King Tide Project, First Series

November 15, 2020
Anywhere on the Oregon coast - time varies
CoastWatch, Oregon Coastal Management Program

King tide at the Waldport seawall.\Photo by Roy Lowe.

The first round of the 2020-2021 King Tides Project, through which volunteer photographers document the highest tides of the year, takes place Nov. 15-17, 2020. (The other high tide series which will be the focus of the project occur Dec. 13-15 and January 11-13, 2021.)  The project reveals areas currently prone to flooding, but more important, gives us a preview of the coast in coming decades as sea level rises due to climate change.

See our article on the project, mark your calendars, and plan to participate.  High tide on the first day of this series is at 11:27 a.m. at Newport, but of course the time will vary slightly for other locations on that day, and change for the other days in the tide sequence.  Information on how to participate, find tide tables, and post photos can be found on the project’s website,

The results from previous years are available for view on a special Flickr site:[email protected]/albums

For information about the project, contact Jesse Jones, CoastWatch volunteer coordinator, at (503) 989-7244, [email protected], or Meg Reed, Coastal Shores Specialist with the Department of Land Conservation and Development, at (541) 574-0811, [email protected].