Webinar on Climate and Conservation Education

September 21, 2022 - 3:00 PM
National Marine Sanctuaries

A gray whale surfacing /photo by Erik Urdahl
A gray whale surfacing /photo by Erik Urdahl

The office of National Marine Sanctuaries (NMS) is hosting a webinar on how science education can help promote concern for conservation and climate solutions. This event will take place remotely on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 3 p.m. and is free and open to everyone.

About the talk:

“Globally, whales and other megafauna play an important role in the carbon cycle and in reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide. In this webinar, Sara Hutto, Climate Program Coordinator for Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank national marine sanctuaries will discuss the latest science on "whale carbon," and the critical efforts underway to rebuild whale stocks by reducing impacts, such as lethal collisions with ships. Recent engagement with school children on the subject made a big splash, resulting in a renewed commitment from the largest container shipping line to continue to go slow for whales, demonstrating the important role that community engagement plays in ocean protection.”

To register, go here.