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298 nkn pete 11/22/2008 Light human use (6 people, 3 dogs). Very little litter.Had members of the NKN Nat'l Resource Club with us. We documented the amount + type of litter for the International Coastal Cleanup Project on their data card + submitted it to the Ocean Conservancy in Wash. D.C. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 02/03/2007 Surveyed the beach with members of the NKN Natural Resources Club. Two full SOLV bags of trash collected, 1 10-gal plastic can + one 3' plastic yard fence. Most garbage ~90% was plastic (land based) except for the plastic (5%) rope found, glass bottles 5%. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 06/07/2007 It was the first time we did not see any dead birds in years!!There were about 30 - 40 Dungeness crab cases along beach. They may have been molts.Beach was clean - 2 SOLV-size bags of trash collected mostly plastic. 1 3ft by 2' styrofoam float with rope tied around it. Fresh from the ocean - large gooseneck and acorn barnacles on it. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 09/15/2007 Beach was clean of debris. We collected less than 1/2 SOLV bag. This project was done with NKN Nat'l Resource Club members from the NKN Middle + High Schools. We also completed an Ocean Conservancy Cleanup Data Card today.We also walked and collected debris about 1 mile south through mile #297. At this observation site we found 3 dead birds + each was triple-tagged with color coded tags on their right wing base. I have this information if needed. I think this was done by a COASST volunteer. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 01/29/2008 December storm - really changed the beach. Large over 4m wide pile of tree trunks + branches from flood throughout mile surveyed.Much erosion of beach + dune - cut back and steep angle ~ 40° to high tide zone. Six ft drop from edge of dune to beach. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 05/10/2008 Beach berm still steep from winter storms, but beginning to flatten out.Observation done with NKN Nat'l Resource Club members. We also cleaned the beach, a total of 1 SOLV bag collected. Most of the litter was plastic. One 3'-long rectangular styrofoam float material collected View full report 0
298 nkn pete 06/11/2008 Heavy (73) human use. First time we didn't see any beached birds. ~20 NKN Middle School students participated in the monitoring/clean up - only 1 SOLV-size bag of debris (mostly plastic bottles) collected, some with oriental writing. Most students participated in the nature hike + estuary science activities following the monitoring. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 02/15/2010 Seven members of the Natural Resource/Environment Club worked on this monitoring activity. No mortality -- everything looks clean and good today. Beach very clean only 0.5 SOLV of litter collected. We cut Scotch Broom for NBSP after our monitoring activity. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 11/01/2009 DISPATCH Walked mile 298 to check for dead birds. Observed:1 ancient murrelet quite old just wings1 black footed albatross older both wings still attached to shoulder girdle1 western grebe -- fresh entire carcass.Less than 1/2 bag of trash collected.Met mile 297 people who also did a bird mortality count. View full report 0
298 [email protected] 10/24/2009 A beautiful day and a beautiful beach. This is our first visit to this area. There were sporadic clumps of kelp, lots of crab shells and large pieces of driftwood. The beach was clean of trash which surprised us since the park had many campers in it. There were about 20 beachcombers and joggers on this stretch of the beach at any one time, most of them in the northern portion. We saw only about a dozen seagulls and one flock of sandpipers in the area. I guess I was expecting more wildlife, but I'm not sure just what is normal. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 09/19/2009 Beach was very clean. Our NKN National Resource/Envir Club only collected 1 full SOLV bag + 1 clump of rope. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 04/16/2011 Beach very clean only collected one SOLV bag of trash. We had 12 members of our NKN Natural Resource/Envir. Club survey & collect litter. We cut Scotch Broom for the Nehalem Bay state park when we finished our shore work. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 12/30/2010 Area was very clean. Less than one SOLV size bag of trash collected, mostly plastic. No evidence of oil or marine pollution. Only one dead gull seen. We saw a young seal in the surf. It was acting normal. There were recent tracks of a vehicle that was riding along the beach. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 06/10/2010 Done with NKN 6th Grade Middle School (covered the beach from the base of the dune to the shore). Thorough cleanup using 55 kids. Only 2 SOLV bags collected. Found a long message in a bottle. Also cut Scotch Broom for NBSP. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 02/11/2012 There were 17 members of the NKN Nat'l Resource/Envir. Club to help with the beach cleanup and coastal monitoring. We collected 3.5 SOLV bags of debris (mostly all plastic and styrofoam) & one 30' plastic fishing rope. No evidence of tsunami debris. Monitored bird mortality, and checked beach for other natural & man made changes. Not much in the driftline. We cut Scotch Broom in Nehalem Bay State Park during the rest of our field trip. View full report 0
298 nkn pete 01/12/2013 Had 7 members of the NKN Natural Resource/Envir club & 2 adults observing the beach and removing litter. Collected 6 SOLV size plastic bags of litter. Mostly plastic bottles, styrofoam, and a inflatable camping matress. Debris looked like it was local not much tsunami debris collected. View full report 0
298 Sue R. 07/21/2019

