Mile 286 Dispatch

September 18, 2010
by [email protected]

Bayocean Peninsula south of Bayocean site
Saturday 2:00 PM
0° F
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Shorebirds moving in response to humans/dogs
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
250 Brown pelicans, many seagulls,
Dead Birds:
orange, yellow, red on one legPelican as noted by beak
Seal, dead for quite some time. Some skin still on, but mainly skeleton
Fish & Invertebrates:
Kelp or Algae·Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Land-based debris (picnics, etc.)·Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.)·Shells·Small rocks·Styrofoam·Wood pieces
Not much land or ocean based debris
New Development:
Natural Changes:
This was my first survey, so nothing to compare it to
There were 5 people noted on our walk, which took 1 1/2 hours. One dog with one of the people. All were walking. The driftline had mainly pieces of wood, rocks, lots of crab shells. Some land-based debris, and a few ocean based items such as a wooden hatch, and another metal pot of some kind. There was one dead seal, quite decomposed, however with some identifiying gray skin. One dead bird, apparently a pelican as noted by beak. Banded with red, yellow, and orange bands on one leg. Also quite decomposed, but no sign of oil or netting. There was evidence of humans constructing shelter at the mid section of our mile - several logs in teepee like structure, with some tarp. The most exciting thing was the hundreds of brown pelicans flying in formation, flock after flock flying south. Some were coming from the Cape Meares lake area, others from the north. 250 to be exact. I believe they were brown pelicans, but they did have white necks and sometimes gray bodies rather than brown. Evidence of two horses entering and exiting from the Bay Ocean parking lot.
  • Mid-mile 286
    September 18, 2010
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November 20, 2020 - kunkelwa
This was three days after the first of the King Tides. The beach was quite clean and firm. There was evidence of wave overtopping and the dunes took some erosion. Eel grass was on the wrackline. One...
September 16, 2020 - kunkelwa
Pretty uneventfull observations today. The dead whale from last report is still composting on the shore. Beach seemed pretty clean of garbage. Only 4 dead birds. Many crab shells. Very few jellyfish...
May 27, 2020 - [email protected]
Dead whale on beach. Intact. 
May 16, 2020 - kunkelwa
This beach walk was done during the COVID beach closure. 3 local and 2 nonlocal people on the beach. Someone had an overnight tent perched on the dunes in a noncamping closed area. There were several...
February 9, 2020 - kunkelwa
Two days ago we had very strong west winds for an extended period. The Velella were back in the driftline. A lot of water bottle caps and small platic garbage as well. The sand and dunes have been...


September 29, 2019 - kunkelwa
March 3, 2019 - beverly.stein
Beach relatively clean.


November 4, 2018 - beverly.stein
Generally the beach was clean with a lot of kelp clumps.  Very few people.
August 4, 2018 - [email protected]
Illegal camping in dunes. No bathrooms, so waste management is a concern. Reported to Tillamook County Parks. 
July 29, 2018 - beverly.stein
Very foggy day.  Many more people on the beach than usual probably because it is Sunday in July and Portland is very hot today.  A number of groups camping in the dunes (but no sanitary facilities...
May 28, 2018 - [email protected]
Very clean beach, despite the holiday weekend.Some squid egg cases present. One dead sea lion.
  • Squid egg case-Doryteuthis opalescens
  • Squid egg case-Doryteuthis opalescens
April 29, 2018 - beverly.stein
Not much to report.  Debris from winter storms was evident and a lot of crab shells.
January 13, 2018 - beverly.stein
It was a beautiful winter day and many people were out enjoying the beach.  The beach was quite clean probably a combination of the fact that the OR Parks Department had recently been on the beach...


September 24, 2017 - beverly.stein
Four of us walked the mile for the first time so we now have a baseline to compare for the next walk.  This area of the coast has no development.  SOLVE had been through the day before so not much...