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305 skyhar8000 06/30/2007 Lots of dead starfish and mussels, more than usual. The water is a murky color, observed from both far and near.Found 300 feet of crab pot rope plus one attached buoy left by the sea wrapped around two rock columns and hanging in the air. It was so odd-looking, I thought at first it had been hung by humans, but I think the ocean just left it that way. I took the buoy home, and I used the rope to improve the steep westside access cliff trail.The article about the big trash liftout that happened two weeks ago is supposed to be out within the next few days, and I will send one copy to CoastWatch if/when that happens. View full report 0
16 Christine 06/30/2007 This it the section of my "mile" I refer to as the Thunder Rock Cove going north on the Oregon Coastal Trail inside Sam Boardman Park. Nothing unusual seen. View full report 0
137 comubp 06/30/2007 Beautiful day at the beach with lots of recreational usage going on by ATV enthusiasts, ORVs and street legal vehicles. Wrackline was mostly continuous with recent deposits of offshore flotsam covered in one inch barnacles. Mostly bullkelp plus other species and wood, bottles, and a few floats. Lots of invertebrate casings, sea stars, sand dolars and other shells also were present. Partial skeletal remains of a sea lion. One dead Common Murre. Heavy human impact (32)-2 walking and 30 riding ATV/OHV/street licenced vehicles in allowed area. Some evidence of fire wood gathering. View full report 0
138 comubp 06/30/2007 A beautiful day on the beach. The driftline wrack was especially laden with barnacle covered items indicating offshore drift had recently arrived or was still arriving. Kelp/algae, shells, many dungeness crab and mole crab casings, thousands of sand dollars, wood and ocean-based debris in the driftline. One dead Pacific Hake, 2 dead Common Murre and one dead immature gull. Snowy Plover nesting area remains roped off with no signs of trepass. Low human impact (0).The closed area north of the Tenmile access road did not display evidence of recent vehicle trespass. View full report 0
123 JoAnne 06/30/2007 Light driftline of kelp/algae, small rocks, wood pieces and shells. Three bags of land-based debris. Fewer than usual tire tracks on beach. Very heavy human impact (120)- 54 walking, 28 playing in surf, 32 sitting and 6 flying kites. View full report 0
224 malachite 07/01/2007 It took years but now Oregon beaches have something in common with beaches in Queens (NYC)--trash heads leave shopping carts there. View full report 0
16 Christine 07/01/2007 This is a fifth section of my "mile" 16 that I'll refer to as the Miner Creek access. It's the arbitrary border I created between the two longest sections of my "mile". I've noticed it seems to be a popular access point from Hwy 101 to the beach below. It's difficult to view from the arbitrary ends of my two sections, especially this time of year with all the foliage. So I've decided to add it in as an extra section of my mile. I saw two vehicles parked at the access point. One with two people and a dog returning to their car. The other car had 3 people and a dog, I encountered on the trail. Other than that, I observed nothing unusual. View full report 0
124 oceanorg 07/01/2007 This is a very beautiful section of beach. the entire upper section of this beach is roped off for snowy plover. Very little human activity but quite a bit of human litter from high tides. You can 4w drive all the way to this beach on a back road but we chose to walk the 5 miles from the parking lot to the jetty. Great day for birding. Awsome. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings (mole crabs) small rocks, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. Two mature and one immature Bald Eagles and several Turkey Vultures on beach. One dead sea lion. View full report 5
172 Oyster 07/02/2007 Seems sand are accumulating a little. Many people, most dogs on leash, trash free beach. Saw no animal carcases. No crows, seagulls, vultures, or sandpipers present. Fog made entrance by 6:00 pm. View full report 0
188 claretucker 07/04/2007 Minus tide revealed 9 nudibranchs. View full report 0
