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Noteworthy: Card Purchases Support Oregon Shores

Thanks to CoastWatcher/photographers Alex Derr (for most of the coast) and Mureen Walker (for Curry County), we are able to offer two sets of aerial photographs that present our beloved coastline from angles you are unlikely to have seen before. 

And thanks to volunteers Bob Berman and Cindy Lippincott, we are able to offer these striking photographs at very reasonable prices. The 7-Pack includes one scene from each of Oregon’s coastal counties, at $17. The 10-Pack adds three more unique aerial images, at $20. 

The postcard-sized notecards are blank inside for your message, with information about the scene depicted on the card and about Oregon Shores on the back panel. They come with blank envelopes.

A Northwest Classic -- The Northwest Coast: A Natural History

Authored by Stewart T. Schultz, illustrated by John Megahan and Kathy Kellerman. Corrected/updated in June, 2011. Coastal regions offer the observer a unique perspective on the forces of nature in conflict. The geologic forces that created and continue to shape the continent's edge, in conjunction with factors of climate and oceanography produce wildlife zones of fascinating complexity. Nowhere is this truer than in the Northwest from Cape Mendocino to Cape Flattery. The author’s aim has been not to provide a conventional field guide — there are many such available — but rather to provide insights into the relationships among the sea and the land and the living creatures they support. Starting in the coastal waters with their populations of marine animals and seabirds, the author examines the successive habitats found landward, from seashore, estuaries, dune, and freshwater wetlands to the great temperate conifer forests so characteristic of the region. We currently offer The Northwest Coast here for immediate download as a PDF ebook, including color plates, at $19.95. It is also available as a traditional paperback, 404 pp. with B&W graphics, at $19.95. Aside from royalties, the sale price goes to support Oregon Shores' work to preserve this very region.