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234 kfharcourt 11/07/2007 Very pleasant mild day. Some additional bluff erosion since last report. Excavation on beach infront of bluff. Continued slow erosion at Fishing Rock. Some additional erosion in front of Surfrider (m233, just south of m234) since last report. View full report 3
139 10mile2 11/07/2007 Normal windswept sections of remote beach. Little driftwood and man-caused litter present. Small amount of seaweed clumps present. Numerous broken shells and overturned and picked apart immature crabs along high tide line. Besides a dead seabird, I noted one Western Gull with a broken wing along the waterline- alive, but very weak. Snowy Plover fencing removed from site north of Tenmile Creek. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
203 Sandpiper 11/07/2007 A large number of pelicans were flying both north and south and sitting on the water beyond the breakers. Surf scoters were visible close to the shore. Many groups of sandpipers were feeding along the surf line. View full report 0
221 lipberm 11/06/2007 All seems to be well on our mile. View full report 1
99 Eric & Sue 11/06/2007 Nice calm day with only three people and a dog on the beach. The tide was very low, and I saw very little garbage on the beach. About a half dozen 2"-5" crabs on a rock near Haystack Rock had been eaten by birds. I did not cover much of the high tide line. There were two gulls on the beach, and one Western Grebe that had recently died by the creek. The low transverse dunes that were seen on my last walk had for the most part been washed away by the last storm. View full report 0
202 dddurrett 11/05/2007 There was the normal amount of logs and tree debris for this time of year. I picked what little litter there was,(hooray-not one plastic water bottle!). After a good two hours on the beach it remained deserted, maybe because of limited access. Overall mile 202 looked very healthy. View full report 0
173 ZASovers 11/05/2007 The huge flock of brown pelicans was a beautiful sight. They stayed for the following day as well, but were gone by Nov. 7. On the second day they were sitting in rows on both sides of Sutton Creek. Just a few sea gulls were among them. View full report 0
93 H Witschi 11/05/2007 Very clean and untouched beach. Driftline rare and spotty and very thin. Two unidentifiable old bird carcasses. No human impact whatever. View full report 0
1 floral 11/04/2007 This is not my mile but did want to see how the area is coming with the new construction. Big Hole and lots of work going on....beach was enjoyed by several on this beautiful day. View full report 5
197 [email protected] 11/04/2007 A great day to be on the beach. It was surprising there were so few people. Very clean beach. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 11/04/2007 Significant # of resting gulls, brown pelicans at Big creek. Sanderlings feeding along surf line. Eel Grass consistently along hi tide line, mod amount of brown tinged jellies-4"to 10" size. Smoldering beach fire in sand, with volleyball net nearby, much foot traffic here in last 24 hr. Clean beach. View full report 0
119 dpackard 11/02/2007 Did not see any aquatic creatures -- whales, seals or sea lions, this time around. Healthy seas. It looks like a moderate tide (quarter moon). Only two cars in the vast Shore Acres parking lot. Kelp/algae in driftline. Five sea gulls and one chipmunk. Moderate human impact (9)- 9 walking and 2 sitting. Two dogs. View full report 1
95 [email protected] 11/02/2007 I accessed the beach from the north end of Roaring Surf Lane trail. New River was about 8 inches deep, walked south along New River to the end of Bandon State Park and crossed the dunes to the ocean. I then walked north to the New River and Two Mile Creek convergence and exit to the ocean. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks, and ocean-based debris in driftline. Northern Elephant Seal at high tide line on beach. It weighed about 80 lb and showed labored breathing. Low human impact (0). View full report 3
175 Caples 11/02/2007 Beach slope of 3 degrees Transverse dunes on high beach Very light wrackline with feathers, with small amounts of sea lettuce (Ulva), eel grass (Zostera) and Sea Palm (Postelsia) Shells on the beach (Macoma, large clam, Cockle, oyster, pacific razor clam) Polyorchis Jelly in wrackline View full report 0
97 beachnut 10/31/2007 Ocean-borne litter is less abundant than usual, mostly plastic bags of various sizes this time. As usual, there is little sign of heavy human traffic -- perhaps 3 other people today on my stretch, judging by the footprints in the sand. Sanderlings were not obvious on the tide line. Pelicans fishing offshore. Animal casings and small rocks in driftline. Northern Elephant Seal at high-tide line for two days. Low human impact (1)-walking. View full report 2