100 JohnnyCN 07/05/2007 High wind and blowing sand made walking uncomfortable. Only a few birds present: a few gulls, a couple crows, 4 Black Oystercatchers, 1 flying Bald Eagle. Saw several "baby" gulls on tops of rocks as I walked by. "Babies" were so large that when adults tried to sit on them, they stuck out from beneath him/her everywhere like a fringe. High wind and blowing sand swept the beach clean or buried debris. Black Oystercatchers WALKED into the wind. (Was the wind too strong for them to fly?) Bald Eagle, harrassed by gulls, flew over with gull chick in talons. Humans, walkers especially, hunched against the wind and blowing sand looking uncomfortable. Small rocks in driftline. Shorebirds foraging and moving in response to humans. Moderate human impact (2)-13 walking, 5 tidepooling and 7 riding horses. View full report 0
311 TomandGretel 07/05/2007 actually, quite an improvement over previous 'day after the 4th.' the fireworks ban seems to be working, and the violations are more sporadic every year. Still lots of fireworks debris. View full report 0
144 mcasiano 07/05/2007 Heavy (14) vehicle use. Big metal tank on the beach between 145 & 144. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 07/07/2007 Pretty uneventful trip. Very windy. Not many critters. Not much garbage on the beach even; a few plastic bottles and the like. View full report 1
185 Lfleming 07/07/2007 A big hunk of the sandy bluff collapsed. An agate hunter on the beach had seen that area with large cracks in it the day before. View full report 1
94 [email protected] 07/07/2007 I crossed New River from the BLM trail at the end of Lower Four Mile Lane. New River seems to still be flowing south at Four Mile Creek. There was a little mud, but not bad, not even knee deep. I saw six seagulls, about a dozen Snowy Plovers and one beautiful afternoon. Shells, animal casings, small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. Low human impact (0). View full report 1
208 kittyhorse 07/07/2007 Peregrine Picnic 7/7/7 7 pm View full report 1
175 Caples 07/08/2007 Beautiful day on the beach. View full report 0
296 Coopersmith 07/08/2007 Unusual concentration of seagulls of all ages fishing with pelicans (more than ever seen before) View full report 0
187 [email protected] 07/08/2007 Receding Tide, Sand and Cobbles clean, some Gulls and Crows seen. Increased amount of large driftwood at bluff above cobbles. Red Clover seen along bluff. View full report 0
189 naturegates 07/09/2007 This is generally a well used beach with very little litter or man-made disturbance. The sand is high this year and Cummins Creek has drifted against the south shore. View full report 0
243 rainydaywalker 07/11/2007 I have been following the behaviors along the rocks at ebb tides this month, as large mussels have appeared onshore and in the grasses. Many of the mussels were still alive. My findings show that large seagulls have been dislodging the mussels from the tops of the rocky outcroppings. They do this by snipping the tough strings by which the mussels attach themselves to the rocks. Curious behavior among these large gulls is that they do not seem to mind whether anyone else collects the deposited mussels. I have been watching for a possible reason for this un-gullishly generous act, but can discern neither familial nor fillial relationships. The large gulls simply detatch the mussels, grip them by the strings, fly toward shore, drop each mussel and then fly back for more. From time to time, these gulls open an ensconsed mussel and dine while atop the rock. View full report 0
213 [email protected] 07/13/2007 Warm, totally windless day, the first time I remember ever experiencing that at the Oregon coast. Very quiet on the mile. View full report 0
274 tomanderica 07/14/2007 A pretty uneventful visit. Lots of people enjoying the beach in appropriate ways. Very little trash. Many people above the beach in picnic areas. The bluff above the beach continues to erode. The picnic areas and trails have been pushed back and are being well maintained. Trail from day use area onto beach disappears each winter, but at present is fairly gentle. View full report 0
