LNG Rally. | Photo by Allen Hallmark

On this page you will find calls to action, such as requests that you write a letter, make a call, or send an e-mail; attend a hearing or a rally; submit comments on a land use decision or policy matter; or get involved in helping to organize a campaign.  There is no urgent, immediate action item at this time, but some ongoing opportunities are listed below.

Adopt a Mile of the Coast

Nye Beach in Oregon at sunset.
Nye Beach in Oregon at sunset. | Photo by Linda Cochran

One way to take action now, for those who are not already CoastWatchers, is to adopt a CoastWatch mile.  One of our goals for the Beach Bill anniversary year, 2017, is to finally attain coverage of every mile of the Oregon coast through CoastWatch.  You can help us reach this goal by adopting a mile that is not receiving regular coverage. 

Participate in Citizen Science Research

Volunteers at work on a COASST survey.  Photo by Melissa Keyser.
Volunteers at work on a COASST survey. | Photo by Melissa Keyser

Another form of action is to participate in one of our citizen science surveys, such as those for marine debris, beached birds, sea stars, stranded marine mammals, and others.  For more information check out the CoastWatch section and this article on citizen science opportunities.

Public Meeting Against Offshore Drilling

Stop Offshore Drilling. | Photo courtesy of Surfrider Foundation

The Department of Interior announced plans on 1/4/18 to dramatically expand offshore drilling in U.S waters. The plan targets over 90% of all federal waters for new oil and gas lease sales including the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Gulf of Mexico. There is at least one lease sale proposed for the Oregon/Washington Outer Continental Shelf area. 

Expanding offshore drilling would damage precious marine ecosystems, as well as industries such as coastal tourism, recreation, and fishing that generate billions of dollars for our nation's economy. Offshore drilling is a polluting activity that has no place in our nation's future energy plans. The catastrophic effects of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill showed why we must stop drilling our ocean for oil and transition to a clean energy economy based on renewables and conservation.

There is a public meeting pertaining the Offshore Drilling off the coast of Oregon on:
Tuesday February 6th
3p.m. - 7p.m. PST
Red Lion Hotel Salem
3301 Market Street NE, Salem, OR 97301

If you are unable to attend the event, you can still get your voice heard by your elected officials through the Surfrider Foundation. 

Ditch Single-Use Plastic Straws

Ditch The Straw. | Photo by Chanel Hason

Plastic straws are among the most common items found at Portland Chapter Surfrider cleanups – both on the Oregon coast and in Portland! They are not biodegradable, which means that every plastic straw created is still around in some form. Plastic has a huge impact on our ecosystems, wildlife and people, and it is the chapter’s goal to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment.

In August 2017, the Portland Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation launched the DitchTheStrawPDX program in the Portland-Metro area. The mission of the program is to assist businesses in reducing the number of plastic straws used by their customers. The chapter provides support to these businesses who agree to go straw free for an entire month as a pilot program demonstrating that paper straws are a sustainable, cost-effective alternative.

Surfrider Portland's Ask: Join their movement to reduce plastic straw pollution by piloting a straw-on-request program for one month. Eliminate plastic straws by only providing paper straws upon request.

Are You a Business Interested in Participating? 

Click Here & Help Be Part of the Solution

Are you an individual that wants to participate?

Next time you’re out, simply ask for no straw, post a photo and tag (@SurfriderPortland) and #DitchTheStrawPDX on social media! They need your help to spread the word and the message.

Interested in supporting this program as a volunteer? Contact [email protected] 

#DitchTheStraw Logo. | Surfrider Portland