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Mile Observer Date Summary Photos
288 YaakovM 02/21/2004 Unidentified species of whale that had been dead for quite a while and was in an advanced state of decomposition. Many gulls were feeding on it. Beach was relatively unchanged from last visit the previous September. There was an accumulation of litter that seemed typical after winter storms. Overall, the litter and debris was light, but it would be good to have a volunteer clean-up like SOLV does in the spring. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 02/13/2004 Low human impact (2)-walking. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 12/21/2003 Foraging shorebirds. Shipwreck debris on beach. Moderate human impact (12)-4 walking, 8 rockhunting. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/13/2003 The beach looked clean with no evidence of change. Litter was generally light: styrofoam here and there, and a plastic bottle or two. The highlight was seeing the young Air Force soldiers building survival shelters out of driftwood as part of their annual training exercise. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/06/2003 Conditions generally unchanged. Saw less litter than usual, and it's usually light. Adjacent miles 287 and 289 had more activity: camping on mile 287 plus on the bay side of the spit, and dead birds on each of the other miles. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 05/23/2003 Foraging shorebirds. A probably "sick" porcupine sitting next to car tire. One dead bird. Low human impact (2), walking. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 05/18/2003 Animal casing in driftline. Shipwreck debris on beach. Styrofoam and land-based debris in driftline. Foraging shorebirds. Moderate human impact (12)-5 walking, 4 playing in sand, 2 sitting and 1 surfing. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/30/2003 A generally quiet day with no noticeable changes on the beach from last visit in November of 2002. Plenty of shorebirds and two diving ducks with problems. Driftline content and debris was light. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 11/28/2002 A beautiful, sunny, Thanksgiving Day walk. Mile 288 seemed unchanged from last walk. No significant debris and little bird/animal life noted. Beach continues to be peaceful, calm, and unsullied. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 08/27/2002 Beach was very quiet and quite windy. There was little evidence of litter or other human activity. The beach itself is changing. There is more sand in some areas and less in others. In the former, there are dune-like areas where previously it was flat. In the latter, there are new, large pools of water (at higher tides) in areas that were previously sandy. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/02/2002 Observed no particular changes since last visit, which was November of 2001. Did note that the County had placed "Trail" signs both along the bay and along the high dune area. Beach and dune area were generally clean, with the usual exceptions of small amounts of probably ocean-based debris. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 11/24/2001 Beach was very quiet. Litter observed was light. Nothing special to note. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/29/2001 Mile 288 continues to be very quiet, and beautiful. Because access requires hiking at least two miles from the Bayocean Spit parking lot, it is unlikely that there will be significant change. The only problem that seems to occur are ocean based debris that vary from light to moderate. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/24/2001 Tide was somewhat low, but coming in during time of observation. Saw little bird or other life. Noted many sand crabs at the drift line. Most were dead, but some were still moving. Beach was very calm. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/18/2001 Observed during low tide on a very windy, very rainy day. Wind blew so hard I could lean into it and it stood me up. Saw no other people and the beach appeared clean and unchanged although observations were difficult to make. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/09/2000 Litter was very light and beach was generally very clean. No noticeable changes from last visit. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 05/14/2000 Nothing unusual to report. Litter was light, mostly in the dunes or well back of the high tide line. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/12/2000 Generally beach had small amounts of debris on this cloudy later winter walk. There were several large plastic drums which will have to be removed by some organized force, i.e., Tillamook County or SOLV. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 08/07/1999 On a very rainy day, Carol and I walked along the surf line with few stops because of the inclement weather. The beach looked the same as usual, except much kelp had been deposited by the high tide. Buried in the sand near the foredunes near the north end of mile 288, noticed an old pier - wood with concrete and ropes. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 04/16/1999 Beach looked normal on a gorgeous spring day. Light debris plus one magnificent adult bald eagle that landed on the beach. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/15/1998 Nothing unusual on beach. Walked north along the hard sand to the south jetty of Tillamook Bay and then walked back south along the low dunes abutting the beach. Noted light debris and garbage. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 12/31/1996 Extremely windy winter walk. Noted more human debris than usual, perhaps because of the stormy, windy conditions. Debris noted was plastic bottles, some bags, and metal drums. Also saw planks attached to each other like from the side of a boat. The natural features of the mile seemed unchanged. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 05/26/1996 This was my first visit to mile 288 after adopting the mile early in 1995. Some of the dynamics of the mile are 100% sandy beach in the intertidal zone, approximately a 300 foot wide intertidal zone, a 100% sandy high tide zone, and 100% of the beach is flat or only has a slight rise.None of the mile has any man-made structures. The upland adjacent to the shore is 100% vegetated dunes backed in part by bluffs that rise 20-50 feet above the high tide line. All the bluffs are of slight to moderate slope.There are no offshore rock outcroppings or islands or kelp beds visible during low tides.This was the first of many, many future visits to mile 288 on Bayocean Spit. View full report 0