Mile 168 Report

February 26, 2009
by bwholler

Central South Siuslaw Jetty Road
Thursday 12:00 AM
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Cars/Trucks parking:
Activity Comments:
The only other people on the beach while I was there were 3 of the "regulars" and their dogs.
Notable Wildlife:
A few gulls flying purposefully overhead. No shorebirds at the waterline.
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Shells·Small rocks·Wood pieces
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Pleasant February day, wind was light and sun was intermittent. Three "regular" beachgoers and their 3 dogs were present, in addition to me and my dog. Lots of frothy foam from recent windy conditions, foam at water line and puffy balls of foam blowing along the beach. Very few birds today, occasional single gulls, one hawk, no small shorebirds. More sand has been removed by winter storms, height between beach and top of foredune has increased. New bathroom buildings are being installed at the parking lots along South Jetty Road. These appear to be exactly like the former bathroom buildings, but are new and clean.
Large amount of foam at waterline and blowing gently along the beach. Sand has been taken away from base of the foredune by winter surf action. Lots of driftwood, tree branches, and small pieces of wood on northern portion of mile 168. Fewer shell pieces and small rocks than usual. Major new development is the replacement of the bathroom buildings in the parking lots with new ones, which look exactly like the old ones but shiny clean and new!
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March 8, 2022 - GasiorowskiM
A jeep with two occupants was driving on the beach. No other people were visible. Two dying dungeness crabs were stranded. The dunes at parking areas 3 and 4 are quite high (100' or so).  The descent...
  • Beach at Mile 168


