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Mile Observer Date Summary Photos
112 rheadohner 08/28/2008 DISPATCH This series of photos shows interesting foam lines that occurred off shore between Mile 112 and 113. View full report 1
207 dianemaloney 08/27/2008 This was our first observation. The beach looked normal and free from human debris. The erosion we saw (small landslide) looked fairly recent. View full report 2
208 kittyhorse 08/26/2008 I walked my mile 208 -- as well as 207 this day -- as they comprise my commuter route [now] to the bus stops at Seal Rock State Park and Ona Beach! The wrack line was rich -- especially in the remains of marine life. Seems there is more sea palm on the beach than usual -- darn and it's edible! 3 beached common murres. Picture of 37 inch "young of the year" salmon shark that was barely alive on the beach in the surf line at ~7PM. I returned later to measure and take pictures. Enjoy the sun CWers! View full report 1
239 salspit 08/26/2008 Pretty much normal for this Salishan Strip; quiet conditions; many birds, mostly gulls and pelicans; and the usual large number of hauled-out harbor seals. View full report 0
100 JohnnyCN 08/26/2008 Light use today of a popular beach. Only a total of 9 people, 4 of them on horseback. Three had their dogs with them. Only thing unusual were the large kelp piles. Wrackline contained typical collection of seaweed, broken mussel shells, bits of wood, animal casings and small rocks. One dead Common Murre. View full report 0
5 Berner 08/26/2008

Mile five seems to be generally stable except for the crumbling bluff noted above and constant shifting of the entry of Mill Creek into Macklyn Cove (an annual rearrangment). Unlike a year ago, there has been no evidence of beaching of mammals. The pelicans have been expecially evident and active this year, feeding off the waters near the beachline for the entire length of mile five.

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259 powston1 08/24/2008 The only thing to note was that there were 15 people on the beach walking dogs on this wet Sunday afternoon. View full report 0
14 artist 08/24/2008 Except for the presence of poison oak along some parts of the trail, there is nothing negative to report. I mention the poison oak because I had a serious reaction to a recent exposure while on another section of the Coast Trail. Long pants and long sleeves will be standard attire in future. View full report 0
128 wowunupo 08/24/2008 Kelp and plankton in the driftline. Pelicans, shorebirds and gulls flying over water and beach or foraging. After heavy bluff erosion last winter, upper beach has stabilized. Areas of sand removal last spring have infilled. One dead California Sea Lion found at the south end of the mile. Low human impact (3)-2 on horseback, 1 on ATV. ATV in prohibited area but immediately left. View full report 2
173 LCosko 08/24/2008 This past week, there have been greater than usual beached birds on Heceta Beach. Mainly Common Murres, but also Gulls. There have been a few exhausted Cormorants. There was a dead shark, possibly a 5-Gill, that had washed up onto Baker Beach. It looked like something had taken a big bite out of it. View full report 0
119 dpackard 08/24/2008 A whale was spouting about 500 feet out from Shore Acres observatory at arrival. Six small fishing boats arrived to fish at southern section of mile. Nice upkeep on shoreline trail at north end of mile where new bark was laid down on main path. Two pelicans seen. Moderate human impact (8)-7 walking and one engaged in photography. View full report 1
111 TRBishop 08/23/2008 A nice, warm late summer Saturday with little wind and more than average people (20)-12 walking, 2 playing in surf and 6 sitting. Kelp/algae in the driftline. View full report 0
217 firstrobin 08/23/2008 It was a nearly perfect day on the beach, and many people were enjoying it. At the Agate Beach end, there was a wide expanse of sand. In the half near the water, the sand was mounded up to five feet high, with places where the surf flowed between the ridges. There were wildflowers (searocket) growing on the beach halfway to the dunes. Farther down the beach, nearer to Jumpoff Joe, there were places where high tide still reached quite close to the bluffs. There was a drip sand castle waiting for the tide to take it, and children played in the sand, especially near the Nye Beach turnaround. Note: This report covers a little bit of extra territory; it runs from Agate Beach Wayside to Nye Beach Turnaround. View full report 0
299 JCampf 08/23/2008 Heavy human use (89) on a sunny Saturday morning. Walking, sitting, photography, horseback riding, frisbee, soccer. View full report 0
300 [email protected] 08/23/2008 Very heavy human use (102). Beach grass seems to be spreading and the dunes building up. View full report 0
