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171 oldMGguy 01/17/2008 Generally clean beach with lots of human/dog activity. Three surfers working the waves inside the Siuslaw River bar. One couple collecting firewood-sized driftwood (no shortage ...). A large excavator has finished restoring the foredune bulldozed away by a Heceta Beach homeowner last summer (see photos). View full report 4
111 TRBishop 01/16/2008 High surf is doing a good job with erosion and moving driftwood around this year. Retreat of bluff with newly exposed roots and trees falling. Erosion of vegetated foredune and wave overtopping. Low human impact (3). Five dogs. View full report 0
168 DLouis 01/14/2008 Dune from #2 to #3 parking lot now washing away becoming a verticle bluff facing ocean, very steep in some places. View full report 0
97 beachnut 01/14/2008 Storm surges and unusually high tides have eaten away the vegetated dune along my mile, as well as south and north of it. In addition, logs continue to accumulate -- even in the dune areas. The Snowy Plover Habitat Restoration area has also been encroached upon by tidal action, particularly at the north end. There is litter from the sea, as usual, but much of it is in the storm tide line.(Incidentally, China Creek at the beach access has changed position. It no longer meanders north but takes an almost straight line out to sea. In addition, there are high sand walls along the streambed below the parking area, indicated a lot of water came through there.) Shells, small rocks, ocean-based debris, Styrofoam and several beached jellies in the driftline. Sanderlings foraging at surfline. Gulls and crow on beach. Driftwood removal by chainsaw observed slightly north of the HRA. One dead bird, possibly a Western Grebe. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
120 yogabigail 01/13/2008 A beautiful sunny day where everyone was safely enjoying the coast! Kelp,shells, small rocks, wood pieces and land-based debris in driftline. Shorebirds moving in response to dogs. Geese in the air and on the water. Trails spruced up. Heavy human impact (48)- 15 walking, 13 playing in surf, 10 playing in sand, 10 sitting and 3 surfing. View full report 0
178 Brien M 01/13/2008 Given the proximity of this beach to Sea Lion Caves, there are numerous sea lions off shore and on the rocks. This concentration could also be the reason that more often times than not, I will stumble upon a dead sea lion on the beach. Most of the time the trail head of the beach is on the down-wind side, so I can usually smell it well before I see it.There are several lineal feet of repel ropes secured along the trail where it becomes very steep. Near the bottom, there was evidence of a recent landslide, as the repel rope was covered under several cubic yards of debris.This landslide also took out "Petroglyph Rock", which is now crumbled and in pieces. Fortunately, I took pictures of it back in 1992. I gave a picture to the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum to see if they could find a local person of Indian heritage who might be able to interpret what the drawings signify. I will try to scan a copy of this photo and upload it here.Several lengths of guard rail bumpers are still on the beach. These were the result of the major landslide in 2000 that closed 101 for about four months.I try to remove what I can if I am feeling ambitious and don't have my hands full with something else. If I come upon any fishing floats, usable lengths of rope, net, and of course, glass balls, I'll take those home. View full report 0
183 RMSherriffs 01/13/2008 Flock of gulls feeding in the shallow surf. 10' x 12' black plastic tarp pegged down on grass on bluff in south section. View full report 0
104 beachnut 01/13/2008 There is much dune erosion in my mile and one beyond. The water from the high tides, pacific storms and surf advisories has encroached well into the dunes, leaving exposed beachgrass roots and numerous logs and other debris above the normal water line. Ocean-borne litter is abundant; I removed 1 Solv bag full and could have taken out three more if I'd been able to cart them all at once. Styrofoam chunks and plastic bottles were the most common debris. Shell fragments and small rocks were notable in the surf line. Canada Geese flying south and a few gulls offshore. Low human impact (5)-3 walking and 2 rockhunting. 3 dogs. View full report 0
327 tsunami 01/13/2008 A bit more trash on the beach than usual, mixed with driftwood / seaweed, most likely washed in as a result of the heavy surf / high tides.The high water was tending to squeeze the pedestrians and the few cars on the beach into a narrow band against the dunes, requiring them to maneuver to avoid surf and each other.Noticed 2 bald eagles on posts fly off when someone parked within 50 yds and let out 3 dogs. View full report 2
213 skimmer 01/12/2008 The tide was pretty high, so I don't think I even covered my whole mile, but what I saw was surprisingly clean. View full report 0