From the entrance to the beach from the state park, walking north, I saw about 40 people, eight dogs, three horses, lots of washed up upside-down crabs, and several small beached jellyfish.  There was one pair of car tire tracks.

Walking south from the access point there were large two signs above the high tide line prohibiting seasonal beach access to people and horse and dogs beyond the sign. Access to the area was restricted to walking on wet sand only. From March through October the sandy beach and dunes are closed to protect the nesting snowy plovers. In the 30 minutes we were in the restricted area I encountered six people and five unleashed dogs who said they didn’t see the sign noting restricted access. All parties I encountered were polite and left the area after I informed them about the snowy plovers.

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299 hallee 08/11/2007 This was the annual Manzanita Beach 5K and 10K run/walk. Over 100 people participated in both runs and there were a total of 200 people present, as either volunteers or family or friends, as well as many other people on the beach, completely oblivious to this event. Markers were set out as well as an aid station at the middle of our mile, all of which were removed, leaving only the footprints of the exercising participants as evidence that this actually happened. View full report 1
299 hallee 06/12/2007 Area's population is growing. Lots of "ocean-close" houses are owned by weekenders. Locals are busy with issues such as affordable housing and working and school. Houses are being super-sized and more houses, condos and stores are being built. The beach is used by kite-flyers (fliers), wind-surfers, beach buggy renters, horseback riders, dog-walkers, walkers, runners, sitters, sand-castle builders, bonfire builders, and on and on. It is amazing how much of the time during the year it is so peaceful. View full report 2
299 hallee 03/20/2008 Still lots of driftwood from winter storms. Not much litter. The surf was pounding. Someone had drawn outlines of two big kitties in the sand. Perhaps Easter Kitties? View full report 1
299 hallee 02/06/2008 This was a calm morning after another storm, lots of fresh driftwood on beach. A big black Plastic float, usual water bottles, pieces of rope and plastic (but not too much). Only people were a retired couple from Vancouver, Canada who are camped in the State Park. They are heading to Mexico. The sand dunes were wind sculpted hard and easy to walk on. Beach grass planted last summer seemed to all be there, even if moved around and buried a bit. Not much bird activity. View full report 4
299 JCampf 08/23/2008 Heavy human use (89) on a sunny Saturday morning. Walking, sitting, photography, horseback riding, frisbee, soccer. View full report 0
299 hallee 07/13/2008 This was a beautiful Sunday morning in Manzanita. There was a big fog bank out at sea and it looked like there might be fog from Barview south and from Cape Falcon north. Considering that there were multitudes of people in town for the Fourth of July last week, the beach was very clean. We only found a few pieces of fireworks litter. View full report 4
299 hallee 06/10/2009 There was a big fogbank out over the ocean which blocked out the sun in this hour before sunset. Six people (4 adults and 2 children) and one dog were on mile 299. Earlier beach goers had created several beach "sculptures" from driftwood. Also someone had created a sort of "offering" in the sand. It was about the size and shape of a sombrero. There was a pretty stick in the middle and crab claws and pinchers carefully arranged in a circle all around. Within the last six months a sign has been placed on the beach (about twenty feet toward the surf from the dunes) at the spot where Nehalem Bay State Park begins. It tells people NO VEHICLES beyond that point. It will also help people stay oriented. There is better signage now but it used to be difficult to know where you had come down onto the beach. There are now some poles marking the campground entrances. And, here in Manzanita, there are numbered poles at beach access points. In case mile 300 reporters didn't have this information I will report that an elk carcass (young bull) floated up on the beach on Mile 300 at the end of Laneda Avenue on May 26. Early morning viewers reported several coyotes had been down to check it out. The city of Manzanita buried the carcass. It has been windy lately so much driftwood has been covered and there are small wind shaped dunes. Lots of tiny pieces of clam and sanddollar shells and little bits of seaweed were in the driftline. The remnants of at least 10 crabs had been scattered about by birds. There were the usual pebbles and rocks. Up in the dry dunes wind had exposed a few areas that had lots of the little plastic pieces. View full report 0