245 TerryH 08/22/2008 Only had time to walk north half of Roads End mile. Found the 2 dead sea lions (pics attached) and reported to Jim Rice and Sheridan Jones. Stopped a pickup truck on beach towing trailer with jet ski. They showed permit to be on beach and were rescuing a "dead jet ski" in the water. Picked up more broken glass. View full report 2
94 John Hull 08/22/2008 Large clumps of Bull Kelp at beginning of mile. More kelp than June, also birds this time (gulls and Sanderlings?), one dead bird (small gull?), very little litter. Jellies found along mile but also concentrated at one location. Small number of crab carapaces and other shells. Small amount of ocean-based debris (plastic and glass bottles, crab float and small pieces of plastic). Course sand at the waterline. No people or domestic animals. View full report 0
118 D Bone 08/21/2008 Wildlife again dominates the scene. Male California Sea Lions are returning from the breeding grounds.The last molting male Northern Elephant Seal is on the beach of Shell Island.I did see a California Gray Whale along the reef 2 times the second and third day after my hike.With all of the Stellar Sea Lions and Harbor Seals added in, there were probably 2,000 marine mammals in the area. Bird species were well represented.Some of the more unusual were 3 female Harlequin ducks,1 Red-throated loon, 1 Osprey, 9 Black Oystercatchers, 1 Great Blue Heron and 1 American Egret. There was over 100 Brown Pelicans as well.It was great to see 2 of the telescopes have been replaced on the viewing platform.They operate without having to put coins in them. Hopefully this will keep them from being stolen again!!! Litter and vandalism was down as well. Moderate human impact (13)-2 walking and 11 watching wildlife. View full report 0
220 lmabeggs 08/21/2008 This rocky beach was covered with sand. An unusual amount of driftline debris probably due to recent August storm. A 10ft plus log that was covered with goose neck barnacles was above the water line. The barnacles were opening as if searching for food. Five oyster catchers were noted all clustered together. Erosion continues to be evident on the bluffs. Little evidence of beach litter, but some fishing nets and floats were found as well as other plastic debris washed ashore. View full report 1
214 ocayouthvol 08/21/2008 Went out on the mile watch with a number of new volunteers. It was overall a pretty cool morning and not many people were out on the beach. And for the most part, there was very little trash. Since most the volunteers were new, we were unable to note a great deal of change. The beach mile was looking pretty good overall. View full report 0
307 elsecobb 08/20/2008 Sand level very low compared to last year this time. Clean beach when sand is exposed at minus tides. More bluff erosion, exposing ancient tree trunks and roots. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 08/20/2008 Light driftline of individual and knotted Nereocystis (Bull Kelp) and a few Postelsia and Cystoseira. Beach, sloping from 5 to 8 degrees. One dead Steller's Sea Lion pup that we reported to the Marine Mammal Stranding network. Five dead Common Murre and one immature Western Gull were reported to COASST. Live birds included Whimbrels, Western Gulls, Sanderlings and a single Snowy Plover on the beach. Little or no human debris on the beach. Air and ocean temperature of 64 degrees F and 60.6 degrees F, respectively. Wind speed of 8.6 mph. View full report 3
97 D Bilderback 08/20/2008 Light driftline of knotted and individual Nereocystis (Bull Kelp) and a few Postelsia (Sea Palm) and Cystoseira (Northern Bladder Chain). Beach sloping from 5 to 8 degrees. Five dead Common Murre. Live birds included one Common Murre, one Snowy Plover and Whimbrels, Western Gulls and Sanderlings on the beach. Little human debris on the beach. Air and ocean temperature of 64 degree F and 60.6 degree F, respectively. Wind speed of 8.6 mph. Low human impact (1)-walking with a dog. View full report 0
100 JohnnyCN 08/19/2008 On a morning that went from fog to sunlight to fog, and from very little wind to strong wind, there were 35 people and five dogs on the beach, and 8 horseback riders. The wrackline consisted of seaweed, tiny shells, wood chips, feathers and quarter-sized crabs. At least two hundred brown pelicans flew by, heading north. Two dead gulls, four dead Common Murre and one dead Pigeon Guillemot. A small salmon shark, was found still alive on the beach about 150 yards south of the last big, black rock near Face Rock. The shark was returned to the water and did not reappear. View full report 4
188 claretucker 08/19/2008 Purple urchins in good shape. Lots of tube worms, too. View full report 0
162 papa troll 08/18/2008 Nothing unusual. clean, no garbage on beach View full report 0
