Mile 100 Report

March 27, 2009
by JohnnyCN

Johnson Creek, Bandon Beach
Friday 1:15 PM
Calm/Light from the NW
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Playing in sand:
Horseback Riding
Cars/Trucks parking:
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Land-based debris (picnics, etc.)·Plastic pellets·Shells·Small rocks·Wood pieces
New Development:
Natural Changes:
On a day of sunshine at the end of spring break, there were 31 people on the beach--a comparatively high number for this area. Most of these people were walking. There was an unusually high amount of plastic bottles and other plastic materials, ranging from pinpoint size to dime size, in the wrackline and higher on the beach. Shells, small rocks and wood pieces also were present in the wrack. There were few birds present and only one dead gull.
Other Mile 100 Reports (52)


June 25, 2022 - Cynthia and Kevin
A rare day on the beach, as temperature was 70 degrees with the usual moderate steady wind. Lots of folks, most I've ever seen. Picked up quite a few used cherry bombs, and a rather large, empty...
January 23, 2022 - Cynthia and Kevin
An unusual warm day on the beach with just a breeze present. Just lovely. Usual pick up of debris, a lot of rope found, along with a few dead seagulls. Everyone enjoying a exceptional day on the...


June 24, 2021 - Cynthia and Kevin
Wanted to clean up the beach area before the wind increased. Surprised at how many people were walking the beach at around 8.30am. They must have had the same idea. Very few dogs and only a few...
March 23, 2021 - Cynthia and Kevin
Lots of people on the beach due to spring break....kites were flying and dogs playing. Several sand castles noted on the beach. Once the wind kicked up, everyone left. Nice to see folks horseback...


September 9, 2020 - Cynthia and Kevin
Smoke clouded the skies today, but by the time I did my beach clean-up, the wind had changed direction and the temperature had cooled to 62 degrees. Some fog seen out along the ocean. Today, crews...
June 24, 2020 - Cynthia and Kevin
A lovely day on the beach. Arriving at the tail end of Circles in the Sand, many folks enjoying the beach after going to the Circles. Four horseback riders also riding along the beach. Only 1 dog on...
March 10, 2020 - Cynthia and Kevin
Usual amount of debris with the exception of a 4 foot plank with nails sticking out of it. Disgarded at home. No people or dogs on the beach today. Quite windy and chilly.


December 17, 2019 - Cynthia and Kevin
Nice day on the beach. Folks walking, and some walking their dogs. Only one seagull seen today. No dead birds or mammels. Dozens of moon jellyfish scattered all along shore.
September 12, 2019 - NeeleyBlakely
Due to change of flow of the Johnson Ck. and dune formation a nice lagoon has formed, that attracks many shorebirds including one Pelican.
September 12, 2019 - Cynthia and Kevin
Lovely day on the beach. All but two folks were enjoying a walk on the beach. Two were sunbathing on towels. Only two dogs running around off leash.  A lot of seagulls ( like 50) out of the water...
June 12, 2019 - Cynthia and Kevin
A perfect day to be enjoying the beach, as only a slight breeze and warm temperatures prevailed. School bus dropped off a lot of children at Face Rock. Possibly a field trip! Tide was low, so lots of...
March 29, 2019 - Cynthia and Kevin
Beautiful morning on the beach. Spring break. One family in a tent, one family flying kites and 2 men with their dogs walking the beach.


December 29, 2018 - Cynthia and Kevin
The  King Tides really changed the landscape at the Tish-a-Tang beach access. Loaded with kelp and timber. As to be expected,  whole new waves of plastic also washed ashore, along with ropes and a...
August 14, 2018 - Cynthia and Kevin
Even though foggy, there was only a slight breeze this am. Lot's of folks out walking the beach, possibly because of Circles in the Sand below Face Rock viewpoint. Concentrated on picking up small...
April 20, 2018 - Cynthia and Kevin
Picture shows the plastic pieces and other debris from the small area I cleaned up along a small section of the dunes. The driftline along a large portion of the Mile is littered heavily with small...


November 24, 2015 - beachnut
Before the hail storm, we encountered a large,dead marine mammal. Head and back flippers gone or buried under the sand. It was at least 6 feet long and showing blood, but I couldn't see the cause....
June 29, 2015 - beachnut
A dead sea lion pup lay in the high line several yards north of the Tishatang beach access. No signs of injury. Flies swarmed around the head. I'm filing a marine stranding report on this find. My...