299 hallee 02/24/2007 We've had 5 beached sea lions on Manzanita Beach since Oct. Those are all we happen to know about. People who came upon the beached sea lion over the days it was there read the signs and treated it with respect - they were curious. And glad to know it was monitored.Dunes on half of mile were "stabilized" 10 - 15 years ago. Seems to be holding.Sand dune area seems to have survived winter storms ok. View full report 0
299 JCampf 04/27/2007 Light human use: 9 adults, 3 children. 11 walking, 1 kite flying. View full report 0
299 JCampf 06/20/2007 Gulls (100 in varying groups).Moderate human use: 60 adults, 6 kids. View full report 0
299 hallee 02/21/2010 This was one of those "jewel" winter days at the coast in Oregon. People were basking in the sun. Sitting in beach chairs or on the sand or on logs. Walking along.....playing with dogs and children. Waves were good sized but the ocean was calm. The sand was smooth without much to beachcomb. There were a few feathers and crab pieces and razor clam shells. Bits of seaweed and small sticks. We picked up the usual: an empty water bottle, a few candy wrappers, old pieces of plastic and plastic rope, cigar tips. Not much at all. Winter storms have left some big logs along the mile. See photo of the cottonwood. Someone has been harvesting firewood from logs. They get permission from city and/or state park. View full report 3
299 hallee 11/24/2009 Beautiful, calm, warm day. Few people around. Beachcombing interesting because of recent storms. * There were at least ten recently beached big driftwood logs. One a well worn cedar. Also smaller logs and pieces of wood that had been in the water a long time. Some with Pelagic Goose Barnacles and/or other barnacles on them. * We picked up small pieces of plastic and pieces of rope. Five water bottles, bottle caps, Bic lighter, balloon scraps, small pieces of styrofoam, candy bar wrappers (from Halloween?)*The dead fish (salmon, tuna, flatfish and eel?) were unusual. *Dead Northern Fulmars weren't a surprise because we had seen them last year and knew it was happening again this year. View full report 0
299 hallee 09/14/2009 Now that it is mid-September there aren't many people around. This was a warm but foggy sunset walk. A hole in the clouds/fog overhead opened up and it was very pleasant and beautiful. A woman jogged by with her dog. Several couples were exercise walking. Others were strolling and photographing the sunset. Above the driftline there were tracks from horses and dogs that had been on the beach earlier. Also tracks of the low tricycles that one can rent on Laneda Avenue. And lots of footprints from earlier beachgoers. There was lots of green surf grass or eelgrass in the driftline but not much else of any size. The surf has been unusually rough the last few days, hence the seaweed being washed up. There were the usual bits of shells of limpets, mussels, oysters, Dungeness crabs and sand dollars. Also the usual array of small rocks and pretty stones. The big pieces of driftwood up higher on the beach have been mostly buried by the strong winds of summer. There were a couple of interesting freshly washed up pieces of wood. One a big square beam about 10 feet long. The most intriguing is a huge piece of a log (approx 15 feet long and 2.5 feet in diameter which looks as if it was half of a donkey sled used for logging. It is well worn and has iron pieces embedded in it. We only found a few pieces of trash. A Kleenex, a paper cup, an "Egg Beaters" box, a broken sand shovel. A good thing to report is that we didn't see very much horse manure. We didn't have a horse rental business at the park this summer, just the horses from the horse campground. View full report 2
299 hallee 05/19/2011 Only six people were on the beach. The small plastic pieces found at high tide line had been in the water for a long time. There was lots of dried beach grass from the newly grassed area around marker 17. The dune leveling that is done every few years in front of houses on this mile seems to be doing what they want.....keeping the dunes from hiding the ocean views of houses. It was unusual to see a California ground squirrel on the beach. Unusual to us to see one in the area. And what was he doing down in the surf? We found him at ocean edge. We will ask our park ranger friends and others about this. View full report 3
299 hallee 05/08/2011

