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293 ducks73 03/25/2009 Quiet day on the beach for the middle of spring vacation. There is a lot of wood on the beach and some has been cut and hauled away presumably for firewood. One bonfire was still smoldering. View full report 0
109 Foggy 03/24/2009 Kelp/algae and ocean-based debris in the driftline including a very large chunk of concrete-covered styrofoam, probably a floating dock. 20 Surfbirds on rocks in surf, flock of 134 Sanderlings and 5 Harbor Seals on offshore rocks. A few large clumps of kelp on beach, quite dessicated. Evidence of small fire in headland gorse near beach access (has been reported to State Parks). Moderate human use: 13 people, 3 dogs, 1 vehicle. Almost no trash. View full report 10
338 Randy and Beth 03/23/2009 A cold spring day with southerly wind and rain. Very little human activity and also very few birds. Only several plastic litre bottles on the beach--otherwise a very clean mile with scattered driftwood. View full report 0
130 sandyrandy94 03/22/2009 Heavy ocean action has brought a lot of wood debris to the beach along the mile. Some spots have more wood than others. Animal casings, kelp/algae and wood pieces in the driftline. Sharp drop-off of sand along the vegetation line. Low human impact (3)-fishing. Three dogs. View full report 0
309 cadonofrio 03/22/2009 Nothing notable, except unusual to see people surf fishing near Hug Point. View full report 0
226 gsmeyer 03/21/2009 I observed a total of six people fishing off the rocks with some success. There were no fishing boats observed. The area experiences little physical change, though the one rockfall deposit appears to be getting larger. I will be monitoring this closely in the future. View full report 0
10 Christine 03/21/2009

Reporting on Mile 10 until a new adopter can be found. Low tide, low wind, no rain today. Spring break with 2 or 3 families/groups picnicking, maybe 20 people, kids, a dozen or so cars. The usual resident ravens and gulls plus more gulls because of the picnickers, 2 dozen or so. 2 or 3 people walking dogs. Very little seaborne debris deposited onto the sand. Natural rain, wind erosion of the sandy/rocky outcrop access to the south side of the beach. On the south side, several seals resting on large rocks in the water, at least 2 cormorants, 2 gulls, a heron, heard oystercatchers. Gorse is blooming all the way down the rocky bluffs almost to the beach area. Nice day at the beach between storms.

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54 mvolson 03/21/2009 A total of 18 people were on the beach, most seemingly beachcombing. Two played in the surf. Two of the 4 dogs were on leash. One vehicle parked on the beach near entry.A few seagulls and partial remains of one dead bird (black feathers).More human-made litter than usual, especially plastic bottles.Small landslide of bluff near mouth of Elk. Large amount of driftwood and duff on beach, south half of mile 54. View full report 0
289 ollikainen 03/21/2009 Sand and driftwood pile up on Mile 289 with the prevailing southerly winter winds. Erosion is not an issue on the beach. There is erosion on the jetty road (bayside) before the jetty turns westward. (after that, there is no road). Also at the start of the jetty at Kincheloe Point, erosion has washed away part of the road. A jetty warning sign is in danger of falling into the bay. View full report 2
131 thunderhead 03/21/2009 There was alot of trash on the beach. I removed some and the SOLV work party on March 28th removed alot. The logs and debris pile up at any indentation to the shoreline, especially to the north halfway to 10 Mile Creek. Thanks to the folks with ATVs who helped with the SOLV Day,couldn't have done it without them!Very quiet on this beach visit with regard to any creatures or birds. Shells, kelp/algae (Bull Kelp), small rocks and wood pieces, many tiny jellies, one large jelly in driftline. Erosion of vegetated foredune. Moderate human impact (8)-walking. One dog. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 03/21/2009 Light driftline with few invertebrates (Ctenophores, Hydrozoa, Mole Crab and tunicates, pieces of Sea Jelly and appendage molts of barnacles), shells, rocks wood pieces, three large pieces of peat and a few Bull Kelp. We found many stems and logs that had been cut and bark remove by beaver. One dead Glaucous-winged Gull and one dead Western Grebe. Flocks of foraging Sanderlings and Semipalmated Sandpipers. One degraded carcass of a Steller's Sea Lion (reported MMSN). One Harbor Seal swimming offshore. Beach with a gentle slope of 5 degrees. Large amount of driftl logs on southern end of mile. Erosion of 6 ft of sand at mouth of New River. Wind from SW at 10.3 mph. Air and ocena temperature of 50 and 50.2 degrees F., respectively. Removed large bag of ocean-based debris. Low human impact (0). View full report 17
282 nicgartland 03/21/2009 The mile was very rocky this day. There was a small area at the far southern end that had a lot of sea plastic, small plastic pellets and styrofoam.Rock hunters were carrying out lots of bags filled with agates and several people were climbing onto the rock walls and digging (with picks and shovels that they'd obviously brought along for this purpose) into the wall. View full report 1
97 D Bilderback 03/21/2009 Light driftline with few invertebrates (Ctenophores, Hydrozoa, Mole Crabs, tunicate and molted appendages of barnacles), a few kelp (Cystoseira and Nereocystis), shells, small rocks, wood pieces and pieces of sea jellies. Many stems and limbs were found that had the stems cut out and bark removed by beaver. One dead Western Grebe. Flocks of foraging Sanderlings. Beach with a gentle slope of 5 degrees. Wind from SW at 10.3 mph. Air and ocean tempertaure of 50 and 50.2 degrees F, respectively. Low human impact (1)-walking with one dog. View full report 1
