Beach Bill Anniversary Celebration

July 6, 2017 - 1:30 PM
Cannon Beach Community Hall
207 N. Spruce St.
Cannon Beach, OR

The beach at Cannon Beach.  Photo by Jesse Ward.
The beach at Cannon Beach. Photo by Jesse Ward.

On July 6, 1967, Gov. Tom McCall signed the Oregon Beach Bill, putting into effect its protection of the entire Oregon shoreline for public use.  This is the Beach Bill’s anniversary year, and we’re sponsoring a variety of events all year in its honor, but July 6 is BB-Day, as it were.

We’re honoring this actual anniversary date in Cannon Beach, partnering with our friends and colleagues at the Haystack Rock Awareness Program.  We’ll gather at the Cannon Beach Community Hall (207 N. Spruce St.) beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 6.  At about 2:15, we’ll head for the beach, banners flying, to show the world our appreciation for our legacy of public shorelines.  On the way, we’ll talk about the history of our public beaches, but also the natural history, as we will be accompanied by coastal ecologist extraordinaire Stewart Schultz, author of The Northwest Coast: A Natural History, coastal geologist Tom Horning, photographer and renowned conservation leader Neal Maine, and several other knowledgeable guides.

Then we’ll loop back to the Community Hall for speakers and a party (beginning at approximately 3:45-4 p.m).  We'll hear from Bob Bailey, now an Oregon Shores board member and formerly head of the state's Coastal Management Program, who will fill us in on the history of the Beach Bill and of coastal conservation in Oregon.  We'll also hear from author Bonnie Henderson (Day Hiking: Oregon Coast, Strand and other works).  Henderson, a CoastWatcher herself, will discuss the shoreline's long history as a public right-of-way and the ongoing story of the Oregon Coast Trail. We'll continue with a party featuring beer from Public Coast Brewing and food from Pizza a' Fetta.

We will also hold a warm-up event the previous evening, 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 5, also at the Community Hall, featuring coastal ecologist Stewart Schutz speaking on the little-known beach ecoystem beneath our feet when we walk the shore (see separate July 5 listing).

Mark your calendars now, and plan to join us.  Please help to spread the word to all who care about the Oregon shoreline.