305 skyhar8000 07/15/2007 Saw several minor slides - had a good-sized rock fall between us - Allister had my hard hat on - I had nothing on my head - lucky me! This area REALLY is "HARDHAT-NEEDY"!Found and photographed tall thin columns of natural loose rock - no idea who built them or why - autumn winds will topple, I'm sure.We saw no seals except for one adult patrolling offshore in Cove 7; however, there have been large flocks of birds on sandy beaches to the south, with large schools of small fish in the shallows, and the seals may have been away feeding. By summer, they are not spotted in the cove as frequently as during the spring birthing season. View full report 0
203 Sandpiper 07/15/2007 This was my first report for Coastwatch so I was locating the end points of the mile and taking note of the terrain. The weather was very warm so there were a lot of people on the beach enjoying the day.This is a long stretch of sandy beach with grassy dunes along the south changing to a bank at the north end. View full report 0
123 JoAnne 07/15/2007 Animal casings in the driftline. One dead Harbor Seal and one dead bird. Increased tire tracks on beach. Fireworks on beach and prohibited vehicle on beach. High human impact (86)- 35 walking, 16 playing in surf, 10 playing in sand, and 25 sitting. 17 dogs. View full report 0
228 TMarie 07/15/2007 It was a warm, enjoyable day on the coast with mild winds and little wave action. View full report 0
239 salspit 07/16/2007 In general the beach was quite clean. Nothing of note other than the two dead murres and the smoldering driftwood noted above and reported. View full report 0
162 papa troll 07/18/2007 Nice day for a walk on the beach, seen one 8 foot carcass of a marine mammal. Buzzards were feeding on it. It had a defined forked tail. I could not identify the species. Observed about 15 shore birds that I think were whimbrels, a few small sandpipers, and a few seagulls. Also some areas of dead crab carcasses View full report 0
218 malachite 07/19/2007 A multitude of dead birds and 1 dead small seal. The online form does not accept the listing of more than one mile--my observations cover most of miles 217-218 and the report is probably a one time thing--neither 217-218 are "my" miles. I thought it might be important to report observations on number of dead birds seen to add to other reports being made. View full report 0
163 mjohnson 07/20/2007 Flock of approx. 25 Canada Geese resting at the waterline. Several small groups of Shorebirds active, and many buzzards seen because of numerous dead birds and marine mammals. View full report 0
32 B Edgar 07/21/2007 Not much change in the bluff during past year. The trail off Otter point is eroded badly.Dozen or so Harbor seals are using the cove fishing together in concert! What a site to see them "herding" the fish!Sleeping all day on the rocks offshore. View full report 0
205 rensmere 07/21/2007 Normal windy summer afternoon on the coast. No disturbance or unnatural conditions. View full report 0
34 edbear 07/21/2007 Nothing very unusual except for the large number of dead baby seals this spring. We had a lot of rough surf around the time of birthing. I am sure that had something to do with it.Also, large amounts of beach trash this spring, more than usual. View full report 0
198 bahngarten 07/22/2007 Unusual amount of actively foraging shorebirds. Recent bloody predation on two of 2 adult common murres. Eagles, maybe? They are seen in area- breast predation only. Two garbage sacks of plastic,lighters, toothbrushes, styrofoam, plastic and glass bottles(some with oriental markings) removed. moderate amounts of sea palms in surf line. View full report 0
293 ducks73 07/26/2007 3 dead birds: 2 murres, 1 gullConsiderable settling of riprap/gaps between NW 6th - 7th.New condos at NW 5th and between NW 3rd and 2nd are almost done. View full report 0
220 lmabeggs 07/26/2007 The beach showed signs of increased use this summer. There was more litter (still not much), tire tracks on the beach, spray paint on a log and a large wind shelter built with driftwood and nylon rope similar to that found other places on the beach. There were more dead birds than we have seen before. View full report 0
209 bloeffel 07/26/2007 The beach was smooth with little rock from north to south and bluff to surf edge with a gradient of about 1 foot drop for 20 feet of run at the north end and 1 for 18 at Wandemere. Considerable heavy brown dead plankton scum was present in the Wandemere area. View full report 0
