Citizens rallying in Coos Bay against the proposed Jordan Cove LNG plant.
Citizens rallying in Coos Bay against the proposed Jordan Cove LNG plant.

On this page you will find calls to action, such as requests that you write a letter, make a call, or send an e-mail; attend a hearing or a rally; submit comments on a land use decision or policy matter; or get involved in helping to organize a campaign.  There is no urgent, immediate action item at this time, but some ongoing opportunities are listed below.

Stop Trump's Dirty Energy Agenda - Sign Below

Offshore oil drilling.
Offshore oil drilling. | Photo by Documentary Lab

A quorum has been restored at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) with the confirmation of Trump’s two nominees, Robert Powelson and Neil Chatterjee. By adding these pro-fossil fuel commissioners to FERC, the abuses of power will only continue and get worse as they carry out Trump’s dirty energy agenda.

All of this is happening as the Senate and House are moving bills that would expand FERC’s authority. One of the House bills actually strips the president of the border crossing authority used to stop Keystone XL and gives it to FERC. But, the worst of the bills is the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017, S. 1460. It expands FERC’s authority by requiring other permitting agencies to “give deference” to FERC and it limits FERC’s review of LNG facilities to 45 days.

FERC will be back to holding monthly meetings, starting with the meeting they've scheduled for Wednesday, September 20th. There will be a rally in D.C. that day to let FERC and Congress know that the direction they plan to take the country is unacceptable and that we won’t tolerate it.

If you feel the need, please sign on to the letter that supporters will be hand delivering to congress after the rally.


In short, the letter asks Congress to:

1. Oppose legislation that does anything but strengthen review of, and protections from, fossil fuel development including infrastructure, such as S1460;

2. Call for Congressional hearings into the abuses of law and power by FERC, and to, as a result of the hearing process, identify and advance needed legislative and regulatory reforms;

3. Put in place a moratorium on new fracked gas infrastructure approvals by FERC until needed reforms are put in place;

4. Advance legislation and agency mandates that fast track advancement of clean energy alternatives and strive to position the United States as an international clean energy leader.


Thank you for helping to keep the momentum strong and the pressure relentless in the battle against FERC!

Adopt a Mile of the Coast

One way to take action now, for those who are not already CoastWatchers, is to adopt a CoastWatch mile.  One of our goals for the Beach Bill anniversary year, 2017, is to finally attain coverage of every mile of the Oregon coast through CoastWatch.  You can help us reach this goal by adopting a mile that is not receiving regular coverage. 

Participate in Citizen Science Research 

Another form of action is to participate in one of our citizen science surveys, such as those for marine debris, beached birds, sea stars, stranded marine mammals, and others.  For more information check out the CoastWatch section and this article on citizen science opportunities.