Brown Pelican Survey

September 9, 2017
Oregon Coast

Join Portland Audubon and a host of birders for the 2017 Brown Pelican Survey on Saturday, September 9. Not only will this be a great time to get out and see one of Oregon's local birds, but you can also help make a difference for the conservation of this species.

The biennial Brown Pelican surveys are helping to define the distribution and abundance of Brown Pelicans and track shifts in population structure. The California Brown Pelican subspecies (Pelecanus occidentalis californicus) was removed from the Endangered Species list in 2009. The most recent population estimate is 70,680 breeding pairs. The majority of the subspecies breeds in the Gulf of California, Mexico; 15-20% of the population breeds at the U.S. Channel Islands. In recent years Brown Pelican productivity at the Channel Islands and across the range has been poor, and key forage species including anchovy and sardine have collapsed raising questions and concerns about recruitment to the breeding population and ultimately the health of the subspecies. 

Results from past surveys
May 2016
October 2016

There are two ways to participate in this survey:

  1. You can join an organized group count at specific eBird Hotspot roost sites managed by a coordinator listed below OR
  2. Roost sites might already be assigned, in which case you can find your own spot on the coast in Baja Mexico, California, Oregon, and Washington and enter your own data. To survey at any coastal access point, follow the steps in the “protocol” section on the website linked above. 

For information about the survey in Oregon contact Joe Liebezeit of Portland Audubon, [email protected], 971-222-6121.