April 2, 2014 - JohnnyCN
It was a quiet day on Mile 100, a bit cool but with very little wind and few people. Nothing unusual except my own presence after an extended illness. I had forgotten how much I love the beach. It...


May 1, 2013 - JohnnyCN
Wind was the dominating factor in today's CoastWatch walk. Wind blew the sand, and the sand covered everything or swept the beach clean, thus accounting for the fact that I have almost nothing to...
March 26, 2013 - Doug C
Spring break increased visitors. Ten people (families) were observed walking the beach. Fire remains and trash most likely from the night before were found within sight of the Face Rock access steps...
  • Fire waste and picnic trash from prior night; 5 x 5-foot area of partially burned paper, beer bottles and plastic bags.  Area was within sight of the Face Rock Wayside access steps.


December 13, 2012 - beachnut
King Tides have slammed trees and other debris along this normally woodless beach between Johnson Creek and Face Rock Overlook. What appears to be a segment of a wooden dock, in fact, is jammed up...
July 19, 2012 - beachnut
An appalling number of dead Common Murre (177) littered the high-tide line on the mile south of Face Rock State Park. All but three were babies showing no sign of injury. In 12 years of daily beach...
April 21, 2012 - JohnnyCN
On a beautiful, warm, spring day the beach provided rest and recreation for over twenty people and their dogs. The beach itself had been swept nearly clean by high tide earlier in the day....


June 23, 2011 - JohnnyCN
A brisk wind pushed me down the nearly deserted beach. Only 10 other people on beach; 3 sunbathing, one taking photographs and 6 horseback riding. No dogs or vehicles on the beach. Small shells...
March 22, 2011 - JohnnyCN
Sunny but windy day, and the wind was quite cold. The beach had been swept clean of almost everything: sticks, kelp, etc. There were a few small stones along the high tide line. Only 11 people and...


September 30, 2010 - JohnnyCN
On a beautiful sunny day with almost no wind, fifteen people were walking the beach at mile 100. There was little wildlife, except for the occasional gull, until the mouth of the creek at the far...
June 30, 2010 - JohnnyCN
Given that it was summer vacation, there was very little human activity on the beach--25 people,mostly walkers, and only 7 dogs. There were also 4 horseback riders. This absence of activity was...
May 30, 2010 - Doug C
Calm sunny day. Lots of people (30) walking and playing in the sand out for Memorial Day weekend. One flag football game and one family picnic. Beaches were clean with shells, sand shrimp and some...
  • Uncoiled length of animal was about 10 inches.  Width was 1/4 inch. Polycheate worms are mainly marine.  They are segmented, and each segment has two fleshy flaps tipped with bristles that are used as oars and levers. The anterior proboscis is everted.
March 23, 2010 - JohnnyCN
Despite sunshine, a cold north wind interfered with vacationing families' beach explorations on spring break. Still, there were 45 humans and 11 dogs present or climbing the stairs to leave during...


November 30, 2009 - Doug C
We were attracted to the mile because we saw hundreds of birds taking flight at once only to discover when we got to the edge of the overlook that two separate individuals were approaching a still...
November 3, 2009 - JohnnyCN
Despite being a sunny, warm, nearly windless day, the beach at Mile 100 was nearly empty. Only 2 people and 1 dog. High tide a few hours earlier than my visit had swept the beach nearly clean, only...
July 5, 2009 - D Bilderback
We were walking on the beach with Manfred Welsch when we came across a wash up of some very large comb jellies on the beach. These animals superficially look like a jelly (fish) but are members of an...
  • The iridescent green color are the bands of cilia along the ctenophore's length. These cilia help it move in the water.
June 26, 2009 - JohnnyCN
On an extraordinarily low-tide day, there were more people (23) than usual on Mile 100, but all seemed well-behaved and to be enjoying themselves despite the cold wind. Most of them were adults...
June 9, 2009 - D Bilderback
John Noland reported that there was a Harbor Seal as well as a California Sea Lion near Face Rock Wayside on his Mile 100. As part of our volunteer work for the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, we...
  • This species is not commonly found on our beaches.  It normally found along the coasts of Southern and Central California and Baja California.  However, since 2006 there have been some reports of juvenile animals coming into the Pacific Northwest.
  • The fur on the front flipper of this species extends almost to the tip of the flipper and is a distinquishing mark of the species.
  • This species has long narrow hind flippers.
  • This Black-footed Albatross wings and foot is an unusual find on our beaches.  Here it is shown with a 60 inch (152 cm) measuring tape to give you an idea of how large the wingspan is on this bird.
  • This carcass was examined and reported to the MMSN. The prominent bump on the head is the "sagittal crest" that is a characteristic of this species.
  • This young Harbor Seal pup has been reported to the MMSN.
  • This pretty plant was blooming along side a small stream close to the foredune.
  • This shows the group of Owl Clover (Castilleja ambigua) blooming.
June 6, 2009 - JohnnyCN
On June 6, a large dead California Sea Lion just a short distance from the stairs at Face Rock dominated the beach; however, a dead baby sea lion was nearby. A Turkey Vulture was feeding on it....
April 25, 2009 - Doug C
High clouds burned off during our walk on this mile. Wind from the northwest was moderate (10 mph or so). Beach was relatively clean of human debris; wrackline was shells and small rocks. We were...
January 29, 2009 - JohnnyCN
Very little activity on a warmish, sunny day--Only 3 humans and 2 dogs walking. The driftline was composed of driftwood, kelp piles,and small stones. One dead immature gull. A new small creek was...