305 skyhar8000 07/28/2007 Wow! A normal, ordinary visit to my mile. Such a deal!I hiked out the white plastic drum I dug from the rocks and wood in Cove 4 a few visits back. It is lighter than the white drum that we took out during the big trash hoist awhile back. The rusty drum was indeed missing and has been taken out by the Coast Guard. I'd like to know how they did it!There is one more weekend of low tides suitable for cove access in 2007, and it occurs in two weeks. There was so little trash in the coves that I do not intend to visit them again in 2007. Instead I plan to hoist the three bags of garbage, the dairy crate, and the white drum. I may also dive in the lagoon where a crab buoy floats just to see what it is connected to. (The buoy afloat offshore has stopped moving in, and the trap (or whatever it's attached to) has probably come to an underwater barrier and can't go further east.) But I will investigate the lagoon and see what might be down there. View full report 0
16 Christine 07/28/2007 This is the section of mile 16 I call Spruce Island View Point north. It was a beautiful viewing day at Arch Rock view point. 3 vehicles were stopped at the view point when I walked north and 6 were there when I returned south on the coastal trail. Two State Park Rangers and a truck were repairing the parking lot curb when I walked north and were finished by the time I returned south. I again saw new evidence of off road vehicle use with beer bottles and other garbage at the same unbarriered areas near Hwy 101 as reported before. Otherwise everything seems to be its normal natural state. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 07/30/2007 An absolutely gorgeous day and secluded stroll on the beach - life at its best on the south coast! Kelp/algae in the driftline. Low human impact (6)- walking. Two dogs. View full report 0
198 Slockyar 08/02/2007 We packed off only about two pounds of plastics - bottles & caps primarily, in garbage. Beachside State campground was full to capacity. View full report 0
297 [email protected] 08/03/2007 The first 1/4 mile was covered w/ 4-5" anchovies or something similar. Dead! Birds had not yet started to eat them. 100's of them. View full report 0
172 Oyster 08/05/2007 Sand seems to be accumulating at foredune. Sea grass, hair, sea palms and kelp in abundance. Unleashed and leashed dogs are leaving droppings. Children unknowingly playing near. 7/19 temp was 72, very light winds, about 200 people, with about 20 playing in the surf, 30+ sitting/laying in sand. View full report 3
123 JoAnne 08/05/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks and wood pieces in driftline. Stream bed was dry. Bed-spring lodged in rocks below road. Heavy human impact (89)- 31 walking, 20 playing in surf, 35 sitting and 3 surfing. 4 dogs. View full report 0
164 gaylemont 08/06/2007 I walked Mile 164 between 10 a.m. and noon on August 6, 2007,It was overcast and fairly foggy. I covered the area from North Jetty Road Parking Area 1 (the beginning of OHV area) south almost to the south end of the OHV area, and the conditions are pretty much the same all the way, with moderate to heavy OHV activity dominating the beach from about 10 a.m. on.I borrowed a friend's GPS and couldn't match the coordinates listed on the website with the coordinates I was getting on the GPS. I was getting about N 43.55 at what I believed to be the north end of Mile 164. The website says N 43.93 at that point, which seems to be a little high, since south Florence is N 44. The manner of describing coordinates now has been change and should reflect what I was reading on my next trip. There really are no landmarks on that stretch of beach, other than the OHV markings.The foredunes are cut through in a few places where OHVs are allowed to connect to trails on the east side. The beach is pretty clear of human trash. I saw one dead seal or small sea lion in what I believe was the south end of Mile 165, but it was so badly deteriorated I couldn't determine which. It looked as if it had been dead for several weeks. Several vultures were feeding on it. They disappeared as soon as the OHV use became heavy. In the same area there were remains of a freshly killed and eaten shorebird.The beach area all along that stretch is fairly flat, and has very little pedestrian use -- probably because of the OHV traffic. One couple walking north from Mile 164 said they sometimes find Native American artifacts -- mainly arrowheads and spearheads. There are several areas where there are fairly heavy crushed shell beds, and I suspect the crushing is from wave action -- not OHV.The OHV traffic makes the area very unpleasant for walking during the high-use hours. Both commercial and private vehicles use the area. I saw as many as 35 OHVs at a time. The noise is constant, and probably keeps the birds away during midday. View full report 3
