Mile 189 Report

July 14, 2018
by [email protected]

Gwynn Cr, Neptune SP / North access, Cummins Cr
Saturday 6:15 AM
Moderate from the N
Tide Level:
-2.0 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Families, couples, and friends enjoying the beach, a few with their dogs
Apparent Violations:
Cars/Trucks parking:
Activity Comments:
Normal beach enjoyment. Most visitors kept near the parking area at Cummins Creek
Notable Wildlife:
There is usually a flock of gulls loafing at the mouth of Cummins Creek, and that was the case today. They will get up and move in response to human and dog disturbance, which is frequent during nice weather such as today. I encountered river otter tracks on the beach approximately midway between Cummins Creek and Gwynn Creek.
Dead Birds:
Signs of oil:
Fish & Invertebrates:
I came across two dead fish, a tiny right-eyed flounder, Pleuronectidae, maybe. I'll attach a photo and you can tell me! The other was a Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax)
Kelp or Algae·Shells·Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Wood pieces
The drift line was pretty clean. Besides the fishes mentioned above several kinds of drifted macroalgae were present, mole crab molts and spruce needles too. There were, not doubt, plastic fragments and some shore based litter, but it wasn't too prevalent.
New Development:
The steps at Cummins Creek are maintained, but nothing new.
Natural Changes:
There is always erosion on the bluffs south of Cummins Creek



I covered the middle and southern portions of the of the mile, starting about 6:15 am. The morning tide was quite low, -2.0', but the surf was 7'-9' so beach access was out of the question along the southern rocky portion. I didn't see any other people on the southern rocks but by the time I returned to the beach between Cummins Creel and Gwynn Creek around 9 am, there were a few people on the beach.

I encountered river otter tracks on the beach. They were exploring, apparently, the isolated rocks jutting out of the sand between Cummins and Gwynn Creeks. I also thought it was interesting to find a little right-eyed flounder, only about an inch long, cast up on the beach, and I also came across a lone dead Pacific sardine. I don't see those too often in the drift line. 

  • Early morning at the head of the stairs, the view is out to sea. What will the wrack line hold?
    Head of the stairs at Cummins Creek
    July 14, 2018
  • A nearly transparent baby flatfish
    I have it on good authority…it might be in Pleuronectidae, the right-eyed blokes
    Beach at the base of the Cummins Creek stairs
    July 14, 2018
  • A drift clump, holdfast and all, on the rocks
    Drift sea palm (Postelsia palmaeformis) A drift clump, holdfast and all, on the rocks
    Rocks near the southern end of the mile
    July 14, 2018
  • Drippy tracks in morning sand
    River otter tracks, heading off toward the reef at the top of the image
    Beach between Cummins Creek and Gwynn Creek. View to the north
    July 14, 2018
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June 14, 2021 - gailrobbw
Graffiti covered up.  Steps to beach repaired.  Beach access to North Neptune rerouted around hazard tree.  A fire ring near entrance to North Neptune Beach.  Beach very clean other than a pallet,...
February 9, 2021 - gailrobbw
  • North Neptune Beach
  • North Neptune Beach
  • North Neptune Beach
  • North Neptune Beach
  • North Neptune Beach
  • North Neptune Beach
  • South Neptune Beach
  • South Neptune Beach
  • Cummins Creek


July 29, 2020 - gailrobbw
Very busy with people and dogs, but beach still clean and no major problems.
  • Stairs in midden
March 16, 2020 - gailrobbw
Someone/organization has painted over the grafitti that had been sprayed all over the retaining wall under the freeway at the Gwynn Creek culvert (just north of the north Neptune Beach parking lot...


November 7, 2019 - gailrobbw
The beach looked very clean today, save for one loose buoy floating in the surf of North Neptune parking area, and one buoy with ropes tangled around log on shore in that same general area.  Unable...
August 19, 2019 - gailrobbw
In general area free of significant litter, but much new graffiti spray painted at the outlet of Gwynn Creek just north of the North Neptune parking lot.  Also a large graffiti painted inside the...
  • Dead bird
  • Graffiti
  • Graffiti initials
  • Graffiti
  • Driftwood Shelters
  • Dead bird
  • Hazardous tree
  • Cliff graffiti
  • Boulder fall
  • Graffiti and fire ring
  • Rock dam
  • Dead bird
  • Dead bird
May 20, 2019 - Volunteer Trainer
Report submitted for new volunteers GailRobbw.  no dead animals 12 people on the beach evidence of someone climbing on the cliffs- carvings  overnight camper in the parking lot,
  • map showing observations


July 13, 2018 - [email protected]
I covered the northern portion of the mile, departing the north parking lot at Gwynn Creek at 6 am. Except for a small bit of beach access just south of Gwynn Creek this portion is up on Captain Cook...
  • Pinkish pre-sunrise over exposed sand and rocks
  • Intimate view in a vertical crevice


September 10, 2017 - [email protected]
I was on the beach between 7:25 ad 9:45 am Low tide was about 1.1' at 9:30 am. As for humans, I saw 7 people overall, 2 groups of 2, and one group of 3. Two dogs. The only activity I observed were...
  • Jelly fragment and other stuff in the drift line


September 24, 2016 - minustide
The SOLVE Beach cleaner-uppers were new for me. Sept 24 is the big SOLVE beach clean up in Oregon. There were perhaps a few more people than I am used to. This could be owing to the spectacular...


November 23, 2015 - minustide
I hung around from about 11:15 am to 3:00 pm, hiking from the parking lot south as far as I could go, given the tide, which was nearly to the southern end of the mile, then back north onto the reef...
  • Falling sand levels expose a layer of dead acorn barnacles
  • Drift line dominated by Sitka spruce needles and cellophane tubeworm casings
  • Lush growth of Pelvetiopsis tops rocks in the high intertidal


October 10, 2014 - minustide
Between 6:30 and 11:30 am saw 4 people beside myself; two were solo birder at Cummins Cr. early and the other two, a couple on the north beach an rocks to the north about 11:30. The Driftline was...
  • I'm thinking these are invertebrate casings but I'm not sure. Would love to know what they are. For scale, they are about an inch long.
August 17, 2014 - Soggybottom
It was a busy morning on the beach for Neptune State Park. Families were wading in a very low Cummins Creek and playing in the sand in spite of a very strong wind. The beach was very clean...


March 17, 2013 - Soggybottom
The beach was very clean. Minimal amount of styrofoam and plastic. No SOLV bags on site for tsuanami debri.


August 12, 2012 - Soggybottom
I was able to walk the entire beach from one end to the other because the tide was out. It was a beautiful day. There were about 15 people, mostly families including children, and 3 dogs enjoying...
April 8, 2012 - Soggybottom
Mile 189 has not had active reporting done since 2009. This was our first visit and it was high tide. The beach was mostly covered with river rock and driftwood with very little sand. There were no...


May 25, 2009 - naturegates
The number of people at this site at one time is fairly small (I include both the north and south areas of Neptune State Park) and only occasionally have I observed dogs on the beaches and never a...


May 20, 2008 - naturegates
Sand level on Neptune Beach (south and north) is going down. Three bald eagles spotted feeding on bird carcass.


July 9, 2007 - naturegates
This is generally a well used beach with very little litter or man-made disturbance. The sand is high this year and Cummins Creek has drifted against the south shore.
March 21, 2007 - naturegates
Neptune has very little impact from humans or dogs other than dune climbing on South Neptune. Very nice beach to visit.


December 13, 2006 - naturegates
Beach clean, some erosion of dune, south. People continue to slide down the dunes.