Webinar on Coastal Protections

December 8, 2021 - 6:30 PM
CoastWatch, Audubon Society of Lincoln City


The Mack Arch archipelago and Crook Point, a key offshore habitat area.\Photo by Roy Lowe, one of the panelists.

Oregon Shores and Lincoln City Audubon are collaborating on a series of webinars this winter, "Beyond the Beach," devoted to coastal protection and resilience.  Jesse Jones, our CoastWatch volunteer coordiantor, worked with our Audubon colleagues to organize the series.

On Wednesday, Dec. 8, 6:30 p.m., the topic will be “Beyond the Beach Bill:  Protecting Oregon’s Coast.”  Tackling this challenging subject will be a distinguished panel consisting of Dave Fox, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Resource Assessment and Management Section Leader; Roy Lowe, retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Project Leader for the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex; and Dick Vander Schaaf, Associate Coast and Marine Conservation Director for The Nature Conservancy.  Kent Doughty of Lincoln City Audubon will moderate the panel.

Oregon’s Beach Bill preserves the beach for the public, but how well protected is the rest of Oregon’s intertidal shoreline and nearshore ocean within our state’s Territorial Sea? While the offshore islands are protected and beach access is assured, much of Oregon’s shoreline below the ordinary mean high tide line lacks site specific protection measures. This panel discussion will explore the variety of marine protective designation types along the Oregon coast—where they are located and why we need them.

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