312 [email protected] 08/06/2007 On this day, there were a lot of people north of Kenai Street. The day was warm, but not bright sunny. The beach was very clean with a lot of driftwood high on the beach. The trash situation seems better this year, but dog poop remains a very large problem. Throughout the summer, there were a lot of beach fires at night due to the large quantity of driftwood available. People drive onto the beach to cut up and haul away large logs. I had never noticed this before, so I checked & found out people can get permits. There seem to be more people surf fishing and razor clamming this year. The Fourth of July was very quiet on our beach this year because fireworks are no longer permitted. Even though many are not happy about the change in routine, it's better for the beach. View full report 0
221 B Berge 08/08/2007 No activities of concern. Many seabirds on the ocean, none on the beach. No dead wildlife. Moolack was clean and I did not see anything of concern. View full report 0
104 beachnut 08/09/2007 The campground was full so it was surprising so few people were at the beach on this windless morning. Litter continues to be a problem, mostly in the area just over the dune from the parking lot because that is where people hang out. Most of what I removed, however, was plastic bottles from the sea.I noticed no dead animals for a change, but did not walk where the really high tides had been the previous week. Kelp/algae, small rocks in driftline. Sanderlings foraging in surfline. Gulls on beach. Four Cormorants close to shore and several pelicans offshore. Tracks of three vehicles in allowed area. Low human impact (6)- 3 walking, 1 rockhunting and 2 fishing. View full report 0
174 RPurscelley 08/09/2007 Snowy Plover area, wire ringed and well marked to protect the nesting Plover. View full report 0
214 rensmere 08/09/2007 There were a lot of people on the beach for recreation. There was not a lot of debris. This was our first time surveying the mile so it is hard to compare. We will be sure to take pictures to add. View full report 0
305 skyhar8000 08/11/2007 Tide-wise, it continues to be the case that one should not attempt to slip around the south end of Cove 1 without a tide of at least a -1.0. I arrived at the area about 5am and had to wait for daylight. When twilight broke, I descended to sea level, arriving about 5:30, then hiked all eight coves south, returning about 6:30 with less than a half bag of trash. The ascent took over an hour, as I brought up 3 full bags of trash, a one-cubic-foot standard black plastic dairy crate, and the white barrel I found in Cove 4 a few months ago and recently dug out of the log and rocks in that cove.I packed everything in my car and drove to Cart 'M in Manzanita -- when it opened, I recycled what I could, and paid a $7 dumping fee for the "unrecyclables." View full report 0
299 hallee 08/11/2007 This was the annual Manzanita Beach 5K and 10K run/walk. Over 100 people participated in both runs and there were a total of 200 people present, as either volunteers or family or friends, as well as many other people on the beach, completely oblivious to this event. Markers were set out as well as an aid station at the middle of our mile, all of which were removed, leaving only the footprints of the exercising participants as evidence that this actually happened. View full report 1
325 BeachCats 08/11/2007 The most interesting thing was the large group of seagulls. It was a beautiful quiet day, with no major concerns. View full report 5
