Citizens rallying in Coos Bay against the proposed Jordan Cove LNG plant.
Citizens rallying in Coos Bay against the proposed Jordan Cove LNG plant.

On this page you will find calls to action, such as requests that you write a letter, make a call, or send an e-mail; attend a hearing or a rally; submit comments on a land use decision or policy matter; or get involved in helping to organize a campaign.  There is no urgent, immediate action item at this time, but some ongoing opportunities are listed below.

Add Your Voice: Petition to Withdraw South Coast Rivers from Mining Operations

Oregon Shores supports the efforts by south coast conservationists to protect the headwaters of their rivers through a “mineral withdrawal” by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.  Among those key watersheds that would be protected from mining by the proposed Southwestern Oregon Mineral Withdrawal are the Illinois, Pistol, and Smith River drainages, along with Hunter Creek.  More than 45,000 comments have been received, supporting withdrawal.  As a last minute push to increase public support by the comment deadline, anti-mining activists are asking for signatures on a petition created by the Native Fish Society

Speak Up for the Elliott State Forest

There is still time for citizens to oppose sale of the Elliott State Forest near Coos Bay to a private timber company. Attend the December 13, 2016 State Land Board (SLB) meeting in Salem and make your voice heard: 10 a.m., SLB offices, 775 Summer Street NE in Salem. Or, call or email the State Land Board with your input:

For background on the issue, see our article in Land Use News.

Adopt a Mile of the Coast

One way to take action now, for those who are not already CoastWatchers, is to adopt a CoastWatch mile.  One of our goals for the Beach Bill anniversary year, 2017, is to finally attain coverage of every mile of the Oregon coast through CoastWatch.  You can help us reach this goal by adopting a mile that is not receiving regular coverage. 

Participate in Citizen Science Research 

Another form of action is to participate in one of our citizen science surveys, such as those for marine debris, beached birds, sea stars, stranded marine mammals, and others.  For more information check out the CoastWatch section and this article on citizen science opportunities.