Citizens rallying in Coos Bay against the proposed Jordan Cove LNG plant.
Citizens rallying in Coos Bay against the proposed Jordan Cove LNG plant.

On this page you will find calls to action, such as requests that you write a letter, make a call, or send an e-mail; attend a hearing or a rally; submit comments on a land use decision or policy matter; or get involved in helping to organize a campaign.  There is no urgent, immediate action item at this time, but some ongoing opportunities are listed below.

Speak Out for Marine Sanctuaries

Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary.
Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary.

The Trump Administration has launched a “review” of a number of the nation’s designated marine sanctuaries, as called for by the "America First Executive Order on Offshore Drilling."  Any marine sanctuary site that has been either created or expanded during the past 10 years is being scrutinized.  This includes all of California’s marine sanctuaries.

The public originally had until July 26 to comment on this plan.  However, the comment period has been re-opened, and comments can be submitted July 31-Aug. 14. One way to do it is to sign the Stand Up for Marine Sanctuaries online petition

Submit all electronic public comments via the Federal eRulemaking Portal. Go Here, click the ''Comment Now!'' icon, complete the required fields, and enter or attach your comments.

Surface mail comments go to EO 13795 Review, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring Metro Campus Building 4 (SSMC4), Eleventh Floor, 1305 East West Highway, Silver Spring, 20910.

A sample letter, focused on California’s sanctuaries, can be found here.

Create Safe Places for Sharks

A male great white shark swimming near the surface off the coast of Isla de Guadalupe.
A male great white shark swimming near the surface off the coast of Isla de Guadalupe. | Photo by George Probst
President Trump issued an unprecedented executive order to review 11 national marine sanctuaries and monuments.

This review sets in motion an attempt to strip America of one our most cherished assets—protected places on land and in the sea that inspire awe, wonder and appreciation for nature. 

Marine animals rely heavily on protections for special places like the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Sadly, these incredible animals—including many species of sharks and rays—are under threat and the review of national sanctuaries and monuments jeopardizes the balance of entire marine ecosystems. 

Take action and add your voice to protect both sharks and their rare and unique ecosystems.

Adopt a Mile of the Coast

One way to take action now, for those who are not already CoastWatchers, is to adopt a CoastWatch mile.  One of our goals for the Beach Bill anniversary year, 2017, is to finally attain coverage of every mile of the Oregon coast through CoastWatch.  You can help us reach this goal by adopting a mile that is not receiving regular coverage. 

Participate in Citizen Science Research 

Another form of action is to participate in one of our citizen science surveys, such as those for marine debris, beached birds, sea stars, stranded marine mammals, and others.  For more information check out the CoastWatch section and this article on citizen science opportunities.