Jump Off Joe Comment Deadline

December 12, 2018 - 5:00 PM
Lincoln County Courthouse
225 W. Olive St
Newport, OR
Free—public comment period

 Bench on Spring Street near the proposed development site.\Photo by Cindy Cutler.
Bench on Spring Street near the proposed development site.\Photo by Cindy Cutler.

The opportunity for the public to comment on the proposed vacation of the Jump-Off Joe Road right-of-way has been extended for a week from the public hearing.  The new deadline for public testimony is Wednesday, Dec. 12, at 5 p.m. 

The would-be developer of housing on a landslide-prone bluff along Newport’s Spring St., a proposal that Oregon Shores has strongly opposed, has asked Lincoln County to vacate a portion of Jump Off Joe County Road (County Road 500) that crosses his property.  The road is no longer used for vehicles, but remains a public right-of-way used by large numbers of people to reach the shoreline.  Oregon Shores opposes the request. See our comment.

A hearing on the proposal to vacate the right-of-way was held by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners on Dec. 5.  No decision was made, and in fact that petitioner and his lawyer didn’t testify, but instead asked for this extension.  Both he and the public have the extra week to comment. 

The petitioner, William Lund, promises to provide alternative access to the shoreline.  The legitimacy of his claim to be able to provide comparable access may prove key to his success with the commissioners.  Oregon Shores argues that he has in no way demonstrated that comparable alternative access will be provided.  If the county does agree to vacate the road, the city of Newport would have to concur, since it lies entirely within city limits.

The public can submit by mail or hand-delivered to Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, Room 110, 225 W. Olive St., Newport, OR  97365.  To comment online, write to [email protected]  and copy [email protected]

For more information about the roadway to be vacated, contact the Lincoln County Road Department, (541) 265-5747.