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314 skylaar 09/27/2014 A very nice, sunny fall day and a lot of people enjoying the day. Many people walking or sitting in the sand. Happily did not see a lot of trash (was also SOLV beach clean-up day). View full report 3
314 Volunteer Trainer 04/18/2016

Submission from Diane and Rex Amos. Diane and Rex Amos photographed these at 6:50 a.m. just north of Margo Visher’s near the dunes. There were about 8 of them. Learned from Joe Liebezeit, Avian Conservation Program Manager, Audubon Society of Portland, that they are semipalmated plovers. Had been hoping they were an endangered species so we could have a good reason to stop the dune grading.

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314 cheeseguy 09/16/2016

The dead birds were all found in approximately the southern 3/8 of the mile. This is consistent with the fact that more dead birds are found closer to Haystack Rock in other surveys. No change seen in any of the drains but I was curious why one was running water in this dry time. The battle over dune removal at Breaker's Point condos continues at city hall and in local papers. No grading other than manual documented in June report has occurred.

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314 cheeseguy 12/13/2016

The day was a bright sunny day. Beach was narrow due to King tide. I walked in the hour prior to high of 10.6. Lots of kelp strands and huge bundles. Fair amount of rope both alone and in kelp bundles. 6 dead birds found 4 being Northern Fulmars. Lots of new or fresh(still has bark and roots) driftwood likely because lots of local flooding along the coast this past 2 months. Invertebrate appendages unknown to me in fair numbers. Helped one fish get back in deep water.

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314 cheeseguy 03/20/2017

It was a cloudy day(a few rain drops) with moderate NE Wind. People count was up likely because of some visitors being on Spring Break. Otherwise would not have had so many on a Monday in March. Majority of folks just walking on the beach. Driftline was amazingly free of wildlife. Zero dead birds. Drain pipes through the Presidential streets were photographed for consistentency. Some were more exposed, others were less. No trend one way or the other. 

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314 cheeseguy 06/24/2017

It was a gorgeous day on the beach. Probably a record day for people because of the warm temperatures. 

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314 cheeseguy 09/18/2017

A sunny fall day at the beach. Lots of people walking for the most part. Only new observation was the application of ground cloth to the base of the dune at Breaker PT. condos and Ecola Creek. Some of the new beach grass plantings may have been eroded. Before photo in prior report with current included in this report.  A picture of beach N of the mouth of Ecola Creek is included to show the lack of Brown Pelicans this year. In the past this beach is normally covered with them. I only saw a flight of 6 and another of 12 Brown Pelicans during my whole walk. Unusually few for this time of year. 

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314 cheeseguy 12/09/2017

Beautiful Dec. morning on the beach. Very low counts for both humans and vehicles. Beach was generally free from human trash. No dead birds noted. There had been a lot of pyrosomes about two weeks earlier but no sign today. 2 New sand drift fences at Breaker's Pt. Condos and Ecola Creek. Shown in pictures labeled drift fence 1 and 2.

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314 FOHRAP1 03/04/2020

I began at the far north (Chapman Beach).  Almost entirely deserted (photo attached).  Like a sand-packed moonscape.  Understandable why some people like to come here to get away from it all, at least for an hour or two.  Going south, Ecola creek was unpassable due to heavy runoff, so it was necessary to go the long way around (sigh).  Light activity near 2nd Street, though later in the season this will clearly be a major chokepoint for human traffic, based on my past few year's experience.  Further south to Gower, little to no sign of disturbance, light traffic. A pleasant, if chilly, walk. 

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314 FOHRAP1 03/25/2020

 A beautiful day on the beach. The beach, tide line were relatively clean. The day was most noteworthy for the lack of human activity, corona virus precaution related. 

