Mile 213 Report

January 28, 2018
by PaulJulia

Henderson Creek, South Beach SP south
Sunday 1:15 PM
52° F
Calm/Light from the S
Tide Level:
0.0 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
3 riding horses; 1 on mountain bike. 5 helicopters including 1 Coast Guard one. Earlier in the day there had been an earthquake off Coos Bay so wondering if they were checking the coastline to see if there were any problems.
Cars/Trucks parking:
Activity Comments:
It was a good day for people to walk their dogs.
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Took photos of the 4 which may be of the same species. Contacted COASST for id assistance but haven't received a reply. Sent one set of photos to Fawn to identify; awaiting her reply.
Fish & Invertebrates:
Lots of bull kelp in the area south of Henderson Creek; lots of seafoam there too. There had been storms earlier in January which were reflected on the beach. Fragments of shells abundant too.
Kelp or Algae·Shells·Wood pieces·Land-based debris (picnics, etc.)·Styrofoam
8 capped full water bottles and probably more we didn't see. The storms brought up a lot of litter and we could have spent much time just cleaning up the area south of the Creek but we ran out of garbage bags.
New Development:
The sand in front of Southshore residential development looked higher than remembered. Sand added or sand removed from the storms? Besides wading through Henderson Creek run-off, Julia waded through 2 more "streams" north of Henderson Creek.
Natural Changes:
The area south of Henderson Creek and north of Surfland entrance to the beach continues to erode.

Lots of activity on the mile this time with people with dogs, people riding on horses, a cyclist, and 5 helicopters.  It was very mild with some sun.  Storm evidence more apparent in the area south of Henderson Creek.  4 dead birds which may be gulls.  Awaiting confirmation before posting their photos.

   Updated on 2/16/18:  Fawn Custer has identified the 4 beached birds as being Northern Fulmars - 2 in light morphology, the other 2 in dark morphology.  COASST will be notified of these findings.

  • Lots of seafoam near the Surfland entrance to the beach.
  • Example of the erosion found near the Surfland entrance to the beach.
  • Another view of the eroded area as seen on 1/28/18 after recent winter storms.
  • Evidence of higher tides on sand dune?
    Evidence of higher tides on sand dune?
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July 6, 2022 - PaulJulia
January 23, 2022 - PaulJulia
Beach access previously had been closed for reconstruction.  The area south of Henderson Creek continues to be the area to watch for erosion -- pebbles everywhere  in low tide areas with basalt rocks...
  • Beach Peebles which "sing"
  • Boulders not normally seen on the beach
  • Condition of Dune in back of Suoth Beach Shore housing
  • Rocks of varous sizes plus a few bull kelp in this area
  • New Surfland beach access - concrete instead of trying to climb over many rocks plus eroded area to left which keeps increasing


March 2, 2021 - PaulJulia
We usually access the beach via an entry at Surfland which hasn't been easy in the past.  Now it's taped off.  Went to South Shore to see if could access the mile that way; now gated.  Went to South...
January 14, 2021 - hancherclan
Morning after severe king tides along South Beach, OR. The sand dunes west of the SouthShore community has been eroded up to the beach grass. The sand used to provide a gentle slope from top of dunes...


October 24, 2020 - hancherclan
1000s of washed up jelly fish and 1 washed up recently deceased sea lion
  • SouthBeach Jellies
  • SouthBeach Jelly
  • SouthBeach Jelly
  • SouthBeach Jelly
  • SouthBeach Jelly
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
  • SouthBeach Sea Lion
September 8, 2020 - hancherclan
Around midnight last night, from our condo observed lights from a fishing boat apparently beached on South Beach, just south of SouthShore community. Notified Coast Guard Yaquina Bay who informed me...
  • Legend Fishing Boat Beached in South Beach OR
  • Legend Fishing Boat Beached in South Beach OR
  • Legend Fishing Boat Beached in South Beach OR
July 11, 2020 - hancherclan
Observed a beached Sunfish and took some photos.
  • South Beach Oregon Beached Sunfish
  • South Beach Oregon Beached Sunfish
  • South Beach Oregon Beached Sunfish
  • South Beach Oregon Beached Sunfish
April 29, 2020 - hancherclan
Noticed a dead sea lion washed ashore.
  • Beached Sea Lion
  • Beached Sea Lion
  • Beached Sea Lion
April 13, 2020 - hancherclan
Spotted what appeared to be a beached Lancetfish, which appears unusual for this area.
  • Lancetfish South Beach Oregon
  • Lancetfish South Beach Oregon
February 17, 2020 - hancherclan
Walked the beach at low tide. Beach appears very smooth, no potholes or undulations that I've observed last year. Evidence of the king tides was clear; sand soaked the beach grass higher than I've...
  • Bluff Erosion
  • Broken up Dock
  • By-The-Wind Sailors washed ashore
  • Dead Trees along bluff
  • Driftwood Threatening SouthShore home
  • Large old bluff slide
  • Last Place On Earth LLC floats
  • Washed ashore tire


