Mile 184 Report

November 22, 2021
by simmonsk

N of Ocean Beach Picnic Area, S of Squaw Creek
Monday 8:45 AM
47° F
Calm/Light from the S
Tide Level:
4.7 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Cars/Trucks parking:
Activity Comments:
Only a few people out on the beach today.
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Report sent to COASST
Fish & Invertebrates:
Kelp or Algae·Shells·Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Wood pieces·Plastic pellets
There were lots of plastics in the debris line.
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Erosion of vegetated foredune
It's clear the high tides so far this fall have reached the bluffs. There was noticeable erosion at several points along the beach.

It was a quiet day on Ocean Beach.  I only observed 3 other people in the time I was there.  It looks like winter weather has arrived on the beach.  Most of the rock fields toward the north end are exposed.  The bluffs were showing signs of erosion.  I'm assuming this is due to the recent King Tide and generally high tides of the fall.   There is also a lot more driftwood on the beach again at the north end.  Not any large trees but considerably more than on last month's report.  I also noticed quite a bit of fishing rope of different sizes in the debris line all along the beach.  

  • Erosion along the bluff
    Erosion along the bluff
    I noted several sites of erosion up and down the bluffs on the beach.
    November 22, 2021
  • Erosion along the bluff
    Erosion along the bluff
    Erosion was noted on the bluffs all along the beach
    November 22, 2021
  • Debris line
    Debris line with plastics
    All along the beach, continuous
    November 22, 2021
  • Rock fields
    Exposed rock fields
    North end of beach
    November 22, 2021
  • Large fishing rope
    Large fishing rope
    Just north of stairs to the beach
    November 22, 2021
  • Fishing rope
    Example of fishing rope
    Found in 6 different locations along the beach
    November 22, 2021
  • Driftwood
    North end of the beach from steps at Oregon Homes to the cave
    November 22, 2021
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September 25, 2021 - simmonsk
It was a blustery, foggy day on Ocean Beach.  Several people were enjoying the beach from the parking lot overlook perhaps due to the rougher surf and higher low tide.  Most of the sand dunes are...
  • A foggy day on Ocean Beach
  • Seagulls hanging out on the beach
  • Debris line
August 19, 2021 - simmonsk
A warm foggy day on Ocean Beach brought out lots of walkers enjoying the day.  There are numerous sand dunes on the beach.  The caves mid beach are almost completely filled with sand.  Most dunes are...
  • Dunes present on beach
  • Dunes down the beach
  • Sand in cave mid beach
  • Largest jelly found
  • Jellies in debris line
  • Jellies in debris line
  • Another type of jelly
  • Graffiti on stairs
  • Debris line
  • Palm kelp in debris line
July 11, 2021 - bluemoonjoanie
With a low tide, it was a pleasure to be able to see so many sea stars and other creatures in the many tide pools on this rocky section of the Oregon coast. No human plastics, glass......
  • Sea stars and mussels
  • Tide Pools in minus tide.
  • Ocean Beach low tide
June 14, 2021 - simmonsk
It was a warm day with a low tide bringing lots of visitors to Ocean Beach.  I found an unusual amount of kelp on the beach both in the debris line and along the beach.  It appears that the crab molt...
  • Trash collected on this visit
  • Plastic pallet
  • Debris line with kelp
  • Pile of kelp
  • Fishing line entangled in driftwood
  • Fishing buoy
  • Ocean Beach at low tide
May 12, 2021 - simmonsk
It was a windy day on Ocean Beach.  Since my previous visit, the sand banks are forming and the rock fields present during the winter are almost completely covered.  The stairs from Oregon Homes that...
  • Sand bank built up on the beach
  • Broken sand dollars in the debris line
  • Repaired stairs below Oregon Homes
  • Remaining rock field on north end of beach
  • Debris line
April 13, 2021 - simmonsk
Unusually warm weather today on Ocean Beach.  Although most of the rock fields visible just a few weeks ago are gone, there were still quite a few rock hounds on the beach.  Lots of exposed rocks on...
  • Sandy beach again!
  • Sandy beach again!
  • Debris line
  • One of the waterfalls on Ocean Beach
  • Small landslide on the north end of the beach
  • Driftwood on north end of beach
  • Rock crab
  • Unidentified squishy ball-like objects
  • Sheet of plywood washed up by stairs
  • Plastics collected from beach
March 17, 2021 - simmonsk
A great almost springlike, sunny day at Ocean Beach.  There were quite a few rock hunters out combing through the giant rock fields that are covering most of the beach.  The debris line contained...
  • Sand shrimp trails
  • Sea stars on newly exposed rocks
  • Tangle of kelp and driftwood
  • Cave at North end of beach filled with driftwood
  • Exposed rock formations
  • Rock field
  • Debris line, varying levels of plastic
March 3, 2021 - simmonsk
It was a quiet day on Ocean Beach.  Unfortunately, today I observed more trash in the parking lot and on the beach than I ever have.  I documented this and reported it according to the guidelines...
  • Styrofoam float, bottles and other trash in parking lot
  • Old driftwood layers exposed along the bluff
  • Alternate angle of the driftwood layer
  • Crab trap
  • Crab trap
  • Runoff from the waterfall exposing more rocks
  • Barnacled plastic bottles collected from the beach
February 9, 2021 - simmonsk
It was a great afternoon on Ocean Beach.  Today saw a 9.5 ft. difference from high tide to low tide making this trip to the beach quite dramatic.  The storms and high tides have exposed numerous rock...
January 7, 2021 - simmonsk
A low tide and warm temperatures brought lots of people to Ocean Beach today.  A great day to enjoy walking, rock hunting and fishing.  There are lots of exposed rocks along the beach along with the...
  • Drift line content
  • Jelly close up
  • Jelly close up
  • Waterfall
  • Landslide on high bank
  • Exposed rocks along beach
  • Rock field at north end of beach
  • Heron
  • Driftwood along the high bank
  • Coastal snow, sea foam