218 Liz O. 08/17/2008 Quite a heavy marine layer and fog rolling in along with lightning and thunder rumblings. The air was so charged that our hair was full of static and scalp was buzzing. Probably was a sign we should not be on the beach.We were taking part along with about 15 others in a scavenger hunt lead by Skye Moody. Everyone collected lots of ocean and human debris-plastic, rope, flotsam, a syringe, broken glass, clothes, a piece of fish jawbone with 4 teeth in it, landscape cloth, rusted cans and so on. Not so much flotsam but the mile got a good clean up by the group. Lots of fun. View full report 0
206 ocayouthvol 08/16/2008 This was the first coastwatch walk for many of the volunteers. Also, most of them were from other areas so we were not able to note many physical changes. Very nice sunny day. Lots of families at the beach playing in the sand and water. One family had a small fire pit built and was using it to roast some hotdogs. We picked up some trash along the way, but overall things seemed to be well. View full report 0
217 ocayouthvol 08/15/2008 This was the first time on a coastwach walk for a lot of the youth volunteers. Many of them weren't very familiar with the area, so we were not able to note changes such as erosion, new development, etc. The morning was cool and very foggy, so we did not see a great deal of people on the beach. Those we did see were just walking and enjoying the quiet. We picked up some small pieces of trash, but it was pretty clean overall. We did not notice anything out of the ordinary. View full report 1
101 Doug C 08/15/2008 Foggy day with heavy human use (35)- 26 walking, one taking photographs and 8 doing Tai Chi. Sea Palm and Bull Kelp littered the surf line in larger than normal quantities. Birds were close-in. Injured Common Murre at surfline being harassed by a dog. Whimbrel and Black Oystercatcher sighted. View full report 1
15 EKeith 08/14/2008 Day was foggy and cool,hot and sunny inland.No other people present.Some signs of human activity,driftwood hut building and very small amount of not to recent chain sawing.Minimal amount of litter,mostly rope and water bottles washed up from boats.One partial hull of a wrecked fiberglass boat approximately 12' to 14'long.Lots Of sea stars on the rocks below high tide. View full report 0
297 JLDaily 08/14/2008 There were a few seagulls and terns foraging in the surf along our mile; however , at the Nehalem Jetty we observed many brown pelicans fishing in the Nehalem river. The beach was fairly free of litter. View full report 0
160 dragonfly 08/14/2008 The stream has obviously moved around and changed course. A still wet channel to the extreme south of the estuary has been abandoned for a channel to the extreme north.The dune adjacent to the south side of the estuary had been flattened and the beach grass disturbed prior to Snowy Plover nesting season. The beach grass is re-growing. There was a family of five or six osprey fishing in the Siltcoos and vocalizing frequently to each other.There was also an adult and juvenile Bald Eagle at the estuary. Once again, no harbor seals at all. View full report 0
174 Foulkes 08/14/2008 Snowy plover fencing on the southern half of the mile has been blown or covered over in several places. A large Windermere Realty free brochure box has washed up. View full report 0
22 KenBax 08/12/2008 The Pistol River remains closed from the ocean. A large number of pelicans and gulls mingled with a few cormorants seem to be 'headquartering' at the lake feature that accumulates just past the bridge when the river is blocked. Photos will be uploaded later. View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 08/11/2008 One of those "Glad-to-be-alive-and-walking-on-a-Oregon-beach" mornings! Clear sky, calm wind, no obnoxious dogs. The Army Corp of Engineers has their river dredge out cleaning out the Siuslaw River entrance, but no noticable water discoloration or debris on the beach. Last summer, the Heceta Beach shoreline was ruler-straight from the North jetty up to Driftwood Shores. This summer, it has formed a series of gentle scalloped bays north of the jetty. Very photogenic and eye-pleasing to look at. View full report 0
33 B Edgar 08/09/2008 More sand has moved in after the strong north winds. Not much debris this time View full report 0
305 skyhar8000 08/09/2008 Dropped by the area but did not descend down to sea level, as tide was not low enough. Was there to look down and be sure litter gathered from my previous trips was still bagged and secured where I had left it. I am going to try to raise it in the next few weeks with the help of others. View full report 0
224 malachite 08/08/2008 Very crowded beach at southern end of mile-where there is beach access from Beverly Beach state park/campground. Significantly less populated at north end. Lots of autos/RVs parked in parking areas, I suspect the 99 steps down to/up from the beach at the access stop some people from doing anything more than looking at the view, stopping at Mo's, etc., then getting back on the road. View full report 0
203 Sandpiper 08/07/2008 Lots of sandpipers have been scouring the sand, I've uploaded some pictures of some unusual sand formations from recent wind, and some streams of water leaving rust colored stains on the sand. This water seems to be seeping up from the ground at the top of the beach or coming from underground streams in the area. View full report 5