117 Pat&RobertaSmit 01/12/2008 Shells, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces and Styrofoam in driftline. Most notably, the previously thick driftline composed mainly of seaweed has been washed away.We saw no dead sea birds and only one dead sea lion - an old and rather thin one.On several occasions we saw migrating whales far off shore. Phalaropes, Western Grebe, Harlequin Ducks, Harbor Seals and sea lions in the bay. Moderate human impact (5) observing wildlife at observation point. On 3/6/08 a person allowed his dog to go past the barrier to roam on the beach. View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 01/11/2008 The Coast Guard has reclaimed their wayward channel marker buoy, washed up on the beach last week. Continued accumulation of large tree trunks, stumps, and other river-sourced flood debris, mostly close to the Siuslaw River North Jetty. Recent high tides have re-arranged the multi-year beach log collection, and removed a lot of sand from the upper beach. Very little man-made flotsam observed. No sign of oil contamination, as per the January 8th CoastWatch alert ... View full report 0
215 NewportNancy 01/11/2008 Access via Yaquina Bay State Park was a small challenge today, as the path at the bottom of the southern staircase was flooded (the seasonal/weather-dependent "pond" behind the dunes had expanded quite a bit!). Access was possible via the northern staircase. I noted no campfires this time, probably because of the recent poor weather.Lots of rivulets of water were coming off the cliffs, due to recent heavy rains. The rivulets did not seem to be causing any new erosion, but did contribute to some interesting sand formations down on the beach. Some rocks were exposed that I don't remember having been exposed before. The most notable trend was a good number(probably 8)of dead Western grebes on the beach, and one dead small shorebird. No sign of the "bag of bones" Terry Morse spotted recently - maybe I just missed it? View full report 3
307 Bald Eagle 01/10/2008 The erosion/movement of the small rocks on the shore line was more severe than normal. This action was caused by the large swells, large waves and high tides. View full report 0
201 VKnox2 01/10/2008 The deserted beach and bay areas were covered with debris: impressive driftwood flows interspersed with human trash and European beach grass. Plastic, plastic, plastic!! Western Gulls staggered along both the shore and their dining table- full of rotting Harbor Seal. Wind driven hail, high waves, and rain. Lovely. View full report 0
293 ducks73 01/06/2008 The beach in Rockaway is in very poor shape. Literally what must be tons of sand has been scoured from the beach and the waves easily reach the bluff at every low tide. There is considerable new erosion north and south of my mile from the storms that hit just before and after Christmas. There is no slope to the beach to slow the run up of the waves and in many places, there is a perpendicular drop (10-20') from the bluff to the beach. There are also many fractures and cracks on the top of the bluff and appears likely that further sloughing of the bluff will occur in the future. View full report 1
326 seasurf 01/06/2008 We visit the beach on our mile once or twice a week when we are in the area. The biggest difference between the beach during this winter is the amount of sand that has accumulated on the top of the foredunes. Right now the beach drops off quickly and at high tide the water laps the bottom of the foredune leaving about a 4 foot vertical drop that can tend to trap someone at high tide as I can attest with some boots full of sand and water. Another change over years past is the number of people walking on the beach in the winter. Almost all with dogs, and almost all those dogs are running uncontrolled. I and my Labrador Retriever love to play fetch in the surf, but when I see someone approaching I put my dog on the leash until they are past. Other folks do not bother and we have had some tense moments with loose dogs approaching us in a threatening manner. Their owners do not seem to care that their animals are intruding on our space. There is no leash law in Gearhart, but there is such a thing as responsible pet ownership. View full report 0
239 Shafer 01/05/2008 Began our walk as usual, at the terminus of the Salishan Nature Walk and ended at the Salishan Boat Launch. Saw a Western grebe in the surf line and numerous sanderlings and surfbirds darting amongst the seafoam. We got pelted with pea-sized hail for a few minutes. Not many folks today. View full report 0
175 Caples 01/04/2008 Had to build a bridge to get to the beach. View full report 0
226 gsmeyer 01/01/2008 We are impressed with the scenic attributes of this rugged area and hope that its inaccessibility will continue to promote its preservation in an unspoiled state. View full report 0
296 Coopersmith 01/01/2008 Winter storms brought usual mass of driftwood + logs up to dune grass. Lots on jetty, too.Collected 3 gallon-sized chunks of white styrofoam. Sure wish styro. could be recycled: worst man-made hazard to marine life, + lasts indefinitely. Saw red fishing float + blue marine rope tangled in tree stump + yellow plastic pallet: too big to collect on foot. View full report 0
