BioBlitz at Redfish Rocks

August 12, 2018 - 8:00 AM
Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve
Port Orford, OR
CoastWatch, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Redfish Rocks Community Team

Shoreline at Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve.
Shoreline at Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve.

CoastWatch has taken on a leading role in a series of BioBlitz events, conducted at each of Oregon’s five marine reserves.  The overall effort involving a number of partners has been coordinated by the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

The last of these BioBlitzes for this summer takes place on Sunday, Aug 12, beginning at 8 a.m. at Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve at Port Orford.  The survey of species found at this site will continue until approximately noon.

Meet Fawn Custer, CoastWatch’s volunteer coordinator, at Rocky Point Beach Access (CoastWatch Mile 46), about two miles south of Port Orford, on the ocean side of Hwy 101..  A parking lot and trail to the beach can be found there.

The event is free, everyone is welcome, and those of any skill level can help.  (That said, you can increase your skill level by attending a training session on the evening of Aug. 11.  More on this will be published on this site soon.)

A BioBlitz is an intensive survey of a defined area on a single day (occasionally two), with the goal of identifying all the species to be found in that area at one time.  It is a snapshot of biodiversity.  This BioBlitz focuses on the margin of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve, primarily the intertidal area.

The BioBlitz takes place during a low tide; come dressed in whatever you are comfortable wearing into the wet intertidal area, and come prepared for the weather (which may be cool and foggy in the morning at the shoreline on an otherwise warm summer day).  Water, snacks, binoculars, hats, and sunscreen are all advisable.

For more information, contact Fawn Custer, (541) 270-0027, [email protected].