288 YaakovM 08/11/2007 On a beautiful summer day, my companion and I found mile 288 to be tranquil, relatively clean, and unchanged from earlier visits. We were there at low tide and noted the beach had little debris or matter. No kelp of any amount, low numbers of rocks and stones, and human debris was very light.Bird and animal life was also scarce, as noted earlier in the report. All this and yet the parking lot on Bayocean Spit, about two miles away, was packed with over 34 vehicles. Apparently, people park but don't venture very far from their vehicles and the great majority don't take the time and effort to walk the two or so miles north to mile 288. Horseshoe prints were abundant, however, suggesting at least 8-10 riders had been along and around Bayocean Spit earlier in the day. View full report 0
90 [email protected] 08/12/2007 Kayaked south on New River from mile 92 to mile 89. Beautiful clear calm day. River looks like glass. Crossed to beach on mile 90 at end boundary of Snowy Plover habitat restoration area and walked N 1 mile. Paddled S to point 1/2 mile S of Coos/Curry Cty line and crossed to ocean. Pelicans flying N over ocean. Nothing but sand on the driftline. Hundreds of Canada Geese coming and going from pond left from prior breach event. The New River breach closed by sand. Low human impact (0). View full report 3
222 CoastalKaren 08/12/2007 There were no reportable changes on the walk. Things have remained the same as they were a few months ago. There is still some erosion close to Beverly Beach, but it hasn't gotten any worse. All in all, a good day for a walk. View full report 0
195 oceanloonie 08/12/2007 The evening was beautiful, warm, light wind; lots of people enjoying the beach. Once again there was a bit of ancient forest exposed. The surf was quiet and the light from an impending sunset was glorious. I have provided several photos. View full report 7
145 [email protected] 08/13/2007 Some beach parties w/alcohol & burning going on View full report 0
326 seasurf 08/13/2007 Calm, quiet day. Seems as though there are more people than last summer, however very little, if any, litter or visible impact on the beach. Surf was gentle, a fog bank on the horizon. Picture perfect day at the beach. View full report 1
206 [email protected] 08/14/2007 Sand build up still high on the beach smothering many filamentous algae that usually occur in the high and mid intertidal. Abundant new graffiti on the sandstone cliffs and signs of sliding down the cliffs. Numerous gulls flocking & teaching their young to fly. Beautiful day -- sunny until 8:30 am when the fog came in. View full report 0
130 sandyrandy94 08/14/2007 Kelp/algae, shells and animal casings in driftline. One dead bird. Wave action created sharp bench about 300 feet from the vegetation line. Shipwreck that was exposed last winter is covered over by sand. Heavy human impact (25)-15 walking, 3 playing in surf, 5 playing in sand. 6 dogs. View full report 0
233 [email protected] 08/15/2007 Boiler Bay *very* quiet, ie only 3 people (other 37 on Fogarty Creek beach). Beautiful day, calm seas, no wind. View full report 0
107 sunsmith 08/15/2007 Nice day on the beach. Fog came in around noon, but soon blew out. Debris on the beach is too great to attempt to carry out. Cut Creek is now taking a more northwesterly flow to the ocean. Old car chassis not visable, just one tire and a rusted box portion. Old ship wreck very obvious still. Many birds feeding at the surfline, much more than previously observed. Large 5' x 6'block of cement never before observed, appeared just north of my mile. Shells, animal casings, kelp/algae, small rocks, wood pieces, plastic pellets, land- and ocean-based debris and styrofoam in driftline. Three dead birds on beach. Low human impact (3)-horseback riding with three dogs. View full report 7
99 D Bilderback 08/15/2007 We are filing this report on Mile 99 to document the dead female Salmon Shark (Lamna ditropis) that we found washing up onshore. This week has been very warm, and the wind as been from the south so there is a "down-welling" condition. Also, the water is quite warm, in the 60's. The shark appeared to have been bitten by another shark, but it is hard for us to determine if this was the cause of death or if this was after the shark died. View full report 7
256 Lady S 08/19/2007 Just the old dock that washed up on the beach. It's not an attractive addition to the beach. It would take a big truck and some strong men to load it onto same. View full report 0
