Coastal Conservation News Archive

A complete archive of our past news articles, beginning in Fall 2016; older articles from our previous website are available in the historical archive

Welcome to Our New Communications Coordinator

russell_katie-1.jpg Katie Russell has joined our staff in the newly created position of Communications Coordinator. Katie is a recent graduate of the University of Oregon, where she earned her Master's in Environmental Studies with a focus on education and nonprofit management. For her terminal project, she worked with The Marine Mammal Center to redesign...Read more
Volunteers conducting sea star observations.

Citizen Scientists Help Track Sea Star Populations

Volunteers conducting sea star observations.\Photo by Fawn Custer. Sea stars are keystone species in intertidal ecosystems. Through their predation, they structure rocky shoreline habitats. Monitoring the status of sea star populations is therefore important in understanding the health of intertidal communities—and all the more essential in the wake of the “sea...Read more
Capturing a visit to Otter Rock.

Oregon Shores Hiring for Communications Position

Capturing a visit to Otter Rock.\Photo by Alex Derr. We’re seeking a person who loves the coast and loves to communicate about it to fill a newly created, half-time position, that of Communications Coordinator. Some of our communications work, such as social media posting and newsletter production, has been done in the past by a contract employee. We have...Read more
Entrance to Lighthouse Beach footpath.

Lawsuit Seeks to Preserve Lighthouse Beach Access

Entrance to Lighthouse Beach footpath.\Photo courtesy of Surfrider. Oregon Shores has worked to preserve access to our public beaches throughout our 50-year history. Access was frequently threatened decades ago, and recent events demonstrate that it isn’t guaranteed now without a battle. Our Beach Bill assures public access along the shoreline, but access to...Read more

CoastWatchers Aid in Beachgrass Search

Comparison of beachgrass species including new hybrid. The search continues for the new hybrid beachgrass that may be spreading on the Oregon coast. CoastWatch volunteers are helping researchers at Oregon State University map the range of the new hybrid, the offspring of two invasive beachgrass species. To sharpen the observational skills of volunteers, two in-...Read more
Old growth forest at Colebrook Quarry site

Questions Raised about Curry County Quarry Plan

Old growth forest at Colebrook Quarry site.\Photo by Rich Nawa. Oregon Shores has joined other conservation groups in raising serious questions about a proposed new rock quarry in the Hunter Creek watershed in Curry County. We have...Read more
Photo of Western Snowy Plover with chick by Mick Thompson.

CoastWatchers Monitor Snowy Plover Nesting Sites

Sign marks snowy plover protected area.\Photo courtesy of OPRD. Nesting season has begun for the threatened Western Snowy Plover, the only resident shorebird that nests on the Oregon coast. Signs are going up, warning beachgoers about the presence of plovers. CoastWatchers can help by carefully observing restrictions on beach use to protect the nesting birds,...Read more
 Beached bird training.  Photo courtesy of COASST.

Citizen Science Projects Need Volunteers

Beached bird training. Photo courtesy of COASST. CoastWatch has long helped volunteers connect with citizen science projects, such as the beached bird survey in which many mile adopters participate. We continue to expand the range of these projects as the field grows, working with scientists and other conservation groups who lead many interesting citizen...Read more

CoastWatch Joins Hunt for Hybrid Beachgrass

Rebecca Mostow in the field. Much of the terrain of the Oregon's sandy shoreline we see today has been shaped by two dominant, invasive beachgrass species. They build the tall, stable dunes that parallel sandy beaches, providing some protection for infrastructure but causing the decline of native animal and plant species. A team from Oregon State University...Read more

Board Election Returns Members for New Terms

A collage of newly elected board members. Clockwise from upper left: Ed Joyce, Paul Sherman, Graham Klag, Kristin Bayans. Our annual, online board election took place in December. The results did not come as a surprise, since all candidates were running unopposed. Four Oregon Shores board members were elected to new terms, beginning Jan. 1. Kristin Bayans was...Read more