294 Nedonnaman 08/07/2008 pretty typical summer beach ... mess -- machinery and sand piles -- from installing riprap gone -- one very large tree trunk lying across beach -- View full report 0
197 [email protected] 08/07/2008 Some of the rocky areas revealed last winter at north campground entry remains. The interesting "Hobbit Village" of rock formations that appeared near the sound of the mile is now a group of "low tables" View full report 0
20 D Bilderback 08/07/2008 26 species of kelp/algae with Bryozoans, Hydrozoans and a few jellys in the driftline. A Northern Elephant Seal resting on the beach and a California Sea Lion hauled up on the rocks at Crook Point headland. Harbor Porpoises and Gray Whales swimming offshore. Many Harbor Seals hauled out on the rocks. Brown Pelicans on rocks and in bay with Herrmann's Gulls, Western Grebes, and cormorants. Western Gulls, Black Oystercatchers, Pigeon Guillimont, and Caspian Terns flying over ocean and on off-shore rocks. California and Steller's Sea Lions on off-shore rocks. Nereocystis (Bull Kelp) and Cystoseira (Northern Bladder Chain) in kelp beds in bay. Otter, deer and raccoon tracks on beach. Dead Townsend's Vole on beach. Sand moving onshore and accumulating next to driftwood. Some patches of cobbles. Beach slope of 6 degrees. Air and ocean temperature of 60 and 54.3 degrees F., respectively. Low human impact (0). View full report 19
213 [email protected] 08/06/2008 Very pleasant to hear the fog horn while walking in such mild, calm conditions. View full report 0
186 Joy186 08/06/2008 Quiet day and few birds were observed. The beach was very clean. Much sand has returned and large logs were driven high on to the beach and and up into high places.Large rock outcroppings are mostly covered now.This is the first time we have seen evidence of elk at 10 mile creek.The RV park if fully operational and many RV's park overlooking the beach and ocean. View full report 0
24 Muriah 08/04/2008 It is such a pleasure every day to see so many people enjoying the beach near Pistol River and Cape Sebastian.And it wonderful that they leave nothing but footprints. Even with all the dogs enjoying the romp at the shoreline. Still no evidence afterwards. View full report 2
325 BeachCats 08/03/2008 Very little man made trash! Very surprised at the extent of the beach that has been taken over by the sea. The birds were noticably absent from the northern and middle sections of the mile, but mostly they were in the water in the inlet in the southern area. Again, we were surprised how different it all looked since we started reporting early last year. View full report 2
180 MAshley 08/03/2008 Three small slide areas north of Hobbit Trail and three larger slide areas farther north. In addition, there were people carving in the walls of the cliffs causing sand to fall. Some tide pools about in the middle of the mile full of barnacles View full report 0
198 bahngarten 08/03/2008 Beach clean, 5 whimbrels feeding on Mole crabs, several 4.5" backed dead female dungeness crabs noted. 20+ people,4 dogs, enjoying summer beach weather. 2 clamming,1 bicycler,1 kite flying. View full report 0
179 oystercatcher 08/03/2008 It was a beautiful calm morning with only one car from Montana with a couple photographing tide pools which they had never seen before. Most of the rocky beach found in spring was now covered with sand as was much of the seaweed, algae, and many of anemones. The beach was almost totally free of man made debris. Kelp flies were slightly bothersome. There was one unidentified dead bird in the drift line.The usual mob of western gulls were bathing in the mouth of Cape Creek. A few escaped crab pots were off Parrot and Pirate Rock. Surf scoters were in the surf and beyond. From up at the light house you could see pelicans skimming the waves, Brandt's cormorants with fully grown young, and common murres which had just about finished nesting and raising their chicks. Also there were a few tufted puffins observed flying in and out from the back side of Conical Rock. They must have a nest or two on the backside. I hope they are successful at raising young this year. View full report 5
16 Christine 08/02/2008 This is the section of Mile 16 I call Miner Creek. Nothing of concern was seen on the trail. Since the day was so calm, the lack of any Harbor Seals in the water or sunning on the rocks may indicate a reduction in seal activity in the area caused by what? View full report 0
210 Charlie 08/01/2008 Nothing too unusual...fair amount of plastic trash and marine debris. Interesting anchor or something from a fishing or maybe research vessel washed ashore (see picture). Also some new erosion. View full report 2