December 18, 2015 - PhotoJim
South Jetty Siuslaw mile 168. 3 people walking, one dog. 3 vehicles seen on mile 168. 3 seagulls seen. one dead bird. In water off parking lot #6 saw surf scoters and common loons. 4 to 5 foot step...
  • view to south in parking lot #3
  • View of beach to south from top of trail from parking lot 3
  • View of beach to north from top of trail parking lot 3
  • On parking lot #3 access to beach
  • South Jetty parking lot #4 looking south
  • Top of parking lot #4 access trail looking north up the beach
  • Top of Parking lot 4 trail access looking South
  • At beach level access from parking lot 4 showing small, approx 1 foot step to beach
  • Approx 1/8 mile south of parking lot 4 access, 4 to 5 foot cut in dune from beach level
  • Area of logs in sand, about 1/2 way between parking lot 4 access and parking lot 3 access
  • Another view of logs in sand, approx 1/2 way between parking lot 4 and 3 access points
  • approx 3/4 way to parking lot 3 access from parking lot 4 access, 4 to 5 foot cut in dune
  • Possibly a dead murre on beach top bottom view, approx 12 in. long
  • Possibly a dead murre, top view. Approx 1/4 mile north of parking lot 3 beach access. Approx 12 in. long
November 25, 2015 - PhotoJim
Fairly high tide, lots of plastic, wrack line had a lot of bull kelp.
  • Rain water on west side of parking lot, Parking lot 3 Trail Head,casual trail to left
  • East edge of Parking lot 3, broken glass, looks like auto glass, in grass
  • Mile 168 looking South
  • Mile 168 looking North from parking lot 3 access
  • Tire tracks on beach just above wrack line.
  • Lots of bull kelp along the wrack line on mile 168
  • More bull kelp strands
  • The largest tangle of Bull Kelp along the wrack line. Bag is a Hefty tall kitchen bag for reference.
  • Beach side of trail from parking lot 4 looking North
  • Beach side of trail from parking lot 4, looking North
August 15, 2015 - PhotoJim
Casual trails from parking lot and top of beach access trails developing. Clean beach. Groups of birds in area. 2 bird carcasses. Areas of seafoam along water's edge.
  • Casual trail developing to left of established beach access at parking lot 3
  • Casual trail developing top of beach access from parking lot 3 looking east.
  • Casual trail top of beach access parking lot 3 developing to right of established trail on right side
  • Casual trails top of beach access parking lot #3 looking South
  • Looking south on beach from parking lot 3 tail entrance to beach
  • Looking north from parking lot 3 at beach entrance
  • Just north of parking lot 3, 2 sets of tire tracks on beach. Looking north
  • Dead Bird near high tide line north of beach access parking lot 3
  • Dead bird found just past 1/4 north of beach access parking lot 3 around high tide line.
  • Several areas of Sea Foam, photoplanton, along the mile.
  • Closer look at one piece of Sea Foam.
August 5, 2015 - PhotoJim
Sunny, great day, very clean beach. Kelp and moon jellies in wrack line. Lots of shell pieces along waters edge.
  • Standing at the trail entrance looking South down the beach
  • Looking up the beach from the parking lot entrance to the beach
  • Sample of debris along the wrack lane
  • A view of the sand near the water line south area of beach
  • Example of one of the larger broken shell areas.
  • Closer view of the broken shell areas
  • Moon jellies along the wrack line, some in pieces, other in nice circles
  • A Turkey Vulture just sitting on the beach.
  • Looking at some of the driftwood higher on the beach
May 7, 2015 - PhotoJim
Northern part of mile 168, not much activity.
  • flower along trail to beach from parking lot 4
  • flower along beach access trail from parking lot 4
  • View north from parking lot 4 beach access trail mile 168
  • Top of dune access trail parking lot 4 looking south.
  • Patterns in the sand at water line, just south of beach access from parking lot 4
  • patterns in sand at water line just south of parking lot 4 beach access, another view
  • just south of parking lot 4 beach access, an undisturbed sand dollar
April 30, 2015 - PhotoJim
Partial tour of Southern part of 168. Sunny, mostly calm and peaceful. Several lines of Velella Velella on shore line. Medium amount of people debris, one larger box of furniture.Yellow plants on...
  • Dove seen in grass by parking lot
  • Yellow plants by beach trail parking lot 3, need to identify
  • Buds, or blooms?, along parking lot 3 beach access trail. Look like a kind of vetch.
  • Parking lot 3 Beach entry to the North
  • Parking lot 3 Beach entry to the North
  • Furniture package on beach south of parking lot 3 beach access
  • One of the rows of Velella Velella on the beach.
February 15, 2015 - PhotoJim
A lot less trash in the south section. A fair of amount of drift wood that is mostly covered by sand, see attached photo. The skid, picture attached is about 1/4 mile south of the parking lot 3...
  • South of parking lot 3 access, driftwood being covered by sand.
  • 1st of 3 dead birds. Possibly a cassin's auklet, but didn't see to be any skin on legs, so not positive.
  • 2nd of 3 dead birds, again possibly a cassin's auklet.
  • 3rd of 3 dead birds, looks like a common murre
  • Section of dune separating.
  • Partially buried skid South of beach side access to parking lot 3.
February 14, 2015 - PhotoJim
Due to large amount of trash in North section, only covered north 1/2 on Saturday. Returned to cover South section on Sunday. Separate report for Sunday.
  • Looking north from the parking lot 3 beach access showing beach and dune areas
  • Looking south from parking lot 3 beach access, showing beach and dune areas
January 11, 2015 - PhotoJim
Overcast and light rain. Very peaceful, except at South end of mile where you could hear the OHV vechicles. Wrack line full of wood and logs, a good bit of human debris. Also found 19 dead birds, per...
  • Mile 168 looking North from the entrance to the beach
  • Looking South down the beach from the lot 3 entrance.
  • Smooth beach from waterline to Dunes. About 1/4 mile north of lot 3 entrance
  • Dead bird in wrack line, just north of the lot 3 entrance to mile 168
  • Dead bird in wrack line south of lot 3 entrance to mile 168


June 16, 2012 - bwholler
The only other people on the beach were two joggers. Sand at the front of the foredune is mostly softly rounded, with only slight evidence of north summer wind causing sculpting of the sand to the...


December 21, 2011 - bwholler
Beautiful sunny, but cold, day. No humans in sight. Two crows on the beach and a few gulls overhead. Surf moderate. Heavy frost remains in the shaded patches of the dunes and beach. Wood pieces and...
September 14, 2011 - bwholler
Sharp dune contours much softer, more rounded, in keeping with beginning return of some winds from the south in addition to winds continuing still from the north also. Very few birds. Few rocks and...