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314 FOHRAP1 04/16/2020

A beautiful day on the coast; sunny, partly cloudy.  Survery was done near low tide.  There were a number of sand bars and tide pools that had formed. Ecola creek output, where it connects to the ocean, had spread across a wide area.  Gulls and Black Oystercatchers were enjoying the freshwater of Ecola Creek.  The beach was very clean; little human debris noted.  Human activity was higher than expected on the beach overall, and at Haystack Rock, considering Covid-19 restrictions.

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314 FOHRAP1 05/07/2020

A beautiful day on the beach, with little human activity on the beach, around Haystack Rock and Ecola Creek.  Limited beach activity is due to Covid-19 social distancing and the fact that Cannon Beach continues to be closed to visitors.  The weather was amazing, sunny and 60's. It has been fun to watch, through these reports, how the location of the mouth of Ecola Creek continues to change in location, the mouth moving farther north over time.  Overall it was a quiet, beautiful day.

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314 FOHRAP1 07/04/2020

Wow, today was a reminder that people love the beach. It was surprising so many people were in town, given the covid-19 increases. The humans overwhelmed the space, I don't have much comment for this report except about the people.  My counts are likely low, I did my best but it was impossible. The photos below tell the whole story .

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314 FOHRAP1 08/22/2020

A beautiful walk on the beach during a negative tide revealed lots of visitors on the beach. Haystack Rock tidepooling was quite popular given the -.8 tide. The surprise was how busy Chapman Point was, so many walkers, dogs and folks enjoying the beach.  The human litter on the beach was surprisingly low, but given the wind and rain of the past two days, debris may have gotten buried or blown away. So many dogs, but no dog poop bags were noted.  Also, no masks were seen on the beach, again could be because the wind has been strong over the last couple days and the debris was blown or buried.

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314 FOHRAP1 10/05/2020

A beautiful day on the beach, Chapman point and Ecola Creek continue to be popular spots for visitors and walkers. Lots of activity in these areas. 

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315 Beachie47 03/21/2010 Beach was pretty well swept clean of debris by high tides. Most notable was the settlement of baby barnacles on rocks and mussel beds making them appear gray. The erosion of the bank mentioned in the report is not actually on our mile 315, but within a short walk to the south. It occurred several weeks before this report due to high storm surf. The location is on the north bank of Ecola Creek at the south end of Larch Street next to Breakers Point Condominiums. View full report 3
315 Beachie47 11/29/2009 Weather was spectacular, so lots of people were taking advantage to walk on beach. Then there were the two idiots who were swimming in deep water on an outgoing tide! The beach itself was swept almost completely bare by the recent storms and high tides. Only tiny bits of plastic were in the driftline. All the logs had been tossed high up on the beach. Crescent Beach was unusually lacking in live birds. I saw only one gull sitting on a rock, and one redtail hawk soaring next to the trees on the cliffside. I found three dead fulmars on Chapman Beach, but again, no live birds. The California sea lion was found on another walk, 11/1/09. View full report 3
315 Beachie47 09/18/2009 Lots of sea palms washed up because of big surf. Also sea grass. View full report 0
315 Beachie47 09/18/2010 Weather was drizzly but calm. Few people on beach, two sitters were under a temporary pavillion set up on beach at Chapman Pt., with chairs, as for a wedding. Most notable find was body of dead harbor seal pup that wasn't technically on our mile, but 150' or so to the south.Other than that, beach was swept quite clean of debris.Other notables: bones on Crescent Beach and gull feeding frenzy in surf near Bird Rocks. Most likely anchovies, as there were a large number that washed in a couple days previously. View full report 2
315 Volunteer Trainer 10/23/2014 DISPATCH

Perfect day for a Marine Debris Survey

summer-like weather between storms, beginning of transect line looking south 

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315 newton 07/04/2017

Crisp morning.  3 people, 1 loose dog.  4 dead birds. The pool between Chapman Point and Crescent Beach is almost filled in with sand and easily passable.


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315 BJKauai 08/27/2017

It was a nice, clear sunny day. Numerous amount of people walking along the beach with families and pets. Tide was very low today, not many sea stars can be seen in the tidepools. Driftline had quite a bit of mole crab casings, feathers and kelp. Not much man made litter found along the beach today. And the few found were picked up and discarded appropriately. 

