Rocky Habitat Management Workshop

July 29, 2021 - 9:00 AM
Oregon Coastal Management Program
Free—public meeting

Intertidal habitat at Blacklock Point, one of the sites Oregon Shores proposed for protection.\Photo by Larry Basch.

Oregon Shores was heavily engaged in the first round of “site designations”—proposals for special levels of protection for key areas—as part of the state’s new Rocky Habitat Management Strategy.  The proposals continue to move through process, but everyone involved agrees that this pilot effort revealed flaws and uncertainties in the site designation process that need to be addressed.

Consequently, the Oregon Coastal Management Program is hosting a virtual workshop to discuss revisions to the site designation process under the newly adopted management strategy (which is part of the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan).  The workshop, open to any interested member of the public, takes place on Thursday, July 29, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The workshop will feature guided discussions to facilitate recommendations for improvements to the site designation and evaluation processes outlined in Section E and Appendix C of the Rocky Habitat Management Strategy, in addition to sites.  The coalition of conservation groups that worked for site designations in the first round, of which Oregon Shores was one, will be putting forth a proposal for a new process early in the workshop.

Here is a link to the draft workshop agenda.

To participate you will need to register; once registered you will be sent a password.  To register, go here.

For questions and guidance, contact: Andy Lanier of the Coastal Management Program at [email protected] or (503) 206-2291.