174 Foulkes 10/31/2007 It was a beautiful morning on a relatively clean beach. I was passed three times be a white Forest Service truck that was driving along the beach going north, then south, then north again. The truck did not access the beach at Baker beach nor at any point along mile 174. View full report 0
141 KerrieP 10/28/2007 Gorgeous day for a beach walk. Forest Service seems to be staying on top of blocking OHV access to the closed beach. I observed two recent tracks around MP143. The violators accessed from an opening in the foredune and went south about 1/2 mile before turning around. Otherwise things looked good and as always I treasured the remoteness of this mile. Shells, kelp/algae, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. Two groups of pelicans (33 and 13) flying off-shore. Low human impact (2)-walking. View full report 0
287 wthwaites 10/28/2007 The wagon did prove handy as we were able to bring back much more trash with it than we could have without it. (See photos.) We [picked up far more trash] than could be carried in one trip without the aid of the wagon. View full report 3
221 coastwalker221 10/27/2007 Saw ten people & one dog off-leash enjoying themselves. Very nice mile of beach, nearly empty of human litter. New evidence of continual beach bluff erosion on Mile 221 on the Moolack Slide portion: a moderate-sized land slip off of a sandstone/shale bluff approx. 1,200 feet south of Moolack Creek. This event happened within the last 4 months. View full report 2
295 martyandchuck 10/27/2007 Overall the beach looks much more like it did 4 years ago when we first began walking along it. The sand is more level and less debris on the shore with no sightings of any dead animals, the weather was too good to be true.. global warming??? View full report 0
16 Christine 10/27/2007 This is the section of Mile 16 I call Thunder Rock Cove Viewpoint North. I viewed six Harbor Seals sunning themselves on the rocks near the cove area. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary was observed. View full report 0
152 cmoore 10/27/2007 It was a beautiful day on Mile 152 and we were the only people (and dog) on the beach. There were no ATVs or vehicles. The beach was very clean, a nice surprise after our August walk. In fact, it was so clean, there were no shells, casings, driftwood, or anything on the beach. Threemile Creek runs into the beach on the southern edge of Mile 152, and it was also clean. View full report 2
162 papa troll 10/27/2007 Just a great day at the beach. Off highway vehicle riders were not offensive. The beach was clean. One dead 20" bottom fish on the sand. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 10/25/2007 Very light driftline with a small number of the algae, Hymenena, Callophyllis, Macrocystis and Postelsia and a few stones. Beach with 5-8 degree slopes. Two large logs on low beach. Embayment has shifted northward. High tide flowed over ridge into runnel. Hight tide sweeping over entire beach just north of New River outlet. Live birds included 2 Snowy Plover, 1 Great Blue Heron, large flocks of Brown Pelicans feeding off-shore and large flocks of Western Sand pipers on the dry sand. Dead birds included 1 immature Western Gull, 2 Northern Fulmar, a Robin freshly killed by a raptor and a Brandt's Cormorant. One dead Harbor Seal on beach. Low human impact (0). View full report 10
97 D Bilderback 10/25/2007 Very light driftline with a few rocks and crab carapaces, eelgrass, and the algae: Nereocystis, Hymenena, Cryptopleura, Mazzaella, and Odonthalia. Beach slope of 6 degrees. 1 dead Northern Fulmar and 1 dead Brandt's Cormorant. Low human impact (0). View full report 1
213 vickiosis 10/25/2007 Nothing unusual to report. Bull Whip kelp is finishing its annual growth cycle and is tearing loose and washing in on the beach. A few flocks of shore birds chasing the waves. very peaceful and nice. View full report 0
104 beachnut 10/23/2007 A perfect day, a perfect beach. Sanderlings in surfline. Gulls on beach. Moderate human impact (9)- 6 walking and 3 sitting. Two dogs. View full report 0
211 Gibsjerry 10/22/2007 Flat sandy beach. No exposed cobble. Beach was very clean. View full report 1
187 turnstone 10/21/2007 There were still a few clumps of dead mussels, many mussel and barnacle shells on the beach, and many places where the mussels and barnacles are gone.Some sloughing of midden from the bank south of the parking area and possible digging in one spot View full report 4
245 lvoelker 10/21/2007 Dozens of uprooted sea palm and bull kelp -- LARGE specimens of sea palms, 16-20" tall. The sand movement is very early this year -- lots of exposed rock. View full report 0