31 Lorenzo2 03/20/2009 Very little to be seen on the beach other than the kelp plants. View full report 0
166 Zurflueh 03/20/2009 Pleasant and uneventful walk. A couple of ORVs on the beach getting a jump on Spring Break and a few people, nothing unusual. View full report 0
331 alkarbeck 03/20/2009 A lot of driftwood, trees, and beached rope on the beach at this time. View full report 0
178 Brien M 03/20/2009 On my visit to the beach today I found one thing to be most out of the ordinary, it was the complete lack of sea lions. There were none to be seen on the rocks or in the water. Typically, there is a constant background noise of sea lions barking, but not this time. I stopped in at Sea Lion Caves on my way home and inquired about the sea lions presence in the caves and was told they were plentiful inside. The count was about 220. The erosion issues I have been monitoring at every visit hadn't escalated much since my last visit. The wave action has been scouring the cobble beach however, thereby exposing previously unseen agates. I was not making as fast of headway on my hike because of bending over picking up agates. I gathered a pocket full, also carried back some fishing floats that had washed up. View full report 4
217 [email protected] 03/19/2009 Little sand removal this winter. A lot of marine debris on beach, especially plastic bottles. View full report 0
127 tsunchoi 03/19/2009 Shorebirds foraging in the surf and moving in response to humans. Kelp/algae, shells, small rocks, wood pieces, land-based debris and plastic pellets in driftline. One dead unidentified bird. New plantings at New Carissa staging area showing visible growth. Low human impact (1)-picking up litter by truck within an allowed area. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/19/2009 This very late winter visit found no one else there when my daughter and I arrived around noon. Shoreline content was minimal, mostly small rocks. There was little wildlife --- a couple of Western Gulls and that was it. On the way out we spotted an adult Bald Eagle perched on mile 287. The dune area contains some degree of debris, human and natural. One problem is the lack of garbage cans anywhere so all debris picked up has to be carried several miles. I will contact Tillamook County and ask if this situation can be improved.Also, as noted, there were tire tracks again. On this also I'll call the county. View full report 6
216 Ranger Bug 03/19/2009 A cool, overcast Thursday morning. Few visitors; nothing exceptional. No unusual drift-line contents, but an interesting assortment of seaweeds. View full report 6
23 Bob Harvey 03/18/2009 Seven people (ok 10 counting my group), walking the beach, some with dogs, at low tide. Seasonal creeks running. Very little debris of any kind on beach.Wildlife: a few gulls and 4 oystercatchers (first sighting in my 1 1/2 yr watch). and 1 osprey. No geese as there were 1 year ago.No man made changes. Storm erosion has cut a sand bank back a few feet since Dec. View full report 0
49 Tichenor 03/18/2009 Little beach activity; sands mostly clean. On the pocket beach between Battle Rock and Fort Point--where the waves do not wash things away as completely as on the open beaches--there were piles of tangled grass, kelp, and pieces of wood. These might be the remains of some of the land-based debris reported earlier on our southern beaches (following heavy rains and flooding in Curry County) View full report 0
245 TerryH 03/18/2009 Nice day on the beach. Talked with a man panning for gold in the stream just below Roads End Park. He said he has found gold there before. Also, a professional kite flyer was practicing He was very good.And, another old beach house gets demolished. See attached pic. View full report 1
335 mnfwhite 03/18/2009 Quiet day on the beach, with only 7 people and 4 cars. We didn't find any dead birds or mammals, and there wasn't anything unusual in the driftline. The only wildlife were sanderlings and a few gulls. View full report 0
209 bloeffel 03/18/2009 There were car tracks at lost creek in two tight circle patterns. On September 15 I was walking on this mile at 9:00 am and found a log, 1 by 4 feet, still burning from some partying the night before. There were also cloths and fireworks remains around. I took the trail to the nearest house where a man in his early 20s came out. I told him of the burning log, which he said was theirs when he said is that thing burning, he covered it with sand . I said that sand wouldn't do it and to please put it out. He agreed to do so. On my return trip he and three other men had the area policed up well and when I said thanks, he said they were doing it for the ocean. View full report 0
52 [email protected] 03/18/2009 There were few people on the beach this day, only two and only one van in the parking area. The beach looked clean and typical of Paradise Point beach...pebbles, agates, bullwhip kelp and driftwood, some arranged in lovely sculptures, AND the ever present ATV tracks. I noticed gorse for the first time on the cliffs/bluffs of Paradise Point. It is gaining a foothold. I noticed small boulders of a reddish/iron- containing-looking nature at the foot of the trail down from Paradise Point. The bluff may be eroding and the parking area may be affected in time...who knows how much. This time of day it was mid-tide. View full report 4
96 beachnut 03/18/2009 DISPATCH Although there were scattered clear jellies on the mile approaching this one, there was a concentration of them in the high-tide line practically the length of the Snowy Plover Habitat Restoration Area. They were of varied sizes. View full report 0