128 SCUUFmile 08/19/2007 Not much happening. Shells, animal casings, rocks, wood pieces and ocean-based debris in driftline. Two dead birds. Base of foredunes getting usual undermining by high tides, but sand building up in some places. Northern portion of mile may be good habitat for Snowy Plover and purple sand verbena. Low human impact (1) walking a dog. One vehicle with two riders on allowed beach. View full report 0
263 olsonko 08/19/2007 The Cape Kiwanda State Park access point continues to experience high vehicle counts. People drive at excessive speed, often using trucks with dogs running behind to exercise them. Litter and driftwood fires continue to be a problem, often too close to the dune grass or "bleeding" into Mile 264 to the North, the little community of Tierra del Mar. View full report 0
204 [email protected] 08/19/2007 An ailing sea lion was on the beach. OSP were called -- final disposition unknown. View full report 0
96 D Bilderback 08/21/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, crab carapaces (molt and dead), small rocks, a sea star and broken sand dollars, large amounts of pieces of Lion's Mane Jellies and a few Velella velella in driftline. Two dead Steller's Sea Lion pups, and one dead Salmon Shark on beach. Four dead Common Murre and 1 dead Pelagic Cormorant. Two live Caspian Terns resting on beach. Sand being removed from beach. Slope from 8 to 13 degrees topped by a two-foot sand cliff. Some ocean-based debris (plastic and Chlorox bottles)on beach. Low human impact (1)-Snowy Plover researcher. View full report 7
97 D Bilderback 08/21/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, crab carapaces (molt and dead), small rocks, large amounts of pieces of Lion's Mane Jellies, one dead gravid Mole crab and a few Velella velella in driftline. Low human impact (1)-Snowy Plover researcher. One dead Steller's Sea Lion. Foraging Ruddy Turnstones, 13 Snowy Plover and five Western Gulls on high beach. Sooty Sheawater, Leach's Storm-Petrel, Pelagic Cormorant, Glaucous-winged Gull and Western Gull dead on beach. Sand being removed from beach. Slope up to 10 degrees, topped by a two-foot sand cliff. Fire left burning on the beach at the end of the Christian Camp Trail near the north boundary of Mile 97. Fire was put out and reported to Robin Sears and Calum Stevenson. View full report 6
21 Don Hayes 08/22/2007 I visually scan the entire coast mile daily and walk, run, and swim there regularily. Also I make photos from time to time. I do see an occassional dead bird or seal as well as plastic drifting in. Of concern is horse manure in the upper Pistol basin that I swim in as it appears to cause weedy growth. There have not been off road vehicles as in the past. This area offers a dramatic splendid beach hike. More detailed reports and photos will be included in future reports. View full report 0
152 MooreC 08/22/2007 It was a beautiful, sunny day in August on this seemingly remote beach. It is a popular place for ORVs, however; the sand is full of tire tracks and there was considerable trash. We picked up two bags full and still didn't get it all. We saw four ORVs and two vehicles on the beach. View full report 1
307 elsecobb 08/24/2007 Very low sand levels, especially south of Arch Cape.Healthy beach and tidepools at low tides. Exceptional large # of Brown Pelicans on and close to shore and on the large Gull Rock.*Outside my mile territory: about 100-200 Red Phalaropes flitting on the sewage ponds in Cannon Beach(8-20-07) View full report 0
140 10mile2 08/24/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, debris, plastic pellets and Styrofoam in driftline. Numerous molted crab carapaces. One dead 3-foot shark (probably a Salmon Shark). Two dead birds (probably Common Murre as they were white and black in color). Sea Gulls on the beach. 3-4 dozen small shorebirds on high beach near Snowy Plover nesting area, which may be Snowy Plovers. Sand removed from beach by large wave action creating a drop-off. Plastic wind break by Snowy Plover nesting area. Low human impact (0). ATV and truck tracks in prohibited area on beach. View full report 0
149 flotsam 08/24/2007 The beach seemed unusually clean, with little trash, and less driftwood than at other times. View full report 1
247 jboyden 08/25/2007 This mile continues to be very clean. The large number of brown pelicans was the highlight of the day. View full report 0
214 rasmussenschramm 08/25/2007 At the park picnicers were using tables and sitting in the shade of trees. At the beach there were people in the water, two surfers, many sunbathing. On the path east of the beach people were walking and biking. View full report 0
