the water and swim/float away....
August 7, 2016 - Randy and Beth
Our beach mile was swept clean of driftwood and debris. Perhaps a layer of sand was covering trash, but not much visible. A major crack in the dunes/bluff was visible last quarterly walk also.
March 22, 2016 - Randy and Beth
We did our Spring equinox walk on our beach mile during the sunny part of the morning. We chose to walk north to south and back. The ocean access is very steep from Parking Lot A and B access points...


December 25, 2015 - Randy and Beth
We were unable to walk our beach mile due to the King tide. We observed erosion of the incline to the beach; the walkable incline is now a 5-6 foot cliff and some of the grassy dune had "caved" away...
October 21, 2015 - Randy and Beth
It was a very warm and calm day with shallow ocean waves. Lots of bird feathers in the high tide lines was unusual. The most unusual thing on our mile today was the presence of a log--about 18-20...
  • a 20 foot log on the beach was covered on top with pelagic barnacles
June 24, 2015 - Randy and Beth
The driftline contained numerous sand casings. These fell apart when touched and were about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in length. They look like skinny tubes. I'm not sure what these are--any ideas? There was...
March 26, 2015 - Randy and Beth
Lots of families enjoying the beach for spring break outings.More crab shells than usual in the driftline with some whole crabs the seagulls hadn't finished.The (unknown to me) jelly-like suction...


December 19, 2014 - Randy and Beth
We walked north on our mile with very little beach showing due to the high tide (9.4 ft.); walking into a rainbow with south wind and showers at our back.Of concern were the four small birds spread...
September 16, 2014 - Randy and Beth
A beautiful day on the beach with very little garbage; we picked up about 2 pounds worth only.
March 26, 2014 - Randy and Beth
A very clean beach with moderate driftwood and no man-made debris. Smooth, round 5" diameter stones scattered on the beach. An absence of birds was notable. Sections of the surf were reddish/brown in...


November 20, 2013 - Randy and Beth
The morning started out scraping frost from my car windows, but the temperature at the beach was in the 50's. A bar pilot helicopter flew over us as we walked our beach mile. There was very little...
September 20, 2013 - Randy and Beth
Observed a couple with stroller, no bird activity, very little litter.
June 5, 2013 - Randy and Beth
A clean beach with the most notable occurrence being large flocks of cormorants.
March 20, 2013 - Randy and Beth
Spring equinox walk was a combo of rain and sun; a partial rainbow greeted us as well as two mature eagles and one Harrier hawk. No sign of the snowy owls that have been sighted here recently. The...


November 28, 2012 - Randy and Beth
A calm day on our beach mile with very little man made debris or driftwood. The highlight of the walk was spotting a snowy owl perched on the driftwood; the owl flew away as we approached and then...
September 11, 2012 - Randy and Beth
A brisk north wind brought out seven kite boarders enjoying the low waves on an incoming tide. There was very little garbage on our mile, perhaps due to the heavy piles of sand that were covering...
June 27, 2012 - Randy and Beth
A very sunny day with lots of human and horse activity on our beach mile. We picked up styrofoam on our way back at the high tide line, but filled our large garbage bag fairly quickly and will need...
March 20, 2012 - Randy and Beth
We were surprised how high the near mid-tide was on this first day of spring. Nothing out of the ordinary to report, but a great way to start a new season.


December 14, 2011 - Randy and Beth
An overcast, windy day with pounding surf, some driftwood and no other people on our mile. We saw five dead seabirds and one very decayed carcass of a seal or small sea lion about half way on our...
September 28, 2011 - Randy and Beth
Strong surf and incoming tide left for only a small amount of walkable beach. Piles of kelp and some logs dotted the beach. Dragonflies flew around us on the beach approach. We saw a seal heading out...
September 4, 2011 - Randy and Beth
Labor Day Weekend and sunny weather brought many families to our beach mile. They were building sand structures, walking with children and dogs and playing in the surf. There was not much driftwood...
April 20, 2011 - Randy and Beth
Scotch broom and wild strawberries both starting to bloom on the approach to our mile. Many people recreating on the beach today/clamdigging and surfing. The beach was relatively clean of debris,...


December 27, 2010 - Randy and Beth
Very little driftwood. We watched a seagull catch a crab and proceed to keep flying it around the beach. Several bags of debris, mostly plastic, were collected and taken to a dumpster.
November 3, 2010 - Randy and Beth
An unusually warm November day and the end of a good clamdigging tide made for more beach motorized traffic than we normally encounter on our mile. The return mile produced a large garbage bag of...
June 21, 2010 - Randy and Beth
First day of summer with two groups of people flying kites. Very little driftwood. On our return mile we are now walking the high tide line to collect debris and finding mostly plastic water bottles...
April 22, 2010 - Randy and Beth
Earth day on our beach mile: wild strawberries and vetch blooming on the beach approach. Surf clam diggers were getting clams. A number of shorepines were distressed at the beginning of our beach...


December 28, 2009 - Randy and Beth
A beautiful day on the beach. Lots of driftwood and an absence of shorebirds today.
September 18, 2009 - Randy and Beth
A tall driftwood pole has been erected on the beach to mark the trail to parking lot A; a driftwood campfire was still smoldering but not endangering other driftwood or the beach grass.
July 6, 2009 - Randy and Beth
Many more birds than usual on our mile; streams of pelicans and cormorants cruising the water and several bald eagles eating on the carcass of a baby seal. We couldn't identify what had happened to...
March 23, 2009 - Randy and Beth
A cold spring day with southerly wind and rain. Very little human activity and also very few birds. Only several plastic litre bottles on the beach--otherwise a very clean mile with scattered...
January 2, 2009 - Randy and Beth
This walk started out with sleet, then blue sky and cumulus clouds emerged. A very cold, brisk walk. The beach was clean except for 3-4 pieces of plastic. Birds alerted us to a dead sea lion and a...


September 22, 2008 - Randy and Beth
A very clean mile due to beach cleanup (SOLV) weekend just occurring. We picked up 2 empty plastic containers; also saw a vulture eating a dead seagull.
July 29, 2008 - Randy and Beth
A very blustery, misty day with pelicans, terns, gulls and sandpipers enjoying the beach. The only other beach walkers encountered were in the parking lot. The terns, needing to harass someone or...
April 3, 2008 - Randy and Beth
Due to SOLV cleanup the previous weekend, we saw no trash on our beach mile. There was still lots of driftwood piled up at the base of the cliffs. Very little bird activity--only one lone seagull...


November 11, 2007 - Randy and Beth
Piles of ribbon seaweed were being pushed up by the incoming tide. Sandpipers were noticably absent. There was a little plastic debris scattered on our mile.
June 24, 2007 - Randy and Beth
As usual, a clean, quiet mile.