97 beachnut 03/18/2009 DISPATCH A heads-up for the "snowy plover police:" Someone walked the Christian Camp trail to the nesting signage and went under the ropes to get to the beach. There were no tracks yesterday when I walked my mile, and I surmise someone came after that. If it helps, the perp has big feet and takes teeny steps.... View full report 0
101 Doug C 03/17/2009 Sunny Tuesday with enough wind to fly a kite. 17 people, 8 dogs - all unleashed. Most people were walking (9), three were tidepooling and a couple were sitting or flying a kite in the light wind. One female Bufflehead seen in the shallow surf. No changes noted since the last report. Shells and small rocks in driftline. A large amount of driftwood remained high on the beach near the foredune. Beach was relatively clean except for access points. View full report 0
121 LouiseW 03/17/2009

The areas described in my last report that were down to rock have again filled in with sand. This beach seems to do the opposite of most in that it fills in during the winter & washes out to rock in many places during the summer. There were many more large logs than usual and extreme amount of small woody debris. Do not see any evidence of the Osprey. I guess they have moved out permanently. I have been looking at the cliffs more closely, and it is interesting to note some small fossils. Lots of rock fall and changes in the cliffs. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, plastic pellets, land-based debris, Styrofoam and pieces of aluminum cans in driftline. Low human impact (2)-walking.

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97 beachnut 03/17/2009 An overcast, chilly morning brought no bad things to view. The Snowy Plover nesting signage is up from China Creek south through the nesting restoration area (and probably beyond, but I didn't go there because of threatening storm clouds moving in from the south). No dead mammals or birds or fish came in sight. Trash was mostly from out to sea, and I removed a SOLV bag full: rope, plastic bags and bottles, spray cans with oriental markings, plastic bottle tops. Kelp/algae and beach grass in driftline. A cormorant flying along the tideline. A few Canada Geese flying overhead. Sanderlings and Dunlins on the shore. Low human impact (1)- a predator control person on an allowed ATV. View full report 0
182 Jackie 03/16/2009 It has been approximately one month since we walked Mile 182, and little has changed. Areas of the beach that are normally exposed rock this time of the year are still sandy. China Creek and Big Creek have widened in response to the latest storms. All in all, very little has changed on Mile 182. View full report 0
307 Bald Eagle 03/16/2009 A dead harbor porpoise was found on the south end of the rocks on mile 307.The high bank near the Clatsop lane access continues to erode in small chunks after heavy rain and high tides. The ocean has been moving the small rocks towards the south on to mile 306. View full report 0
152 cmoore 03/13/2009 A nice day to walk the beach, and a good day for fishing, apparently. There were 9 fishermen. The beach was quite clean, due in part to the efforts of a man from Roseburg who picks up rope and floats in his ORV and takes them to his neighbor who decorates her yard with them. He had a good stack of stuff. The parking lot was dirtier than the beach, but we did see three tires and a laundry basket. Hopefully, people on Beach Clean-Up Day were able to get rid of them. I talked with the US Forest Service people in the Information Center, Reedsport, about the large amount of campers on the beach in the summer and the lack of any toilet facilities. They will bring it up with their supervisor. View full report 0
128 rubygoes 03/13/2009 Continued high tides, carrying a prodigous amount of sizable timber, have battereed the foredune so badly that it appears sculpted in places. I have never seen so much timber lying scattered in this mile before. Large clumps of beach grass that have been "calving" for the last 2 winterslie half way down the foredune and on the beach.The staggering amount of trash may be due to the timber and grass clumps trapping and tangling it at the foot of the foredune. Bottles,glass, styrofoam, lumber and, most upsetting, netting and rope. The SOLV beach clean-up comingon March 28 should be very helpful in removing alot of the mess. I dragged off a sack o' plastic, about 15 lbs., and the other hand dragged the netting for a pretty even balance. I must be a strange sight doing this. The two equestrian access points have been shearedoff so stepply as to be very long jumps, if someone moseys down them expecting an easy entry to the beach. Surprise!...and not so easy to getback up. Brown, frothy surf. I had expected moredead birds after the February sewage spill, butonly found three. Glorious day for walkingmy interesting mile. Shells, animal casings, kelp, and small rocks in driftline. Moderate human impact (12)-6 walking, 1 playing in sand and 6 fishing. 5 dogs. View full report 0
153 bebdhm 03/13/2009 Beautiful and cold day on the beach. Only one seagull, but lots of shorebird tracks.11 sea stars stranded above the low tide line, but they were in the water by the time we did the return trip. View full report 0