97 beachnut 08/01/2008 Wildlife was abundant on this lovely day at low tide: Whimbrels, Turkey Vultures, Swallows, a couple of Snowy Plovers, one Crow, Sanderlings and, of course, gulls.Greenish goo was coming in with the tide. Otherwise, the higher tideline had numerous wood pieces, baby shrimp, clusters of mussels, a starfish or two, a couple of clear jellies, some crab molts and broken sand dollars (small change, I guess). Only one other walker went south to Twomile Creek; the others must have gone north, but I only saw a couple of people in that direction. View full report 0
109 Foggy 08/01/2008 Oregon Coast Trail has been rerouted around Miles 110 and 109, further inland, partially on Tokyo and Whisky Run roads, through the gorse, less scenic by far than the old route, however, it is well signed. See attached topo map (red line) for new route. Light human use during this -1.7 but early morning tide. Whimbrel on rock (see photo). The normal Harbor Seals and Steller's Sea Lions hauled out on offshore rocks. View full report 5
172 Oyster 07/31/2008 Clean beach. Appearance of water leakage surfacing from ground between south end of Driftwood Shores Inn and homes on other side of dry storm drain. View full report 0
104 beachnut 07/31/2008 A glorious, sunny, almost-windless day at the beach. The only complaint was a churned up beach caused by 4 horses to-ing and fro-ing. Wildlife was not evident, apart from one gull flying offshore. Green slimy foam was coming in on the tide. Not much litter for a change. two driftwood structures noted -- one just over the dune from the parking lot and the other at the southern edge of mile 105 (fairly elaborate for that sort of thing). Scatterings of kelp, seaweed, logs and branches, shell fragments, some gravel collections. Moderate human impact (15)- 9 walking, 2 fishing and 4 on horses. View full report 0
103 nickhovsepian 07/30/2008 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, land-based debris and Styrofoam in driftline. Collected one bag of trash, plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bags and wrappers and Styrofoam cups. One badly decomposed pelican being eaten by a turkey vulture. Moderate human impact (7)- 2 walking and 5 rockhunting. View full report 0
53 [email protected] 07/29/2008 The day was beautiful and clear. A perfect day for a walk. This area is barren of people, ocean debris and life. The cliffs are wearing from the high tide wave activity and are amazing in the variety of colors showing. Near the mouth of the Elk River the dunes replace the cliffs. Along the top ORV are crushing down the grasses. I'll be checking on this next time to see if more damage has been done. Near the mouth of the river the surf line is scummy green and the waves are dirty appearing. I will check to see if I can find out what causes this and report back next time. View full report 0
338 Randy and Beth 07/29/2008 A very blustery, misty day with pelicans, terns, gulls and sandpipers enjoying the beach. The only other beach walkers encountered were in the parking lot. The terns, needing to harass someone or something, squawked loudly at my friend's dog, Katie, as we walked our mile. View full report 0
24 edbear 07/27/2008 Many, Many Small Crab shells on beachat tide line. Could be a Dead Zoneproblem?? Shell deposits are probablyonly 1-2 months old at most. View full report 0
187 [email protected] 07/27/2008 Sea calm, small amount of beach exposed and cobbles out lining rocks almost under water, very quiet and fog rolling in fast. View full report 0
184 bailiffd 07/27/2008 The north end of my mile was quite pristine. There is more sand than my last visit making the walking easier. Because this beach is a bit remote there was little activity. The nine year old along for tide pooling was delighted by the adventure. View full report 0
284 MotaiAukski 07/27/2008 Very cloudy and cool start to the day which left me nearly alone on the beach when I started out. Mugginess increased, the sun peaked through and suddenly people came out from all sides. The South end of the mile is the most interesting because it's where mountains meet the sea. Multiple trees are down at the edge; likely from the December storm, but a few clearly dropped many years before. There's a cove at the Southern most end where shrimpers drop their nets. It's also where all the toilet paper, junked coolers, abandoned nets, etc. are. The woods were empty, which at this tide level is the only way to reach the cove at the Cape's edge. Outside of the gulls and the tide, there was no sound, but a plethora of color with foxgloves and thick greens. Photos soon, but I have dial-up, so it takes a bit. View full report 0