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315 JDPphotography 09/24/2017 DISPATCH

As this was my first visit to my mile, I wanted to get baseline images so that on subsequent visits, I will be able to note any changes in the topography, and any other issues that a CoastWatcher looks for. The tide was starting to rise nearing the end of my visit, so the next time I will go even earlier in the day.

The ocean water at Chapman Point and Bird Rocks was incredibly clean, clear and turquoise.

Two hours were actually spent walking Ecola State Park/parking lot, searching for access to Crescent Beach, and then North Chapman Beach accessed at 7th and Ash Streets. An additional four hours have been spent preparing the photos for upload and writing the report.

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315 JDPphotography 09/24/2017 DISPATCH

Original report was saved and published before I added all the images (I'm new to this system, so please forgive). This Dispatch is simply to add all the images I have for this report.

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315 JDPphotography 05/30/2018

Crescent Beach, below Ecola State Park and just north of Chapman Point/North Chapman Beach, is pristine, secluded and difficult to access. There were a total of five people on the beach - two unrelated couples and me. It was sunny and there was a moderate, chilly breeze. Most notable observations were a manmade shrine/altar made of driftwood with other found objects and a feather, as well as a crab trap washed up to the back of the shore almost against the cliff. I did not remove the crab trap. It was bulky and I wasn't sure I could manage to bring it up to the street level because of the trail climbing difficulty.

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315 JDPphotography 09/28/2018

On this visit to Crescent Beach, I concentrated on the north section of beach directly beneath Ecola State Park parking lot.

There were seven (7) people on the beach when I and my party of three arrived (total 10). Then, three women with a dog walked along the shore playing with the dog. Later, a single man was observed photographing and two additional women were sitting on the large log by a beached sea stack. The other woman in my party was sunbathing during our visit.

Driftwood was lodged amongst the rocks, and dead trees sticking up from the sand.

This pristine beach showed only minimal touches by humans such as cairns by a small waterfall, a feather sticking straight up from the sand, and a love note written in the sand. I also saw a dead jellyfish on the beach. There is a fence that is in disrepair on the side of the bluff and the purpose for its being there is not obvious. See photos.


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315 jessejones 07/09/2020 View full report 1
316 newton 06/13/2017

Counted 8 large sea stars and found 3 juvenille sea stars around Ecola Point

Lots of mussells, barnacles, chitons and anemones

2 black oystercatchers and possible one juvenille oystercatcher on the cliffside at Ecola Point.