192 mcrobbins 03/13/2009 Spring is not very much in evidence on mile 192, although there are subtle signs of change. There is plentiful new algal growth in and around areas of seepage and runoff in the rocky areas, particularly adjacent to bluffs. Sea thrift is starting to bloom and there are a few other wildflowers. There is little erosion to report, although there is minor slumping of bluffs and some slopes close to the southern end of the mile. We did notice some differences from the same time last year, after reviewing our March 2008 report. The level of marine bird activity this year seemed much lower. We saw surf scoters and a grebe on the water, oystercatchers flying, a few cormorants and of course gulls, but the general level of activity viewed with binoculars over the water was lower than we expected. We saw sea stars at the north end of the mile, but not many elsewhere. Last year we noted that the rocks even fairly far from the water's edge were covered with new barnacles, but this year the barnacle population seemed smaller and less widespread. Also some areas that were crowded with mussels last year are this year much less so, with more open areas. There are still large colonies of mussels at waterline in most places, and fresh shell deposits show that gulls and other birds are feeding here. Anemones seemed plentiful at waterline in most areas. We saw 2 or 3 dozen sea lions sunning themselves on the rocks at the very south end of the mile. We collected quite a bit of garbage on this walk, mostly plastic pieces, bottles and styrofoam pieces of marine origin, doubtless washed in by winter storms. View full report 0
43 Dale Lee 03/13/2009 Foam pellets always bother me. Does anyone have a good way to remove them from the beach? They are often mixed with small woody debris on my mile. There was none of the forest duff that concentrated at Crook Point, but the event did leave lots of new driftwood especially on the rocky portion of mile 43. It was medium sized, averaging around an 8 foot 2x4, but few pieces I would call saw logs. There was also lots of sand for this time of year. Often large piles of seaweed are present now, but evidently it landed elsewhere this year. This new medium woody drift was also void of plastic litter for the most part. There was some crab gear which is normal this time of the year, and the artifact of interest was an intact coconut. I never did really like the, 'have your cake and eat it too' chestnut, but it seems to apply here. View full report 0
138 comubp 03/12/2009 What a great day for a beach walk. The only concern was who put the vehicle tracks on the non-vehicle beach leading up to Tenmile Creek? BLM employees use both ATVs and 4wd vehicles to monitor the nesting area. Occassional illegal entry also occurs. Other signs of human activity centered around the blading of the sandy nesting area of 6-10 acres between the ocean and the small estuary. Rodent and deer tracks were noted, and three Harbor Seals were actively patrolling the outlet for fresh fish. A pair of adult Bald Eagles were observed soaring over the outlet. Other bird life included a flock of Sanderlings, a pair of Snowy Plovers, and one lone gull. Parts of the sea wall were eroded back by wave action leaving vertical walls up to eight feet. Shells, animal casings, Bull Kelp, wood and ocean-based debris in driftline. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
137 comubp 03/12/2009 Sharing the beach with other users is a pleasure when the vehicles, pets, and humans are under control and enjoying the same glorious weather. Twelve vehicles included six trucks and six ATVs. Six adults were fishing for surf perch and six were riding or walking for pleasure. The driftline was full of beachgrass eroded from the sea wall, plus some bullkelp and the usual shells, wood and debris. Birds were absent but their tracks were visible around one dead and badly decayed marine mammal. The usual winter erosion features were present with carved out vertical sand faces followed by flatter areas which collected the eroded grasses and wood debris. The vehicle entrance at the north end was too steep for some vehicles. View full report 0
263 connierbruce 03/12/2009 We observe 262 & 263 several times a week. Usual and typical activities: 3 or 4 cars, walkers with dogs or looking for agates, 3 or 4 jet skis in surf, and occasionally tracks of jeep or motorcycle up into the Cape Kiawanda saddle ,i.e. off limits.The base of the rebuilt slide area is showing ten feet or so of the landscape fabric as it erodes away again. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 03/12/2009 Gorgeous day. Very little going on. Saw sanderlings on next mile, but all I saw on Mile 157 was one soaring bald eagle and a few gulls. Not much in the drift line; no evidence of any big recent blows out of southwest (didn't see any debris I'd identify as Asian in origin). Really not much going on. But a beautiful day. View full report 1
213 vickiosis 03/12/2009 Nothing to report of interest. The mile has a strange split. the northern 1/3 has plentiful woody debris and piles of kelp while the southern 2/3 is clean. View full report 0
167 JeanneLB 03/12/2009 Collected 3 plastic bags of debris...mostly plastic bottle. Also a plastic bucket and large plastic basket. We found a 10 gallon can marked "cleaning solvent" that had some liquid in it with a label that stated Enviroclean....origin Norway. We flagged down one of the 4 sheriff's vehicles and he picked it up. View full report 0
133 JBWEGNER 03/11/2009 There has been increased ATV useage along the top dune line and some winter erosion of the dunes in areas. Usual amount of debris on the upper beach area. Shells and animal casings in the driftline. Three dead birds. Low human impact (4) driving ATV's on an allowed beach. View full report 0
112 rheadohner 03/11/2009 DISPATCH These photos document the changes that have occurred this winter. One photo taken on June 5, 2009 shows the build up of sand on the beach. The photo taken today shows 5 to 6 feet of dune that was lost over the winter. View full report 2
171 oldMGguy 03/10/2009 The beach was covered with a lot of river-sourced wood debris from recent rain events. A large log covered with pelagic goose barnacles apparently arrived with the last high tide. All of the dead birds observed today appeared to be gulls. The dead fur-bearing critter (juvenile sea lion?)appears to have been chomped at both ends by sharks, as the head and rear flippers were missing. View full report 3
