Leave A Coastal Legacy

Children exploring a tidepool. | Photo by Cathy Tronquet.
Children exploring a tidepool. | Photo by Cathy Tronquet.

Oregon’s shore is ever-changing.  That is one of the things we love about it.  Yet there is continuity, too.  However much the shoreline is resculpted by wind and waves and geology over the decades and centuries, generations of human observers will cherish the coast that they experience in their time. 

Here in Oregon, we have a special sort of continuity in our relationship to the coast.  Thanks to dedicated coastal activists generations ago, our shoreline is entirely public.  Those predecessors left us this legacy of beaches and tidepools open to all.  We are the beneficiaries of this public trust, and also its custodians.  It is up to us to preserve this continuing legacy of an ever-changing shore and hand it on to the generations coming after us.

The Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition has been working to protect our coastal inheritance for nearly 50 years.  We stand guard over the coast that we know and love in our time, but we also work on behalf of those future generations that will wander a future Oregon shoreline, one that changes over the decades and centuries and yet always remains our common ground.

Help us carry on this legacy with a legacy gift of your own.  Please consider providing for future generations of coast-lovers with a gift that will continue to benefit the coast and those who care for this magnificent landscape after you see it for the last time.  One important option would be to help us expand the Paul W. Sherman Endowment, the income from which is funneled to meet Oregon Shores' critical administrative costs.

For a background briefing on legacy giving, and assistance in setting up such a gift for Oregon Shores if you feel ready to proceed, contact volunteer attorney Paula Walker, a specialist in this field (and a former Oregon Shores board member):  (503) 616-3113; [email protected].

For more information about making a bequest to benefit the Oregon shore, and Oregon Shores' plans for future conservation efforts that will need long-term support, contact Phillip Johnson, Oregon Shores’ executive director, at (503) 754-9303, [email protected].

Child upon the shore. | Photo by H. Kroggins.