Mile 119 Report

May 17, 2012
by dpackard

Shore Acres SP, Simpson Cove
Thursday 7:30 AM
46° F
Calm/Light from the N
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Notable Wildlife:
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Fish & Invertebrates:
New Development:
Stream modification
Natural Changes:
The southernmost part of mile 119 has had improvements made to the trail. Heavy brush cleared out and a section where some stream fall ran across the trail has been rebuilt and directed underneath. This makes the trail much dryer and safer to traverse.
Four seal pups in the usual area (straight section of coastline at northern section of mile 119). They were all foraging under the water and occasionally surfacing. One very young small seal was hanging out with its mother. Trail to southern portion of the mile has been improved. Eight people and two dogs noted.
  • This is taken from the overlook directly west of the floral gardens.
    This is taken from the overlook directly west of the floral gardens.
    May 17, 2012
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August 22, 2022 - GasiorowskiM
The hike along the northern coastal part of Shore Acres State Park is quite beautiful, with more coastal vistas and fewer visitors than the southern part.  30-40 harbor seals were lounging on the...


May 2, 2015 - dpackard
Person observed disturbing birds. I haven't been here in a couple years. Still a magical place.
  • looking north with the Shore Acres viewing station in foreground on a blustery day of wind from the NW.
  • Looking south towards Cape Arago


December 13, 2012 - dpackard
One of the year's highest tides at this moment (+9.78). Cold (38 degrees) yet sunny with little wind (barely a breath from the east). Exciting wave action from the high tide against the bluffs. I...
  • Mile 119, a short section north of old tennis court
  • High water lapping into Shore Acres' Simpson Cove, mile 119
  • Towards Shore Acres viewing station with king tide below.
  • South part of mile 119, looking west
August 17, 2012 - dpackard
Nine harbor seals observed on rocks at north part of mile. Two hawks and 12 seagulls. I could hear sea lions making barking noises from Shell island (a quarter mile off shore to the southwest) as...
  • Shore Acres maritime viewing station at upper right of photo.
  • Middle of the day and no one here.
June 18, 2012 - Pat&RobertaSmit
North Cove closed to visitors for the pupping season, so all observations were made from the cliffs. It was remarkably quiet. No obvious marine birds other than a single Pelagic Cormorant and Sea...
March 18, 2012 - Pat&RobertaSmit
Didn't see much this time. It was cold with gusty wind and freezing rain - and the path to the North Cove is closed now for the pupping season. One wall of the observation platform seems to have...
February 19, 2012 - Pat&RobertaSmit
Sunday afternoon ... Enjoyed a walk through Shore acres and onto the cliffs south of Simpson's Cove. We were just about to go home when we spotted a Bald Eagle on the cliffs with a catch... It's all...
  • Bald Eagle on the cliffs just south of Simpson's cove. The Shore Acres Observation Post (or Room or whatever it's called) is in the background.
  • Bald Eagle ... with additional zoom/magnification ... on the cliffs just south of Simpson's cove. The Shore Acres Observation Post (or Room or whatever it's called) is in the background.
  • Bald Eagle with catch on the cliffs just south of Simpson's cove.


August 16, 2010 - dpackard
A refreshingly cool August morning on the coast as temperatures are extremely hot inland (near 100 degree high's from Portland to Medford). Observed fog bank rolling in from half a mile out along...
March 15, 2010 - dpackard
Large rollers combined with a six foot high tide sent seas crashing into the rocky coastline this afternoon. The show spurred four photographers to capture the scenes. All the rocky inlets had...
  • Large breakers hitting the coastline from low pressure storm system at sea.
  • Large seas stir up foam along coastline.
  • Small portion of trail about 1/4 mile north of old Shore Acres tennis courts marked off due to erosion.


October 20, 2009 - dpackard
Observed eight people. Six walking on trails and two at Simpson overlook. Noticed small black objects bobbing in the water at north part of mile. Couldn't figure out if they were small seal heads...
  • View looking Northwestward out of Simpson's cove on mile 119 of the Oregon coast.
  • View looking northward with Shore Acres viewing station at middle right.
  • Sometimes kelp bulbs resemble a seal head bobbing in the ocean.
May 4, 2009 - dpackard
Intense spring gale with heavy rain on this day. I did not observe any wildlife in the water. A collection of Pelagic Cormorants were taking refuge from the weather on the lee side of shoreline...
January 13, 2009 - dpackard
Observed 16 people. No dogs. 3 harbor seals sunning on rocks at N. part of mile 119. Only saw seagulls. Ground is saturated with water. High storm tide and streams signs at Simpson beach all the...
  • Concrete pour for reconstruction of a park bench at this location
  • Kelp up to a very high tide line at Simpson beach.
  • A view Northward from in front of the Shore Acres observation station.


August 24, 2008 - dpackard
A whale was spouting about 500 feet out from Shore Acres observatory at arrival. Six small fishing boats arrived to fish at southern section of mile. Nice upkeep on shoreline trail at north end of...
  • NW view of Pacific ocean from mile 119 in Oregon
June 18, 2008 - dpackard
Very beautiful summer-like morning. I had never been to the park this early. Did not see much activity in the water (or air, except for 6 crows). Two Black Oystercatchers, three sea gulls and one...
May 18, 2008 - dpackard
More people than normal who somehow got down below the bluff to explore beachside at northern part of this mile (north of Shore Acres lookout). Moderate human impact (23)-19 walking and 4 tidepooling...
April 3, 2008 - Florence Elk
One of the most beautiful and interesting areas of the Oregon coast. Sea lions and seals close up at the draw bridge in Charleston feeding on scraps from the fishing industry. Then on to Shore Acres...


December 10, 2007 - dpackard
Did not see any whales, sea lions or seals. Saw the usual amount of Seagulls and a few other unidentified birds. Some evidence of high stream flow in one cove (see picture) and many downed branches...
  • Shows the path of high water stream probably during previous week's storm.
  • Trail with downed trees and branches in spots.
  • After a beautiful day the sun departs
November 2, 2007 - dpackard
Did not see any aquatic creatures -- whales, seals or sea lions, this time around. Healthy seas. It looks like a moderate tide (quarter moon). Only two cars in the vast Shore Acres parking lot....
  • Shore Acres coastline, Friday evening, November 2, 2007.  Looking South toward Cape Arago (far point).
May 23, 2007 - dpackard
Tranquil day with greater turnout of people than three months previously. Moderate human impact (12)-8 walking and 4 playing in sand. Six harbor seals sunning on the rocks. Blue fish net on rocks.
  • Just north of cove north of the Simpson tennis courts.
February 3, 2007 - dpackard
A typical overcast winter morning. Steady SW breeze. Many seagulls patrolling the coastline, a few crows foraging in the trees. Saw a lightly colored seal (Harbor seal) resting on rock reef. A...
  • In cove below botanical gardens
  • Below botanical gardens in cove