14 artist 10/21/2007 Though there were more people than usual on the trail, there is nothing negative to report. As far as I can tell, no one was engaged in illegal or harmful activities. People were just picking berries and watching the big waves pound the rocky cliffs. What little beach there is along this mile is nearly impossible to access. View full report 1
185 Lfleming 10/14/2007 Beach was very clean. Parking lot was plowed out, making dunes around the edges of the lot that were higher than the cars. Also the entrance was newly paved part way into the beach.Interesting to see racoon tracks along the beach among the rocks.Last Oct. on about the same date, we didn't see any pelicans flying by at all. This time we saw 65. View full report 0
214 rensmere 10/14/2007 The beach was very "clean" with no driftline content. There were a lot of people out enjoying the day. View full report 0
106 Doug C 10/13/2007 This was our inaugural trip on our adopted mile. Since no reports had previously been filed, we came with camera, notepad, trash bags and provisions. We approached from the south at Bullard's beach, still nearly a 2-mile trek before getting to our mile and stopped within sight of Cut Creek which is in Mile 107. Wonderful day, clear, calm. Sanderlings were in the hundreds. Gulls flew over the area to congregate at Cut Creek where there were several hundred drinking and rinsing in the fresh water. Seaweed piles were on the beach from storms 3 days before, but they were not as numerous as miles 104 and 105. Only two people were seen, driving legally but in the surfline disturbing the Sanderlings. One Snowy Plover was seen. One Northern Fulmar was dead at the surfline. The beach and dunes appeared natural. Plants other than beach grass were very rare. Two areas of the dunes were lower and collected large amounts of driftwood. In one of these areas at the southern end of the mile, a 10x10 structure had been built out of the wood. Trash was more prevalent in that area. We hauled out about 30 pounds from the mile, mostly plastic bottles washed in from the ocean. More waste remains. Interestingly, we found an intact 12-inch, 500-watt light bulb from the Ushio company and an empty rusted tin of crackers (both with Japanese markings). View full report 6
52 [email protected] 10/11/2007 Lots of natural debris from the recent storm, kelp and driftwood. One dead sea lion. There was evidence of someone having had a fire and there was a structure of driftwood in a teepee form. I intend to knock this down when the weather is better. View full report 0
31 B Edgar 10/10/2007 1 dead juv. sea lion. there was an exit hole that looked like a bullet wound on the neck. Was dead approx. a week or less.1 dead seal that had been dead for several weeksnot much litter on beach!! looks good View full report 0
149 flotsam 10/08/2007 Nothing unusual to report, other than a lack of trash and other alien debris. I don't know if SOLV worked this stretch of beach last month. I did see a lot of a certain plant growing in the high end of the beach, just below the foredune. See attached picture. If anyone can update me on what this plant is, or can inform me of some of the correct beach terminology, I welcome your comments. View full report 1
198 bahngarten 10/07/2007 Interesting find of Northern Fulmar. View full report 0
256 Lady S 10/05/2007 Beautiful day for strolling beach. Lovely sunset. Tangled piles of kelp as well as individual pieces all up and down the beach. More than I have seen there before. I had out of state guests who had not seen the ocean before. Very enjoyable day. View full report 0
213 skimmer 10/05/2007 A surprisingly beautiful day with very little activity. View full report 0
187 turnstone 10/03/2007 There were many large clumps of dead mussels and barnacles on beach, areas on rocks where mussel beds and barnacles were gone, dead smell in area View full report 2
95 [email protected] 10/02/2007 I crossed New River at Four Mile Creek Trail, the water was 29" deep. The river bottom was hard sand. I walked North along mile 94 to access mile 95. There were a lot of shore birds (gulls and sanderlings) on mile 95 especially near the New River mouth. There had been a lot of the ocean waves that had washed over the flat dunes. Kelp/algae,animal casings, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. There were new European beachgrass plants invading the northern end of mile. Walking South along the river I saw a dozen Snowy Plover feeding. I crossed New River at the trail end and returned to Lower Four Mile along Roaring Surf Drive. Low human impact (0). View full report 1
100 JohnnyCN 10/01/2007 The topography of the beach had changed from its usual flatness to hillocks, or piles of sand, with intervening gullies where the water washed quite far into the beach,leaving empty pools during low and medium tide. Mussel shells, kelp sea palms and wood pieces were scattered along the high tide line. Dead birds were a gull, a cormorant and a Mallard duck. A large flock of about 100 gulls on beach. Human presence was moderate (9)- walking, 1 dog. View full report 0
