Mile 122 Report

November 16, 2008
by bbrown

Bastendorff Beach west half
Sunday 9:35 AM
70° F
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
2 dead small fish, Leather Bryozoan, Hydrozoan
Dead Birds:
Brown Pelican, Northern Fulmar
Possible California Sea Lion decomposed, no flippers, just south of 1st parking lot.
Fish & Invertebrates:
Kelp or Algae·Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Shells·Small rocks
Eelgrass, seagrass, Hymenena, Sea Lettuce,Ulva, Jellyfish parts, Leather Bryozoan
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Landslides/major boulder falls
Found possible California sea lion, hard to identify due to the severity of its decomposition. Head and fin seem to be missing, measurements couldn't be conducted. Dead pelican was also spotted, good to see this bird back in the area. Beach was also very crowded with 19 people and 9 dogs, both seeming not to care what substance they might leave on the sand. Minor landslides at south end of mile. Shells, crab carapaces, small rocks, eel- and surfgrass, small amount of kelp, parts of jellies and Leather Bryozoan in driftline.
  • Found just south of first parking lot, body very decomposed, missing both its head and tail
    Found just south of first parking lot, body very decomposed, missing both its head and tail
    Just south of first parking lot, along river
    November 16, 2008
  • Found in high tide line: a bundle of bones, very long and easily recognized as a pelican.
    Found in high tide line: a bundle of bones, very long and easily recognized as a pelican.
    near cave
    November 16, 2008
  • Pacific Sand Lance (Ammodytes hexapterus)washed up at the surf line.
    Pacific Sand Lance (Ammodytes hexapterus)washed up at the surf line.
    Middle of Mile 122
    November 16, 2008
  • California Grunion, Leuresthes tenuis, also found washed up in the surf.
    California Grunion, Leuresthes tenuis, also found washed up in the surf.
    Middle of Mile 122
    November 16, 2008
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January 29, 2017 - JohnnyCN
The waves/surf wasn't nearly as high today as it was the last time I walked the beach just a couple of days ago.  The weather was also better and there was no wind.  Due to this calmness, I think,...
January 21, 2017 - JohnnyCN
Mile 122, Bastendorf Beach, is a beach I've walked many times for pleasure so I am well acquainted with it; therefore, I was very surprised to see what was happening to it due to weather and...


October 18, 2012 - [email protected]
No significant changes in erosion or deposition of fore dune since my last report, though some foredune erosion is indicated near Miner Creek where a 20 foot log tossed completely up on the foredune...
  • Seal with hindquarters missing, entrails protruding. Also note large (3-5 inch diameter) areas of missing skin, one with entrails also emerging.


September 29, 2011 - Magicalsnakeman
It was a beautiful day to walk the beach. The tide was a bit high for complete tide-pool viewing. THe interesting part of the walk was finding the dead Murre. I hiked up to the mile North of this...


December 22, 2010 - [email protected]
Very little change from last report. 18 people, 2 dogs using the beach. No stranded mammals, few gulls and crows, otherwise little wildlife. Driftline was relatively clean, probably from recent high...
  • In center of mile, a short distance of beach sand erosion left a slight ridge, size measureable by german shepherd as "yardstick"
  • The ridge formed by erosion is no deeper, but now extends for a couple of hundred yards in the center of the mile.
  • By December 22, the ridge of sand has been eroded back almost to the foredune, with removal of 5 -5.5 feet of sand (note german shepherd yardstick). Surfers report the cove is increasingly shallow.
September 6, 2010 - [email protected]
Winter sand infilling of low beach is evident as low reefs begin disappearing; a recent dead sea lion and harbor seal; new stairs installed at eroded foredune; otherwise not much change since last...
  • Access to the beach has been closed by trailer park, but the path these stairs end at is on public land along a cliff face of Mussel Reef, reached by a rather harrowing pathway up the cliff.
  • One recently deposited seal; sea lion not shown
  • Intertidal area showing emergent rocks about 6 feet above sand on April 18, 2010. Normally, the rocks are buried by sand after winter storms
  • The match for April 18, 2010, showing intertidal area of emergent rocks now 3 feet above sand.
June 5, 2010 - [email protected]
Physical Changes: A rockfall has spalled off the 35 foot cliff at the southwest end of Bastendorff Beach. In addition, erosion of the foredune may have progressed since March, 2010, as suggested...
  • Seal or sea lion, with green X painted on torso, with human foot for scale.
  • Rock has spalled off 35 foot high cliff face at southwest end of mile 122, including forest floor vegetation. Person in picture for scale.
March 13, 2010 - [email protected]
Since we were last there in January, the foredune has eroded markedly, resulting in the loss of numerous shrubby Englemann spruces and a shore pine growing on the dunes. As the dune erodes, a lot of...
  • The small forest (Englemann spruce) on top of the foredune is collapsing onto the beach as the foredune is being washed away.
  • Due to extensive erosion of the foredune, forming a "cliff", the campers from the adjacent RV park have cut a new path for beach access. Note the "no tresspassing" sign about to be washed away.


May 23, 2008 - Magicalsnakeman
It was a nice cloudy day on the mile. No huge changes accept the snag falls on the southern end of the mile. Of course, the sand has started its migration back onto the beach. Many sea stars,...
February 10, 2008 - Magicalsnakeman
Ctenophores, kelp, shells, plastic pellets and ocean-based debris in driftline. Many anemones on tidal outcropping. Two dead Western Grebes. Erosion of the vegetated foredune. Vehicle tracks in...
  • from southern end on tidal outcroppings