12 George 03/10/2009 It's hard to believe that Coastwatchers want miles where something happens; usually, what happens is not good. I am very happy to report that nothing has happened since the last report. There is still little evidence of human usage away from the House Rock viewpoint, and even there the trash level reported last time has lessened. All streams are flowing strong and clear. View full report 0
5 Berner 03/10/2009 mile 5 to the extent that it is accessible--from Chetco Point to 1/8 mile north of the little offshore projection just south of the condos--has changed very little since the last report. Surprisingly little debris, either land based or off shore originated. This has been an unusually quiet winter in terms of visible human activity. View full report 0
179 oystercatcher 03/09/2009 The 40 foot long juvenile male fin whale which was washed up on Sunday the 8th was being buried in an 11 foot deep trench by a local Florence excavating company. Emanating from the carcass was an incredibly strong smell of rotting flesh that could be smelled all the way to the east parking lot. There was a crowd gathered watching the burial of the whale and taking photographs. Park personal had sprinkled lime on the carcass to keep the smell down so that predators would be less likely to dig it up. In the middle of the burial a brief storm blew in with strong winds, rain and icy sleet.Samples from the whale for study had been taken earlier in the day by marine biologists in order to determine the cause of death. There was speculation that the whale may have sucumbed to malnutrition. View full report 6
20 D Bilderback 03/09/2009 New drift logs distributed on rocks below bluff and numerous small rocks on south beach. Little driftline. Plastic fish container moved onto south beach. Small sticks of wood, duff, Pterygophora stipes and a few kelp/algae in driftline on middle beach. Three small dead Cryptochiton, a few leather Bryozoa, a tunicate, a live Spot-bellied Rock Crab, a live Pink Sea Star and a sponge within 1/2 mile south of Crook Point. Buttercup, Footsteps-of Spring, Trift, Beach Knotweed, and Strawberry blooming on Crook Point. 27 Harbor Seals on offshore rocks. Three Black Oystercatchers and two Canada Geese on offshore rocks. Wind blowing at 3.5 mph from the NW. Small slumps on bluffs. Air and ocean temperature of 46 and 50.5 degrees F, respectively. View full report 22
1 [email protected] 03/09/2009 Mile 1 is the site for the new Crissey State Park & Visitor Welcome Center. Has been open only about 2 weeks. Minor trash on beach, such as tennis shoes, tangle of rope, plastic bottles. Next time I plan to take a garbage bag. Area landscaping is not bad, but the building itself is a travesty of design. I haven't seen so much concrete in one place since visiting Columbia River dams!Pleasant beach to walk on south side of Winchuck River, but north side completely blocked by large driftwood logs and debris. View full report 5
301 [email protected] 03/09/2009 2 people, walking. Beach very clean, completely free of human litter. View full report 0
179 FriendofStrawberry 03/08/2009 Juvenile, 40-foot-long male Fin Whale washed up on beach at Heceta Head.A deep water juvenile male Fin Whale washed up on the beach at Heceta Head Lighthouse. On Friday it was seen at the mouth of the Siuslaw River in Florence. Hatfield Marine Science Center and Oregon State University officials took samples to try to determine why the whale died. We know little about this whale because it lives in deep water. It is hoped that this 40 foot whale will wash back out to sea Monday at a higher tide than today. The state park was closed to traffic this afternoon until further notice. There is parking on the west side of 101 just after the tunnel and bridge. View full report 3
2 1beachboy 03/08/2009 The shore showed very little change from prior walks. The beach was clean with very little litter washed ashore. View full report 0
264 rbourke 03/08/2009 Only remarkable change is the large number of jellyfish washed up at tideline. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 03/08/2009 The tide seemed way in for mid transition to a 7.9 level, even considering moderately strong wstern and northern winds and the change to daylight savings time. Lots of detritus from sea foam heaped close to the banks. No shore birds, but did observe western gulls in flight, Fairly heavy kelp beds in spots. 41 degrees, moderately strong winds of about 20mph, cold rain turning to a snow mix. View full report 0
230 CoastalKaren 03/07/2009 It was a very enjoyable walk. So many folks were out enjoying the day. We all were looking for the sea otter, but I guess he is only around in the morning. Hopefully, I can go earlier some weekend and catch a glimpse of him. View full report 0
307 elsecobb 03/06/2009 There is more sand South of the Arch Cape. (not North).The bluff erosion areas are below 31845 and 31841 Clatsop Lane.Several large jelly fish (11-12" diam) beached North of the Arch Cape. View full report 0
221 lipberm 03/06/2009 An absolutely beautiful, sunny, calm Friday afternoon drew an unusual number of people to Mile 221. Workers were busy repairing the wooden stairway leading down from the two rental houses south of Moolack Motel; one lady was collecting something from the rocks in a bucket; there were ATV tracks (might have been the DOGAMI guy) left from the previous low tide. View full report 3
