Mile 188 Report

April 9, 2018
by Joel Keller

Neptune SP, Strawberry Hill Picnic Area
Monday 1:15 PM
65° F
Calm/Light from the SW
Tide Level:
1.7 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Playing in surf:
Playing in sand:
Most of the visitors were seeking agates (they were asked) on the beach at Strawberry Point. There were two people, however, who came very close to the sea lions (approximately 20 of them) on the rocks off shore at Strawberry Point.
Apparent Violations:
No appararent violations were noted.
Cars/Trucks parking:
ATVs/OHVs parking:
RVs/Buses parking:
RVs/Buses parking: 0
Cars/Trucks on beach, allowed:
ATVs/OHVs on beach, allowed:
Cars/Trucks on beach, prohibited:
ATVs/OHVs on beach, prohibited:
Activity Comments:
There were 12 cars at the Strawberry Hill area at 1:15 p.m. which were reduced to 4 by the time the observation ended at approximately 3:45 p.m. There were then 4 cars at the Neptune Beach (South) parking lot when arriving at 3:50 p.m. and 2 when I left at approximately 4:50 p.m.
Notable Wildlife:
There were more anemones than I've ever seen in the numerous tidepools in all three areas (Strawberry Hill South and North and Neptune Beach South) as well as sea stars (approximately 20-25 of them) scattered through all three areas. Barnacles and mussels were also plentiful in various sizes as were small crabs. Around 20 harbor seals were sunning themselves on the rocks off shore at the entrance of the Strawberry Hill Park entrance. Birds were few - one crow, a few seagulls, and perhaps a dozen swallows (?) circling the cliffs above the beach.
Dead Birds:
Signs of oil:
There were no stranded mammals though, as noted above, there were approximately 20 seals on the rocks off shore (the tide was low/out but rising through the observation).
Fish & Invertebrates:
Nothing to note.
Small rocks·Kelp or Algae·Shells·Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Wood pieces·Land-based debris (picnics, etc.)·Plastic pellets
South of Strawberry Hill entrance, there was primarily what appeared to be dried phytoplankton on the rocks above the driftline. North of Strawberry Hill, there was more driftwood with some plastic/micro-plastic beads/particles. There was also little trash seen on either one of these locations as well as Neptune Beach South. Only three large(r) plastic containers were found (and disposed of), one on each section.
New Development:
As this was the first observation, I had nothing to compare it with. Pictures, however, were taken and any new development will be noted in the future. FYI - There were/are no residential or commercial buildings as far as I can tell on this mile of the beach.
As mentioned above, there were no modifications.
Natural Changes:
Landslides/major boulder falls·Visible retreat of solid bluff
There were several small waterfalls (recent rains) coming from the cliffs with evidence of both recent and not-so-recent landslides especially south of Strawberry Hill park. There was also erosion (from the surf it appears) especially on the north side of the Strawberry Hill access. Little erosion and few waterfalls/landslides were noted on the South Neptune Beach area (mainly rock). Cliff "seep" noted everywhere.

Pictures were taken of several of the landslides and three pieces of debris were removed from the beach.


This was the first time I was able to monitor Mile 188.  Over three to four hours of climbing cliffs and outcroppings, checking tidepools, and walking on rocks, I realized what a workout this was.  Also, as it was, I was unable to connect the Strawberry Hill area with the Neptune Beach (South) area due to time (and tide) - there was a section of approximately 400-500 feet that went unexplored.  I was amazed at the amount of life in the tidepools - innumerable anemones as well as at least 20-25 sea stars (in all three areas) were enjoyed as well as mussels, barnacles, sea lions, and a few birds (what appeared to be swallows on the cliffs).  There was also an area (south of Strawberry Hill access) that had human-made plastic trays and dish scrubbers bolted into the rock--inquiry led to the knowledge that these are implements for ongoing monitoring and experimention in rocky shore ecology by the OSU-based Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO).  Although the water in the tidal pools appeared cloudy/murky, there was a lack of trash and/or plastic except for some particles in the north Strawberry Point area (also, most of the driftwood and erosion from the surf appeared in this area).  

