Field notes from the shoreline ... recent observations and happenings on the coast, contributed by staff or members.

This archive of shared writing and photography, a popular section from our old website, is being remodeled here. Check back soon to find your old favorites and new contributions. 

Some "Sightings" describe short-term or unique events, others focus on seasonal or recurring phenomena. Review the most recent "Sightings" below: 

An Encounter with Marine Debris

02/2018: I kick a hairball of grass and twigs and stems, sometimes called a whale burp, and more often than not see mesh, a bottle cap, a soap dispenser plunger. Down the way is a skinned baseball, a strange planet crash-landed among the gaper and cockle shells. Read More


Pyrosomes off the west coast of America. | Photo from University of Oregon

‘Sea Pickles’ Wash Ashore in the Pacific Northwest

07/2017: Mysterious translucent creatures are washing ashore along the western shores of North America. Known as “sea pickles”... Read More

By-the Wind Sailors Make Beach Landings Early this Year

07/2016: Reports have been flooding in since mid-March that the by-the wind sailors, known to science as Velella velella, have arrived early this year. Read More