106 Doug C 01/01/2008 Great way to start the New Year. After the recent severe storms, the beach was relatively clean. Logs and debris were high near the foredune but not much different in quantity from our earlier visit. Dune erosion was not evident. Wildlife was scarce, just a few birds (Killdeer and Western Gulls). Driftline was primarily bird feathers and small pieces of wood. We also hauled out about 10 pounds of ocean-borne plastic bits, pieces and bottles. Signs prohibiting vehicles on mile 104 gone. A SUV drove south to Bandon Jetty. View full report 0
54 mvolson 01/01/2008 This report is to take the place of the December report. The beach was very clean, peaceful, and relatively unchanged from last quarter. View full report 0
173 oldMGguy 01/01/2008 Walked Mile 172, south half of Mile 173 to Sutton Creek. Due to east wind, excellent sealevel visibility - 15+ miles, no sea mist/fog, minimal surf. One seal observed in surf, lots of seagulls and sanderlings. Sutton Creek has shifted its outlet northward since last visit early December '07. Many walkers/sightseers today. Cluster of plastic bottles washed ashore at north end of Mile 172, otherwise very clean beach. View full report 0
200 Aiassa 12/31/2007 Another beautiful day on the Oregon Coast. Surf high. Several new driftwood logs from recent storm. View full report 0
98 Midasoev 12/31/2007 We walked Mile 98 on Dec. 31, 2007 from 3:30pmuntil 5pm. Began walking North. Kelp, small rocks, land-based and ocean-based debris, styrofoam and plastic pellets in driftline. Erosion of the foredune. Observed 2 people with 4 dogs on the beach at the beginning of ourwalk and saw 2 people near the end of the mile.4 crab boats or their lights were visible on the ocean. 10 dead birds were on or near the tideline.Six were Grebes and 3 had been pecked by raptors.Picked up rope and plastic litter. View full report 0
141 KerrieP 12/30/2007 The weather was crazy; as we hiked across the two mile expanse of dunes to access our mile, the weather went from somewhat sunny to hail and wind, to rain and back to sunny. The deflation plain was flooded but only just to the top of my knee boots. My crazy son went barefoot through the 1/2 mile wetland. The foredune has taken a beating from the recent storms, but nothing unusual. Kelp, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. Sanderlings and a few gulls on beach. Erosion of vegetated foredune. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
283 Bluebrau 12/30/2007 We accessed mile 283 from three different access points--one in Cape Meares state park, one at a pull-out down the road, and another was beach access located in Cape Meares National Wildlife refuge. Even though the weather was crazy (hail, sun, rain, clouds, everything!) there were several people out--mostly walking, taking pictures, enjoying the scenery. There was also a group of whale watchers at the state park. Once we have visited again, it will be much easier to say if anything was out of the ordinary! View full report 1
171 oldMGguy 12/30/2007 Heavy collection of sea foam on beach. Overall, very clean beach with little observed man-made debris. Lots of seagulls in the area. One large 4'x3' buoy (with the number 4 on it) washed ashore just north of the Siuslaw River North Jetty. View full report 0
112 rheadohner 12/30/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, wood pieces and wood pieces in driftline. A 55 gal. plastic drum in driftwood at mouth of Three Mile Creek. Shore birds foraging at the surfline. Major removal of sand from around sea stacks and driftwood. On 11/25/07, vehicle tracks on south portion of Agate Beach within prohibited beach. On 12/30/2007, significant relocation and shifting of driftwood. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
242 oceanwalker842 12/29/2007 Not too many brave souls out on the beach. Most were walking to get out of the rain. Only five were on the rocks at 15th street beach. View full report 0
16 Christine 12/29/2007 This is the section of mile 16 in Sam Boardman State Park I call Spruce Island Viewpoint North. Nothing unusual, no major storm damage, less beach areas, a few trees and lots of branches on the trail. Still signs of more off-Hwy 101 vehicles, garbage, tire marks, etc. in area with no highway barrier. View full report 0
208 kittyhorse 12/28/2007 2 pebble beds up drawing many agate hunters. Bluff erosion seems stable but erosion at Ona Beach. where Beaver Creek high and re-routed. Usual black & surf scoters and sanderlings present in winter. Old dead harbor seal washed up. Lots of broken shells in driftline. Few dead gulls.Otherwise storms washed beach clean; much sand gone and bedrock exposed. View full report 0
33 [email protected] 12/27/2007 Quite day on the beach, deserted, expected erosion in sandstone/slate composition bluff from strong storm surges observed, very few birds in evidence, normal seaborne debris seen: floats, rope, shoes, plastic bottles, collected one 30 gal trash bag of debris. in general nothing alarming observed on the beach View full report 0
