Mile 133 Report

July 5, 2012

Horsfall Beach, Oregon Dunes NRA west of Snag Lake
Thursday 11:30 AM
57° F
Calm/Light from the NW
Tide Level:
-1.8 ft
Humans / Pets:
Cars/Trucks parking:
ATVs/OHVs parking:
RVs/Buses parking:
RVs/Buses parking: 0
ATVs/OHVs on beach, allowed:
Cars/Trucks on beach, prohibited:
ATVs/OHVs on beach, prohibited:
Activity Comments:
It was exceptionally quiet.
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Ray, and Sea Lion
Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Beach area was very clean from human debris. Animal casings in the driftline. A dead ray and sea lion on the beach.
Other Mile 133 Reports (22)


September 18, 2013 - JBWEGNER
The area was remarkably free of trash/debris after a summer of activity. Animal casings, kelp/algae and wood pieces in the driftline. Eleven people on the beach.


December 15, 2012 - JBWEGNER
A quiet day with the high tide and very small amount of debris. Shells, kelp/algae, wood pieces, plastic and Styrofoam in the driftline. No noticeable changes from the last report. No people on the...
October 1, 2012 - JBWEGNER
Great day the beach area was free from debris and very little indication of human activity.
August 2, 2012 - JBWEGNER
Area was clean with the only indication of human activity being ATV tracks in the sand. Animal casings in the driftline. Two people on the beach with one fishing and the other riding an ATV.
June 15, 2012 - JBWEGNER
Observed more people in the area (20,seven of which were fishing), but otherwise the beach was normal. Beach very active with ATV's. Shells, wood pieces and Styrofoam in the driftline.
March 16, 2012 - JBWEGNER
Area look normal for the winter season with exposed logs and deposits of tree parts in the driftline. Evidence of wave overtopping the foredune. Animal casings and wood pieces in the driftline....
  • Looking west.


December 16, 2011 - JBWEGNER
Beach area was normal with little sign of activity.
October 17, 2011 - JBWEGNER
People activity was normal(16) with 11 walking ,four sitting and one taking photographs. An abnormal high count (19)of dead Common Murre for this sectionof the beach. Animal casings in the...
  • Dead Common Murre on the beach.
June 20, 2011 - JBWEGNER
Some seasonal adjustment to the foredune, and the area is much flatter. Very little debris on the sand with the usual logs scattered about. Shells and animal casings in the driftline. There were...
April 22, 2011 - JBWEGNER
Area looked normal with some change in the fore-dunes with a wider expanse of sand. Very limited amount of "civilized" debris on the beach. Shells in the driftline. Nine people and one dog on the...
January 1, 2011 - JBWEGNER
Very limited human activity on the beach. Conditions looked normal with the exception that we didn't see any sea birds. Shells and wood in the driftline. Five ATVs/OHVs on an allowed beach.


September 19, 2010 - JBWEGNER
Beach looked well used by ATV'S (in an allowed area) with the most tracks seen than during any previous visit. The beach area was clean of any significant debris. Shells, kelp/algae in the driftline...
July 9, 2010 - JBWEGNER
Beach area looked normal with frequent OHV (41) on allowed beach. Driftline had only wood pieces. One dead bird.
March 19, 2010 - JBWEGNER
Looked normal with some evidence of winter storm erosion.


December 23, 2009 - JBWEGNER
Beach was in normal winter condition with some evidence of natural winter bluff erosion and erosion of the vegetated foredune. Kelp/algae, wood pieces and Styrofoam in the driftline. Three dead birds...
March 11, 2009 - JBWEGNER
There has been increased ATV useage along the top dune line and some winter erosion of the dunes in areas. Usual amount of debris on the upper beach area. Shells and animal casings in the driftline...


December 22, 2008 - JBWEGNER
Kelp/algae, wood pieces, plastic pellets, ocean-based debris and Styrofoam in driftline. Appears to have more drift wood on the beach area than was seen last winter ... perhaps the tides will change...
September 8, 2008 - JBWEGNER
Little indication of summer activity on the beachArea was clean with just minimal trash (1/2 sack). Three dead birds. One vehicle on beach in an allowed area.
June 25, 2008 - JBWEGNER
Beach area looked good with minimal impact from the ATV riders. Low amount of trash was found. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, ocean-based debris and Styrofoam in the driftline. Erosion of...
March 22, 2008 - JBWEGNER
No significant change with the usual clutter in areas. No sea birds on the shore line and the very few Sea Gulls. Kelp, wood pieces, plastic pellets, land-based and ocean-based debris and Styrofoam...
  • Observed erosion.
February 9, 2008 - JBWEGNER
Erosion has increased this past couple of months exposing more drift wood. The unfortunate finding was a dead Harbor Seal with the hind flippers tied. Photograph shows the flippers tied with rope....
  • Seal found on beach mile 133.


December 21, 2007 - JBWEGNER
General condition of the beach was good. Evidence of tide erosion of vegetated foredune at one point. Marked it (GPS and Photo) for next observation. Kelp, shells, wood pieces, ocean-based debris,...