  • Seals at Strawberry Hill
    Watching seals from very close, they didn't seem to mind.
    Rock offshore from tip of Strawberry Hill headland.
    April 9, 2018
  • Plastic trays and dish scrubbers
    Plastic trays and what appears to be dish scrubbers bolted to the rocks?
    Bolted to the rocks on the southern section of Strawberry Hill beach. Do you know?
    April 9, 2018
  • Landslide
    Landslide, looks relatively recent.
    Southern side of Strawberry Point beach.
    April 9, 2018
  • Cavern-south Neptun Beach
    Cavern on southern end of South Neptune beach.
    Located on southern end of South Neptune beach.
    April 9, 2018
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  • Strawberry Beach, view northward
  • Strawberry Beach and tidepools, view southward
  • seals dozing on rocky island
  • driftwood shelter on south beach
  • graffiti on bluff overlooking south beach
  • trees falling from bluff overlooking north beach
  • eroded trail from lower bluff to south beach
  • large algae bloom on north beach
  • impassable rocks and cliff above north beach
  • garbage in parking area


March 21, 2020 - Bill Watson
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Although the tide was relatively low during this excursion, the surf was rough and I was unable to walk/climb to the southern-most sections of Strawberry Hill and Neptune Beaches.  Possibly due to...
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  • Egregia-feather boa kelp
  • Pacific Rock crab molt
  • Up close and personal exploration of the mussel beds
  • The mussel clump
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Awesome surf during this very high tide!
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  • Sand crabs dying in large numbers.
  • Sand crabs dying in large numbers
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There was significant run off erosion of the access trails at Strawberry Hill. Worse than in recent years.The sea Stars are coming back. The most were noted at the north end of the Strawberry beach....
March 23, 2017 - FriendofStrawberry
Cloudy, windy cool day. Not much activity. We walked the beach north as far as we could. Tide was still going out. Would have been better an hour or so later. Happy to report hardly any beach trash.
  • Oyster Catcher
  • Harbor Seals
  • Floating Object
  • Floating object closer view


July 10, 2013 - claretucker
Oyster catchers greeting tidepoolers on a gorgeous clear morning. So much sand has come in that many of the usual anemone pools are covered up. But beach walkers can easily walk from the north...
  • One of the several north beach access trails at Strawberry Hill are becoming very deep.


November 8, 2012 - claretucker
Gorgeous fall day and no one there. New and strange to me jelly fish washed up - smaller than my hand, clear with a hard knobby "head" ??? and amanitas watching over the coastline.
  • Strawberry Hill looking north.  Beautiful fall day, amanitas on sandy bluff.
  • clear, whitish jellyfish washed up. Hard knob at one end.  Hand size or smaller
August 31, 2012 - claretucker
Minus tide with the moon setting - gorgeous morning, surprised not to see anyone else around. Lots of sand around my favorite north rock, about 5 ft. in places. Usual tidepool suspects with lots of...
  • Strawberry Wayside north trail to beach
  • Carved bluff at Strawberry Hill wayside
  • Minus tide pool creature. Strawberry Hill August 31.
August 3, 2012 - claretucker
Nice evening at Strawberry. More beach sand is in on north side, so walking is easier. Trail down to beach is getting really eroded. And graffiti is getting worse and worse on cliff. Beach was very...
July 6, 2012 - claretucker
Great tidepooling today. Saw 6 sunflower stars. Back beach was amazing clean; thought I'd find lots of chunks of styrofoam and water bottles.
May 2, 2012 - claretucker
Found a large wooden spool believe to be tsunami debris. Picked up many plastic bottles, small floats, and styrofoam chuncks. Saw a small boat at Rock Creek. If you come to the beach, bring bags...
  • Wooden Spool found at Strawberry Hill.
  • small boat south of Rock Creek