About 23 people and six or more dogs were enjoying a sunny spell on mile 299. The beach is mostly clear of driftwood and there was very little litter.

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299 hallee 10/08/2010 A quiet day on mile 299. Recent winds had scoured beach so not much debris of any kind. The recent invasion of "salps" wasn't very obvious now. Most had washed away. photos to follow View full report 0
299 hallee 06/24/2010 A windy evening with mostly clear sky but big fog bank out over the ocean blocking the sunset. A loose fitting lenticular cloud system over NeahKahNie Mountain with clouds trailing out of the mountain gaps. The almost full moon had just risen! 12 people (with four dogs) were seen. Mostly strolling and enjoying the sunset/moonrise. One woman was riding a horse. The beach was windblown all day so there wasn't much man-made or natural debris to be found on the sand. Usual pebbles, pieces of shell (razor clam, Mussel, Sand Dollar, Dungeness Crab, Oyster, etc.) A few individual feathers. A few pieces of plastic. The interesting man-made change on mile 299 is the dune modification done in April 2010. The dunes in front of beach houses from Beach Access 7 to 9 were bull-dozed and beach grass was planted. This is done every few years to a section of the intruding dunes. (Estimated distance done would be 1/10 of the mile.) Permits have been granted. View full report 3
299 Wink299 08/01/2015 A beautiful day at the beach! Lots of people enjoying mother nature and doing a variety of activities. Saw no concerns.Conspicuous absence of drift wood. Many old beach fires observed, probably 4th of July celebrations. About 1,200 ft. of dune modification was earlier replanted and is now doing well. There is one instance of about 100 ft. of new modification and replanting. These modifications due to improving home owners views. Six large concrete blocks found on north end of mile. They are all located in the soft sand near the top of the beach in front of a house. Each must weigh hundreds of pounds and look to be new arrivals. View full report 4
299 Wink299 02/22/2015 It is a beautiful sunny February day. We encountered 88 people and 28 dogs. One human was in a beach wheelchair and one dog had a wheeled cart to support his back legs. There were no vehicles on the beach.There was a strange absence of birds. We saw 2 live seagulls and 2 dead mures. View full report 3
299 Wink299 12/25/2015

Merry Christmas everyone. What a lovely day to walk this beautiful beach. The dune erosion was significant enough that we didn't recognize that part of the beach. The stream near access 14 was almost completely clogged with logs and debris.

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299 cpendergrass 07/09/2016

Typical shallow beach profile of summer, very strong south wind, blowing sand, spitting rain. One kitesurfer had left his rig unattended on the beach where it was becoming inundated with blowing sand.

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299 cpendergrass 10/22/2016 DISPATCH

Good weather: tourists are returning following the 10-14-16 tornado: 72 people, 10 dogs, 0 cars

Remains of dead sea lion

Roof and window repairs to homes damaged by 10-14-16 tornado


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299 cpendergrass 01/16/2017 DISPATCH

27 people and 7 dogs noted on calm day before Manzanita experienced 60 mph winds and 7" rain over the following 2 days. Pix attached of a dead short-tailed shearwater...a species of the open sea that is seldom seen alive from the shore.

