Global Warming Comment Deadline

September 4, 2020 - 12:00 PM
Free—public comment period

King tide, a preview of sea level rise, at the north end of Manzanita.\Photo courtesy of ORKingTides.

The Oregon Global Warming Commission is developing its Biennial Report to the Oregon State Legislature. Members of the public can take this opportunity to provide comments on suggested content regarding the topics listed in the Commission-approved report outline.

Comments may be submitted through the contact form online or by email ([email protected]) until Friday, Sept. 4 at noon.

The Oregon Global Warming Commission is a 25-member advisory group created by the 2007 Legislature. Members were appointed and directed to develop long-term policy recommendations to prepare for, adapt to, and combat global warming. For more information, visit

To learn about the state’s efforts to address climate change, visit