Coastal Conservation News Archive

A complete archive of our past news articles, beginning in Fall 2016; older articles from our previous website are available in the historical archive

Kids conducting their own nature study. Photo by Cathy Tronquet.

Oregon Shores Endorses ‘Outdoor School for All’

people_kids-tidepool_cathy_tronquet.jpg Ballot Measure 99, the “Outdoor School for All” proposition, would ensure that all Oregon middle school students gain the opportunity for a week of hands-on environmental learning. Oregon Shores urged members to sign the petition that succeeded in placing the measure on the ballot, and we now...Read more
Inner shoreline of Sand Lake spit, site of new Sitka Sedge State Natural Area.  Photo by Jim Hauge.

New Public Comment Period for Newest State Park Opens

sand_lake_spit_shoreline_by_jim_hauge.jpg After a year-long process and several rounds of public hearings and comment periods, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission has approved the master plan for the new Sitka Sedge State Natural Area Master Plan just north of Tierra del Mar in Tillamook County. The version of the plan for our...Read more
LNG port, of the type all too readily permitted.  Photo from FERC files.

Oregon Shores Joins Call for Review of ‘Rogue Agency’

lng_ship_terminal_ferc.jpg More than 180 organizations from 35 states have called upon Congress to launch a review of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), labeling it a “rogue agency.” Oregon Shores was among them. The group’s statement asks leaders in the...Read more
Neskowin landslide which homeowners hope to cover with rockfall mesh.  Photo by Bill Busch.

Proposed Shoreline Alteration Draws Oregon Shores’ Opposition

neskowin_graham_slide_nov._12_bill_busch.jpg A plan by Neskowin homeowners Ken and Judy Graham to stabilize the eroding slope beneath their house has drawn an argument in opposition from Oregon Shores. The Grahams have applied...Read more
View from the Aspmo property.  Photo by Bob Goldberg.

Vested Rights Threat Spurs Court Appeal

View from the Aspmo property. Photo by Bob Goldberg. Oregon Shores has gone to court, seeking a “writ of review” of what we consider a gravely erroneous decision by the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners. The commissioners voted to allow would-be developers, the Aspmo family, to build 15 houses on forested land where they would never be permitted under...Read more
Coos Bay entrance--invasive organisms in ballast water keep out!  Photo by Alex Derr.

State Will Take Public’s Views about Ballast on Board

coos_bay_entrance_by_alex_derr.jpg Oregon Shores played an active role in advocating for the state’s original regulation of ballast water back in the ‘90s, so we feel a certain proprietary interest in how these protections are administered. Water drawn on board to serve as ballast on one side of the ocean and dumped on the other side can harbor...Read more
Nearshore Ocean Strategy addresses undersea habitats.  Photo courtesy of ODFW.

Revised Oregon Conservation Strategy for Nearshore Ocean Released

Nearshore Ocean Strategy addresses undersea habitats. Photo courtesy of ODFW. Oregon has adopted its new version of the Oregon Conservation Strategy , the first update of the policy framework for managing fish and wildlife resources since 2006. The new document was unveiled at the Sept. 2 meeting of the...Read more
Polluted water from outfall crossing Nye Beach.  Photo by Cathy Tronquet.

Advisories Lifted, but Summer Alerts Revealed Beach Water Problems

Polluted water from outfall crossing Nye Beach. Photo by Cathy Tronquet. The Oregon Health Authority has continued to issue new health advisories throughout the summer. The last major alerts were announced in August, for the Newport and Neskowin areas; the advisories for ocean waters touching the shore in these areas have now been lifted. However, the...Read more
Photo of "Oyster" wave energy device in operation.

Rules for Ocean Energy Siting Are on the Horizon

"Oyster" wave energy device in operation. All has been seemingly quiet on the ocean energy front for some years now. It was nearly a decade ago that early prospectors for wave energy sites set off a flurry of interest and concern. The state’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) and a subsequent Territorial Sea Plan Working Group began to wrestle with...Read more
Storm at Netarts Bay entrance. Photo by Allison Asbjornsen.

"Citizen's Guide: Adapting to Climate Change on the Oregon Coast" is Available for Download

In 2015 our Climate Program released a new and significantly improved version of our Citizen’s Guide: Adapting to Climate Change on the Oregon Coast . The publication, available for download here , is aimed at helping citizens build their understanding of the many ways in which the Oregon coast is...Read more