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299 cpendergrass 04/06/2017

28 is an unusually high number of people to encounter on the beach midweek in April and was likely due to spring break. A tall driftwood structure and a young couple playing with an enormous soccer ball in the drizzle may also have been related to spring break. Most people were walking along the water and while 1 runner, 1 cyclist and 1 boogie boarder were also noted. Only 2 dogs were seen. The lack of dead birds could be the result of recent high winds which may have covered any carcasses with blowing sand.

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299 cpendergrass 08/10/2017

Summertime rain, lots of people, lots of dead common murres, lots of people inquiring about the large number of dead birds. I explained that it is part of the murre life cycle for many birds to die after the breeding season and that it happens every year at this time. Encountered the first dead raccoon I've seen on the beach here.

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299 cpendergrass 11/13/2017

Blustery weather today contributed to low numbers of people and dogs...just 7 people and 3 dogs. Only kelp and algae were noticed in the driftline. Blowing sand obscured anything that might have been on the beach...a single dead bird, a northern fulmar was seen. Northern fulmars spend their lives at sea and have developed an interesting way of ridding their bodies of excess salt. They have a special gland in their kidneys that concentrates the salt into a liquid that drips out the external nostril on top of their bill. It is common for dead fulmars to begin to wash ashore in the fall with the onset of stormy conditions at sea.

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299 cpendergrass 05/14/2018

Activities of note on the beach ranged from building sand castles to riding bikes. A significant influx of dead Velella (invertebrates in the same family Cnidaria as jellies) have arrived from the open ocean to the beach as a result of the wind shift from the south winds of winter to the north winds of summer. 

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299 cpendergrass 01/14/2018

Martin Luther King holiday weekend...mild weather. Breezy enough for kite flying. 14 people, 1 dog, 1 dead Northern Fulmar, 1 dead seal, algae at the driftline.

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299 cpendergrass 05/14/2018

Significant influx of decaying Velella velella at the drift line. 42 people including 2 bicyclists; 13 walking/running; 15 playing in surf; 8 playing in sand; 4 sitting plus 3 dogs. 

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299 cpendergrass 07/05/2018

Crowded on the beach on the day after the 4th of July...255 people and 16 dogs. Golfing and a softball game in addition to the more usual digging of holes, building sand castles and cycling. Mild weather and calm ocean with minimal algae and kelp in the driftline. 

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299 cpendergrass 10/04/2018

The summer crush of tourists has passed...only 6 strolling people and 3 dogs were noted in addition to 4 dead common murres and 1 dead cormorant. More brown macroalgae (seaweed) had washed in than has been usual in the past few months. After an unusually dry summer, the build-up of salt spray on the cliffs of Neahkahnie Mountain had turned the dark basalt to white. 

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299 cpendergrass 01/16/2019

16 people and 3 dogs noted. Recent stormy weather has brought in large driftwood as well as an egg case from a Big Skate (Raja binoculata). An egg case, sometimes known as a mermaid’s purse, is the casing made from collagen protein strands that surrounds the eggs of oviparous (egg-laying) sharks, skates (the only rays that are oviparous) and chimaeras. The ‘horns’ or ‘points’ at each corner secure it between rocks as well as protect against predators. Unlike most egg cases which contain only 1 embryo, that of the Big Skate can contain up to 7 embryos. Big Skates are common from California to Alaska.

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299 cpendergrass 04/18/2019

A quiet day on Manzanita's beach with more driftwood than usual. Winter storms have carved the dunes back such that the berm created as the dunes meet the slope of the beach is steeper than in the summer months. 

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299 cpendergrass 07/16/2019

Summer was in full swing on Manzanita's beach. 179 people and 17 dogs were counted amongst the sand castles and hammocks. Families frolicked in the cool Pacific waters.The driftline content, also known as the wrack, contained a multitude of Dungenous crab parts. Vistors assumed there had been some big die-off but it was all just remnants from a recent routine molt.  

