Thesis Defense Re: Hybrid Beachgrass

August 31, 2022 - 10:00 AM

Rebecca Mostow.
Rebecca Mostow.

CoastWatch has been involved for the past several years in aiding the search for a new, hybrid beachgrass on the Oregon coast.  Oregon State University graduate student Rebeca Mostow has been studying this new offspring of the two types of invasive beachgrass and investigating its potential spread.  CoastWatchers helped with the search, so we feel a certain proprietary interest in her upcoming thesis defense, as she closes in on her PhD.

The “defense seminar,” which is open to the public, takes place on Wednesday, Aug 31, 10 a.m. The topic: “Hybridization of non-native beachgrasses in the Pacific Northwest: Discovery, characterization, and ecological effects of Ammophila arenaria × A. breviligulata.” It will be held in person at ALS 4001 on the OSU campus, but interested people on the coast will probably want to access it via Zoom. Aside from cheering Rebecca on, the seminar will provide an opportunity to dig deeper into the science underlying the beachgrass survey.

To attend the seminar, go here.  The password is Ammophilia.

For more on the project, see our website article.