Mushroom BioBlitz

October 20, 2018 - 11:00 AM
Cape Perpetua Visitor Center
2400 Hwy 101
Yachats, OR
Oregon State Parks, Audubon Society of Portland, U.S. Forest Service

Turkey Tail mushrooms in the Oregon Dunes.\Photo by Dina Pavlis.
Turkey Tail mushrooms in the Oregon Dunes.\Photo by Dina Pavlis.

The next in a series of BioBlitzes at the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve takes place a bit inland, and is devoted to the mushroom population on the area.  BioBlitzes are one-time snapshots of biodiversity, in which volunteers and professionals working together inventory all the species found in an area (or all the species of one type, as in this case) on one day.

The event, free and open to all, kicks off at 11 a.m. at the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center (2400 Hwy 101, about three miles south of Yachats).  First up will be a talk by Anna Moore, an amateur mycologist and photographer, who will discuss for 30 years of experience in foraging for and identifying mushrooms.

At noon, a guided hike will take place into the old-growth forest at Cape Perpetua, during which participants will help to identify mushroom species present and learn to recognize the species in the future.  Dressing for wet conditions, including raincoat and waterproof shoes, is advisable, as is bringing water, snacks, and binoculars.

While this particular BioBlitz doesn’t focus on the shoreline, CoastWatch actively supports the collaborative effort among many organizations and public agencies to conduct ongoing surveys at all five Oregon marine reserve areas.

For more information, contact Tara Dubois, Cape Perpetua communications coordinator, (503) 828-7473, [email protected].