Mile 201 Report

March 12, 2011
by gjport

Patterson Memorial SP, Patterson Cr, Yaquina John Pt
Saturday 2:15 PM
50° F
Strong from the SW
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
3 playing with their dog
Apparent Violations:
Cars/Trucks parking:
Activity Comments:
Nothing threatening the environment.
Notable Wildlife:
This was just after a storm the night before and there were no live birds on the beach at this time.
Dead Birds:
Signs of oil:
1 fulmar, 2 gulls with black wing tips,1 cormorantPhotos to be posted later
Fish & Invertebrates:
No other dead creatures
Kelp or Algae·Land-based debris (picnics, etc.)·Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.)
1 plastic beverage bottle with Korean lettering.
New Development:
South section of Bayshore beach: after the storms, so much sand has built up to the eaves of the houses at that end of Oceania that Bobcats are being used to push the sand back onto the beach.
Natural Changes:
Newly exposed roots/trees falling·Visible retreat of solid bluff
These changes were present in the area of Gov. Patterson Park.
Additional comments: After days of storms, there were many kelp holdfasts up on the beach w/o their kelp. Not many large kelp stems were found, but lots of small to medium sized kelp that were brown and looked like small carrots, but were filled with air, and could have been air bladder floats for some species of algae or even could be bulbs of the young Giant Perennial Kelp.
Being a Monday at 2:15 PM, it wouldn't be unusual for there to be very few people on the beach, given that this is a work hour. So, the 5 people that were seen is small but not unexpected for March.The beach of Gov. Patterson Park and the area north to the mouth of the bay, had sparse, well dispersed driftwood in the upper reaches of the beach (the foredune). The lower beach was clear of driftwood.Not much debris in the driftline: 1 glass beer bottle, 2 plastic water bottles, a Korean plastic bottle, several small pieces of hard plastic. The dunes of the park had receded to expose some shrubbery roots and some small tree roots. This was after several stormy nights of high winds and rain....even hail. The 4 dead birds were found along this stretch as well.The beach at the south end of Bayshore was void of people,and dogs. The seals were hauled out on the sand along the river's mouth, as they usually are. Very little in the driftline: 1 plastic bottle, few odd pieces of plastic, a styrofoam float and some plastic netting. No driftwood and the sand had been carried away by the tides and storms, leaving the dune far back towards the houses.The storms re-arranged sand to reach the eaves of many of the houses along that end of Oceania. It's the first time I'd ever seen sand being pushed BACK onto the beach. They were using Bobcats to clear the sand.**I will attach photos of dead birds and marine plants after I download them from the camera.
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June 22, 2021 - kalninsp
Nice calm foggy day. No body else on the south side of the bay during our visit. 4 people observed walking on the north side of the bay and crab pots were set in the bay but no boats observed. 
  • good water visibility
  • trail and outflow
  • attention crabbers
  • driftwood piles
  • shore birds
  • plover in driftwood
  • driftwood structure
  • driftwood
June 22, 2021 - kalninsp
Nice calm foggy day. No body else on the south side of the bay during our visit. 4 people observed walking on the north side of the bay and crab pots were set in the bay but no boats observed. 
  • good water visibility
  • trail and outflow
  • attention crabbers
  • driftwood piles
  • shore birds
  • plover in driftwood
  • driftwood structure
  • driftwood


June 30, 2020 - kalninsp
Trail is very steep and difficult to keep footing due to loose gravel. Water from the culvert is growing bright orange algae. Spotted a bald eagle fighting with a gull over food. Several driftwood...


February 17, 2019 - kalninsp
Sunny and chilly day. New trail (very steep) at access point with a culvert at the bottom. 


July 15, 2018 - kalninsp
Nice sunny day. Ive never seen so much of the beach. The tide was so low we could walk out for 1/2 a mile or so where it is usually under water. Small plane flying over head, a few driftwood forts...
  • lots of sand!
  • smug
April 29, 2018 - kalninsp
Was a very calm morning, we walked on the south side of the Alsea Bay first entering at the Wyziata access point at the stairs. It was raining on and off, about 48 degrees. No other vehicles were...
  • Run off.
  • Dead bird.


March 26, 2015 - Batthecat
Minus tide a good time to explore. I walked from Patterson State Park north to the Alsea bay. Found a huge amount of wood debris as well as part of a cliff face eroded. Also noted the blobs of yellow...
  • This stretch of wood debris ran from about a 1/4 mile from the edge of the bay around to the S.W.
  • More cliff erosion farther south of other photos


September 14, 2013 - annathat1lady
I noticed six different driftwood logs had been set on fire. Five of them were out but one was still on fire. I made a phone call and the Park Ranger was there within 10 minutes.He was very nice....
  • When arriving at Governor Patterson state Park.I walked down to the beach and to the left there was a piece of Drift wood on fire. A park ranger was called to come put it out!
  • Lots of water needed to get the fire out.The Ranger made many trips to the water and back.
September 14, 2013 - annathat1lady
I started out at the KOA campground, and walked over the Alsea Bridge. It was nice to see all of the boats, people fishing and enjoying the beach! There were many pelicans and seagulls playing on...
  • People fishing by The Interpretative Center in waldport
  • As I walked by I noticed he was fishing but not with a pole.Instead a stick stuck in the sand with a string attached?
  • Looking from The Alsea Bridge.Just look at all of the boats!The people fishing, the birds.What a sight!
  • I see this has been here for a while.
  • Looks like it has been here for a while.But what is itandwhat is living on it?
  • Birds enjoying the afternoon
  • Just off shore some fun stuff to look at
  • Two Pelicans enjoying the day
  • A Seagull who chose to hang out around meI enjoyed taking his picture and video of him eating off of the rocks.
  • He was So well minded.Just watching the Ocean while his friend/owner was fishing!


September 18, 2011 - Sanderling
There has been a lot of beach buildup over the summer, and most of the large driftwood is partially covered.The dune vegetation has reached far from the dunes, especially the searockets. There is...


December 19, 2009 - VKnox2
A nearly windless day accompanied by sunbreaks, sanderlings, fulmars, and California gulls. The beach was scoured so clean that even the harbor seals bobbing in the channel were amazed!! Simply...
January 29, 2009 - gjport
Lovely day that brought out many folks and their pooches. Beach was remarkably clean. Picked up just 1 can and 1 plastic bottle. There is a considerable amount of wood (trees, logs, branches, etc)...


December 20, 2008 - VKnox2
A relatively calm day on the beach with brisk temperatures and light rain. There were harbor seals swimming in the channel, with gulls and pelicans walking in the surf. Very little trash. Sublime.
February 9, 2008 - VKnox2
Large driftwood flows interspersed with human trash covered most of the beach. Additional plastic and styrofoam were visible bobbing in the waves during my survey. A nearly windless, balmy, early...
January 10, 2008 - VKnox2
The deserted beach and bay areas were covered with debris: impressive driftwood flows interspersed with human trash and European beach grass. Plastic, plastic, plastic!! Western Gulls staggered along...