244 Millie & Carl 03/06/2009 A sunny, shirtsleeve day. Purely by chance, we hit the beach the same time a wedding group did - bride in full regalia; tiny flower girl sprinkling flower petals ahead of the bride from the bottom of the access stairs to the tent. A fine time being had by all.Overall, the beach was quite clean, with only a small scattering of trash atop the sand. View full report 2
242 oceanwalker842 03/06/2009 Another cool, beautiful day at the beach. A rare, almost windless (2-3 mph) day. At 49 degrees, it was too cold for the kids to be playing in the surf but over one-half of the people on the beach were of the young variety. Extremely low tide verging on the minus side which led to many people tidepooling on the rocks at 15th Street.There was very, very little manmade trash on the beach and also very little marine "trash" save for a few pieces of crab parts and a couple of mussel shells and a little sea soup.As for the "very little" manmade trash, the only place noted was a couple of pieces washed up in the driftwood pile behind Kyllo's restaurant near the D River. Very few rocks on the beach (no rock beds) most of which were less than 1/2 inch in diameter. Lots of sand! For those who do not know, Mile 242 includes the stretch of beach from 15th Street in Lincoln City south to Canyon Drive Park with the popular, city center D River wayside right in the middle. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 03/06/2009 A beautiful sunny walk successfully taken between rain showers. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Some beach litter. Low human impact (2)-walking with three dogs. View full report 0
3 floral 03/06/2009 The Tide was at a minus 0.1 and I was able to walk the whole mile today. several new steps have been built to the beautiful beach there. People were out enjoying the fair weather. Took pictures to document for future comparison. One lone oystercatcher was sighted and many gulls flying and some checking the rocks for food.Was startled to see duff (forest floor material) in large quanities on this mile.. have not seen this much in three years I've walked this area.picked up a shoping bag of man made garbage mostly plastic beverage cans and bottles. One surfer enjoying the day and a clam digger. View full report 1
312 [email protected] 03/06/2009 Wonderful sunny winter day with very low tide today at the time of my walk. Sand has returned in most places on my mile. Area is pretty large pieces of debris. Large logs have moved close to the banks. Very small mid beach wrack today with jellyfish pieces and some mole crabs. View full report 0
61 cwatch61 03/06/2009 Five people, accompanied by three dogs, were agate hunting on the beach.The beach was washed clean of light debris but laden with drifwood (Photo 1). The beach was undulating and quite soft. Low numbers of wildlife were observed on the breach shortened walk.The foredune had been breached at mile 62.7. New River now enters the ocean here and has scoured the river bottom south to the bend at mile 61.9 (Photos 2 and 3). View full report 3
254 SueGabriel 03/04/2009 Report prepared in conjunction with dead bird survey. Only one other person seen on beach with two dogs. More jelly fish and salps on beach than we usually see. Large flock of sanderlings foraging in surf line. Some evidence of wave over-topping and erosion but nothing dramatic. We did see a young eagle pursuing gulls in hopes of a tasty supper. View full report 0
259 powston1 03/04/2009 The beach was relatively free of litter-type debris. There were a few big 'clumps' of bull kelp and a number of jellyfish. It was a nice morning, and we saw 15 people taking advantage of it. One fellow was recording ocean sounds with sophisticated-looking equipment to incorporate into his own musical compositions that he puts on CDs and sells. View full report 0
328 Jann Luesse 03/02/2009 Strong wind and blowing sand had covered most everything on the beach. View full report 0
2 floral 03/02/2009 The last part of mile 2 (ends at Red Point) I was able to walk because no one around to stop me when I went looking for permission to pass the NO TRESPASS signs. New development of the Southwind point. About 8 trees removed and digger there to smooth after pulling roots to prepare for building. Site looks clean. A nice area to walk. View full report 14
142 KerrieP 02/28/2009 Despite threats of rain it was a great day to be on the beach; a calm ocean, no wind, good visibility and no people. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in the driftline. Thirteen Sanderlings on beach and 7 Surf Scoters on ocean. One Brown Pelican. 21 dead birds on beach. Erosion of foredune. Notified authorities about one set of ATV tracks on closed beach. View full report 0
2 floral 02/28/2009 Beautiful day of sunshine and enjoyed the walk of part of mile 2 area. (from Southwind point to past the McVay Park.)Noted footprints of dogs and a person, the river otter prints also but saw no one. One dead harbor seal that the birds have been trying to get rid of.The erosion of the bluff about 1/2 mile south of my walk was new. New rooted tree stumps and a few water bottles.see pictures. View full report 13
178 Brien M 02/28/2009 I had all kinds of weather on this visit. Shoreline wildlife was scarce. I had to travel as far South as Sea Lion Point to encounter any sea lions; they used to be so thick on Cape Cove Beach that I couldn't do my normal rounds because they would be in my way. There was however, a long-necked black sea bird, looked out of place just standing on the beach, usually they frequent the tops of the off-shore rocks. It was not in good physical condition, (see photo). I was able to approach close enough touch but I didn't. Wish I could have done something for it; I need to learn the proper protocol for such situations. Litter was one thing that was not scarce today. The beach is getting an accumulation of garbage of all sorts. I picked up some crab pot floats, rope, and a cast aluminum trawler-ball fishing float. The rest of the garbage I will get no later than the up-coming spring beach clean up in about four weeks. View full report 5