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317 Pillzy 11/09/2008 Nothing particularly unusual observed. Access to northern half of the mile was very limited, due to sharp cliffs. Will explore a northern access route on my next visit. This was my first visit to the mile, so changes were unidentifiable. There was a pool of water about 200 feet from the shore of collected water from a stream, that eventually seeped through mounds of rock and caused sand to collapse, leaving level islands of sand mounds a foot in height. Children and dogs were playing on mounds, further collapsing the sand. View full report 2
317 Pillzy 08/01/2009 Busy day at the beach--warm summer weekend. Over 100 people, mostly sitting but also walking, surfing (about 15 surfers), playing in the tides, etc. Indian Beach and Ecola Point parking lots were consistently full.A LOT of litter (picked up) and many fires, with picnic debris in them. Several dead birds, a dead fish, and a skull of a mammal (photos attached). Usual erosion. Many seagulls, not afraid of human activity.No major violations (other than some fires near beach logs) and the litter. No actions taken. View full report 5
317 Pillzy 04/20/2009 Warm, sunny Monday at Indian beach after a nice weekend. 35 people and 33 cars on the beach at 12pm, increasing to 65 people and 50 cars by 2pm. Two fisherman and 3 surfers--the rest were either lying in the sun or playing in the surf/sand. Many seagulls hovering around human activity. The warm weekend before brought a LOT of leftover picnic debris to the beach (wine/liquor/beer bottles galore, etc). and even human feces near rock boulders at the start of mile 316. Three large sections of a dock, painted bright blue, were found strewn across the beach. Shoreline fire was found, with buried beer bottles around it. Excessive, repulsive amount of litter. No dead wildlife or unusual driftline. Evidence of erosion in bluffs. View full report 3
317 Pillzy 01/18/2009 Perfect day at the beach, alarmingly warm, sunny, and clear, for a January day. The parking lot at Ecola Point was completely full, and I am sure the Indian Beach lot would have been full had the road been open. About 30 people on the beach at 1:45pm, and left with final 8 people at sunset (5:15pm) for 1 1/2 mile hike back to Ecola Point parking lot. One car remaining as departed. Only unusual debris were bumper and barrel. Not much bird activity or small wildlife, but many elk seen throughout the visit. View full report 3
317 Pillzy 02/21/2010 Just a typical beautiful and warm weekend day at the beach. One of the first warmer days of the season, and many people were out to enjoy the coast. The northern, rugged part of the mile had no apparent changes. Indian beach was crowded, but not very polluted--there was a recent beach clean-up by SOLV 3/20/10. View full report 0
317 Pillzy 07/27/2010 Chilly summer day at the beach. Very busy for a Tuesday, but that's the summer for you. The majority of cars were from Oregon and British Columbia. A lot of surfers, and even one kayaker, despite the cold. Some large cracks in the soil/dunes were seen (as photographed), and erosion continues to be a problem. Again, my biggest concern is just if people are building and managing fires responsibly. View full report 4
321 Simonetal 10/09/2010 Hidden camp needs to be removed by authorities. Beach is rocky, remote, and little traveled. View full report 5
321 Simonetal 07/20/2013 Very calm day with very calm water, almost no surf. No surfers present, only fishermen at the cove area. Cliff side has experienced major landslide and erosion near the front of the headland. Only debris found was marine floats broken into pieces. View full report 0
321 Simonetal 11/10/2012 Path at top of slope of rocky shore is well compressed. Sunset was very pretty, and surfers were in high numbers today. Two surfers came in along the path while we walked out. Returned in the dark after sunset alone. View full report 0
322 Simonetal 04/03/2010 very stormy day on beach. Walked entire mile at highest points of rock slope due to water crashing over entire beach. Wave action very high due to recent storm, including hail every few minutes today. View full report 3
322 Simonetal 10/09/2010 very wet day with surfers taking advantage of incoming storm View full report 2
322 Ctomson1 12/15/2013 The mile was pretty clear of human activities. The cove is a spot for surfers with little alteration to the landscape. We did see evidence of a trail worn into the landscape with bits of trash and evidence of fire pitts and wood debris being freshly cut by a chainsaw. It did not appear there were any structures or major changes added recently.There was a carcass of a seal or sea lion on the beach. It had been picked over and the skull was missing. It appeared to have been washed up for a longer period of time. There were no other mammals along the beach. There was a good presence of gulls and cormorants fishing in the cove. There was also a flock of ducks about 75 yards of shore but I was unable to identify what species. View full report 7
322 kylasjogren 06/07/2017

The weather was partly cloudy with a light on shore wind. There were beach walkers, runners, dogs, and some playing in the surf. The drift line contained crab shells, kelp, feathers, plastic debris and a dead pelican. The rocks on the North end of the mile are starting to be covered a bit by wind blown sand.