December 16, 2011 - claretucker
The sand is out on north side of wayside - looks like winter is here. 3 crab boats out!
August 20, 2011 - claretucker
Busy, busy beach. Lots of sand deposited in last month.
July 8, 2011 - [email protected]
A whole bunch of sea gooseberries were found around the main access to Nepture on that week. A lot more than I've usually seen. I have reports from Seaside Aquarium that staff spotted them around...
  • Found bunches of them here on this day, more at other places over the next day or two.
May 19, 2011 - claretucker
Beautiful day for a minus tide at Strawberry. Lots of usual anemones, chitons, stars, and mussels available.
April 20, 2011 - claretucker
The sand is "in" on the north side of Strawberry allowing easy beach walking. And Strawberry was "pink" at the minus tide: lots of pink algae, pink crystalline algae, and a beautiful dark red sea...
  • One of many sea slugs found on Oregon coast
  • One of many sea slugs found on Oregon Coast


October 24, 2010 - FriendofStrawberry
First powerful storm of the season. Strawberry Hill with a +8.9 tide and winds 25-30 with gusts to 50 from the South. Waves 25 to 30 feet. How do those critters in our tidepool survive? No Harbor...
August 31, 2010 - [email protected]
Bob Creek, sand, cobbles clean, big stumps and logs on cobbles.Strawberry Hill, Tide pools under water, Seals/Sealions 7/8 in water channels.Bray's Point no visitors, foggy.birds, gulls about 70...
June 14, 2010 - claretucker
Lots of action in the tide pools for the minus 2 tide. Sea lemons laying their circular egg cases were good to see. Lots of plastic to collect on the beaches between Yachats and Florence. Bring a bag...
January 7, 2010 - claretucker
Lots of sand still on the beach north and south. Front of bluff on path to the north beach has fallen into path. Counted 55 seals. The graffiti being carved into our sandstone cliffs is a real...


September 3, 2009 - claretucker
So much sand on the north side. Makes for a great walk even when the tide is coming in. I counted over 36 washed up jellyfish on most northern beach! Never seen that many.
May 10, 2009 - claretucker
Good tide pooling, lots of anemones, stars, several different kind of egg cases - chitons are out!


December 4, 2008 - claretucker
Gorgeous winter day, no wind, sun. Lots of gulls, crows, several cormorants drying out, and three oyster catchers working the low tide. Hardly any plastic debris - yea!
October 23, 2008 - FriendofStrawberry
We only had time for a short stop and I had the chance to tell a new friend (and new Coast Watcher) about the Harbor Seals on the rocks below. We sat on the upper steps for a little protection from...
August 19, 2008 - claretucker
Purple urchins in good shape. Lots of tube worms, too.
May 5, 2008 - FriendofStrawberry
Arrived when low tide was starting to come back up. Harbor Seals are the only seals that rest and enjoy the safety of these off shore rocks (when the tide lets them). Counted at least 2 baby Harbor...
  • For years Strawberry Hill has been a research area not only for Oregon universities but also scientist from other states.  It has been a classroom and a place where the ocean and tidepool critters are monitored and studied.
April 24, 2008 - claretucker
North side - some large trash items at end of beach. Pair of oyster catchers on "island" rock.
March 13, 2008 - claretucker
Pair of oyster catchers south of entry. Not as much trash as expected. Lots of gulls.
February 13, 2008 - claretucker
The rocks are back. Very few birds about. Lots of sand disappeared since January. Surf line is littered with bits of plastic. No new landslides. Spring beach cleanup will be busy.


December 6, 2007 - claretucker
South beach seemed to be untouched by recent big storm. Most of sand is still there.
September 14, 2007 - claretucker
North side and south side like two different beaches. North Side still has lots of sand, clean drift line, lots of sea life showing on rocks.South side has little sand, lots of seaweed, palm, grass...
July 4, 2007 - claretucker
Minus tide revealed 9 nudibranchs.
June 15, 2007 - claretucker
Little more sand in the north. Strange worm like animal with many legs in surf line. Oyster catcher on rock.
March 22, 2007 - claretucker
No changes from last visit.


December 21, 2006 - claretucker
Quiet day at Strawberry, surf seems high. Some sand moving out. Heard Oystercatcher on outer rocks.