184 bailiffd 07/25/2008 The day was warm, overcast and still, perfect for walking the beach. On this day I walked the south half (for this mile is equally divided by a large outcropping that makes it difficult to walk the length when there is not an extrem low tide.People were enjoying the day. No disturbances to note. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 07/25/2008 Little to no driftline of a few rocks. One dead Common Murre, one unidentifiable gull wings probably eaten by an eagle on beach and one dead Longnose Skate, Raja rhina. Flocks of Western Sandpipers, many Whimbrels, and one Snowy Plover observed. Western Gulls, Ring-billed Gulls and Heerman's Gulls resting on beach. Bald Eagle, Turkey Vultures flying over beach. Brown Pelican feeding offshore. One ATV (Government Predator Control) observed on closed beach. Ocean brown with diatom bloom. New River makes a giant loop back from the north to south before flowing out to the ocean. Beach slope of 1 to 8 degrees. Low human impact (0). Air and ocean temperature of 55 and 52 F, respectively. Wind speed 9.2 mph. View full report 14
97 D Bilderback 07/25/2008 Light driftline of a few shells, mole crab, broken sand dollars and small rocks. Harbor Seals swimming in surf. Heermann's Gulls, Ring-billed Gulls, Turkey Vultures, 3 Snowy Plovers observed. Flocks of Sanderlings and 27 Whimbrels foraging on beach. One dead Steller's Sea Lion and one dead immature Western Gull. The Steller's Sea Lion was reported to the Stranding Network. Ridge/runnel formation on beach. Beach Slope of 1-8 degrees. Air and ocean temperature of 55 and 52 degrees F, respectively. Wind of 9.2 mph. Low human impact (2)-walking. View full report 1
223 shan&louie 07/24/2008 I was pleased to see only a small amount of litter or ocean debris. I did not find any dead sea birds. Normal amounts of dead crab and other marine animals. View full report 0
181 [email protected] 07/23/2008 Beautiful windy day, people and dogs enjoying sunny weather. Lots of crab molts, very little litter. View full report 0
129 [email protected] 07/23/2008 Another beautiful, if windy day at the beach. Shells, animal casings (numerous crab carapaces), kelp/algae, wood pieces, land-based debris and Styrofoam in driftline. Frothy green algae in surf. Shorebirds moving in response to humans. Numerous Western Gulls, and a few Brown Pelicans, Turkey Vultures and Crows. The tourists are here! Especially ones with ATVs and all their accoutrements. Moderate human impact (12)- 4 walking, 3 playing in sand, 4 sitting and 1 playing in surf. 4 dogs. 1 car and 6 ATVs on beach in allowed area. The face of the foredune is a cliff, leading down to a flat plain, then another sandy cliff-let (2-4 ft)to a 25 degree slope down to the water. View full report 0
204 Janets 07/23/2008 On this, our first "official" CoastWatch walk, the bluffs seem well covered with healthy vegetation - trees shrubs, beach grass. View full report 0
152 cmoore 07/23/2008 The beach itself is beautiful and showed little signs of ATV usage except for plastic bottles and other trash. The beach has very few shells or casings and very few birds. There is apparently a lot of activity at the river's inlet south of the parking lot, however. I was appalled to see the amount of trash everywhere and two driftwood lean-tos for cozy camping. Moreover, there is a tremendous amount of huge driftwood logs at the upper end of the river. They are choking the stream. It is not a nice place to go anymore. View full report 3
234 kfharcourt 07/23/2008 Nothing unusual. Photo follow up of new concrete steps seen under construction last November (see that report of mile 234). Also a photo of fishing rock slowly eroding. View full report 2
229 SKrein 07/19/2008 Saw and photographed a great blue heron. It was first seen fishing in small pool of water beneath a log. These herons often seek food (fish) in areas where fresh and salt water are close by, as is the case in the cove. View full report 1
100 JohnnyCN 07/17/2008 On a gray morning of cold northwest wind, the beach attracted 24 walkers and 5 dogs. Two Snowy Plovers, which I had not seen here before, were chased by a dog. An unattended fire had been left burning at the edge of the sand where the dune grass began. Nine dead gulls were discovered along with a dead young seal. The wrack line was composed of many little sticks, broken shells, barnacle cases, feathers and old kelp. Johnson Creek had changed course from the middle of Mile 100 to the south end. Very little human refuse on the beach or else it was covered over by blowing sand. View full report 0
2 [email protected] 07/15/2008 Very quiet day; ocean completely flat and no people/cars around. All looked normal. View full report 0
309 spinger 07/15/2008 Beach sand still offshore in these littorals, but moving in. Sand level appears 4' - 10' below typical mid-July height, extensive round rock at top of beach. Shorebird population appears normal. Ocean water feels colder than normal. Early morning observation, so human activity low, and mostly strolling. Logging activity in hills above beach toward Angora Pk. continues and is now quite visable from the beach. View full report 0
54 mvolson 07/14/2008 No significant changes since last report. The beach was extremely clean of all human-produced debris, even though there was evidence of considerable use in recent weeks--many driftwood structures, for example. View full report 0