239 Shafer 12/26/2007 As usual, began walk at N44'53.632 and stopped at N44'55.528 to come back along bay side of spit. Found a dead Brandt's cormorant and a dead Common murre. Hit with hail about three times during walk. Rather sparse re wildlife: a small, mixed flock of sanderlings and surfbirds; the usual population of Harbor seals congregating on the leeward side of the spit. Great news! All the huge styrofoam chunks have been removed from the oceanside of spit; Dave and I removed two huge pieces from the bay side (one huge piece remains...we'll get it next time). Another great day for seafoam! View full report 4
236 Derskin 12/25/2007 The last winter storm with the high winds moved ten to fifteen feet of sand along the whole mile. View full report 0
239 Shafer 12/24/2007 Began at N44'53.632 and finished at N44'55.157. Saw sanderlings foraging in driftline; dead grebe being picked at by gull; usual litter at high tide line; lots of sea foam today. View full report 0
190 Ranger 12/22/2007 Bluff sloughing is close to undercutting the access trail adjacent to Highway 101. Situation was reported to USFS at CPVC.Weather and sea conditions made it dangerous to access the southern portion of Mile 190. No observations below Cooks Chasm. View full report 0
187 turnstone 12/21/2007 A partial car body has washed up as well as a partial commercial crab pot. Most litter is ocean based. A minus tide and many people stopping by. Tiny barnacles starting to grow where all barnacles and mussels was gone in fall. View full report 3
214 rasmussenschramm 12/21/2007 At the State Park were six cars parked, and at the beach were fourteen people, six dogs, people walking dogs and writing their names in the sand, one flying a kite. Five people were watching the ocean from the platform for the handicapped. The beach was relatively clean. Sand had been piling up towards the dunes. The outgoing tide made for a wide strip of beach for walking. A bald eagle was flying overhead. View full report 0
133 JBWEGNER 12/21/2007 General condition of the beach was good. Evidence of tide erosion of vegetated foredune at one point. Marked it (GPS and Photo) for next observation. Kelp, shells, wood pieces, ocean-based debris, plastic pellets and styrofoam in driftline. One tagged loon. Low human impact (2)-removing driftwood. Two cars and 4 ATVs on allowed beach. View full report 0
311 TomandGretel 12/20/2007 It was nice to have the beach practically to ourselves. The one dog we encountered was under perfect voice control.There was much less debris than we expected after the Big Storm.We will keep an eye on a lot that was being surveyed ( from the beach), with a small cottage on it. Will check to see whether there is a building permit for new construction, and monitor that ( rip rap, drainage, new walkway etc.) View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 12/20/2007 Very few birds today. A dozen gulls, 3 Sanderlings. Usual group of harbor seals not observed. Many large clumps/balls of bull kelp washed ashore, the majority just north of the Siuslaw River North Jetty area. Mostly single strands of bull kelp at north end of Mile 171.Continued accumulation of flood debris (stumps, logs, wood, branches, brush) at high tide line. Majority is just north of the Siuslaw River North Jetty. Many large balls of bull kelp washed ashore. View full report 0
90 [email protected] 12/20/2007 Kayaked across New River at N end of mile 92 and walked S. to point .5 mile S. of Coos/Curry Cty line. No sign of human activity. Normal winter shoreline erosion with tide eroding at base of foredune and overtopping at sights of previous overwashes. Mostly wood pieces, razor clam shells, bull kelp on beach. .5 to 3 foot thick layer of white frothy foam on beach looks like snow in photos. Site of previous year NR breach active and flowing 70 feet across at mouth. Gulls flying S along beach. Sanderlings picking goodies out of the foam. Saw just a few pelicans and cormorants. One dead Northern Fulmar. View full report 6
228 djohnson 12/20/2007 The beach at Whale Cove is very clean. The 9-unit up-scale hotel being built to replace Whale Cove Inn is nearing completion. It should be complete in the next few months. The issue of a bright light shining on the cove, and disturbing the neighbors, seems to be resolved. View full report 0
49 Tichenor 12/20/2007 Although the bird carcasses noted above were of varying ages, I think it likely that most of them were victims of the Dec. 2-3 storm. Several pelicans died in Port Orford during that storm.We have had a storm this week, too, of lesser intensity. View full report 0
23 Bob Harvey 12/18/2007 Weather relented for the 2 hours neede to walk the beach; no dead birds, not much litter. High tide is almost upon us so some areas are inaccesible, esp. the cave in a monolith at N part of the mile. Meyers Creek is 35-40 feet wide at narrowest point as it crosses sand. We were presented with a stunning sunset. Fine trip. View full report 2
209 bloeffel 12/17/2007 The recent heavy weather and surf had removed much sand from the beach and scattered rock from the bluff-base burn over the mid beach. I did not see new gravel beds. The gray whale that is buried at the dune grass line at the south end of survey mile 209 remains covered. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 12/17/2007 Considering the recent heavy weather, there is surprisingly little washed up on the beach: a few lengths of nylon rope or netting, a few picnic items (e.g., paper cups), four dead birds, and some seaweed. The most interesting discovery was a large (ca. 35" long) fish that I believe was a chinook salmon. No significant new erosion that I could discern. View full report 16