16 Christine 02/28/2009 This is the section of Mile 16 in Sam Boardman Park I call Miner Creek access. The eroding bluff along the trail overlooking the creek that can be seen from below looks like it has some healthy brush growth over it and some branches thrown onto it from the trail above it so that it no longer looks to be a problem. Erosion seems to have slowed because of the natural growth and the branches added by, I assume, trail maintenance. Other than that, nothing unusual observed except the lack of bird or seal life again for such a calm day. View full report 0
26 [email protected] 02/26/2009 Fair amounts of garbage, mostly recycleables. 4 Tires and half of a 50 gallon metal drum. I relieved the beach of a two gallon bucket full of plastic and glass and 1 tire. Not a lot of people on this stretch. View full report 0
168 bwholler 02/26/2009 Large amount of foam at waterline and blowing gently along the beach. Sand has been taken away from base of the foredune by winter surf action. Lots of driftwood, tree branches, and small pieces of wood on northern portion of mile 168. Fewer shell pieces and small rocks than usual. Major new development is the replacement of the bathroom buildings in the parking lots with new ones, which look exactly like the old ones but shiny clean and new! View full report 0
216 [email protected] 02/25/2009 I want to call atention to effluent,11,000,000 gallons daily, from the mill 1/3 mile off nye beach. now is the opportunity to refuse this heavy pollution(1 ton of lead a year to start with). City hall does not have to sign the contract on the table. there is a task force now, but no public awareness or attention. once it is signed, it will be impossible for us to get that power back. View full report 0
162 papa troll 02/20/2009 Warm 55 degrees, light breeze, partly cloudy, clean beach, ohvs activity light, View full report 0
274 tomanderica 02/18/2009 The beach was remarkably clean, with almost nothing in the driftline. It looks like the shoreline has survived the winter without too much damage this year. View full report 0
227 egret123 02/16/2009 I haven't filed a report for probably 2 years (sorry!), but the mile looks exactly the same. It is a rugged, rocky outcropping throughout the mile and cannot be walked on the beach only above on the rocks. There has been some additional development on the north end of the mile across the road from the bluff side. There are three new houses at the end of the development directly south of the Otter Crest wayside. These are at the far south end of the development. View full report 0
186 Joy186 02/16/2009 President's Day. 21 people enjoying the warm, sunny day on the beach. Broken car glass in the parking area. Driftline filled with small plastic bits and shot gun shells. A thin slice of about 20 feet has fallen off the bluff. View full report 0
217 firstrobin 02/16/2009 The beach at low tide was wide, wet, and mostly empty (except at the access points, and particularly the Nye Beach end). The sand had been blown into close, shallow ridges, giving it a corrugated effect; in the low places, water stood behind each little ridge. There was a driftline high on the beach with large logs and the occasional clump of seaweed. The drift line contained almost all organic materials.Note: This report contains a little more than a mile of territory. It runs from Agate Beach Wayside to Nye Beach Turnaround. View full report 0
106 Doug C 02/15/2009 Cool calm day in the middle of President's weekend. Human activity seemed high for this mile, six in four active vehicles. Other vehicle tracks indicated heavy prior usage. Two vehicles disturbed shorebirds. Foredune erosion observed and heavy logs were high on the beach. Lots of razor clam shells in the wrack line. Moon jellies were also noted. A driftwood structure, previously reported to Oregon State Parks, was demolished. We hauled out about 30 pounds of trash, mostly plastic bottles. View full report 0
105 Doug C 02/15/2009 Calm overcast day. One group of about 70 Sanderlings fed at the water's edge. We walked through this mile to get to Mile 106 and noted that the beach was relatively clean, perhaps due to recent high seas. Two people used a vehicle to get there, one was fishing in the surf. Lots of razor clam shells in the wrack line. Lots of large logs and other wood debris were high on the beach at the edge of the foredune. Some erosion of the foredune was noted. View full report 0
97 beachnut 02/13/2009 DISPATCH The sky was a deep, scary gray and clouds moving fast. But it was dry and a good walk. Saw a few gulls in the tideline as well as Sanderlings and Dunlins in groups there. The storm tides have overtopped a significant segment beyond the Christian Camp pathway. Otherwise the tides have come to the base of the dunes in many spots. Logs are changing position and even disappearing to other places. The predator-control ATV operator is back at work. No one else was out this morning. Scant trash from the sea; it probably came in and went right out again. View full report 0
98 beachnut 02/12/2009 DISPATCH Just an advisory that China Creek no longer meanders north below the parking lot. It parallels the lot and then heads due west to the sea now. The tidal wash area comes up to the rocks below the lot and also north to the trailhead. With the high tide levels and storm surges of late, there really is no beach heading south at high tide from here. View full report 0
207 dianemaloney 02/11/2009 Nothing alarming or unusual to report. All looked well. Absolutely gorgeous day. View full report 0
