Beachwalk and Marine Debris Training

January 19, 2019 - 3:30 PM
Rocky Point
Retz Creek parking area
Port Orford, OR


 The beach at Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve.\Photo courtesy of ODFW.
The beach at Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve.\Photo courtesy of ODFW.

CoastWatch Volunteer Coordinator Fawn Custer will lead a beachwalk and marine debris survey on Saturday, Jan. 20, 3:30 p.m., at Rocky Point (CoastWatch Mile 46), on the border of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve.  Head to the beach from the Retz Creek parking area (west side of Hwy 101, about two miles south of Port Orford, where the guard rail ends if heading south from Port Orford).  Bring your questions about the shoreline environment or about CoastWatch with us—this is a chance to ask Fawn in person.

The event is free and open to all:  prospective new CoastWatchers and marine debris survey participants; CoastWatchers seeking a refresher course; and members of the public simply interested in coastal natural history.  This is the location of one of our sites for our marine debris survey, and Fawn and those accompanying her will conduct an actual survey, a great way to learn about this citizen science project and either join the team working at that site, or take the knowledge with you and participate elsewhere. 

The walk will last approximately an hour and a half, or as long as people have questions and the light lasts.

If you follow the link to the website page for Mile 46, note that we haven’t had a report on this mile for a couple of years.  Additional adopters are needed on this mile!

For more information, contact Fawn Custer, (541) 270-0027, [email protected].