Mile 205 Report

March 2, 2008
by [email protected]

Driftwood Beach north, Collins Creek, Squaw Creek
Sunday 10:00 AM
48° F
Calm/Light from the NW
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
Have observed eagles on the beach the last several mornings, usually perched on a log where a small creek enters the tide.
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.)
one crab pot
New Development:
Steps down bluff
Natural Changes:
Beautiful morning on Mile 205. Blue sky and minimal wind. There have always been several oyster catchers on the rocks at the northern end of our mile and they were squawking busily today. There have been some gold seekers panning in Collins Creek as of late. It was in the late 1800's that gold was first observed there. Have questioned current gold seekers and they report that minor specks have been found, nothing of any value. The same creek attracts agate hunters year round.We've lived on a 30 foot bluff above our mile for ten years. For all the heavy storms and interesting finds on other beaches, we find there is minimal erosion on ours this year. And few if any injured/dead wildlife this winter.
  • Our stretch of beach is a favorite for crabbers. We see many of these wash up during winter storms. But this one appeared today suddenly.
    Our stretch of beach is a favorite for crabbers. We see many of these wash up during winter storms. But this one appeared today suddenly.
    Low tide, 200 yd south Quail St.
    March 2, 2008
  • Scoured beach
    Scoured beach
    Mid Mile 205 looking south
    March 2, 2008
  • Looking north toward Seal Rocks
    Looking north toward Seal Rocks
    Mid mile 205
    March 2, 2008
  • North end of mile 205.
    North end of mile 205.
    Quail St.
    March 2, 2008
  • No gold panning today
    No gold panning today
    Collins Creek
    March 2, 2008
  • Northernmost mile 205
    March 2, 2008
  • February 23, 2005
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September 23, 2017 - sorensenteam
The beach was flat, very little wave or stream erosion. 
  • For sale sign referenced in report.
March 19, 2017 - Batthecat
 Accessed the beach via Quail Street.  Lots of timber on the edge of the cliffs, some serious erosion.
March 11, 2017 - Volunteer Trainer
Marine and woody debris with non-native species.  John Chapman contacted to collect specimens.  More woody debris on beach than normally seen.
  • evidence of shipworm
  • Asian container with non-native species and pink algae
  • Asian container with non-native species and pink algae
  • inside the Asian container feeding on the algae


May 28, 2016 - Volunteer Trainer
Many people on the beach.  Fishing ropes and netting on the beach.  Beautifl  stretch of coastline.  Our first time out and looking forward to the next.R&P
January 18, 2016 - Fawn and Mike
Today was a break in the storms for most of the morning. The entrance at Quail Drive was more eroded due to the heavy rains over the last few months. The sea foam was high on the vegetation line...


April 14, 2015 - Fawn and Mike
Plenty of new debris on the beach this morning. Large black buoy too large to move, a crate and other smaller buoys with organisms. Taken to HMSC. Interest in the buoy with the limpet.
  • Washed up on Quail after large storm.  Limpet is of interest


November 22, 2014 - Volunteer Trainer
Quick trip to the mile south, for King Tide pictures. Series starting with pictures of the eroded dune, log in front , and then the wave coming in and around the little dune I was on. This was...
  • 44.482708, -124.082896  Quail, CoastWatch mile 205 12/22/14  Dune eroded by King Tide, debris washed behind and up on hill.  Facing SW
  • Washing up Squaw Creek
  • 44.482708, -124.082896  Quail, CoastWatch mile 205 12/22/14  #2 Wave washed behind dune, me, and up onto hill at Squaw Creek.  Facing NE   Fawn Custer
  • 44.482708, -124.082896  Quail, CoastWatch mile 205 12/22/14  #3 Wave washed behind dune, me, and up onto hill at Squaw Creek.  Facing N  Fawn Custer


December 16, 2013 - [email protected]
Eight people and eight dogs observed. The creek has changed direction.
December 13, 2013 - [email protected]
Just a few people and dogs observed; no wildlife.
December 2, 2013 - [email protected]
Took lots of pictures of the King tide. Will submit once I have like pictures of a normal tide.
November 11, 2013 - [email protected]
Only walked from Driftwood beach up to first private stair case today.
October 24, 2013 - [email protected]
No fresh kelp--the kelp previously deposited by the September storms is degrading.
October 18, 2013 - [email protected]
Few people, all walking or running. Ordinary amounts of typical materials in driftline.
October 11, 2013 - [email protected]
Less kelp on beach than a week previous. Creeks crossing beach had changed course.
October 4, 2013 - [email protected]
Much seaweed on beach as the result of the recent storm.
September 20, 2013 - [email protected]
Very little human activity. Nothing observed on beach aside from seaweed.
September 12, 2013 - [email protected]
Fire on beach not properly extinguished. Little wildlife observed: one bird, crab molts and jellies in the driftline.
September 5, 2013 - [email protected]
Shorebirds being moved by people and dogs. Abundance of seaweed on beach.


June 19, 2010 - rbreitenstein
All in all the beach looks in good shape. There is a small amount of plastic debris and the tire. The carving on the cliff wall is in the same location as last year because there is access to the...
  • This is essentially the same as lat year
  • This tire looks to have been in the water for some time,  I do not remember seeing it last year.  Is it newly washed up or is it just unburied?
  • One of a pair  that may be  nesting
  • Fairly obvious how high the sea stars can climb!
  • I suspect a log did this, however it could have been harvesters.


November 29, 2009 - rbreitenstein
All in all, the mile appears similar except for some erosion of the north end of the clif where the initials were carved in last summer. They are almost gone. The High winds and storms of mid...
  • Initials on cliff three months ago are almost gone this time, most likely to errosion in the sand stone bluff. same location as prior photo in  September.
  • There is no obvious change here compared to three months ago.
  • 100 yards south of the north end of the mile, looking at rocks which are about 25 cm more exposed compared with September 1, 2009
September 1, 2009 - rbreitenstein
Overall this mile looked good today. Few people not much litter and no disturbances noted. No new developement. 19 photos with GPS coordinates obtained for future reference. There seems a lot of...
  • This at the very North end of Mile 205.  I will follow to see if it accelerated any erosion, with photographs.
  • This is not affecting any houses at this time but I want to follow it with photos.
  • I want to follow this area also.


October 6, 2008 - esconopeles
As stated above, there has been little remarkable activity along mile 205. We generally see between 6 and 15 people on each visit. There are almost always dogs present. This is a sandy, relatively...
June 24, 2008 - esconopeles
We have visited the mile four times in order to become familiar with it and begin to recognize changes. The beach has been quite stable with little change along the cliff. There is the normal...
  • This igneous outcrop has a section that looks almost slate-like buried in the middle of it.  Never seen anything quite like this before
  • I wonder how long the sea will allow this access point to remain in place.  Oh well, I can't find fault with the political sentiment.
  • Some critter leaves this trails on the surface of the sand.  I suspect a worm of some sort, but have not gone exploring below the surface.  Most of the trails are less than three inches in length.
  • My wife claims that the agate gods will always pay off the diligent coastwatcher for patrolling the mile.  This is her second find of this size in two trips down mile 205.


July 21, 2007 - rensmere
Normal windy summer afternoon on the coast. No disturbance or unnatural conditions.
January 27, 2007 - Leslie
I and the group with me collected five SOLV bags of trash.