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323 Auto_Trader 09/15/2007 We had a great time! We scheduled our office trip the same weekend SOLV was doing their clean; met lots of people. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and it was a great morning for walking the beach. There seemed to be a strange amount of dead birds as well as 100s of crab shells. Certain areas looked like a battle field with all the cracked shells. View full report 0
323 kerihevner 03/23/2010 On a beautiful sunny day, the beach was full of people doing everything from sitting in the sun, to building sandcastles, to flying kites. A good number of dogs, many of them off-leash, playing or going for a walk. Also saw several people riding bikes, and a few were braving the cold waters to go wading. In all my walks in the past few months, I have not seen too much in the way of notable wildlife. The standard birds including cormorants, gulls, and sand pipers have been observed, and the driftline has contained many of the usual razor clams and sand dollars. I have noted less dead gulls, and have only observed maybe 1 or 2 since last report and these were very far apart in dates. The dunes did look as though they had shifted after the winter as the shapes were different and some minor erosion can be observed. The only man-made change I saw was the creation of path that look it was created by a bulldozer at the southern end of the beach over the rocks where the dunes and beach meet. This path led through the dunes up towards the promenade. Many of the dunes and the dry sand contain evidence of fire pits. While I walk other beaches besides my mile, I find that this beach typically remains very consistent over the course of multiple observations in a season. It is a high traffic area in terms of amount of people using it for different activities, but I have not witnessed any major changes or unusual species in my times there over the past few months. View full report 0
323 kerihevner 12/18/2009 Human Activities: When weather is warm, this stretch of beach is usually fairly active with people who are primarily walking, although kite flying is also popular. Lots of dogs tend to be playing or walking off-leash. Children have been observed, particularly on weekends, playing in the sand or water. Shoreline Wildlife: Groups of up to approximately 50 shorebirds (Sanderlings?) often found at waterline feeding. Dead gulls are seen each trip, with an average of 2-3 per trip, and one dead cormorant was observed with head removed post-death. Several freshly dead Dungeness crabs have washed up, and have been observed as food for gulls. Gulls also have been feeding upon razor clams and sand dollars.Physical Changes: In the month since I have started, the physical environment of the beach has remained fairly consistent with the primary variable being the influence of wind and wave action upon the sand after a storm. View full report 0
323 kerihevner 10/17/2010 Human Activities: About 35 people mostly walking alone or with dogs. Did see two people playing briefly in the surf despite the cold temperatures, and some were sitting up on the sand enjoying the sun. There were about 10 kites being flown, primarily on the beach directly off the car turn-around. Shoreline Wildlife: Lots of diatoms in the water as the immediate surf line was very brown, and there were lots of brown stains and bubbles located on the beach at the tide lines. Did observe one live Dungeness crab (who was subsequently preyed upon by a gull while being observed), but saw many (10-15) dead crabs which had all been eaten by various birds. As a result, many gulls and crows were present at the tide line. Pelicans were seen flying off-shore. Many shells from razor clams were also observed along the driftline. Physical Changes: The beach already looks quite different from the summer in regard to the landscape as it begins to transition into the winter stage. There was a higher amount of sand pushed against the dunes with a large vertical stretch of dry sand. All in all, a beautiful day at the beach with lots of sunshine on a lovely fall day! View full report 0
