Mile 138 Report

March 24, 2007
by comubp

Oregon Dunes NRA, south of Tenmile Creek
Humans / Pets:
2 Snowy Plover Biologists
ATVs/OHVs on beach, prohibited:
Activity Comments:
Biologists associated with Snowy Plover habitat restoration project.
Notable Wildlife:
Sanderlings, gulls, one eagle, Canadian geese, Buffled head duck in lagoon.
Dead Birds:
2-Horned Puffins4-Rhinoceros Auklets
Fish & Invertebrates:
Wood pieces
Light wrack, European beachgrass
New Development:
Dune Modification
Natural Changes:
Erosion of vegetated foredune
BLM had a catepillar tractor grading the dunes between beach and lagoon to remove European beachgrass for Snowy Plover habitat restoration. Area roped off and signed. Ocean removed vegetated foredune creating an eight-foot wall of sand in places leaving uprooted European beachgrass.One 3 inch glass float found.
Summary: Light wrack. Some wood at high tide lines. Erosion of vegetated foredune uprooting European beachgrass. Snowy Plover nesting habitat prepared, roped off and signed. Dead birds: 2 Horned Puffins and 4 Rhinoceros Auklets. Sanderlings foraging in wet sand. Gulls and one eagle observed. Canadian Geese and Buffleheads on 10-Mile Creek Lagoon. Low human impact(2)- Snowy Plover Biologists. Glass float found.
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September 24, 2010 - comubp
One lone hiker/beachcomber present. The driftline was mostly the usual small kelp, shells and casings plus a few Dungeness crab. A few misc. gulls were present. No unusual physical changes or...


December 28, 2009 - comubp
Mile 138 was clean and mostly lacking notable wrack of a small number of shells, animal casings, kelp/algae wood pieces and Styrofoam. Two dead Northern Fulmar. One sparrow and one raven were noted...
September 12, 2009 - comubp
This vehicle prohibited mile was without tire tracks, and the only sign of humans was four sets of footprints, three barefoot, at the far north end of the mile. The tracks did not enter the...
March 12, 2009 - comubp
What a great day for a beach walk. The only concern was who put the vehicle tracks on the non-vehicle beach leading up to Tenmile Creek? BLM employees use both ATVs and 4wd vehicles to monitor the...


December 16, 2008 - comubp
The beach was pretty much as expected for winter storm activity. Most of the debris was high on the beach with little in the way of algae, kelp or shells present in the surf line. About 40 gulls of...
March 16, 2008 - comubp
The BLM had a caterpillar grade the Snowy Plover nesting area behind the beach. No ropes or signage was visible on the beach as was present in past years. Perhaps it is too early. Small patchy...


December 13, 2007 - comubp
A sunny day with small breeze. No signs of vehicle incursion into the closed area other than a likely agency patrol vehicle. Two sets of dog tracks present. Three sets of deer tracks. Two cow elk...
September 19, 2007 - comubp
Sunny and windy day. Steep beach angle to water with some evidence of waves overtopping the summer sand barrier. Variety of shells and casings between the sand barrier and the sea wall. Some bull...
June 30, 2007 - comubp
A beautiful day on the beach. The driftline wrack was especially laden with barnacle covered items indicating offshore drift had recently arrived or was still arriving. Kelp/algae, shells, many...