239 Shafer 07/13/2008 Beautiful day, but the fog bank came in during our walk. The wind was quite brisk. Observed a lone Brown pelican fishing in the surf, and saw several Western gulls, including a juvenile (probably a yearling) foraging in the surf line. Noted a very tall pole erected in the sand, possibly as a flagpole? Only collected one grocery bag of trash. View full report 4
299 hallee 07/13/2008 This was a beautiful Sunday morning in Manzanita. There was a big fog bank out at sea and it looked like there might be fog from Barview south and from Cape Falcon north. Considering that there were multitudes of people in town for the Fourth of July last week, the beach was very clean. We only found a few pieces of fireworks litter. View full report 4
245 lvoelker 07/13/2008 The erosion of the area near the headland continues. View full report 0
175 Caples 07/11/2008 Nice sunny morning, 60 degrees. Peoples and doge on the beach, six horse and riders. The parking area is a camp ground with areas for horses.Seen a very immature Brandt's Cormorant and one Western Gull.... View full report 0
274 tomanderica 07/10/2008 We didn't notice much different. There were small rocks with barnacles and kelp attached in the driftline. There were many people (more than 100) on this summer weekday, playing and wading in the surf, walking, picnicing, sitting, playing games on the sand. View full report 0
225 acwasner 07/08/2008 Beautiful, calm morning with quite low tide. More people than usual. Everyone enjoying the beach. No problems noted. Beach very clean. No new erosion noted. More birds than usual. Lots of seals (40+ with about 15 immature) Pleased to see the Eagle quiet enough to grab a photo. As usual, this is a gorgeous stretch of beach. View full report 1
305 skyhar8000 07/06/2008 I descended via the usual route. Someone has added a quality rope to it. I thought that it belonged to the folks from Seattle/Portland and that it would be gone when I returned, but it is still there. Don't know who else comes into the area. Nice to have that rope, though.All trash is now directly under the hoisting point in Cove 1, securely bagged with heavy rocks on it. I anticipate doing the lifting on Labor Day Weekend and am rounding up one or more other persons to help me with this project. I will try to get some publicity, too.Stuff seems to come in spurts. One trip will yield lots of golf balls, and then there will be none -- ditto the Aerobies, knotted clumps of rope, etc. I suppose it depends on wave and wind action. Certain stuff is driven ashore just at certain times, depending on conditions. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 07/06/2008 8 whimbrels feeding at shoreline near Big Creek. Generally a very clean beach, small amount of fireworks debris removed from beach. Mod amt.s Dungeness crab parts, mole crabs, a few olive snails observed in sand near drift line. No further sightings of last month's old car chassis (embedded in sand)- reported by State Parks employee. View full report 0
167 JeanneLB 07/05/2008 Just hope I checked the right area. I parked at Parking Area #2 on the south Jetty and checked both north and south of that point. Unusual amount of crab shells View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 07/05/2008 Biggest crowd I've seen on this beach. Literally hundred's of families, kids, dogs, surfers, joggers, walkers, and jetty fishermen out enjoying the beach on this overcast but almost wind-free day. The upper beach algae bloom from the failed Driftwood Shores complex septic system leach field is very noticable. Lots of people walking thru the stuff barefooted. Fortunately, the new sewer lines are being installed this summer. View full report 4
100 JohnnyCN 07/04/2008 On August 4, 08, Mile 100 had a high number of walkers(38)-30 walking, 1 taking photographs, 4 tidepooling and 3 gathering mussels, and dogs(9), but all were well behaved and seemed to be enjoying themselves. The high tide line was almost entirely composed of small pieces of wood and shell. I saw no dead birds or mammals, but did see a large flock of Whimbrel which were foraging both along the water and also high up on the beach--something I had not seen before. Overall, a slightly crowded but enjoyable day at the beach. View full report 0
307 Bald Eagle 07/04/2008 The beach looks normal for this time of year.I have observed dozens of brown pelicans recently. About two weeks ago, I saw three mature bald eagles. One of them picked up a live seagull and took it near Gull Rock and dropped it in the water. The Common Murres are nesting on Gull Rock. View full report 0
233 [email protected] 07/04/2008 Inclement weather probably reduced the number of people. One of the lowest tides of the year. View full report 0