99 Eric & Sue 10/01/2007 There were at least eight to ten dead gulls. All had been dead for quite awhile and were near the high tide line. About a half dozen people and one dog. Lots of sea palms and some kelp on beach. Also clear jelly fish parts. More mussels on the beach than I have ever seen. The beach had changed a lot with low transverse dunes. It was fairly flat last time. I thought this was strange because there have been no storms since my last walk. About 150+ gulls hanging out near the water. View full report 0
229 SKrein 09/30/2007 We noted several concerns with newly-developed property at Little Whale Cove. The Property manager stated that there were State Lands people she could bring in to talk to the property owner. This had been effective in previous situations of similar nature. View full report 2
190 svenbrean 09/29/2007 For a cloudy post-Labor day week end there were quite a few folks out enjoying the views. View full report 0
178 Brien M 09/29/2007 My daughter and I have been doing the beach clean-ups twice a year at this site since 1997. This is the first time I've reported here. The gist of this summary can be found on the previous three pages of this report. I'll include photos and a better summary next time. View full report 0
16 Christine 09/29/2007 This is the mid section of Mile 16 I call the Minor Creek access. It was low tide and I could access the tiny beaches and saw nothing of concern. View full report 0
53 [email protected] 09/27/2007 This was my first time as a mile 53 Walker. View full report 0
111 J Grove 09/25/2007 Small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. Shorebirds moving in response to humans and dogs. Retreat of bluff and erosion of vegetated foredune. Moderate human impact (8)-walking, 3 dogs. View full report 0
100 JohnnyCN 09/24/2007 On a beautiful fall day I walked Mile 100 and saw 13 dead birds: 3 cormorants and 10 gulls. Two of the gulls had attracted turkey vultures. An immature gull appeared sick or injured, allowing me to come within ten feet of it before it tried to escape by walking away. It never did attempt to fly. The beach was also littered with mussel shells, some singly and some in clumps three feet long with many arrangements in between. There were also large piles of kelp and some sea palms,especially toward the south end of Mile 100. A large "pile" of sand has built up within the shadow of the cliff where the parking lot is for Face Rock. Moderate human impact (17)- 16 walking and 1 playing in surf. One dog. View full report 0
296 Coopersmith 09/24/2007 No human disturbance or litter. 5 dogs, 3 horses. Saw 7 brown pelicans, flying + fishing. View full report 0
193 [email protected] 09/23/2007 There is still a lot of drift wood scattered on rocky and river sandy area's. Many have burn marks left from July 4th fires. The marine life observed appeared in good health. View full report 0
277 BCWolff 09/23/2007 Almost no debris of any kind. Enclosed photo copies 1997 (10 years of coast watching), 2003, 2007 View full report 3
181 [email protected] 09/23/2007 Beautiful day, calm and sunny. Lots of crab molts. Noticeable changes in sand levels creating uneven sand dunes and exposing some large rocks. Picked up two small bags of trash. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 09/23/2007 Beautiful early fall day at the beach with my friend Jim Weber; no one else on the beach, and interesting wrack, including at least nine dead birds, lots of dead crabs and crab parts, and other flora/fauna (and bits of garbage such as a few plastic bottles and lengths of frayed rope) that seem to have come from local sources, not blown in from the Eastern Garbage Patch. A glide of pelicans and a few sanderlings--otherwise not much bird life. View full report 1
335 mnfwhite 09/22/2007 Very uneventful. SOLV's beach cleanup occurred last Saturday, so beach was very clean. View full report 0
118 D Bone 09/22/2007 The mile had a good summer. Tree cone production was plentiful, and parts of the trail had good moisture content. The kelp forests were thick. This summer there were usually 4-6 summer Gray Whales in the area. The large numbers of Ca. Sea Lions indicates that the males have returned from the breeding areas. The 3 N. Elephant Seals although not totally unexpected are a rare sight this time of year. The suckling by the Steller Sea Lions was totally unexpected, esp. since one was much larger than you would expect. The one dead Ca.Sea Lion was being pecked at by gulls. There were large numbers of Harbor Seals. Hermann's Gulls with Brown Pelicans, Turkey Vultures and Cormorants were observed. In general, wildlife numbers were good.Did not see any signs of the lilies in the restoration sites-too late in the summer. The areas had been burned in the spring. Except for the vandalism of the bench, the area was in good condition-very little litter, erosion, and the people that I observed and worked w/ were enjoying a great day and the wildlife. Heavy Human impact (32)- 27 viewing wildlife, 3 taking photos and 2 fishing. View full report 0