323 kerihevner 06/21/2010 Human Activities: Happy First Day of Summer! Many people out with dogs and children flying kites, walking, or sitting in the sun that was just beginning to peak through the clouds. Several children were braving the water for wading, and many more were playing in the sand or swinging on the swings. A good number of people also riding bikes on the sand. Have witnessed many fires over the past few weeks, and there is numerous evidence of fire pits higher up on the beach and in the dunes.Shoreline Wildlife: Most notable today were the numerous terns (believed to be Common) flying about, making lots of noise, and diving frequently into the water. I stayed to watch them for quite awhile as it was mesmerizing. Several Moon Jellies were found washed up just at the waterline, and one freshly dead Double-Crested Cormorant was found dead and still being pushed ashore by the waves. Physical Changes: This stretch of beach appears to remain fairly stable, and the most notable difference as we head into summer is the great increase in the amount of people using the beach. For this, added bathrooms and the lifeguard stations have been added. Other than these obvious signs, there does not appear to be any additional physical changes at this time to the beach. New construction or repairs are happening along the Prom, but these do not seem to directly impact the beach, and dunes show normal amount of wear. As the wave action has slowed considerably at this time of year, the sand is much more level and the "dry" portion is a much larger portion of the beach as compared with winter. View full report 0
323 photosbyboothe 07/22/2014 It was a beautiful morning. Lots of people were already out and about enjoying the beach. There was a small diatom bloom in the first quarter mile along with a small concentration of water jellies along the tide line. Very few gooseberries, three to be exact, and one lone sea nettle were the only other jellies on the beach today. Dried sails from a recent Velella stranding were still along the high tide line. Other than that the beach was pretty clean. A four foot harbor porpoise had recently died and washed ashore, the stranding network was notified and quickly recovered the animal. It was taken up to PSU for a necropsy. View full report 11
323 photosbyboothe 05/08/2014 It was a little windy and rainy today on mile 323. Only three other people were on this stretch of beach, all walking their dogs. The high tide line to the south was littered with surf grass and sea palm. Through out the whole mile the high tide line had a lot of small plastics. Pelicans were off shore aggressively feeding on something. A bald eagle flew by the feeding pelicans. On the north end of the mile up high on the beach were a lot of old bonfires, all clear of trash except one. View full report 9
323 photosbyboothe 05/01/2014 There was a large debris field which expanded two blocks in the middle of this mile. The debris field contained a plethora of opalescent squid eggs, crab shells bothe dungeness and red rock, sea stars (mostly ochres but found two bat stars), sponges various types of snail shells (mainly western nassas), two dead skates and four chunks of what used to be a whale. View full report 8
323 photosbyboothe 01/31/2014 Calm day on the beach. Tide was high and about 20 people were walking along the beach. One couple was picking up trash, which may be why I saw so little non-organic debris (two plastic bags and a crab float with a rope attached). There was a small diatom bloom occurring in the middle of the mile. Tide line consisted of marine grass, woody debris, and barnacle molts. Found two juvenile flatfish, one dead the other alive. Also found three live Red-eyed Medusa. A murder of crows, consisting of about 25 individuals, were feeding along the tide line. View full report 2
323 photosbyboothe 01/13/2014 The surf was still big but the wind had calmed down. Not many people around and about, 10 in total along this mile. What trash was on the beach was comprised of 1 bait bag, 1 bait box, 1 large zip tie, 2 plastic bottles and small plastics (a pretty clean beach). Tide line had live Sea Angels (Clione limacina). Also found an interesting peanut worm, 1 red-eyed Medusa, and 3 brown nettles. View full report 7
323 photosbyboothe 08/05/2015 250 people on the beach, due to Volleyball Weekend. Numerous gulls observed (82 Western, one Bonaparte's) and two beached birds. Gooseberries are abundant. View full report 14
323 photosbyboothe 08/07/2014 A calm and quiet morning on Seaside beach, right before a large volleyball tournament which will bring hundreds to the beach. Surprisingly little trash; one towel, one plastic bag, and one beer bottle. Came across one live sand dollar, a small live razor clam, and one gooseberry (no other jelly remains). Only saw Western gulls; most were resting higher up on the beach, a couple were working the shoreline. Towards the end of the mile I came across a relatively large log covered in pelagic gooseneck barnacles. View full report 16
323 photosbyboothe 09/15/2016