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299 cpendergrass 10/13/2019

The season is definitely winding down with only 33 people and 11 dogs. 8 beached birds including a barred owl and 3 rhinoceros auklets. There were many large translucent moon jellies at the tide line.  

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299 cpendergrass 01/01/2020

A rare calm day after the heavy storms, blustery winds and high seas of late December. A sneaker wave alert caused the cancellation of the annual New Years Manzanita Polar Plunge where the intrepid annually venture into the 46 degree water. Only 2 kite flyers, 3 dogs and 15 folks walking on the beach were out and about. One female bufflehead was dead in the sand. Buffleheads are common in the bays but uncommonly seen in the ocean.  

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299 cpendergrass 04/10/2020

There were only 24 people walking, 1 bicyclist and 6 dogs on the beach. This is notably far fewer than usual due to covid-19 bans on lodging/accomodations and restrictions on oceanside parking (now blocked with gravel berms) and associated beach access. Nothing at all in the driftline. However an unusual beached bird find was a Black-Legged Kittiwake tagged with COASST (Coastal Observation Seabird and Survey Team) zipties on the right wing. This species is distinguished by relatively small black feet and solid black wingtips and joins gulls and terns in the Larid family of birds.    

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299 cpendergrass 07/08/2020

Summer was in full swing on Manzanita's beach with 82 people noted along with 13 dogs. Folks were kiteboarding in the moderate north wind, playing volleyball, building sand castles and dozing. Very few masks noted. Only 1 dead bird...a juvenile common murre.   