December 31, 2020 - simmonsk
Went down to Ocean Beach for the last day of 2020.  We were the only ones visiting during our time there.  Although it was not yet high tide, 8.6ft at 12:30pm, we were unable to get onto the beach.  ...
  • View from picnic table on North end of parking lot
  • Driftwood on beach
  • No beach on Ocean Beach
  • Shrubs lining the picnic area and path to beach have been trimmed
  • Driftwood at the base of the stairs being tossed along beach by tide
November 28, 2020 - mj6dolphin
  • Layer of black dead trees at ocean beach cliff. New erosion
November 24, 2020 - simmonsk
A rainy but warm day on Ocean Beach.  Stopped by after the King Tides of last week to agate hunt.  Met a couple of people and dogs in the parking lot but no one else on the beach while I was there.  ...
  • Rock fields observed on north end of beach
  • Example of plastics in debris line all along beach
  • Example of plastics in debris line all along beach
  • Unknown "pod" found on beach
  • Unknown "pod" found on beach
November 16, 2020 - simmonsk
November 15, 16, and 17 marked the first of the King Tides for this season on Ocean Beach.  The winds were calm and the temperature was warm when I observed.  The beach was covered with large amounts...
  • Ocean Beach from the parking lot during King Tide
  • Driftwood logs at the base of the stairs to the beach
  • Looking north on the beach from the base of the stairs
  • Driftwood and sea foam looking south from the base of the stairs
September 22, 2020 - simmonsk
The first day of fall on Ocean Beach! I saw many things that I have never noted on this beach particularly the number of dead sea birds and the abundance of crab casings.  I also didn't observe any...
  • Driftline
  • One of 9 dead sea birds
  • Sand bank
  • Rock formation covered by sand
  • Jelly
September 2, 2020 - bluemoonjoanie
An amazing summer morning on mile 184, with lots of gulls, sunshine, and peace. 
  • Unknown animal, high tide line.
  • Unknown animal photo #2
  • Human built shelter with person camping.
August 3, 2020 - simmonsk
Final low tide of the summer brought lots of people to the beach at this early hour.  Lots of people rock collecting, some fishing and lots of great tide pools.  There are large sand banks all along...
  • Rock formation almost completely obscured by sand
  • Example of sand bank along beach
  • Shrimp like crustacean in drift line
  • Sand bank filling up cave located mid beach
  • Pigeon guillemots
  • Rock field at base of stairs, only one visible on beach
July 9, 2020 - simmonsk
Lots of people enjoying Ocean Beach on this warm day.  Lots of sand lance burrowing, un-burrowing, dead and dying along the surf line.  There was a bald eagle walking along eating them the entire...
  • Sand lance along the surf line
  • Sand lance
  • Bald eagle walking along surf line eating sand lance
  • Only rock field observed on beach, full of agates
  • Large flocks of cormorants and surf scooters right off beach
  • Gaper burrowing in sand
  • Ocean Beach looking north
June 5, 2020 - bluemoonjoanie
A very nice day for this mile, with a minus tide. Only 2 sea stars observed on the exposed rocks. Land slides seem more prominent than last time observed. First time on mile since early March, with...
  • Mile 184
  • Beach debris
  • Exposed roots
  • Sand bank
  • Slide Mile 184
  • Slide 2 Mile 184
  • Two people digging in rocks for ?
  • Two sea stars Mile 184
  • View from the inside out. Cave
May 31, 2020 - simmonsk
Lots of people out enjoying the beach.  Noted numerous sea stars on many exposed rocks.  Didn't note any plastics in the debris line.  
  • Sea stars visible on many rock formations
  • Sea gulls on the beach
  • Sea stars visible on many rock formations
  • Landslide at north end of beach
  • Fishing vessel off beach
March 12, 2020 - simmonsk
It was a warm day at Ocean Beach.  The rock fields typically noted at the north end of the beach are mostly covered.  There is a large rock field mid beach now.  The large rocks on the beach were...
  • Rock field
  • Low tide
March 2, 2020 - bluemoonjoanie
This later winter day, we observed changes in the bluffs, with new rock slides. Some of the large bolders looked like mussels were removed in small patches.  No sea stars were observed this time. ...
  • Rock slide
January 3, 2020 - simmonsk
Happy New Year Ocean Beach!  It was a very warm winter day so lots of people and dogs were enjoying the beach.  The rocks at the base of the stairs which are normally up against the bluff, were moved...
  • Rock field at base of stairs
  • Water flow from waterfall
  • Debris line all along beach
  • Egg
  • Driftwood
  • North end of beach