It was a beautiful morning.  Pretty mellow out on the beach, 31 people out walking, 2 playing in the water, and 2 flying kites.  The  driftline was full of mole crab molts mixed in with a little bit of seaweed. There were also gooseberries, moon jellies, and chunks of brown sea nettles.   Saw very little trash, a couple of candy wrappers, a few pieces of plastic, and a commercial crab pot (which was covered in live skeleton shrimp). One dead bird I could not identify, other than that just Western gulls and one crow.  

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323 photosbyboothe 10/23/2016

What a wonderful morning on the beach.  Most significant find was the hitchhiking amphipods (Hyperia medusarium), all by their lonesome, on the beach. It was made even more interesting due to the fact that there were very few (3 moons, 1 fried egg and some gooseberry) jellyfish on the beach. That said, I found spiders, lots of least 5. Like last year, there were millions (most likely trillions) of tubeworm casings on the beach. Found quite a few 4.5 inch crab shells, probably just a molting event.  Surf scoters were out and about, which we do not typically see so close to shore. 

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323 Volunteer Trainer 11/26/2017 DISPATCH


Tiffany from Seaside Aquarium spotted quite a few of these deformed velella recently on the beach. definitely more than one....

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323 photosbyboothe 01/08/2020

Very few people on the beach. A lot of fun invertibrates including sea gooseberries, red eyed medusa, and sea cherubs. 

