Mile 271 Report

May 30, 2021
by yakinsea

Cape Lookout
Sunday 12:00 AM
60° F
Moderate from the W
Humans / Pets:
Diving - two small boats, one motorized para-sail.
Apparent Violations:
The para-sailor skimmed along the cliffs on the south side, which is where the common murres are nesting. This happened on 5/26 on which I also paddled.
Disturbance of nesting seabirds
Activity Comments:
The concerns that I had were: 1. The motorized para-sailor disturbing nesting birds 2. There was a ladder on the south side of the cape about a third the way up from the water. It was near a ledge that usually is packed with nesting murres; none are nesting there now. I did not see anyone using this, but it looked new, and since it's left secured, probably is used multiple times.
Notable Wildlife:
I saw more pigeon guillemots than ever before. I also saw 2 sea lions, numerous nesting common murres, numerous cormorants, though less than in the past, and a couple of immature bald eagles. There were no brown pelicans, perhaps it's still early, normally I see at least a couple dozen. There were numerous gulls, as usual and in their usual spots. I saw a half dozen harbor seals, two new born with mom in Wells Cove. Numerous ochre sea stars, though no other variety and healthy populations of goose-neck barnacles mussels, and chitons.
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Styrofoam·Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.)
New Development:
Natural Changes:

I reported the ladder near the tip of the cape to a park ranger who told me to contact Oregon Fish and Wildlife about the mororized para-sailor, which I did.  I don't know what action will be taken.

Four of us packed our kayaks with trash from a shallow cave's beack.  We got perhaps a quarter of the trash, which was nearly all fishing foam floats.


The pigeon guillemot population here is by far the highest that I have ever seen.

Ladder that is at the tip, south side, may have impacted nesting common murres, none nested on the long ledge near the ladder. This is usually packed with nesting birds. I reported this to a Oregon State Parks ranger.

A motorized para-sailor skimmed the south side above the nesting murres. I reported this to Oregon Fish and Wildlife.

We picked up four kayak load's of trash from a shallow cave just north of where the cape begins. This is usually a tough landing, but reasonable on this day. 


  • Foam trash from a shallow cave, nearly all fishing related.
    Closest beach, rocky, to the cape on the north side.
    May 30, 2021
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January 4, 2023 - jessejones
Today was a marine debris survey with WEBS. Two rangers joined us. It was incredibly stormy. Arrived at beach at 11, left at 1. 
  • Denise Harrington, NOAA fellow holding bucket
  • Looking north from just south of day use picnic area


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