November 5, 2019 - PaulJulia
A very cold, foggy windy day.  A new sign at Surfland's access to beach warning about slippery mud.  Probably put there after accidents.  It can be hard to use that access due to rocks and large...
May 23, 2019 - PaulJulia
Little human activity on the beach.  Beach relatively clean with very little litter.  Snowy plover study occurring.  One beached bird with green/yellow bands but only its upper wings found.  Truck...
  • Beach littered with wood pieces
  • Snowy Plover study underway -- near South Shore housing development
  • Erosion continuing at Henderson Creek
  • Truck? tire tracks
  • Logs near the top of sand dune protecting houses at South Shore housing development
  • Beached bird with green/yellow tags.  Exposed tarsus measured 4".  A gull?


November 18, 2018 - PaulJulia
A sunny day with little wind and low tide.  People were out mostly walking the beach.  Found one beached bird south of Henderson Creek.  Not much broken sheels/crab moltings/etc.  No further erosion. 
  • Jellyfish or something discharged by an animal?
  • Beached bird showing banding tags on a wing
  • Photo of beached bird -- 1' long with black on upper wing, straight bill
  • New house built this year -- shows natural path to beach
June 5, 2018 - PaulJulia
A very pleasant day with sun and light wind.  Not many people out.  there were 2 helicopters, one being Coast Guard.  No bird activity except for the 4 vultures at the 5' dead seal.  Litter not bad...


July 7, 2017 - PaulJulia
Cloudy day with practically no wind.  South Beach Park Ranger's truck tracks along the mile?  Beach essentially clean which was good to see after 4th of July celebrations.  Many flowering plants in...
April 2, 2017 - PaulJulia
A pleasant day at the coast with families flying kites.  No shorebirds except one beached bird (grebe?).  Strong smell of decomposing at first but no evidence of dead fish/birds/etc except for...


December 25, 2016 - PhilBSB
Nice, sunny day for a beach walk.  No major changes to this mile since the last report several years ago.  Lots of large drifwood has collected just south of the South Shore development including...
  • Beach access through dune.
October 7, 2016 - PCTronquet
On October 5th, we found a blue plastic pallet that had washed in at high tide.  It had marine life attached.  On October 7th, John Chapman, HMSC, came to check it out to see if it could be Japanese...
October 5, 2016 - Volunteer Trainer
 It is important to note that with the original first look, it was assumed to be local, so it is very important to take a closer look at the marine debris washing up on our beaches.  Kudos to Cathy...
October 1, 2016 - PaulJulia
Very windy, cloudy day.  Lots of crab molt throughout the mile.  Wind-made small dunes going from south to north especially in the area south of Henderson Creek which made walking even harder.  Haven...
May 9, 2016 - PaulJulia
Very low tide which presented an uncluttered beach. Very little activity on the beach by people. Several large groups of shorebirds. Driftline in one area had lots of trees which seemed to have been...
  • Erosion in sand dune
  • Seafoam prevalent in parts of the beach; sometimes in thick masses
  • One of the groups of shorebirds
  • Log area right up to the boundary fence
  • Permit states that the previous wooden steps were destroyed during winter storms.
  • New concrete stairway
  • Erosion under vegetated sand dune
  • Erosion area worse after winter storms


October 16, 2015 - PaulJulia
Foggy day with very little wind from the SW. Lots of gulls just sitting. Bull kelp scattered all over the beach. Several millipedes seen which hadn't been seen before. Wondering if there were sand...
  • This much kelp hasn't been seen on previous visits. Winter die-offs?
  • Perhaps around 10 seen in one particular area, all crawling towards the ocean. Haven't seen them before.
  • Worst erosion stabilizing?
April 19, 2015 - PaulJulia
The beach was essentially clean but driftline area was full of dead Velella velella and logs. 4 logs had goose barnacles on them. More human activity this time with surfriders and riding horses.
  • One surfrider seemed to be 1/4 mile off the coast.
  • Haven't seen such logs before.  Another CoastWatch report helped me to identify them.
  • Found at trash barrel at Surfland parking lot.
January 15, 2015 - PaulJulia
Quiet day on the coast. No concerns. Lots of small litter (plastic/styrofoam) in the driftline.4 dead birds. This mile is just south of South Beach Park and the ranger often cleans this stretch of...