March 31, 2010 - bwholler
Quiet day at the beach. Lots of wood, plastic, and glass. The large, old tree stump with a notch for a logger's platform has moved slightly northward along the beach and is nearly at the northern...
March 13, 2010 - bwholler
The sharp sand "cliff" at high tide line has disappeared in most places and sand is more evenly distributed from foredune to water. Not many birds today, only a few gulls. Lots of plastic debris,...


December 22, 2009 - bwholler
A calendar picture perfect day on the beach! Blue sky, with beautiful white, grey, and black clouds. Many lines of surf, 6 or 7, with lots of fluffy white foam. Two other people walking, enjoying...
September 9, 2009 - bwholler
Beautiful day, T-shirt, crop pants, and sandals. Central Oregon coast fall weather at its best! Gentle breeze from the southwest, surf relatively calm and smooth, with incoming tide. Unusual...
June 9, 2009 - bwholler
Only two other people on the beach today, visiting from Washington. Overcast, but only very light wind, comfortable temperature, a good day to be on the beach. Three small airplanes flew by, going...


December 11, 2008 - bwholler
Only people on the beach today were walking with their dogs. Summer sand deposition is still covering the driftwood logs near the foredune, no good places to sit. Lots of jellies and dead "sand...
September 19, 2008 - bwholler
Sand at foredune in a fall pattern, rounded, not showing signs of strong north or south winds. More sea palm kelp on the beach than usual. Unusually large number of dead common murres, probably...
June 15, 2008 - bwholler
Nice day, sunny, windy but not bone-chilling. The shipwrecked "Bella" is still visible although sand has partially covered her again. The dry sand at the base of the foredune is being reshaped to...
March 21, 2008 - bwholler
Both steepness and sharpness of storm erosion of the foredune has lessened. The shipwrecked "Bella" is still visible although sand has been gradually re-covering it. Very little bird activity today...
March 21, 2008 - Goldendog
I had a nice walk with the dogs. The only other people were other beach regulars with their dogs. Everyone was enjoying the beautiful day. The only debris on the beach was some small rocks and shells...
  • This is looking north on the beach at the second parking lot
  • A photo of the Bella looking south
January 28, 2008 - Goldendog
It was a typical, beautiful January day on south jetty beach.
  • Onslow playing in the surf next to the Bella
January 23, 2008 - oldMGguy
First visit to Mile 168. Access from the Siuslaw River South Jetty Road, parking lot #3, and a short hike up and over the foredune. Dramatic seasonal sand erosion all along the base of the foredune...
  • Middle of Mile 168, looking north
  • Middle of Mile 168, looking south
  • Bow section of the 3-masted Florence-based lumber schooner shipwrecked November, 1905.  Located at the north end of Mile 168.  Visible only after winter beach erosion and low tide
  • Seasonal beach erosion at base of foredune.  Note glove on log for scale.
  • Seasonal upper beach erosion on Mile 168
January 14, 2008 - DLouis
Dune from #2 to #3 parking lot now washing away becoming a verticle bluff facing ocean, very steep in some places.


December 16, 2007 - bwholler
Nice day, some sun, not too much wind. Broken pieces of large shells, small pieces of wood on beach, very few rocks. Some new driftwood high on the beach, and older pieces have been moved around by...
September 20, 2007 - bwholler
Beach appears in late summer pattern of sand at the foredune showing evidence of wind from the north. Most people on beach are local, one couple visiting from CA. Except for the couple from CA and...
March 24, 2007 - DLouis
Being Oregon Beach Clean up Day there were many people with SOLV bags picking up trash. Also a group of Boy Scouts from Eugene were doing the same.
January 10, 2007 - DLouis
Approximately 100-foot area of greenish foam and lots of purple Vetch in bloom.
January 1, 2007 - [email protected]
It was a beautiful day, clean beach, no problems.


December 5, 2006 - DLouis
Large amount of Ball kelp, huge piles, rest scattered along shoreline. Unusually larg waves, breaking far out, many dead birds.