130 sandyrandy94 12/16/2007 Animal casings and wood pieces in driftline. Sanderlings on the beach. Erosion of the foredune. Low human impact (5)- 5 walking, 3 dogs. View full report 0
168 bwholler 12/16/2007 Nice day, some sun, not too much wind. Broken pieces of large shells, small pieces of wood on beach, very few rocks. Some new driftwood high on the beach, and older pieces have been moved around by tides. View full report 0
239 Shafer 12/15/2007 Finished our walk today. Began at N44'53.632 and ended at N44'55.528. As previously noted, saw approximately 80 Harbor seals at north end of spit. Extreme level of styrofoam debris...around 15 huge pieces in the vicinity of N44'55.528, W124.01417; also 4 or 5 huge pieces on the bay side of spit. The signs cautioning folks to stay away from the seals are missing. We hauled a crab pot buoy to the Salishan boat launch at N44'55.157 (orange with #4854). View full report 4
171 kathrynl 12/15/2007 Small Piper like birds are back although in a smaller amount, only about one dozen in water line. The trail leading to the beach from this overlook to slowly but very surely sliding toward the beach and beginning to undercut the highway, some attention needs to be paid to this concern before it causes damage to highway 101 and resulting in the lose of access to the north. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 12/14/2007 Mile 288 on Bayocean Spit appeared hauntingly beautiful on this mid-December day. Evenly and lightly strewn driftwood, a result of recent storms, lay splayed along the high tide line, adding color and form to the usually plain sandy beach. Several large logs lay scattered at the water's edge, more evidence of storms. Bird activity was quiet as hundreds of Least Sandpipers huddled to wait out the high tide before the receding waters would yield new supplies of food. The quiet, storm-altered beach looked lovely under calm gray December skies. View full report 0
239 Shafer 12/14/2007 We began walk at N44'53.632 and finished at N44'55.157 when we became too laden with trash and left it in receptacle at boat launch. On way back, birds noted on the bay side of spit: coots, Surf scoter, White-winged scoter, grebe, merganser, cormorant, mallard, egret, and Great Blue heron.Please note that we left a crab pot buoy at N44'54.686, colors white/green/yellow with #22. View full report 1
138 comubp 12/13/2007 A sunny day with small breeze. No signs of vehicle incursion into the closed area other than a likely agency patrol vehicle. Two sets of dog tracks present. Three sets of deer tracks. Two cow elk were seen in the lagoon on 11/24/2007. The usual amount of shells and molted exoskeletons were present on the beach, and the remarkable thing was the lack of expected kelp piles and ocean drift debris from the recent storms. Compared to the vehicle traveled beach adjacent to the south, this closed section had much more plant material extending beachward for some 75 feet from the seawall. The bad news is that 99.9 percent of it was European Beachgrass which they are trying to eradicate in the area. Perhaps they should consider opening the beach to vehicles during the winter to assist their efforts? The ropes and related signage protecting the plover breeding areas were all removed. Thirteen snowy plovers were observed on the beach. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 12/13/2007 Large accumulation of woody debris from December 2-3 storm north of Siuslaw River North Jetty. Majority near the jetty. Very little man-made litter observed on this mile today. Very few birds observed today. View full report 5
196 bertjohnst 12/13/2007 A cool drizzly day with surprisingly little animate life about apart from a little lady gathering shells and a bald eagle circling off shore. Except for the presence of numerous large logs, the beach was also swept clean by recent storms. The rough sea and capricious rogue waves continued to carry away sand from the bare basement rocks. Little to report in the way of development or serious problems. View full report 0
124 B Gray 12/13/2007 Shells, small rocks and wood pieces in the driftline. Large number of Sanderlings foraging at the surfline. Low human impact (2)-Beach Patrol. Two street vehicles within allowed area. View full report 0
137 comubp 12/13/2007 Sunny day with mild breeze. Beach driftline was barely evident with a few shells, molted casings and the like. Most beachwood was covered by windblown sand, and the entire mile showed a flat sand angle all the way to the seawall. Several vehicle tracks mingled with recent dog and human tracks. The noteworthy item was the lack of kelp masses and other expected drift from recent storms. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
