Mile 302 Dispatch

August 15, 2012
by Lisa Marie

Oswald West SP, Neahkahnie Mountain, Devils Cauldron
Wednesday 8:40 PM
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THREE TEENAGERS WERE SHOOTING AT THE BIRDS OFF THE CLIFFS WITH BB/PELLET GUN (w/a scope on top). There were mainly cormorants, murres + gulls. At one point the gulls were shrieking. The kids were on the cliff just off the large parking area with the interpretive panels. LICENSE PLATE: {redacted}, SUV with surfing kit carrier on top. Phoned police at about 8:42pm. There is a path leading you to the edge of that cliff which is unseen from the parking area. I saw them from the cliffs directly north off the Elk Flats trail and can hear the sound of the bb guns. I can see their faces from my 12x42 binoculars. One kid is skinny with curly hair, the other had a stocky figure and a buzz cut. They were also wearing eye protection. Unable to see the third. I was parked in a different parking area so I went to the main one to see if I could get their plates. One suv and a large motorhome were parked and I waited as only the couple from the motorhome were around. Sure enough, three kids climbed over the stone fence and into the SUV, they left and headed north at about 9:10pm. Called the police again to give the plate number but did not note color and make of car. Next day I phoned the state police for an update and was told that a cop did come afterwards but it was after the fact. Heard the kids say that it was fun but it got too dark. Later, contacted the Oswald State Park to inform them of the incident.
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