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300 [email protected] 09/05/2007 Nothing extraordinary. Dead harbor seal, sculpted sands. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 06/07/2007 Several eagle sightings. Few dead birds. Large driftwood & plywood structure nailed together on beach for more than a month. No action yet taken by Nehalem State Park regarding dangerous structure on beach. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 01/25/2007 Dead sea lion at north end of beach. Pretty calm. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 11/25/2008 Large patch of knotweed growing at north end of mile 300. Light use: 4 people, 2 dogs. View full report 0
300 beachmike 11/01/2008 The beach was really clean. I couldn't find anything to pick up. Dogs were all off-leash except for one, but none were observed chasing wildlife. There are a few companies that lead horseback trips along the shoreline, but the owners appear to make no attempt to pick up after the horses. I often find horse-droppings in the surf next to the hoof-prints. View full report 3
300 [email protected] 08/23/2008 Very heavy human use (102). Beach grass seems to be spreading and the dunes building up. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 09/26/2008 Light human use (7). Nothing much to comment on. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 09/08/2008 Heavy use by humans (35) and dogs (6). Pelicans still active. 6 dead murres. View full report 0
300 beachmike 09/05/2009 This is a heavily used beach, particularly on these holiday weekends, but it manages to stay reasonably clean. Every drift-log is typically heavily torched from campfires, making for a bit of an eyesore. Almost all dogs are off-leash on the beach, but I didn't notice any chasing birds (mostly from the lack of birds to be chased). No sighting of the bald eagle that I've noticed on prior reports this time. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 12/30/2008 Dead birds: Northern Fulmar, Sheerwater, Rhinoceros Auklet. 23 people, 4 playing in creek. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 02/01/2009 DISPATCH Jellyfish every 10 feet. 11 people walking. View full report 0
300 beachmike 06/13/2009 Despite the high use of this beach, it remains pretty pristine in terms of accumulated trash and other human impact. My only complaint is that folks tend to torch every large log or stump that washes up. But overall, it appears that the overall cleanliness of the beach encourages visitors to pick up after themselves and leave no trace. The new wheelchair-accessible ramp down to the beach from Ocean Avenue appears to be getting a lot of use by folks who would otherwise have a hard time making it down there, thus making the beach a treasure to be savored by all Oregonians. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 04/27/2007 A great deal of wood on beach at the wrack -- must have been a big storm at high tide sometime earlier.Walking to Jetty miles 298-297 saw about 1000 migrating shorebirds (heading north in groups of 50 - 150) including dunlins, p.b. plover but mostly sandpipers (least, western) View full report 0
300 [email protected] 11/21/2007 What a fabulous crisp, sunny, winter day. View full report 0
300 JCampf 11/23/2007 Thanksgiving weekend -- unusual # (82) of people on beach. Sunny & bright. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 03/04/2008 Very little human activity on this day. Huge amounts of driftwood. Creek runoff moved by storms.A very quiet day. It felt like nobody else was here. Eventually I saw in the distance what appeared to be a parent and a child. A very peaceful mood. At the end of the walk I came upon 2 golfers hitting balls on the beach -- a rude reminder that not everyone thinks the beach is a place of beauty and solitude. View full report 0
300 beachmike 04/18/2010 DISPATCH Significant shoreline activity along access trail "8", about a quarter mile south of Laneda Ave. Much of the foredune has been scraped away across a section of beach about a 100 yards across. Behind it, a large section of new beachgrass has been planted in a grid-like formation in front of the houses. View full report 0
300 beachmike 02/14/2010 Almost like the 4th of July on the beach today, based on visitor traffic. Too many people to accurately count, but definitely in the low hundreds. About one dog for every 7 of them. None on leash, but mostly just chasing each other. We picked up a little trash along the way, but it's amazing how much plastic is in the driftline along this stretch. It's not really apparent until you stop to take a close inspection of it. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 09/16/2009 Large number of dead birds (10) reported on this mile. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 10/18/2009 See "Action and Comments" for summary. View full report 0
300 beachmike 01/02/2010 Very stormy day on the coast around noon today. The sea-foam was 1-2 feet high along the driftline. The surf was rushing in right up to the beachgrass, catching many walkers off-guard and causing a few last-minute dashes toward Ocean Ave. View full report 2
300 [email protected] 10/30/2009 Walking on mile 300 each morning, I am NOT seeing a recent excess of dead birds. (We did find a dead human 2 weeks ago). Beach is almost pure sand. View full report 0
300 beachmike 10/11/2009 The beach appeared clean and almost swept free of anything to report. It was difficult to even find the driftline. About the only negative I observed today is that the horseback riders are still not cleaning up after their horses. As they're riding along the surfline, this could be a source of water contamination (see attached photo). I've mentioned this in my water quality survey as well. View full report 5
300 beachmike 05/21/2011 Overall, the mile appears to be in good shape. Heavily used, but remarkably clean of litter, considering. Very little wildlife observed this time around. View full report 0
300 beachmike 09/29/2010 Beach was extremely clean from the recent cleanup weekend. Very few people on the beach for such a lovely day. I soon realized that it may have something to do with the salps ( These things are covering the beach right now from the driftline right down to the surf. Too numerous to avoid stepping on them in that zone -- almost like a carpet! View full report 0
300 beachmike 08/15/2010 DISPATCH Pod of orcas 500 yards off Manzanita beach right now! Easily six to eight fins visible at any given time. Perfect viewing weather. Look just north of Ocean and Manzanita intersection to see them. They've been circling for an hour or so. View full report 0
300 beachmike 06/16/2012 I noted a few pieces of unusual debris (flat and rounded foam-based materials) that could be tsunami-related, based purely upon reports I've seen of other such objects on TV. See attached photos. The largest of which was roughly the size of a boogie-board. View full report 4
300 beachmike 04/14/2012 Very popular day on the coast. Everything is pretty clean, due mostly to the recent SOLV event. Didn't see any readily apparent tsunami debris in this mile. View full report 0
300 beachmike 08/29/2013 DISPATCH Submitted by a guest to the website:We are vacationing in Manzanita for a week. Yesterday, we walked the beach and found one dead gull. Today we found six dead adults and adolescent gulls in a strip of beach only about 150 yards. Also a dead sea lion on the rocks, about 10 feet long. Time was about 3 PM, near low tide. No obvious cause of death. If you know what might be causing it we'd be interested. Meanwhile we hope this report can at least be useful to others. View full report 0
300 beachmike 04/07/2013 Stormy morning on the coast. No signs of tsunami debris. Found one interesting post, but it didn't look as if it had been at sea very long and was held together by modern-looking nails. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 08/24/2015 Dead murres on north beach of Manzanita View full report 1
300 beachmike 01/03/2015 DISPATCH I just received a phone call in regard to a large number of dead Cassin's Auklets currently washing up on Manzanita Beach. She counted over a hundred in the span of a quarter mile from Laneda Ave. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 10/17/2014 Excess of dead birds on mile 300 View full report 2
300 [email protected] 10/07/2014 I've seen 4 dead Grebes on mile 300 View full report 1
300 [email protected] 03/08/2016