September 14, 2014 - PaulJulia
A beautiful day at the coast -- sunny with no wind. 4 people on bicycles riding on the beach was new as well as a long/wide/deep channel of water coming from Henderson Creek with movement traveling...
  • Looks like this channel wasn't created temporarily as a tidal pool.
  • The riders rode close to the water and came back further up halfway to driftline.  Hadn't seen cyclists before.
  • Longest feather measured 12" in length.
  • Channel of water is in foreground.  Gulls in between it & the tide.
  • Didn't see any of these snails but saw evidence of their trackings.
July 25, 2014 - PaulJulia
Discovery of 5 dead birds (possibly 3 species) was unusual. COASST has identified the larger one as Large Immature Gull; waiting for their identification of the other birds' photos. Sent photos of...
  • Sent photos to South Beach Park Ranger for identification & pick-up.  Some invertebrates on either end so the object probably had been in water for some time.
  • COASST identified this bird as a juvenile Common Murre (chick)
  • COASST identified this bird as adult Common Murre in its summer (breeding) plumage.
  • COASST has identified this bird as a Common Murre chick.
  • Identified by COASST from this photo & another photo.
  • COASST identified this bird as an adult Common Murre in breeding plumage.
April 7, 2014 - PaulJulia
Forgot to take a camera which would have documented some fallen trees/shrubs from the seriously eroded area south of Henderson Creek. South Beach Park Ranger said Japanese tsunami debris is still...
January 17, 2014 - PaulJulia
Pebbles/jellies more visible this time. Found one dead sea nettle. More rubbish to be picked up, especially styrofoam. Ocean waves more rigorous in area south of Henderson Creek & calmer as...
  • Found near tide level south of Henderson Creek.
  • Many pebbles on beach.
  • Sea foam example.  Found similar patterns early last year.
  • In the Henderson Creek area where erosion is the worst.
  • Jelly fish evident in area south of Henderson Creek


October 5, 2013 - PaulJulia
A much different scene than what we saw in April.Presumably the multiple piles of kelp are a result of the recent storm. Purple sand dollar and 2 dead birds (gull & murre). Erosion in one area...
  • No markings on block.  We picked it up and put it in the garbage can.
  • One of several seen which we discarded, thinking it was cloth on the wood.
  • Beach "cluttered" with kelp piles/green plants in eroded beach areas.
  • Murre carcass in very good condition at water edge.
  • Sand dollars haven't been seen before.  Did find one "white" one not intact.
  • Fallen plants now floating in water (see beach photo).
April 28, 2013 - PaulJulia
Very calm day at the coast. Very low tide. No birds observed. More wood pieces this time but less litter.
January 19, 2013 - PaulJulia
The beach was quite clean. No tsunami debris noticed. New erosion area with shrubs/vegetation still green. We hadn't seen motorplane gliders before.
  • Area between Henderson Creek and the parking lot of Surfland housing area.


September 23, 2012 - PaulJulia
No trace of Japanese tsunami debris but observation took place one day after SOLVE clean-up day. Heavy seafoam area in southern part of mile. Erosion in dunes in southern area getting worse.
  • We felt this was new.
  • Seafoam in area around Surfland parking lot which extended northward to just below South Beach Park.
July 7, 2012 - PaulJulia
Human activities: total of 35 people seen walking, walking 5 dogs, 2 riding bicycles and 6riding horses.Shoreline: Wood pieces not as large as seen in March. Couldn't tell if an item we saw...
  • 3 photos show the parts we found.  Is this a sea lion or seal?
  • Another photo of skeleton
  • Last photo of skeleton
  • 3 photos -- wording not fully visible
  • #2 photo
  • #3 photo
  • We wondered what this is.  Closeup photo out of focus.  Hopefully this shows enough.
March 26, 2012 - PaulJulia
We were impressed by how clean the beach looked. Nothing of major concern.
March 25, 2012 - PaulJulia
This area is the part of the mile definitely needing observations since it seems it is less visited by humans. The erosion needs to be monitored/photographed.Photos should have been taken of the...
  • The photos are in order from south to north.#17 -- downed trees from winter storms?
  • #19 - further north - shows some erosion
  • This fenced in area was observed in Sept. 2011 but there seems to be more damage now.