197 [email protected] 12/12/2007 Nice afternoon to be on the beach. Sunglasses needed when starting the walk. Dark clouds gradually became total cloud cover by walk's end. Only sign of the big storm was the set of damaged access steps. No unusual beach debris. No seagulls at all on the beach today but a large flock of sandpipers entertained me. View full report 0
310 Bill Gordon 12/12/2007 Quiet day with blustery conditions. View full report 0
93 H Witschi 12/12/2007 No driftline or stranded or dead animals on beach. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
111 J Grove 12/11/2007 No unusual activities or conditions observed. Minimal human activities-3 people walking with one dog. Small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. One dead Brown Pelican. No sea life issues. View full report 0
163 mjohnson 12/11/2007 Beach is mainly a gentle up slope to the foredunes. There has evidently been heavy OHV traffic recently as shown by numerous tire tracks that haven't been erased by wind.Creek near south end of mile 163 has broken from the lagoon and is flowing to the ocean.Only wildlife seen was 1 Hawk and very scattered Plovers. Only 5 or 6 vehicles parked in the Goose pasture staging area parking lot, and only 2 ATV's seen on the beach. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 12/11/2007 Little driftline but with some small rocks on the wet sand. Large flocks of shorebirds flying south along the beach. Flocks of Sanderlings, Dunlins, Semipalmated Plovers and Snowy Plovers foraging on wet sand. We watched on Snowy Plover chase another with a large food item. Two dead Common Murres. Beach with a 7 degree slope, no wind and air temperature of 52.5 degrees F. Ocean temperature was 52.1 degrees F. Erosion of foredune by high storm waves. One auto tire and inner tube. Little human debris on beach. Low human impact (0). View full report 8
97 D Bilderback 12/11/2007 Little driftline but with some small rocks on the wet sand. Large flocks of Sanderlings, Semipalmated Plover and Dunlins foraging in the wet sand. 25 Snowy Plover foraging on wet sand and on the high beach. Three dead Common Murre and one dead raccoon. Beach with a 6 degree slope. Erosion of the foredune by high storm waves. Low human impact (0). View full report 5
119 dpackard 12/10/2007 Did not see any whales, sea lions or seals. Saw the usual amount of Seagulls and a few other unidentified birds. Some evidence of high stream flow in one cove (see picture) and many downed branches on the trail from big storm that blew thru seven days prior. Moderate human impact (18)-11 walking, 4 sitting, 2 taking photographs and 1 picking mushrooms. View full report 3
245 TerryH 12/10/2007 There's still a lot of pulverized garbage from the big storm a week prior. No doubt a lot of it came down the rivers. Shoreline/bluff looks good, considering the battering it took. Only a couple large riprap rocks were knocked out of place. No sign of improvement regarding caves dug in bluff at Roads End Wayside. View full report 0
187 turnstone 12/10/2007 Beach completely cobble and bare rock, no sand at all.A lot of wood washed up. Many crabbing vessels offshore. View full report 3
259 powston1 12/10/2007 We found the beach to look very normal for this time of year despite the strong storm that occurred a week earlier. There is nothing unusual to report. View full report 1
176 Zurflueh 12/10/2007 There was lots of Kelp and large logs as a result of recent storms. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 12/10/2007 Surprisingly little debris on the beach, despite big storms a few days prior. Lots of beach grass in the driftline, but mostly at north end; seems to be more from the earth moving on Mile 158 than from storm erosion. It was my birthday, and a beautiful day: mild, sunny. Walked to the creek mouth (on Mile 156) hoping to see salmon at high tide but didn't. View full report 0
117 Pat&RobertaSmit 12/09/2007 During this quarter, there are usually 1 or 2 people on the North Cover beach and the most we saw was 18. Usually driftline is deep (up to 2 foot in places) and runs along most of the North Cove beach but in December the driftline was much reduced and restricted to the center of the cove. Shells, kelp, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, ocean-based debris and styrofoam in drifline. One auto tire and muffler on beach as well as 700 golf balls (estimated by volume). These were removed as they may be a danger to wildlife. Didn't see any whales off Cape Arago this quarter (although saw several further north towards Shore Acres). Birds commonly in cove were Western Gulls, Black Oystercatchers, Phalaropes, Cormorants, and Turkey Vultures. Did see many crows, but not any lately. Also saw a Great Blue Heron several times and, occasionally a Belted Kingfisher, Harlequin Ducks, Canada Geese, and many Brown Pelicans in October. Sea Stars, shrimp, chitons and anemones in tidepools and on rocks. In October, there were 3 dead sea lions (in one case just a bit of the torso) and 2 dead Harbor Seals. Saw no dead birds this quarter. View full report 6
213 [email protected] 12/09/2007 It was surprising that there were no indications of the recent heavy storm. Did find a heavy plastic 5 gal. (?) container with a name and phone #. Phoned the owner to tell them where it had washed up.Sidenote: While walking at Lost Creek, I believe it was Dec. 3, there was a large, injured and dying squid on the beach just north of the creek. View full report 0