238 Gertie C 09/21/2007 Quiet day in the early evening. Only two people seen, walking and collecting trash. View full report 0
151 Robhart 09/21/2007 Sands heavily blown up to result in gradual slope to foredune instead of eroded "cliffs" as usually there. View full report 0
224 acwasner 09/21/2007 Absolutely beautiful afternoon. Surf was high (low tide) and surfers were certainly enjoying it. Where there had previously been debris, many tiny pieces of plastic, there were new gently sloped dunes of fine white sand. It was very clean. Clumps of small purple flowers were blooming along the edge of the embankment. I saw at least one tree with the roots all exposed. No new slides. Noted very few birds and no shorebirds. No dead birds or animals. View full report 1
244 Millie & Carl 09/21/2007 Generally, the beach was quite clean appearing (SOLV beach cleanup just a week ago, and much sand build-up hiding who knows how much buried). Quite a few pieces of palm kelp washed up, not often seen in these numbers. View full report 0
209 bloeffel 09/21/2007 There were car tracks at Lost Creek in two tight circle patterns. On September 15 I was walking on this mile at 9:00AM and found a 4' log, still burning from some partying the night before. There were also cloths and fireworks remains around. I took the trail to the nearest house, where a man in his early 20s came out. I told him of the burning log, which he said was theirs. He said they covered it with sand, which I told him wouldn't do it. He agreed to do it properly. On my return trip he and three others had the area policed up well. On my thanks, he said they were doing it for the ocean. View full report 0
155 ploverlover 09/21/2007 I wasn't able to access my mile because the Tahkenitch Creek trail ,at its mouth, had been eroded back at least 200 yards. ODNRA says trail will be repaired in 3 months. We had 10 plover nests and 2 fledglings this year. View full report 0
129 [email protected] 09/21/2007 Our beach was remarkably clean. No trash, and only 2 plastic bottles. The foredune is eroding. The topography comes off of the foredune at 90 degrees, then the beach levels off to a mesa-like flat area that is approximately 50 yards wide. There is then another drop off at about 15-45 degrees to the shoreline, approximately 5-10 yards away.The North wind was approximately 25 mph, and seagulls were plentiful but resting (hunkered-down) on the beach. Sands was blowing across the dry areas. There were a number of scallop-type shells and a few razor shells. Small piles of bull-whip kelp, sea grass, and a few sea palms scattered on the beach. Crab carapaces were found close to the foredune, probably from the last molting season. Beach waves carried in green scummy algae. All in all it was a pleasant walk South to complete this task. The walk back against the North wind took twice as long as the walk out. Moderate human impact (9)- 7walking and 2 horseback riding. View full report 0
254 SueGabriel 09/21/2007 Lovely day on the beach. Very little human activity. Only saw one dead common murre. There is a new large residence on the beach front at the end of Amity Street. Oregon State Parks is considering a request for installation of permanent revetments on beach front properties near Corvallis Street. At the public hearing assuring beach access was the concern of most speakers. View full report 0
226 Geoshe 09/20/2007 We stopped at various points along Otter Crest Loop Road to do initial obsrvations with binoculars, since there is no beach access. These are baseline observations, and any changes will be noted subsquently. We did observe Gray Whales from Otter Crest. View full report 0
245 TerryH 09/20/2007 Only concern is with the caves dug into the bluff at the Roads End Wayside. They have gotten deeper over the summer. Reported problem to the State Parks department. Dave Woody said he'd follow up. View full report 0
168 bwholler 09/20/2007 Beach appears in late summer pattern of sand at the foredune showing evidence of wind from the north. Most people on beach are local, one couple visiting from CA. Except for the couple from CA and the preschool children, everyone else had their dog with them (including me!). The dogs facilitate easy communication between the beach walkers, giving a sense of community. View full report 0