October 21, 2008 - JohnnyCN
The hard wind and blowing sand seemed to have swept the beach clean of humans, birds, even high-tide detritus. In 38 years of walking the beach, I have never had so much sand blow into my face and...
September 13, 2008 - JohnnyCN
A cold northwest wind rendered Mile 100 somewhat unpleasant despite sunshine. Most of the nesting birds--cormorants, Common Murres, gulls, Pigeon Guillemots, Brown Pelicans--were absent, probably...
August 26, 2008 - JohnnyCN
Light use today of a popular beach. Only a total of 9 people, 4 of them on horseback. Three had their dogs with them. Only thing unusual were the large kelp piles. Wrackline contained typical...
August 19, 2008 - JohnnyCN
On a morning that went from fog to sunlight to fog, and from very little wind to strong wind, there were 35 people and five dogs on the beach, and 8 horseback riders. The wrackline consisted of...
July 17, 2008 - JohnnyCN
On a gray morning of cold northwest wind, the beach attracted 24 walkers and 5 dogs. Two Snowy Plovers, which I had not seen here before, were chased by a dog. An unattended fire had been left...
July 4, 2008 - JohnnyCN
On August 4, 08, Mile 100 had a high number of walkers(38)-30 walking, 1 taking photographs, 4 tidepooling and 3 gathering mussels, and dogs(9), but all were well behaved and seemed to be enjoying...
June 12, 2008 - JohnnyCN
Mile 100 was quiet. Only 8 people braved the strong northwest wind to walk the beach which was spotted with small rocks and a few broken shells. One pair of Pigeon Guillemots appeared to be nesting...
May 26, 2008 - JohnnyCN
Very little was happening on Mile 100. Small rocks and wood pieces in the driftline. There were some walkers (12), one fisherman and one dog--all well behaved. The beach had been swept clean of...
February 14, 2008 - JohnnyCN
Overall, this was a very uneventful day. The beach had been swept by winds and tides which left only small stones and sticks in the driftline. I did find three dead Western Grebes. Few live birds...
January 17, 2008 - JohnnyCN
On 1/16/08, a sunny, cold day, Mile 100 was largely empty of visitors and debris. Apparently the beach had been mostly swept clean by high tides and wind. Even birds were scarce. One dead Western...


October 1, 2007 - JohnnyCN
The topography of the beach had changed from its usual flatness to hillocks, or piles of sand, with intervening gullies where the water washed quite far into the beach,leaving empty pools during low...
September 24, 2007 - JohnnyCN
On a beautiful fall day I walked Mile 100 and saw 13 dead birds: 3 cormorants and 10 gulls. Two of the gulls had attracted turkey vultures. An immature gull appeared sick or injured, allowing me to...
July 5, 2007 - JohnnyCN
High wind and blowing sand made walking uncomfortable. Only a few birds present: a few gulls, a couple crows, 4 Black Oystercatchers, 1 flying Bald Eagle. Saw several "baby" gulls on tops of rocks...
April 7, 2007 - JohnnyCN
On a cold day before Easter, there were not as many people as I had expected at Face Rock. There was an unusually large amount of plastic detritus on the beach, especially bottles and bottle caps....
March 12, 2007 - JohnnyCN
Graffitti (Tagging?) inside the tunnel through huge monolith below Face Rock parking lot, otherwise area was remarkably clean of natural debris or human detritus, even in the wrackline. There were...