118 D Bone 12/09/2007 About a week before this observation, there had been sizeable storms in the area. This was evidenced by downed branches and trees as well as slides along the bluff(none were too serious). There was considerable trash in the driftline as well along the trail. Some of the trash indicated inappropriate use of the area(sex and alcohol). Vandalism of the telescopes at the Simpson Reef overlook was disappointing to see. As usual,the wildlife on Simpson Reef was active although in smaller numbers (several hundred California Sea Lions and Steller Sea Lions) as expected for the time of year. There was 1 dead California Sea Lion on the beach. Bald Eagle flew over and deer tracks were seen on trail. Ground squirrel mounds along trail. Low human impact (3)-watching pinnipeds. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 12/09/2007 In addition to the above comments,we observed copious amounts of bottle caps among our litter.(plastic)Fishing line was present in small amounts for this time of year. We packed out about 15 pounds of trash--primarily plastics and styrofoam. View full report 0
127 tsunchoi 12/08/2007 Little driftline with some bleach jugs, a foam buoy and wooden pallet. Erosion of vegetated foredune as newly exposed ends of logs were jutting out of the sand bluff. Two unidentified dead birds. Snowy Plover protective enclosure removed. Shorebirds moving in response to humans. Low human impact (4)-2 walking and 2 riding on horses. View full report 0
104 beachnut 12/07/2007 The pitch of the beach (about 20 degrees) and the heighth of the tides are moving the accumulated logs from the dune base. Some are tossed inland; others out to sea or wherever. There will be at least two nonexistent beach areas at stormy high tides; at the southern end and perhaps a quarter mile past the horse trail sign northward. There was minimal animal activity and nonexistent human activity, probably because of the high wind and still-stormy tides. One Solv bag of litter removed. Shells, kelp/algae, wood pieces, ocean-based debris, Styrofoam, plastic bottles and plastic fragments. Some Sanderlings foraging in the surfline. A few gulls flying offshore. View full report 0
188 claretucker 12/06/2007 South beach seemed to be untouched by recent big storm. Most of sand is still there. View full report 0
97 beachnut 12/05/2007 This is a radically changed beach since the two-day windstorm/high-tide period. Tons of wood, lots of trash from the sea, and 4 injured birds, possibly Western Grebes. Tides have gone well into the dunes so walking can be dangerous. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, wood pieces, plastic pellets, ocean-based debris and Styrofoam in driftline. Erosion of vegetated foredune and evidence of wave-overtopping. High tides washed over Snowy Plover Habitat Restoration area. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 12/05/2007 Major new collection of woody and vegetation debris, logs, and stumps north of Siuslaw North Jetty at high tide mark. Some styrofoam and 4 old tires mixed in. Majority of debris next to jetty. Notable absence of usual pod of harbor seals north of jetty rocks. Injured/sick western grebe sitting in high tide debris line. No visible injury or line entanglement. Surf Scoters and 30-50 Sanderling working surf line. View full report 0
219 cindyashy 12/05/2007 2 days after a major coastal storm, I expected to see many dead birds but did not - found one injured American Wigeon. The storm did significant damage to the trees near Quarry Cove and I found boulders strewn about in a pattern that made you fully appreciate the immense power of the storm surge. In fact, I was a bit wary to be standing there in the middle of it. Definite erosion to the already crumbling cliffsides. I need to pay more attention to the erosion problems.I think the wildlife was shaken by the storm. The gulls hardly made a sound. The oystercatchers chattered more than normal. The pair that flew in near Lions Head continued to chatter the entire time I was there. The only other time I've heard them continually vocalize for that long was just after sunset during mating season. The harbor seals hauled out at Quarry Cove were more vigilent than normal.Only covered the south side of Yaquina Head, not the north end of Agate Beach. View full report 0
256 [email protected] 12/04/2007 No harbor seals observed on Straub Spit. Considerable sand has been eroded by recent storms. View full report 0
16 Christine 12/01/2007 This is the section of mile 16 I call Thunder Rock Cove Viewpoint South. I caught site of what I believe is a splinter group of feral goats with two billies and two nannies. Other than that nothing unusual for the winter time was seen. View full report 0
3 floral 11/30/2007 found a dead Sea Gull at the boat landing on 11/27/07 The blue paint and red (not blood) confused me as to what kind of bird it was..took pictues View full report 2
333 Simonetal 11/29/2007 No one on this very clean beach today. View full report 0