196 bertjohnst 09/19/2007 A sunny day with a strong north wind carrying sand southwards. Thirteen people, all quite bundled up, were moving about on the beach, along with the usual sparse contingent of gulls, crows, and sanderlings. Considerable number and variety of dead birds. A few new bluff constructions: added steps, and an overlook with chairs and flag-pole. View full report 0
311 TomandGretel 09/19/2007 all in all a pleasant day. Lots of sand washed up and built up all over. Very clean beach, as this was just several days after the SOLV cleanup. Wish it remained that way. Evidence of beachfires in large driftwood piles, but none smoldering. View full report 2
293 ducks73 09/19/2007 Beautiful morning to be on the beach - too bad no one was there to enjoy it. Sand still has not covered the lower base rocks of the riprap at NW 3rd. The beach access was blocked with yellow tape, and it is very difficult to climb up and/or down those rocks. The stream modification was at Rock Creek where a City crew was using a mini-dozer to clear the creek near the railroad tracks - probably a good idea before the winter storms. View full report 1
137 comubp 09/19/2007 Another sunny, windy day at the beach. Normal signs of ATV usage, one firewood cutter, and the usual variety of wrack items of shells, animal casings and wood pieces. 8 dead birds-2 Brandt's Cormorants, 1 gull, 4 Common Murres and one small unknown seabird. Four of the dead birds found were "refinds" previously tagged for COASST by this mile reporter. Heavy human impact (23)-3 playing in sand and 12 in sightseeing vehicles with paying passengers. Many ATV and OHV vehicles observed enjoying the beach on a sunny day. View full report 0
121 LouiseW 09/19/2007 Much kelp/algae, many animal casings, some shells and much wood pieces in driftline. Shorebirds foraging in surfline. A large dead decomposing Humpback Whale on south end of beach. Gulls and Turkey Vultures around the carcass. New landslides onto beach, especially around large structure made with building blocks. Lots of sand on beach and the only exposed rock below tide line. Steep incline to the beach with ocean undertow. New concrete structures on beach with metal steps above it. Moderate human impact (8)-walking, 2 sitting and 3 surfing. View full report 1
160 zbstotz 09/19/2007 Nice day, beach clean, two people enjoying the day. View full report 0
138 comubp 09/19/2007 Sunny and windy day. Steep beach angle to water with some evidence of waves overtopping the summer sand barrier. Variety of shells and casings between the sand barrier and the sea wall. Some bull kelp and plastic bottles on beach. Green plants evident and plentiful in the 50 feet leading up to the sea wall. One set of human tracks, 4 sets of deer tracks. No sign of the elk whose tracks were observed on previous visit. 5 Snowy Plover, 6 Sanderlings and 29 assorted gulls on beach. One dead Brandt's Cormorant. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
192 mcrobbins 09/18/2007 Like our last mile observation, today was uneventful. There were a few people taking in ocean views at Yachats Ocean Road, but elsewhere there was little evidence of human activity. The rental house at the end of Windy Way in Yachats has been bulldozed and there are now 2 grassy, empty lots for sale. There is no damage to the adjacent bluff, but there will doubtless be construction to follow. Seasonal changes are much in evidence. Sand has returned to the rocky inlets, and there is much sand on rocky ledge formations adjacent to the water. As always there are many piles of freshly emptied mussel shells, indicating the popularity of this rocky feeding area. We were able to view four oystercatchers on a rock feeding on mussel colonies. We didn't see a lot of birds, but there were gulls, cormorants, surf scoters, pelicans, about a dozen black turnstones, two rock sandpipers, and no dead birds at all. Gender Creek is down to a trickle, but there is still seepage from many bluffs, maintaining mossy, algal growth on the rocks with many small freshwater pools containing tadpoles and water insects. View full report 0
228 TMarie 09/18/2007 A Whale was sighted just off-shore. View full report 0
289 ollikainen 09/18/2007 Busy day on mile 289 due to Air Force training. Sand has built up during the summer. The normal pattern is for the winter storms to scour away most of it. But since I have lived nearby, the tip of Bayocean Spit is showing no sign of erosion. Sand seems to be building. View full report 0
229 [email protected] 09/18/2007 Calm; no remarkable observations of concern. View full report 0