20 D Bilderback 02/09/2009 Majority of duff seen in January near the point has been removed leaving two small ridges of duff high on beach and two large six-foot high clumps. We would have really wondered what caused these clumps if we hadn't seen the huge wash-up of duff in January! Large patch of accumulated sticks and wood near intertidal area of the point. Light drift on beach with some algae, a few Leather Bryozoa, worm tubes and Hydrozoa. High tides and surf have eroded bluff base in middle of mile and cut into the toe of a landslide. Light drift of duff on the south beach and more sand has been removed, exposing large rocks and stones. Sand removed from North Cove beach. Three Black Oystercatchers, Western Gulls, American Kestril, Black Phoebe, American Pipets, Northern Flicker, Crow and Raven on offshore rocks or headland above beach. 24 Harbor Seals resting on offshore rocks. Wind speed of 4.2 mph from NW. Air and ocean temperature of 64 and 48.4 degrees F, respectively. View full report 9
174 Foulkes 02/08/2009 There were an extraordinary number of amber, sand-dollar-sized jelly fish washed up on shore along both mile 174 and 175. Large concentrations were gathered at the driftline and other strata, but they were also scattered all over the wet sand. They were so thick along the driftline that it was impossible to walk there. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 02/08/2009 Large amounts of driftwood near high tide line. Most were larger trees with some roots attached and appeared to have been in the ocean for some time. Large amounts of 4-6" brownish jellyfish all along beach mile. Small amounts 2-3" razor clam shells present. Small amount of plastic, fishlines, plastic bottles and caps removed from beach along high tide line. Betty View full report 0
297 NehalemBay 02/07/2009 The beach was very wide and clean. There were no dead birds, little wrack, and a minimum of human litter. The only organisms besides a few gulls were jellyfish below the surfline, with a greater concentration of those toward the jetty south of this mile. Otherwise the beach looked normal for this time of year. View full report 0
171 oldMGguy 02/05/2009 A tip of the hat to CoastWatchers Lloyd Maxfield and Jean Caroline for their work in publicizing pollution on the beach near the Driftwood Shores complex. They took a sample of the drainage in for testing, and the result posted a very high fecal coliform bacteria count, well in excess of public beach health standards.There have been two recent articles about the beach contamination in the Florence-based bi-weekly newspaper, the "Siuslaw News", and an in-depth article in the Eugene "Register-Guard" newspaper.The Florence city council this week identified monitoring the possibility of septic contamination of the Heceta Beach area aquifer as a major priority for 2009. The city will be installing several dozen monitoring wells this year. According to a home contractor friend of ours, the local building professionals are aware the area between Heceta Beach and Hwy 101 has probably reached its capacity to absorb septic tank system discharge without contaminating the underlying aquifer.Again, thanks to CoastWatch for bringing this to the public's attention. Well done, guys! View full report 0
233 [email protected] 02/04/2009 Beautiful day (for February). Had it been a weekend I am sure there would have been many more people on the beach. View full report 0
173 cheshire 02/04/2009 The beach was very clean and tranquil today. Since last month, the section of Sutton Creek between the riprap and the ocean has shifted approximately 200 yards north. In the area just above the delta, the creek depth was 10-12 inches today. Four birds which appeared to be snowy plover were observed in a small area above the high water line. The beach was remarkably free of litter and marine vegetation. View full report 0
187 turnstone 02/04/2009 Beach almost entirely cobble, very little sand. Many rock hunters and tidepoolers making the most of a warm sunny day with a .4 low tide View full report 3
164 gaylemont 02/04/2009 Mile 164 and the adjacent miles are extremely clean. I saw no evidence of any human trash whatsoever. I suspect the rental firms are policing the area.As usual, there are few animals other than sandpipers, who seem to be oblivious to the noise from the ATVs and other vehicles. There was one small group picnicking south of the vehicle area with a small fire. Vehicle traffic is very light compared to summer. View full report 4
222 hatsmith 02/04/2009 It was my second time visiting mile 222. It was a gorgeous day and 63 degrees. People I encountered were enjoying the day walking their dogs. There was an exposed old tree root from a Spruce tree on beach. It actually was pretty beautiful. It probably was there years ago.I noticed a yellow bouy marked 103. Did not notice any other fish, etc. washed up on beach except that. I discovered a way down to beach as lots of construction on road around Beverly Beach exit. It is old wagon road down to beach. View full report 0
172 Oyster 02/03/2009 Beach clean of land based debris. Lots of drift tree & branches and broken sand dollar shells in mid-M172 area. Cement block in relatively (4x4x10 ft) same location, but shifted to east/west orientation. Block movement is arrested by large tree root (see photo). One recently dead murrelet (see photo).Red/orange algae growth in same area as the sewage drainage located between Driftwood Shores Inn and Surfside restaurant (see photo). View full report 6
213 [email protected] 02/03/2009 A very straightforward walk on a scoured clean beach. A pleasant walk with nothing unusual noted.It was remarkable to have such a warm, calm afternoon in January. View full report 0