305 skyhar8000 07/04/2008 I managed to hike through all 10 coves due to extremely low tides. At the end of Cove 10, I changed into diving booties and waded through waist-deep tidal pools in order to round the corner to see what was there. At that point, it appears that the coves end and that there is a true headland -- I could see and hear breaking waves on the other side, and the grooves in the rock underfoot became long and deep.To my complete surprise, upon reaching Cove 4, I ran into 10 people from Seattle and Portland, hiking as a single group. Some of them had plastic trash bags and were wearing yellow rubber gloves. I told them there was no more trash south of our meeting point and showed them the stuff I'd stashed above the tide line from my previous visit. They hiked to some of the southern coves without me, then turned around and brought some sacks of my litter with them when they returned. I waited for them at Cove 1 right at the hoisting point for trash, and we stuffed the bags next to boulders and placed heavy rocks on them.This was a great trip, despite the rain. Getting to the extreme southern points was fun, and having the people help carry bag of trash was even better. I really think I can finish the retrieval on my next trip, and that everything can be hoisted before autumn arrives. View full report 0
34 edbear 07/04/2008 1. Dead Seals:4 baby dead seals found on beach from early April to Mid-May. Two were badly mutilated, certainly before they washed up on the shore. One seal had no noticeable injuries, but was very dead. The last had visible injuries, but had bled out. The seal [population, in general, seemed about 1/2 to1/3 of what is was say 4 years back.2. BIRDS:A. Oystercatchers: Only about 4 maximum at one time observed. Usually, only 1 to 3 are present. This is much less than 2007 where up to 14 at one time were observed repeatedly.B. Cormorants: From Feb to June, about 5 mutilated Cormorantswere found. There is a sizable population on the Point(Hubbard Mound) just south of mile 34. Two quick observations oftheir location indicated no obvious problems.3. DEAD OCTOPUS: A large white with orange spots Octopuswas found in a tide pool, on 07/03/08. Weight, about 20 kg.About half of the tentacles were cut off apparently by a boat prop. The Octopus disappeared after two days, washed out to sea I assume. 4. TRASH: The amount of trash was significant from January to the end of April. Much less since then. The biggest trash item are the rubber strips from tire inner tubes. The source is unknown. From Feb to the end of April, I removed (typically)about 1 - 2 kg of trash on each beach walk, or about 3 - 4 timesa week. View full report 0
264 rbourke 07/03/2008 As is usual, the beach is quite clean. Even after the Labor Day weekend, there was no litter to be seen. View full report 0
200 bluemoonjoanie 07/02/2008 It was a pleasant day at Mile 200. It always amazes me how few people visit this area of the Oregon coastline. View full report 0
95 [email protected] 07/02/2008 I crossed New River at the Lower Four Mile trail end. The water was about 18 inches deep; the river must be breached south of Lower Four Mile Creek. The mud was soft, but the water was fairly clear. I saw two 4-wheelers. One was fish and game; the other was BLM. Animal casings in the driftline. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
130 sandyrandy94 07/02/2008 New sand being deposited on parts of the beach, and other parts seemed to have lost sand. Beach was clean on the first third of walk coming from North. Southern part had more log debris and toward the end of Mile 130 there is extensive log and drift deposits. Part of the beach is taking on a "berm" appearance as sand is moved about. Shells, animal casing and wood pieces in driftline. Two large flocks of gulls on beach, and a large group of shorebirds foraging at surfline. Moderate human impact (10)- 9 playing in surf and 1 fishing. Four dogs. View full report 0
239 Shafer 06/29/2008 Beautiful sunny day! Observed a mixed flock of gulls and cormorants feeding on surface about 1/4 mile off shore; a flock of approximately 70 gulls resting on shore; Bull kelp, Rockweed kelp, Feather Boa kelp, and numerous Dungeness crab shells in drift line, probably from molt; saw tire tracks above high tide line. View full report 0
236 Derskin 06/29/2008

At Wallace St you sometimes see vehicles cutting firewood on the beach, and there are almost always tire tracks on beach. There is no sign prohibiting anythng; there was a State sign telling beach rules, but it was knocked down by winter seas a few years ago. There are also people camping on the beach in the summer, and no sign prohibiting it. I've called State Police a dozen times over the past ten years, and they have gotten rid of the most obnoxious ones.

View full report
16 Christine 06/28/2008 This is the section of Mile 16 I call Spruce Island Viewpoint South. With the fog, extra summer foliage and steep cliffs all along the trail, not much of concern could be seen. View full report 0
147 Foggy 06/27/2008 Brown water of diatom bloom. Almost no human impact whatsoever. View full report 7