December 26, 2019 - simmonsk
Visited the beach during the high tide.  Waves were coming up over the stairs from the picnic area.  Large amounts of driftwood moving in tide.  Numerous large tree trunks crashing against the cliff...
  • Rock field at bottom of stairs
  • Large tree trunks of driftwood
  • Large rock formations not visible
November 22, 2019 - simmonsk
On this beach walk, I noted a great deal more of plastic debris towards the north end of the beach.  The pieces were larger than previously noted in other mile reports I have documented.  This was...
  • Rocks
  • Jellyfish
  • Plastic
  • Sunset
October 23, 2019 - simmonsk
The large sand drift observed last month mid beach is gone with the higher tides.  Lots more rocks and rock formations exposed. One of the larger rocks down the beach is halfway covered with sand. ...
  • Driftline with plastic debris
  • Sandbar has disappeared with higher tides
  • Sea stars visible on large rock
  • Higher tides exposing more rocks on beach
  • Waterfall
October 1, 2019 - simmonsk
More exposed stone fields on beach toward north end.  Large sand drift against cliff mid beach.  A few sea stars visible from the shore on outlying rocks.  Debris line to the south of stairs has lots...
September 2, 2019 - bluemoonjoanie
Low tide made for great viewing of tide pools, and coastal caves.  
  • Pelicans
  • Octopus egg mass


March 27, 2018 - bluemoonjoanie
Calm winter day, with an outgoing tide.  Large amounts of water draining from the cliffs/bluffs.  


December 26, 2017 - Blue Turtle
A cool ,cloudy day on Ocean Beach. Hundreds of Sanderlings along the shore running back and forth with waves. They seem to be getting a lot of food- think small crabs and a few seemed to have very...
May 26, 2017 - bluemoonjoanie
Beautiful and quite walk on mile 184. The -1.8 tide made tide pool exploring amazing, as this mile has beautiful rock formations, abundent with sea life. The usual plastic debri throughout the high...