174 Foulkes 09/18/2007 A single lone seagull was the only living thing I observed. Diatoms marked the high tide line. Collections of horse droppings were the only unpleasant aspects of an otherwise beautifully clean beach. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 09/18/2007 Kelp/algae (Nereocystis, Macrosystis, Postelsia and Cystoseira), shells, crab carapaces, small rocks and wood chips in light driftline. A few Polyorchis jellyfish and Ctenophores in driftline. Harbor Seals swimming in surf near mouth of New River and Two-mile Creek. Dead birds were: three Common Murre, one Western Grebe, one Ring-billed Gull, one Surf Scoter and one immature gull. A Great Blue Heron flew over the beach. Ring-billed Gulls, Western Gulls and Pelican at mouth of Two-Mile Creek/New River. Osprey successfully fishing in the surf. Beach sloping from six to 18 degrees. High tides washing over ridge into the shallow runnel. Sand moving in on the large embayment at southern end of mile. Low human impact (5)- 1 walking and 4 removing Snowy Plover fencing. View full report 7
309 cadonofrio 09/18/2007 The tree mentioned in the last report appears to be dead and hasn't fallen any farther down the hill; there are "new" trees that have begun to fall since our last report. View full report 0
97 D Bilderback 09/18/2007 The kelps: Postelsia, Lessoniopsis, Cystoseira, Hymenena, Nereosystis and Ulva, in driftline or higher up on beach. Very light driftline with a few shells, crab carapaces, snail egg cases, and small rocks. Sanderlings foraging in the surfline, driftline and clustered as groups of 50 and 15 on the dry sand. Beach sloped 13 degrees at northern end of mile deminishing to six degrees at the south. One dead Common Murre. Low human impact (0). View full report 1
172 Oyster 09/17/2007 From July to current date, beach occupation ranged from 9 to over 200 depending on day and temperature. generally, summer watch was calm, non destructive, and enjoyed via surfing, sitting, surfing, walking, running w/ or w/o dogs. Only concern is the many dog feces rolling along tide line and just under surface of sand. Children playing may contact these, not to mention bare feet. View full report 0
120 yogabigail 09/17/2007 People out enjoying the beach with their pets and kids. A beautiful day and everyone had a happy grin breathing this fresh air and soaking up the sunshine. The walkway along the road is much more convenient than making a mad dash along that stretch of road. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, small rocks, and wood pieces in driftline. Gulls along shore. Squirrels seen along trail. Heavy human impact (28). 4 dogs. View full report 0
110 BH 09/16/2007 Great day to be on beach. Little wind and warm temperatures. Normal amount of kelp/algae, large number of crab casings and clam shells, small rocks and wood pieces. Many gulls roosting and feeding near surfline unconcerned about nearby human activity. Much more water drainage across beach from headlands indicating more moisture in area than normal for this time of year. Moderate human impact (14)-8 walking, 2 playing in surf and 4 picnicing. 6 dogs. Illegal campsite with canvas coverings, barbeque and empty beer cans and trash around it. ATV tracks at campsite. Tracks on prohibited beach coming from Whisky Run around point at low tide. View full report 1
52 Laurie Prouty 09/16/2007 We still have to put our kayaks in and go to Agate Beach via Garrison Lake. It was the Fall Beach Clean Up Day so we cleaned our mile. Only 1 bag of trash and two big clumps of rope. There was alot of sand on the beach, probably covering many plastic bottles. We talked to a state park ranger and he said Agate beach should open up within the month. Clean-up and inspection is what they are waiting for now. It has been many months of closure, it will be nice to have it open again. Sunday was a lovely day, a bit windy but very pleasant. View full report 0
93 H Witschi 09/16/2007 New River begins to fill up again, in places 100 to 150 feet wide and up to 4 feet deep (where it could be crossed without getting wet at time of last report). People seen crossed river by kayak or boat. Considerable amount of sand built up along shore. 3 carcasses of sea lions on the beach. Little trash on beach. Shells, animal casings and wood pieces in driftline. Low human impact (2)-1 walking and 1 fishing. View full report 0
242 oceanwalker842 09/16/2007 Light useage this walk due to weather. Very light drizzle but comfortable to walk. Moderate breeze 5-6 mph. Very little scattered debris from weekend visitors. Most around D River. The sand carving in the sand cliffs north of Canyon Dr looks as though it has caused some erosion--this could lead to a real problem. View full report 0
217 [email protected] 09/16/2007 Luxury condos are finished on the bluff overlooking Jump off Joe. House built close to the beach is just about finished. There is more erosion of the bluff and vegetation, mainly due to people walking on the slopes probably. View full report 0