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324 NHolmes 09/01/2007 Nice to see so many people enjoying the warm evening on the beach. Lots of kids, adults of all ages sitting around fires, playing with dogs, having a great time. View full report 0
324 [email protected] 04/22/2007 First report of this mile and very pleasant day at the beach no adverse problems View full report 0
324 NHolmes 02/07/2007 I'm surprised I did not encounter dead birds on this beach. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 02/11/2007 Very quiet day, thought more people would be clamming. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 11/13/2007 Many people on beach enjoying the warm sunny day in contrast to the cold windy and wet previous day. High tides and winds left 6 dead seabirds (petrels?) at and beyond the high water line. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 08/24/2009 Happy to see Pelicans resting in this area at low tide. No birds being chased by dogs! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 05/30/2009 Great sunny day to be on the beach. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 03/30/2009 Blown sand is the big physical change, but nothing major. A fairly quiet, windy, Monday morning. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 05/09/2010 Two fabulous pictures taken by Randall Henderson, of the Necanicum River flowing north then almost a right angle turn to flow due west. Note Seaside airport in the lower right and Highway 101 weaving through the lower middle of the picture. The picture is facing west, fairly low tide, and shows a very soggy Seaside. Land we call the island, in the mid foreground is now back in Seaside. Less than 6 years ago the River flowed snugly along the side of the Seaside bluffs on the south side of the estuary. View full report 2
324 NHolmes 02/20/2010 A breezy cool walk on the beach. The rack line was high due to recent high tides, lots of broken shells. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 01/02/2010 High surfs and strong winds had delivered logs and other 'natural' debris up to the grassy bluffs. The strong winds kept the Necanicum River visibly higher than normal for this tide level. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 12/01/2009 The Necanicum River has broken through the sand bars and dunes and now runs along the bank to the north at the edge of Gearhart. I confirmed this with knowledgeable people who have been watching this progress during the summer and fall. I hope to post a good aerial photo of this very soon! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 11/27/2009 The Necanicum River has been gradually moving north almost breaking through the dunes to the ocean. It's a little difficult to tell at this tide level if it has indeed straightened out it's path. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 07/03/2011 AND MUSIC FILLED THE AIR....As interesting as the lovely Necanicum River movements are I must say I was most charmed by what I witnessed on its eastern bank this morning. As I turned the corner of the exposed island and headed south along the River's west bank I looked across to see 8 snare drums on stands, in the sand plus 8 drummers and their leader. On a sandbar were 5 cymbal players practicing, [Turn, Step, Clash!] and their leader. Farther up in the dunes were 5 or 6 base drummers, drumming. [Boom, Boom.] And because I thought I heard the faint tinkling of a marimba I looked up on the bank to see the whole Seaside High School Band! And their leader. What a sight and what sounds! How lucky are those kids? And how glad I was to have decided to check out 'my mile' on the Oregon Coast at this moment! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 05/26/2011 Still a higher bluff than last fall with the wind driven sand partially covering wood debris of all sizes. Some logs and stumps. One large dog was determined to drag a partially buried log twice his size to his patient and amused young owner! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 04/01/2011 The beach has changed dramatically with the winter storms. Obvious direction of constant wind exposing tips of debris. One has to really watch where you walk, no easy strolling here! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 12/31/2010 Beach was very rough with wood debris and small logs, sand has blown into the dunes. You could see we had had some wild winter storms lately. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 10/31/2010 quiet Sunday am on the beach View full report 0
324 NHolmes 06/29/2010 The Necanicum River has doglegged in the middle of the estuary and is curving out to the ocean even farther south than last report. The bank has been carved sharply by the River.I will try to obtain a new photo! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 07/04/2012 It's a quiet morning, the beach very clean even at rack line. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 06/09/2012 Lovely calm evening on the beach! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 04/26/2012 The river has obviously changed course farther south of the island than observed last month. It was easier to see because the of the tide level.Large patches of sand dollar shells at waters edge, and at the high tide line the beach was littered with crabs casings/shells. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 03/18/2012 This is low tide observation but it seems the channel is deeper than ever on the south side of the "island". The river has been flowing on both sides of the island for months, now mostly on south side it seems.Because of recent heavy storm numerous large trees and stumps probably brought downstream were observed on scattered within the high tide lines. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 01/01/2012 Great way to begin the New Year with a pleasantly warm walk on the beach! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 12/03/2011 Recent high tides had scoured the beach left five large logs of trees high on beach. Beach smoothing out and river mouth is moving south and cutting a bit of the beach back to the south east. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 09/20/2011 beach was windswept from recent high winds, no man made damage visible. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 08/05/2011 First time I have walked almost the entire mile with the water washing over my feet. Lovely. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 03/14/2013 Many green live trees eroded from banks or river and beach edges washing into estuary. Probably combination of storms, high tides and river exiting the estuary slightly more south each week. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 02/22/2013 River is moving more south and eroding the sandy banks as it moves into the estuary. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 01/11/2013 A quiet cold sunny day on the beach. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 08/22/2012 A happy crowd of people as beautiful weather continues at the beach! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 07/22/2012 A nice quiet evening on the beach! View full report 0
324 NHolmes 06/15/2014 Very quiet and very clean beach and sandbars. Lots of exposed sand. Only Caspian Tern activity this morning. Last Thursday it was reported hundreds of Brown Pelicans were in the estuary and on the river banks. I missed seeing them unfortunately. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 05/05/2014 Less erosion on banks near Seaside Sewage Treatment plant this month. Some trees visible on sandbars. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 03/17/2014 Quiet cloudy morning with only a few people and a bit of debris from the high tides. View full report 0
324 photosbyboothe 02/02/2014 Sections of this mile contained quite a bit of debris. Grasses and algae mainly consisted of eelgrass (some even covered in what looks like hatched-out herring roe)split kelp, and graceful coralline algae. A couple different species of sponge was also present. 10 or so hermit crabs, all dead, was entangled in grasses, along with 1 cancer crab and a porcelain crab. Found one live cryptic kelp crab and one live sea angle. Also saw a large dead skate and a dead sea lion. View full report 14
324 NHolmes 12/15/2013 Very messy! And fun stuff on the beach brought in by a brief storm and so called King Tides. View full report 3
324 NHolmes 12/02/2013 Windy and sunny and lots of debris brought in by the high tides. View full report 1
324 NHolmes 09/29/2013 Continuing to see small conifers being undercut and washed off the bluff as the river continues to drift south as it rounds the bend and runs out to sea. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 09/05/2014 Crowded for this mile. Many people in town for car show enjoying the fantastic beach weather. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 08/20/2014 Perfect evening for a stroll, beach very clean. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 07/04/2014 Lovely day on the beach. Hopefully all the wildlife was heading out of town to get away from the noisy fireworks! View full report 0
324 annadavidcrow 04/29/2018

It was nice to pack out a very small amount of plastics and trash. Very few people were out this afternoon. We have noticed some natural changes at the river. But because this is our 1st report we will wait to get a little more in tune with things before we report.

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