Mile 177 Report

April 9, 2010
by Old Puppy

Cliffs south of Horse Creek, north of Baker Beach
Friday 4:30 PM
51° F
Moderate from the NW
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Playing in surf:
Playing in sand:
Cars/Trucks parking:
ATVs/OHVs parking:
RVs/Buses parking:
RVs/Buses parking: 0
Cars/Trucks on beach, allowed:
ATVs/OHVs on beach, allowed:
Cars/Trucks on beach, prohibited:
ATVs/OHVs on beach, prohibited:
Activity Comments:
Due to cliffs, mile (177) is difficult to access. If not approached from the South, you must decline to beach from a path leading down the cliff. Therefore, fewer individuals approach this area. There were four adults walking and leaning against rocks.
Notable Wildlife:
A lone Eagle soaring in the wind currents. Landed on the shore for about one-minute, then departed.
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.)·Plastic pellets·Shells·Styrofoam·Wood pieces
One crab pot with line. Several crab pot floats.
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Two of the four individuals I spoke with showed me (for lack of a better description "small glass balls"), they found while walking the beach at low tide. They claimed the glass balls originated in Japan. A significant amount of trash (bottles/cans). Due to it's location, appeared to originate from vessels vs. individuals on beach. I cleaned up what I could carry out, and secured remained of trash to be removed at a later date.
On April 9th @ 4:30 PM, mile 177 experienced a sunny afternoon with a steady wind from the Northwest @ 12 mph. It was near low tide but still receding. A total of four individuals were walking in the area. No dogs,horses,or vehicles on the beach. A significant amount of human trash, i.e. bottles/cans and crab pot debris. I removed what I could, will return for the remainder. One crab vessel could be seen only thru binoculars. Witnessed an Eagle who remained in the area for about two minutes, one of which was on shore. Attempted to get a photo of the Eagle, but by the time I got my camera out of my back-pack and got close enough for a photo, he was airborne. In my designated area, I witnessed no dead wildlife. A couple shared with me their findings (two glass balls), they claimed originated in Japan. In some areas, a small "sand wall" was created by a strong cross current/wind/waves. No man made changes were noted.
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March 29, 2014 - Brien M
This beach is one mile South of my adopted mile, but I decided to do a dispatch report because there is a de-capitated whale's head washed up on the beach, and I thought it should be reported. The...
  • This is a photo of the underside of the whale's head, it's lower jaw bones visible. This section of carcass is about eight feet long.
  • I stumbled upon another one of these red light bulbs again. See mile 178 reports from January 2009.


October 19, 2013 - RussMorton
A beautiful day. Time only allowed me to visit at the very peak of high tide.
July 29, 2013 - Old Puppy
Overall a quiet day. Just 2 individuals riding horseback. No human trash to speak of. Suspect any/all trash was concealed by wind drifted sand. No visible dead wildlife. Natural landscape changes...
January 12, 2013 - Old Puppy
Weather was clear and tide was low. No apparent major issues. Three folks riding horses and 1 person with his dog. Small amount of natural debris present. Very little man made debris. No dead...


August 4, 2012 - RussMorton
The observation was very close to high tide, so there was less stuff on the beaches than I have noticed in the past.I often wonder about the nature of the trail to the beach, it never has the...
  • A view of the only serious erosion that could impact the highway. It lies against the hillside, just before going around the bluff.
  • This is a view of the lay of the sand dunes at the high point of the trail where it descends to the beach
May 18, 2012 - Old Puppy
There were five people walking/pickning. One dog who was on a leash. One Osprey circuling the area for a few minutes. One dead seagull on the beach. Noticed some bluff erosion. No "man-made" changes...
February 19, 2012 - Old Puppy
Weather was sunny/no wind. Tide was approaching low. One dead seagull and one dead crow. Due to previous storms, there was evidence of sand covering areas that were previously more accessible. A...


October 20, 2011 - Old Puppy
After several hours on the beach, I only observed 2 adults walking and one dead Cormorant. The weather/surf was mild, no wind and it was low tide. There was very little natural drift and only one...
May 20, 2011 - Old Puppy
Overall, it was a beautiful day. Surprisingly, no human activity. Tide was extremely low, therefore allowing one to witness tide pool's that are normally concealed. Although there were some minor...


December 3, 2010 - Old Puppy
There were a total of three individuals walking. A couple with a dog (not leashed), and one individual. There was a considerable amount of sea kelp on beach. Four dead seagulls were present within my...
August 18, 2010 - Old Puppy
Quiet day, no significant issues!! Only 2 adults walking the beach, (not disturbing tide-pools). Only a few pieces of wood that I removed. No other wildlife other than seagulls. Beach erosion was...
June 17, 2010 - Old Puppy
One lady walking the beach, no pets. Tide was low,incoming. Less human trash than normal. Possible issue: Throughout my walk I experienced a few areas that had a foul odor. Not the normal "low...
May 7, 2010 - Old Puppy
One Osprey feeding on one (probably a cod fish carcass). Viewed several live Ochre Sea Stars adhered to rock formations in tide pools. Two couples walking the beach, no pets. Two observing the tide...


July 30, 2009 - RussMorton
It has been many years since I visited. The bluff (Hwy to beach) appeared to be much more stable now. The dune features seemed more extreme but only a feeling. Enclosed is a photo of a large plastic...
  • Photo of plastic 10 ft. long found on sand.