186 Joy186 09/16/2007 RV park has been completed with 33 pads. 2 new houses,one finished, other near completion. Bluff slippage in two places north of RV park. Ten Mile Creek has changed course again. Public cannot access beach north of bridge due to the construction material and vehicles in area west of the highway. Repairs to the bridge appear to be completed. View full report 0
33 B Edgar 09/15/2007 8 of us helped out on the SOLV beach clean up. We picked up quite a pickup load of trash and tires. View full report 0
104 Doug C 09/15/2007 We visited this mile as part of the SOLV Beach Cleanup. This section was fairly clean. Small amount of plastic bags and bottles were found (5 lbs) and removed mostly from high dunes below the beachgrass. Surfline was relatively free from non-natural debris. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks, wood and Styrofoam in the driftline. Shore birds moving in response to humans. Numerous gulls on the beach. Dead gull noted. About 14 people were out on a beautiful day, mostly walking or beachcombing. View full report 0
108 K Fassett 09/15/2007 Very large sand dunes which made it difficult to traverse and pick up trash. Might be alot of debris under the sand dunes. The mile north of 108 (109?) has changed considerably. Large rocks seem to have disappeared (covered by sand?) and even the large rocks out in the surf seem to have diminished by half. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks, ocean-based debris and styrofoam in driftline. Sea gulls feeding on several washed-up crabs. Many shorebirds foraging at surfline and moving in response to humans. Brown Pelicans feeding in surf. Turkey Vultures feeding on Steller's Sea Lion carcass. Dead Cormorant, Common Murre and gulls on the beach. Large Concrete/styrofoam boat docks on beach. Some algae noticed in pools under the golf course, but water looked clean and clear. Alot of small debris, broken glass, etc. in areas where there had obviously been a party or picnic. Fireworks also. Moderate human impact (2)-8 walking, 2 playing in surf, 6 sitting, 4 taking pictures and 4 windsurfing. 6 dogs. View full report 5
29 JimandJoan 09/15/2007 Nice warm day despite the fog. No sign of any birds except for one dead cormorant. One couple on the beach was there to collect agates... Otherwise a quiet day on mile 29.We did note undercutting of the dunes with roots showing along the first half mile, north of the jetty. View full report 0
127 tsunchoi 09/15/2007 Gorgeous day on the North Spit! A combination of light winds and small swell created very clean surf. Shells, animal casings, wood pieces, land-based debris, Styrofoam and fishing net in driftline. Shorebirds foraging in surf and moving in response to humans. One unidentified dead bird. Erosion of the vegetated foredune. Moderate human impact (9)-2 walking, 3 sitting, 4- viewing the wreck of the New Carissa. 1-2 sets of tire tracks within designated area. View full report 0
43 Dale Lee 09/15/2007 Mile 43 is directly south of Humbug Mountain. The mountain often intensifies NW wind,similar to standing on the top of a windy bluff. When the wind is from the NE like on Saturday, the beach is protected, and the light breeze from inland can be quite warm. Waves were about 3,4 feet, the ocean was very blue, and the water was clear. A whale was swimming near by for most of the walk. Of interest, the beach was covered with bear and cub tracks, but I did not see them. Also the resident Vultures seem to now recognize me as an individual and let me approach quite close. Hopefully this new social interest will not include any dining. It was beach clean up day, and of concern is always foam in various stages of disinigration. I can never get it all, and there seems to be a lot more tiny stuff in the winter and spring. Also there were over 50 water bottles in the one mile of beach, and I hope the deposit slated for 2009 will reduce this more recent occurence. Although there have been no real storms, erosion of the summer beach that has built up is underway, and the beach from west to east is much smaller than is was in July. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 09/15/2007 Beach was clean of debris. We collected less than 1/2 SOLV bag. This project was done with NKN Nat'l Resource Club members from the NKN Middle + High Schools. We also completed an Ocean Conservancy Cleanup Data Card today.We also walked and collected debris about 1 mile south through mile #297. At this observation site we found 3 dead birds + each was triple-tagged with color coded tags on their right wing base. I have this information if needed. I think this was done by a COASST volunteer. View full report 0
124 B Gray 09/15/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, and small rocks in the driftline. Shore birds foraging in the driftline. Many dead and dying crabs being fed on the Western gulls. One BLM truck within allowed area. Low human impact (3)-removing Snowy Plover signs. View full report 0