Mile 238 Report

April 22, 2019
by Cathy238

Salishan Spit, North Lagoon, Siletz Bay
Monday 2:00 PM
Party cloudy
55° F
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Shorebirds moving in response to humans/dogs
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Small rocks·Kelp or Algae·Shells·Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Wood pieces
New Development:
Bluff development
Boulders placed at bluff base. Still a steep drop-off in places.
New riprap or shoreline protection structures
Natural Changes:
Evidence of wave overtopping

Mile 238 was fairly empty and calm. Some more riprap had been placed in certain areas where erosion threatened homes in the winter. Some steep drop-offs still exist, eliminating a few access points for now. Smooth beach all the way up the bluffs in some areas indicating a recent high tide. 

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December 29, 2022 - Cathy238
Very little beach to walk on at this time of year at high tide. Waves come in all the way to the riprap line. Beware of sneaker waves. Accesses are still hazardous or unusable on Mile 238. 
September 1, 2022 - Cathy238
Some accesses are usable again, like the one near lot 281. The staging area for work crews and equipment near Beach Grass Lane should be avoided during the week. When work is stopped, the rough ramp...
June 7, 2022 - Cathy238
Very little activity and little debris (logs, kelp, etc) today on this mile. The riprap project extends from Gleneden Beach north through Mile 238. It will be continuing for some time. If tide is in...
February 17, 2022 - Cathy238
Several riprap projects are underway in Mile 238. The access at Seagull Lane is being reconstructed and mainly used by bulldozers working on the riprap, so best to avoid that area when working....


October 22, 2021 - Cathy238
Some beach accesses are not presently usable. Seagull Lane/Beach Grass Lane access is being used by heavy equipment and area should be avoided. Accesses at lot 281, Circle Road, #50A and at lot 333...
June 20, 2021 - Cathy238
Low tides have resulted in quite a wide beach at this time of year. Accesses need to be carefully scrutinized before attempting, as they have changed at least and (some) have become unusable at most.
April 18, 2021 - Cathy238
Rip-rap projects are winding down. The presence of additional rip-rap on the beach reduces the width of the beach so walking the complete Mile 238 is often impossible. 
February 5, 2021 - Cathy238
Caution is advised on the beach on Mile 238 due to high winter tides/sneaker waves, ongoing significant riprap projects, and constant heavy equipment movement.


December 11, 2020 - Cathy238
Beware of high tides and sneaker waves. Today the beach was completely wind-swept and smoothed over by recent wave action. It was almost completely clear south of house #333 (beach access there) but...
October 21, 2020 - Cathy238
Be aware of bulldozing activity on Mile 238. Even when they aren't working, equipment, piles of sand and rip rap are on the beach. I will attach pictures.
October 2, 2020 - Cathy238
Dead beached whale on Mile 238, either a new one or the recently buried one has been unearthed. Horrible smell extends up and down the beach.
September 1, 2020 - ORbeach
Additional photos of the dead humpback whale
August 14, 2020 - Cathy238
Dead humpback whale is on the beach on Mile 238. It has been there about a week. 
June 14, 2020 - Cathy238
There was very little on the beach today - very few logs, some dried seaweed but not much, a few people walking and agate-hunting, calm sea. A few accesses are usable, but not 50A or Circle Road. 
May 2, 2020 - Cathy238
Tide was low. Beach was smoothed over from last night's high tide, all the way in to the grass line. Accesses are still hard to maneuver, except 50B and an unmarked one near house #281. No debris (...
March 28, 2020 - Cathy238
Either rainy day or Corona virus scare is keeping people off the beach. Still necessary to be completely vigilant when on the beach. No whale sightings here during this whalewatching week. Just 1...
January 17, 2020 - Cathy238
Beware the sneaker waves. Observe all warning signs. Dress appropriately for the season, climate, and quick weather fluctuations. 