Purple, very slippery small organisms. What are they - krill?

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300 [email protected] 03/09/2016

I forgot to post this on 110215 - dead shark at foot of North Avenue on Mile 300

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300 [email protected] 05/27/2016

May Report

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300 [email protected] 09/19/2016

Decapitated seal on beach.  Cormorant, gull only other wildlife.

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300 [email protected] 12/21/2016 DISPATCH View full report 1
300 [email protected] 07/19/2017 DISPATCH

Unusual increase in dead grebes on Mile 300.

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300 Volunteer Trainer 08/31/2017 DISPATCH

I found this murre chick on the beach at Manzanita, August 31. I took it to a rehab lady in Rockaway Beach (recommended by the Wildlife Center in Astoria) an hour or so after recovering it, but unfortunately it died as we arrived at her facility.  Anyway, I thought it was noteworthy because I’ve seen so many dead murres on the Manzanita beach (~40/km in July!) and ALL were adults; I have not noticed any chicks on the water. Also, I think I read on OBOL that very few chicks were produced at Yaquina Head and other coastal colonies. This seems a little late for such a young chick. So, I thought it might be worth reporting to you folks. Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested if you think it’s worthwhile.

Cheers, Jules Evens
Avocet Research Associates, LLC

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300 llucaskmehra 11/25/2018

Lovely days for November, observations over four days - many people enjoying the beach with dogs, upwards of 200 on Friday. No wildlife likely as a result of the busy tourist weekend. Sea gulls enjoying a brackish pool were the only critters. Dog fecal matter was seen left behind by owners and one owner pretended to pick it up. Trash cans were not being emptied - maybe because of the holiday. Clearly the large driftwood logs had been involved in fires but it was impossible to tell when. Very little litter and only a few areas of microplastics. High tide was up to the grass on Friday mid-day.

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300 mccannavc 08/18/2019

Mile 300


Sunday Morning

6:30am - 9:00am

The surf was 3-4 feet waist to chest high. The scent of beach fire was notable.

There was evidence of human beach activity prior to my arrival - 6 sand castles, 4 large holes in the sand, misc. clothing and some trash.

Tide pool sightings included 1 sea star impaled with a feather and a sea star being consumed by a gull.

Photos attached.

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300 llucaskmehra 12/01/2019

Rainy day so fewer people on this holiday weekend Sunday. Friday was sunny and more than 200 people and their dogs were enjoying - walking, running, exercising dogs, throwing footballs, kites, surfing, a few splashing in the water.

No animals other than one flock of birds on Sunday - a group of sandpipers - maybe a "bind," a "contradiction," a "fling," a "hill," or a "time-step." 

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300 mccannavc 01/11/2020

These observations were recorded during a King High Tide.  12:00PM on 1/11/2020.

The Cape Elizabeth Boay reported 9.5 high tide, 16 kts WNW, 21 kts gusts, and significant wave heights of 29 feet.  It was partly cloudy with a temperature of 44 degrees.

The beach access road at Treasure Cove Lane and Beach Street experienced sea foam to the gate.

The beach face on mile 300 was compromised and in most locations non existent.  

The majority of people noted in this report were watching the ocean from the vantage point of dunes. 

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