Mile 145 Dispatch

August 31, 2017
by RebeccaMC

North Umpqua Lighthouse SP, south of Lake Marie
Thursday 2:00 PM
Moderate from the W
Tide Level:
3.2 ft
Humans / Pets:
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
New Development:
Natural Changes:

Around 36 people at the beach. 8 dogs. 

No sea stars, the low tide not being very low.

Some of the driftwood is charred and burned, as well as grass and bushes on the dunes.

  • Burned driftwood.
    August 31, 2017
  • August 31, 2017
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October 30, 2017 - RebeccaMC
Quiet day at the beach. Few people and one dead sea lion.
August 13, 2017 - RebeccaMC
Calm day at the beach. Nice weather and good access to low tide life on jetty. Counted 37 sea stars, There were actually 2 sea stars with lesions. An orange and a purple, also spotted a sea lion...
  • evidence of wasting at Umpqua Jetty
  • Fried Egg Jelly, Phacellophora camtschatica, just beyond waves.
August 11, 2017 - RebeccaMC
It was relatively quiet on the beach with moderate activity. Every one seemed laid back and the dogs were well behaved. It was very low tide and I counted 97 Sea Stars on the jetty rocks,  both...


June 15, 2009 - [email protected]
Does not seem to be a lot of winter erosion; seems like driftwood is a little heavier. ORVs are staying in designated areas.


September 6, 2008 - bmills
There were at least 15 dogs on the beach, but none seemed to bother wild life. There was a crosscountry race going on in the dunes, ending at the parking lot. Heavy human impact (55).
June 10, 2008 - [email protected]
dead sea lion disturbing buzzards and crows for ID
May 7, 2008 - [email protected]
beach swept bare small deposits of driftwood


November 13, 2007 - [email protected]
Lots of driftwood washed up on beach. tide had been real high.
August 13, 2007 - [email protected]
Some beach parties w/alcohol & burning going on
May 13, 2007 - [email protected]
New containment areas for ATV's and constant patrols have lessened the damage and constant beach infringement.


December 28, 2006 - [email protected]
High Wave Action, water to tops of drift line, snowing, sleeting.