November 27, 2019 - Cathy238
Very high tides recently are dangerous, with sneaker waves running up across the beach to the rocks quite rapidly. No access on beach through much of Mile 238. Some unofficial accesses are usable (at...
August 28, 2019 - Cathy238
Mile 238 was very calm and empty today. No people or animals (except birds). No debris on the beach, only dried seaweed, driftwood, small logs, etc. A natural bluff has formed along much of this mile...
June 23, 2019 - Cathy238
Little activity and few people. No debris or garbage. No animals today. Seems to be little difference between low tide and high tide. Beach access 50A is still closed with a sign and barriers on the...
February 25, 2019 - Cathy238
Sand removal and riprap restoration taking place north of access 50A.  Some unofficial access points unusable due to erosion.  Beach at northern end of the mile wide for this time of year, but...
January 30, 2019 - Cathy238
Much of Mile 238 is being worked on due to erosion issues, and trucks/bulldozers are coming in throughout the day during the work week. Beach access 50B is usable, as is Seagull Lane. However, no...
January 7, 2019 - ORbeach
Providing pictures of erosion at house #295 on Salishan Drive, Gleneden Beach
January 2, 2019 - Cathy238
Much erosion along Mile 238 north of beach access 50B. Bulldozers are adding boulders and sand and working daily. Some beach access points are currently unusable until additional sand can bring the...


November 29, 2018 - Cathy238
Very undisturbed today. Tide had smoothed beach over, no animals, low wind, medium surf. No birds, seemed strange. 
November 6, 2018 - Cathy238
Large dead sea lion on beach.
October 30, 2018 - Cathy238
Dead seal on beach in front of/near house #271.
September 19, 2018 - Cathy238
This day was similar to several other days I walked this mile since it was assigned. Very little activity of any kind. No trash or other signs of pollution. No people this day, only 4-5 on the other...
August 5, 2018 - Cathy238
Beach was completely deserted in mile 238. More people in mile 239.Also, no dogs or other pets. Few birds and a few seals playing in the ocean.Natural berm throughout most of the mile which has been...


October 29, 2017 - njwhite
A recent storm pushed some large tree stumps and logs up to the beach. There was an abundance of European sea grass along the driftline. Some American Searocket and Seabeach Sandwort near the bluffs...
October 20, 2017 - Volunteer Trainer
While riding on the southern end of Salishan Beach Sean Lee spotted a sea turtle.  He called his wife Adrianna, who called a friend who happened to be a CoastWatcher.  Katharine gave her Fawn's...
  • Olive Ridley sea turtle
August 26, 2017 - njwhite
It was a beautiful, clear day to walk along mile 238. Once again, the landscape of this beautiful mile has changed, more flat than on previous walks  On this day, there was more bird activity, a few...
April 15, 2017 - njwhite
April 15 in the afternoon was a clear, sunny day with winds 10 - 20 mph.  The bluffs that were evident for much of mile 238 in January were gone or smaller. There was a lot of fish netting and fish...
  • A clear day
January 27, 2017 - njwhite
This was the first time I visited mile 238. Most of the debris picked up washed in from the ocean. 


November 27, 2016 - KiwiMcK
There were few people and one dog on this mile today.  Driftline had the normal type of plastic polution we see here bottles, cups, styrofoam, plastic bits and some rope pieces from vessels.  The...


October 11, 2015 - KiwiMcK
A clear sunny day after hurricane Oho scooted by to our north. The wave action was strong and it was the clear that the higher tides were pushing quite a way up the beach.Only one other person was...
  • Mile 238 wave action making new sand ridge on the shore.
August 28, 2015 - KiwiMcK
A warm overcast day. Five people, two dogs walking on the beach. Plastic bottles, handles and float parts picked up as trash.Four dead birds at the north end of the mile. See attached photos.
  • 1 of 4 dead birds at 44 degrees 50 minutes 45 seconds.  This was more intact than other birds
July 27, 2015 - KiwiMcK
A hand full of people and a couple of dogs out on the beach on this spectacular day. Sun shining brightly and the water just sparkling. Is this really the Oregon coast? Large bundles of bull kelp in...
  • Bull Kelp on Southern portion of mile 238
July 14, 2015 - KiwiMcK
Just a beautifully sunny day on the beach with a few white caps, sparkling ocean and not much wind. 4 people walking, one person reading and a couple sunning themselves. Two flocks of gulls and...


December 21, 2008 - Gertie C
Rainy afternoon. Not much activity -- just me, and one other person picking up trash.
February 29, 2008 - Gertie C
Not much to report this time -- State Parks & Rec buried a dead cow a few days ago.


September 21, 2007 - Gertie C
Quiet day in the early evening. Only two people seen, walking and collecting trash.
June 21, 2007 - Gertie C
Little of concern. Some sand seems to be coming back.
March 20, 2007 - Gertie C
Some sand seems to be coming back. However, all along the mile there is eveidence of beach erosion. Where I had a gradual slope to the beach, I now have about a 15' drop.