September 9, 2011 - PaulJulia
Nothing of significance was found in this observation except for the long twisted rope and the plywood crate. The reenforced area will be examined closely when we next observe Mile 213.
January 17, 2011 - PhilBSB
I actually walked miles 214, 213, 212 and 211. The heavy rains over the weekend (5.4 in. in 36 hours at HMSC) caused many slumps and sluffs along mile 212 and the southern portion of 213. Several...
  • Sluff along the bluff along mile 212. Most appear to have this same cone shape.
  • A large slump along the bluff.  This is a spot that experienced a large slump after a heavy rain storm in 1996 or so.


May 6, 2009 - [email protected]
A surprisingly calm and pleasant late afternoon to be on the beach. No birds at all except for one flock of small birds in low flight. Small bunches of bright seaweed spaced along the tide line and...
March 12, 2009 - vickiosis
Nothing to report of interest. The mile has a strange split. the northern 1/3 has plentiful woody debris and piles of kelp while the southern 2/3 is clean.
February 3, 2009 - [email protected]
A very straightforward walk on a scoured clean beach. A pleasant walk with nothing unusual noted.It was remarkable to have such a warm, calm afternoon in January.


December 26, 2008 - vickiosis
Evidence of the extreme high tides that typically happen this time of year. Woody debris up to the edge of the beach and extending 4 feet up on to the trail to the beach.
September 20, 2008 - skimmer
Finally a beautiful day for the fall beach clean-up. Not much litter on mile 213, but a horrific site of more development.
August 6, 2008 - [email protected]
Very pleasant to hear the fog horn while walking in such mild, calm conditions.
May 5, 2008 - [email protected]
Very quiet AM. Clean beach except for one area of numerous small seaweed pieces and one area of small driftwood pieces. Nice firm sand for walking. Wind increasing noticably as I walked back to...
May 2, 2008 - skimmer
Other than the 4x lumber the beach was quite clean.
February 29, 2008 - vickiosis
Nothing unusual to report. Very windy day, beaches pretty well swept clean by the last high tide. only a few kelp piles littered the beach. Usual gravel beds exposed by winters big waves.
January 12, 2008 - skimmer
The tide was pretty high, so I don't think I even covered my whole mile, but what I saw was surprisingly clean.


December 9, 2007 - [email protected]
It was surprising that there were no indications of the recent heavy storm. Did find a heavy plastic 5 gal. (?) container with a name and phone #. Phoned the owner to tell them where it had washed...
October 25, 2007 - vickiosis
Nothing unusual to report. Bull Whip kelp is finishing its annual growth cycle and is tearing loose and washing in on the beach. A few flocks of shore birds chasing the waves. very peaceful and nice.
October 5, 2007 - skimmer
A surprisingly beautiful day with very little activity.
July 13, 2007 - [email protected]
Warm, totally windless day, the first time I remember ever experiencing that at the Oregon coast. Very quiet on the mile.
June 22, 2007 - vickiosis
Reports from OSU researchers.. earliest ever start date for upwelling and evidence of great productivity offshore. large schools of bait fish, with large pod of dolphins and killer whales in the...
June 17, 2007 - skimmer
The beach looked unusually, and beautifully clean. I saw just one of the peeler logs.
May 17, 2007 - [email protected]
Beautiful morning for walking, with the air so calm.
April 20, 2007 - vickiosis
The length of Mile 213 is 70% high sand stone cliffs the bases of which have been scoured clean by big waves. 30% of the mile is vegetated cliffs with narrow low plateaus of flat areas that rise...
April 9, 2007 - PhilBSB
Cold day, lots of wind. Not many people out or changes.
April 5, 2007 - [email protected]
Clean beach, quiet activity. A nice walk on a calm day. The waterfall was full and beautiful. Rather a bland report, but I did enjoy the walk.
March 3, 2007 - skimmer
Only summary submitted: Dead birds included three sea birds, one small shore bird.
January 31, 2007 - [email protected]
Big balls of kelp were gone today, and even more wood was strewn on the beach. Several pieces of yellow rope, miscellaneous small plastic items, a large plastic tub-like item (almost bathtub size),...
January 24, 2007 - [email protected]
A friend mentioned that water flowing to the beach beneath a slanted grating that she climbed across was foul smelling.