Science on Tap: Sharks

October 5, 2022 - 6:00 PM
Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR
Oregon State University

Sevengill shark along a research vessel. /Photo courtesy of Big Fish Lab
Sevengill shark along a research vessel. /Photo courtesy of Big Fish Lab

The Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) is holding a hybrid Science on Tap event on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 6 p.m. The theme for the night is “A Night of Sharks, Science, Stories,” hosted by Taylor Chapple, an Oregon State University Assistant Professor and the Principle Investigator of the Big Fish Lab, a Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station. 

About the event:

“Denizens of the Deep, the Man in the Gray Suit, the Landlord, the Taxman, Leviathan.

These are just some of the names for sharks that evoke fear and apprehension. But, in reality, sharks are critical members of marine systems - especially here in Oregon, where they help support vibrant fisheries and coastal food webs. Join Taylor Chapple and members of the Big Fish Lab as they explore the 16 species of sharks found off the Oregon coast and take a deep dive inside a shark. The first half of the presentation will be a discussion of the sharks of Oregon. The second half will be an on-site shark dissection. Overhead cameras will be used so everyone gets a front-row view - whether sitting in the back of the auditorium or at home. An exhibit hosted by Big Fish Lab members will be set up during the social hour. We hope you can join us for this conversation about sharks, a shark dissection and family-friendly activities.”

The event will take place at HMSC in the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building (2030 SE Marine Science Drive in Newport) and remotely on Zoom. Food and drink will be available in the atrium from 5-6 p.m. before the talk.  

This event is free and open to all. For more information and to register, go here.