July 9, 2016 - Blue Turtle
It was a very windy day with lots of sand blowing across beach. Unusual to have such a strong south wind this time of year. But have had rain for past 2 days. More due today.Only 2 people and a dog...
May 8, 2016 - Radioguy
Priscilla and I returned at very low tide to the rocky part of our mile because we saw no seastars at our recent visit whereas previously there were hundreds of healthy ones. Again, we saw not one...
  • Photo showing lack of seastars
  • Photo showing lack of seastars near base of path at Tokatee Klootchman
April 19, 2016 - Radioguy
Little human activity on this beach except for a few agate hunters at the north end by Tokatee Klootchman Wayside. The rocky part prevents most people from traversing the entire mile. Very little...
  • Sorry, no scale in photo but the block is about 30" long. Next time we'll get a GPS reading and put a ruler in the photo.


July 30, 2015 - Blue Turtle
Beach was quite different with large sand mounds and no stream to cross. Nancy Creek is just a small puddle at base of cliff. Many jellyfish dead on beach. They are in driftline and also up high on...
July 17, 2015 - Radioguy
One Red tailed hawk perched beside path down to north end of mile. Nesting cliff swallows with babies nearby, sea stars on rocks too numerous to count. River otters playing/eating in tidal pool with...
May 25, 2015 - bluemoonjoanie
This is my first report for Mile 184, Ocean Beach Picnic park. This is an amazing area along our Oregon coast; with tall basalt cliffs, many caves, and rocks of varying sizes. There are rarely people...
  • Sea Star in tack, no signs of disease. During a previous visit, there was one with the sea star wasting disease.


May 16, 2014 - Blue Turtle
There was a lot of debris on beach and in high wrack. The debris was often covered with Goose Barnacles. There was a huge log covered in Goose Barnacles, Also a few sandals, big pieces of strofoam,...


December 25, 2013 - Blue Turtle
A very quiet and calm day on the beach. Lovely and no litter to speak of or dead birds or animals or invertebrates . Just a pleasant walk.
November 21, 2013 - Blue Turtle
A quiet but cold day on the beach. There was some ice on the sand and icicles hanging from the rocks. Very rare to see ice like this. I was also doing the dead bird survey. Found one plastic bucket-...
April 25, 2013 - Blue Turtle
A glorious day on beach watching the amazing migration of birds. The numbers are just unbelievable. have never seen anything like it. Bonaparts Gulls flying just over the waves near shore and out...


October 21, 2012 - Blue Turtle
It was a beautiful day on the beach. the sand was very flat and swept clean of big logs. All were piled up on the rocks close to the bank. there were no more small dunes that covered part of the...
February 26, 2012 - Blue Turtle
The large buoy is located in second cave heading North from picnic area. It is caught up in the rocks at base of cave. Will take a number of people to remove. The Nancy Creek is very full and rather...


August 16, 2011 - Blue Turtle
The 184 mile beach is beautiful with its extensive sand beach. You can walk much further North from Ocean Beach entrance because of the high sand. I was at the beach a few days before this report...


June 27, 2010 - Blue Turtle
The last time I walked the beach was in March and change in sand level is drastic. The sand has been washed out on much of the beach and there are many stones now uncovered. Also the Nancy Creek...


July 27, 2008 - bailiffd
The north end of my mile was quite pristine. There is more sand than my last visit making the walking easier. Because this beach is a bit remote there was little activity. The nine year old along...
July 25, 2008 - bailiffd
The day was warm, overcast and still, perfect for walking the beach. On this day I walked the south half (for this mile is equally divided by a large outcropping that makes it difficult to walk the...
April 10, 2008 - bailiffd
This was the first walk on my mile. It was done in two phases due to the height of the tides. Initial walk was from north to south. Second walk was from the south end to just a rock outcropping...


February 12, 2007 - [email protected]
Proposed huge house to be built on bluff which is zoned Significant Natural Shoreline. Filed appeal with Lane county hearing on 2/15, awaiting outcome. 3 CoastWatchers showed up for hearing. Thank...