Offshore Wind Energy Webinar

March 23, 2021 - 7:00 PM
Oregon Audubon Council

Offshore wind energy development.\Photo courtesy of NOAA.

Proposals for wind energy development off Oregon’s coast have been made in the past, but haven’t gone anywhere.  But planning for a potential wind power future in taking place.  Wind power is a renewable energy source and doesn’t produce greenhouse gases, but can have an impact on wildlife, human uses of the ocean, and scenic values.  To help Oregonians learn more about the public process for siting future wind power facilities, the Oregon Audubon Council (OAC) is hosting a free educational webinar.

Speakers will include Andy Lanier, Marine Affairs Coordinator for the Department of Land Conservation and Development; Whitney Hauer, a renewable energy specialist with the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management; Joe Liebezeit, an avian scientist and citizen science program director with Portland Audubon; and coastal Audubon chapter leaders Ann Vileisis (Kalmiopsis Audubon) and Harv Schubothe (Cape Arago Audubon).

After the presentations there will be a moderated Q&A session.

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