334 Simonetal 11/29/2007 Cold day on beach with no people and only sanderings present. Bald eagle on post in parking lot. View full report 0
186 Joy186 11/28/2007 Driftline contained much plastic debris. Many scoters covered large area of ocean. One dead seagull and one cormorant which appeared sick.Some bluff sluffing observed. Ten Mile Creek has straigthened its path to the ocean. View full report 0
10 [email protected] 11/28/2007 Quiet day, midweek so there were not large numbers of visitors (and dogs). Sunny and clear, with clouds coming in--a storm is expected. No significant findings. View full report 3
239 salspit 11/26/2007 Other than tire tracks in the sand, things appeared pretty normal. one large bag of litter picked up. View full report 0
172 Oyster 11/26/2007 Clean beach, sand seem to be accumulating slowly as usual outcrops seem to be buried more. Many 3-4" crabs casing. Many small clumps of kelp laced with feathers. Large kelp plants ashore. All seem to be result of recent storm and wave surges onto beach. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 11/26/2007 Driftline consisted of small wood pieces, surfgrass, straw with some small rocks a few crab and sand crab carapaces and a small amount of kelp (Hymenena, Postelsia, Cryptopleura, Callophyllis, Rhodymenia and Constantinea) and some Bryozoa and a Tunicate (Distaplia). Wind speed 3.0 mph from the SW, air temperature was 53 F and ocean temperature was 49.8 F. Beach slope of 6 to 9 degrees. High tides flowing over sand plain into Two-mile Creek. Raccoon tracks and foraging digs along the high beach. Live birds include foraging seven Snowy Plovers, Western Gulls, Bald Eagle and Brown Pelican. Harbor Seal swimming offshore. Two dead Pacific Loons. View full report 0
97 D Bilderback 11/26/2007 Very light driftline of rocks, wood, beachgrass and straw with a few sand crab and crab carapaces. Small amount of kelp (Fucus, Odonthalia and Hymenena). Wind was 2.7 mph from SW. The air and ocean temperatures were 52.9F and 50.3 F, respectively. Evidence of sand removal, leaving a 2 foot high sand cliff. Beach has a 6 degree slope. Eight Snowy Plovers and large flocks of Western Sandpipers on high beach; flocks of Brown Pelicans flying offshore. Western Gulls, Sanderlings and Dunlins on the wet sand. Raven flying down beach. Dead Harbor Porpoise calf that was reported by Barbara Harrison was measured and photographed for Marine Mammal Stranding Report. Low human impact (0). View full report 5
128 rubygoes 11/26/2007 I am a new member of CoastWatch, and look forwardto improving my reporting skills as my coast-eyesbecome better educated. Exceptionally low tides in November saw lots ofequestrians riding from the North Jetty to Horsfall, an area posted as "No Vehicles" due tothe Snowy Plover nesting reserve. A cleansing high tide was in evidence: the beach was sweptvery clean of debris, except for the largest logs and timbers. Vehicle activity in the area wasunusually high. ATV, dune buggy, sand bike ridersare also attracted to low tides. It is not unusual to see half a dozen vehicles on any givenday, but most are aware that they may frightenthe horses and slow down when they approach fromfront or rear. Surprisingly, these operators were extremely reckless around the horses, as if their high numbers negated the rules of common courtesy. I later asked a camp host about theunusual number of vehicles in the restricted area.He said that after Labor Day local riders "take back their beach" and let their enthusiasm spoil their good judgement. He added that the response time of enforcement officers from BLM, State Parksor the Sheriff's office is too slow, and thepriority is too low. We hope this "invasion" is a brief one. I pulled approximately 30 lbs. of nylon netting that was hung up on a log over the dune and well up the sand road thanks to my horse, Ruby, who is learning that she has an important job as a seahorse with CoastWatch. Fifty pelicans in three flocks. Heavy human impact (30) horseback riding and riding in beach vehicles. View full report 0
308 John Markham 11/25/2007 Quiet pleasant day. View full report 0
233 [email protected] 11/25/2007 photos of highest tide of the year at Fishing Rock Headland looking south View full report 1
52 Laurie Prouty 11/25/2007 Just wanted to let everyone know that Tseriadun State Park (Agate Beach) in Port Orford has re-opened after being closed almost 11 months. The Park reopened on Tuesday, November 20, 2007. It is wonderful to have access to the beach again and the public has definitely been coming out to check out all the work that has been completed. These past rains put the culvert to the test and it seems that the water is flowing through the culvert when the lake reaches 14.5 ft. As always, it will be exciting to see what happens with the first really big storm and high tide. View full report 0
293 ducks73 11/25/2007 It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be on the beach. The ocean was white and foamy and the sky was clear and blue. Unfortunately, the tide was very high (9.4 at 12:01 pm) and the riprap along most of my mile made it difficult to easily walk the mile. View full report 0