Coastal Conservation News Archive

A complete archive of our past news articles, beginning in Fall 2016; older articles from our previous website are available in the historical archive

Coos Bay's entrance.\Photo by Alex Derr.

Jordan Cove Battle Moves into Crucial Year

Coos Bay's entrance.\Photo by Alex Derr. "Hurry up and wait" is an old Army saying, and it fits the battle over the proposed Jordan Cove LNG (liquefied natural gas) export terminal. Oregon Shores, along with many allies, has been battling to prevent this threat to public health and safety and to the North Spit and Coos Bay estuary for more than a decade. Still...Read more
Spinner kite.\Photo by Kirt Edblom.

Conserve While You Shop

kite_spinner_kirt_edblom.jpg There are many ways to support Oregon Shores’ work to preserve our public shoreline and coastal resources. Join or renew membership, donate, gift stock to us, leave a bequest. But there is also another way, one you will never notice once you set it up, but will keep contributing in the background. There are two...Read more
 Spring Street development site.\Photo by Elaine Karnes.

Geologic Permit Hearing Raises Coastal Hazard Issues

Spring Street development site.\Photo by Elaine Karnes. The Newport Planning Commission is now deliberating on a question of great interest to Oregon Shores and anyone concerned about good land use planning. The commission is considering an appeal by local citizens, with Oregon Shores in support, of a geologic permit for a proposed development on Spring St...Read more
Two Chacabuco day packs are first prizes in the raffle.

CoastWatch Raffle Rewards Participation

daypack_chacabuco30lmicg.jpg We are in the final quarter of CoastWatch’s 25 th anniversary year, and hoping that the celebration will include achieving our key goals: CoastWatch reports for each mile of the coast, and improved consistency in citizen science surveys. Progress has been made, but there are still many miles that haven’t received...Read more
Port Orford Quest. Photo by Cait Goodwin.

Questing for Natural Treasures

Quests are fun, free-choice learning adventures that use clues and hints to encourage participants to discover the natural, cultural and historical "treasures" of place and community. Suitable for groups of all ages, self-guided Quests allow lifelong learners to explore parks, trails and other outdoor spaces in new ways and at their own pace. Quests are all made by people in the community, such...Read more
 Larry Basch on the research vessel Pluteus.\Photo by Brent Lerwill.

Oregon Shores Welcomes Two New Board Members

Larry Basch on the research vessel Pluteus.\Photo by Brent Lerwill. During its last meeting, the Oregon Shores board welcomed two new members through interim appointments. Both will stand for election to full terms in the coming winter’s general membership election. The board also elected officers. Allison Asbjornsen, a former board president, will return to...Read more
 The threatened structure is in center of photo, just south of the creek.\Photo courtesy of DLCD.

Rockaway Riprap Case Bounces Back from Court

The threatened structure is in center of photo, just south of the creek.\Photo courtesy of DLCD. The hearing that will be held in Rockaway on Wednesday, Sept. 5, on property owner Tai Dang’s effort to riprap his threatened house, is the latest round in a long battle that has taken place over several years. The joint hearing by the city council and planning...Read more
View from the Port Orford dock.\Photo courtesy of ODFW.

Big Weekend in Port Orford Coming Up

View from the Port Orford dock.\Photo courtesy of ODFW. One of CoastWatch’s goals for 2018 is to bolster our citizen science projects on the south coast. Assisted by a grant from the Oregon Parks Foundation Fund that helps to cover travel and other costs, we are trying to give the southern coastal counties some special attention. The full weekend of activities...Read more
 Floras Lake beach.\Photo by Bob Ivey.

Curry County Considers Floras Lake Land Swap

floras_lake_beach_bob_ivey.jpg The fate of county-owned lands bordering Curry County’s Floras Lake has been periodically at issue for decades, as county commissioners and businesspeople have contemplated development schemes for this natural area. Oregon Shores has opposed each proposal, and local conservationists have organized very effectively to...Read more
 Tillamook Master Recyclers volunteers work with  Neah-Kah-Nie 7th grade students.

Tillamook Recyclers Tackle Plastics Problem at Local Level

marine_debris_tillamook_recyclers_training.jpg Plastics in the environment is a world wide problem, but there are actions that can be taken in local communities to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and alert people to this important conservation issue. The Tillamook County Master Recyclers are doing just that. They have taken up...Read more