Mile 237 Report

July 6, 2013
by JDip237

Gleneden Beach north, golf course
Saturday 9:00 AM
62° F
Calm/Light from the N
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
A dozen seagulls
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Kelp or Algae
New Development:
New riprap or shoreline protection structures
Rip rap has been added to several homes on south end of mile
Natural Changes:
Newly exposed roots/trees falling
A beautiful holiday weekend!
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September 25, 2022 - Walden
The amount of armoring activity was significant. In one section, the beach was disturbed for .30 miles, from construction sign to construction sign.  I did not feel safe walking mile 237 in the...
  • View to south of armoring activity
  • Deceased California Sea Lion
  • Armoring work looking north
  • Close up of access road used for armoring work
  • Pile of Bull Kelp?


November 27, 2020 - Walden
It was a busy day with more people on the beach during my walk than usual. It was on the cold side and yet a few people in the water.  My main concern was riprap installation where no structures have...
July 26, 2020 - Walden
A beautiful day with people enjoying themselves. Warm enough for some people to go into the water, some people wearing bathing suits/bikinis. A Coast Guard helicopter seemd to be flying over the crab...
  • Candle fish?
  • Biplane over a crab boat near Gleneden Beach
  • Playing on the beach with Coast Guard helicopter above.
  • Horses on the beach near Gleneden Beach
  • Sea life on the beach at low tide.
  • Agates collected on my walk
  • Bald Eagle soaring on mile 237
February 18, 2020 - bksouthwick1
Pleasant day, moderate number of people. Small/moderate amount of trash predominantly of plastics, especially bottles, also numerous small chunks of styro foam.
  • trash collected
  • erosion evidence
  • erosion repair
February 9, 2020 - Walden
I noticed that debris from the recent King Tide event was concentrated at the southern end of mile 237, with little to none in the northern 1/3-1/2.  The appearance of the high water mark indicated...


October 13, 2019 - Walden
I observed fewer people and dogs than on any other previous walk, but more natural debris than at any other time. Surprising, because the weather was nice and it wasn't yet the stormy time of the...
January 26, 2019 - Walden


December 22, 2018 - Walden
A pleasant day for a walk on the beach in Oregon in December.
September 16, 2018 - Walden
3 unknown species due to level of decomp.
August 14, 2018 - bksouthwick1
Unusual "carving out" of the shoreline by wave action.
June 30, 2018 - bksouthwick1
Beautiful day. Moderate amount of trash. Found dead harbor seal approximately midway of mile well above the wrack line. The beach was littered with downy feathers. Not sure if from molting/preening...
  • dead harbor seal
March 9, 2018 - bksouthwick1
Pleasant Friday morning after a big wind. Handful of people on the beach. One man with 2 kids playing in sand. Two people with dogs, one on leash. On man fishing for surf perch.
February 3, 2018 - Walden
The attached photo was taken to show the change that has taken place to shoreline erosion. At this time of year, the shoreline is fairly smooth with a small hump near the water with a gentle slope...


December 31, 2017 - bksouthwick1
Very pleasant ending to 2017. Moderate amount of trash. Most trash was close to the dune line.
  • Remains of sea lion first reported Dec 5.
  • Dead sea lion.
December 11, 2017 - Walden
It was a sunny wind-free hour on the beach. No people or dogs. No debris.  A couple of exposed gravel beds with some nice-sized agates.
September 16, 2017 - Walden
Calm seas with little wind. Only saw two people during the walk, both agate hunting. Tee shirt and shorts weather. The beach itself had very little debris of any kind, natural or man made.
August 27, 2017 - bksouthwick1
Nice day on the beach. Tide was at low point about to return. We saw 20 adults, 2 teens, 5 kids, 6 dogs. 7 dead birds, 5 murres (I think) and 2 gulls. Actually saw a live female dungeness crab in the...
July 8, 2017 - bksouthwick1
We live enarby and have walked this mile ar least once a month since the first week of January 2017. However, this is the first time we have taken the time to do the note taking and make an official...
  • Ladder to private home.
February 25, 2017 - Walden
January 16, 2017 - JDip237
There has been a lot of erosion over the past few months since I was last in town.  Riprap has been installed all along the southern half or so of the mile. 


December 1, 2016 - ORbeach
Found this interesting item near the Beach Grass Lane access to the Salishan Spit ... a plastic bottle printed in Russian!  No barnacles or evidence of being in the water a long time so possibly off...


December 1, 2014 - JDip237
Small numbers of people and dogs using the beach. Two dead birds, typical shells and animal casings in driftline. Nothing observed out of the ordinary.
July 3, 2014 - JDip237
Another beautiful day on the coast! Moderate amounts of typical driftline materials found.
January 19, 2014 - JDip237
A beautiful day at the coast! Observed moderate number of people (16) walking or running, sea lion in surf, two dead starfish.


September 1, 2013 - JDip237
We saw thousands and thousands of migrating dragonflies heading south. It was unbelievable and amazing! They were spread so thin that no one else seemed to even notice them but they went on for...
February 9, 2013 - JDip237
Unusual amount of rocks, exposed agate beds. Very low tides.


November 5, 2012 - JDip237
There is some new, significant erosion in the southern 1/4 of Mile 237. Evidence of climbing bluffs (initials carved into bluff at top) which appears to have caused loss of vegetation and bluff...
September 2, 2012 - JDip237
A beautiful holiday weekend! Signs of significant erosion, which may soon threaten houses, were observed.
July 7, 2012 - JDip237
Winter storms really ravaged the bluffs on this part of the coast.
June 9, 2012 - JDip237
Observed retreat of bluff; newly exposed roots and falling trees. Dozens of plastic bottles with Japanese markings found on beach.
February 10, 2012 - JDip237
A very windy day! The winter storms have eroded several areas of the bluffs.


December 9, 2011 - JDip237
Observed serious bluff erosion, with many exposed tree roots and uprooted trees.
September 4, 2011 - JDip237
Foggy, but a beautiful day!
July 17, 2011 - JDip237
The endangered house I have been monitoring looks more stable. Grasses have been planted and a no trespassing sign posted.
May 28, 2011 - JDip237
Late winter storms appear to have eroded a significant portion of many bluffs. Occasionally people are seen climbing the bluffs but this appears to definitely be weather made more than man made....
March 19, 2011 - JDip237
Area near house on cliff has eroded a lot more since my last walk in January. It appears to be abandoned and is dangerously close to falling down the cliff. Also, the rip rap project notice that...
January 28, 2011 - JDip237
Nice, quiet day. No one else on the beach for miles in either direction. Very windy. I don't see any major problems but this was my first walk so I don't have anything to compare the conditions to...
  • Apparent uninhabited home in need of riprap
  • Area where two houses have posted notice of their joint intent to install riprap


March 25, 2007 - arthur
?? new or newly exposed riprap near south end of mile.