117 Pat&RobertaSmit 08/26/2007 The beach is only partially accessible along this mile. Most people stay on the cliffs. Heavy driftline of eel-/surfgrass and kelp in the North Cove. Animal casings, kelp/algae, small rocks, wood and some ocean-based debris in the driftline. Several different kinds of anemones on the rocks. Many Red-necked Phalaropes foraging on beach and in shallow water. Ruddy Turnstones and Western Gulls on rock and beach. Juvenile Northern Elephant seal on beach. Considerable Gray Whale activity visible from the North Cove cliffs. Low human impact on beach (0). View full report 1
2 [email protected] 08/27/2007 Some erosion at foot of bluffs and small trees dislodged and fallen over, but it looks pretty much as to be expected. No human intervention apparent. View full report 0
5 Berner 08/30/2007 mild continuing slides on bank, same sites as noted on prior reports. Dead small whale on shore. View full report 0
224 malachite 08/30/2007 Pretty low tide today. Beach was exceptionally beautiful (even for this beach) looking from about 1/4 of the way down the stairway access, looking south. When I first got down to the beach, a fog bank, looking like white cotton candy covered the beaches from about Beverly Beach south, with fog merging to clearer air as you went north until it was sunny at the base of the stairway and as I walked south (initially). There was a brown tent on the beach, the tent was down or gone and two people were sitting at the base of the bluff with a fire going, looked like they were eating breakfast. On my way back, I walked by the spot where the seal had been. The signs were gone, as was the seal and there may have been some smudges of blood on the sand. Perhaps the guy in the Forest Service green pickup picked up the seal.The topography of the beach had changed since my last visit. The water had formed a kind of bench for about 1/3-1/2 of my mile (north to south) and the beach (from the bluff) mildly sloped (the slope varied as I walked south) up towards the edge of the bench. If you walked down that (3-4' high?) the ground sloped down from the bench and then sloped back up a bit as you went towards the water line (tide had turned to start coming in). Further south, the water had carved a fairly deep and long gully on the beach below the bench. The creek that flows a bit south of the Alpine Chalets was flowing through a shallow channel over the bench and down to the ocean. However, another creek/water outflow north of Alpine Chalet was seemed fairly well dammed by the slope upwards towards the edge of the bench--3 plovers were cheerfully swimming in the large pool formed by this "dam." This bench became shallower and shallower as I walked south and disappeared by about 2/3s of the way south. Would be interesting to see what happens at high tide. Fossil or very old tree stump not exposed, therefore probably sand has been deposited on that section of the mile. No dogs chasing birds, not many birds to chase. This is one of the few times I've seen any birds (dead murre, 3 plovers) besides a few crows, seagulls and vultures (2, soaring) on this beach. View full report 0
20 D Bilderback 08/30/2007 We were invited to walk the Crook Point beach with David Ledig, South Coast Refuge Manager, and other USFW volunteers. There were many Gray Whales feeding among the kelp and off-shore rocks. A live, but underweight California Sea Lion with a fish tag out of his mouth was on the beach. A portion of a skull and lower jaw of a juvenile Harbor Porpoise and an older carcass of a dead Salmon Shark was found on the beach. We did see a few carcasses of Common Murre both adult and chicks but the number seemed normal considering that the off shore rocks are home to nesting colonies of these birds. Kelp/algae, shells, animal casing, wood pieces and ocean based debris in the driftline. One large piece of Broad-rib Kelp- Pleurophycus gardneri (brown)—wide midrib found in driftline. One large fish or crab plastic container on the beach. View full report 10
173 Earl and Donna 08/31/2007 Very low tide. Sutton Creek running very slowly without the usual number of gulls at the mouth. More people just walking the beach. View full report 0
221 lipberm 08/31/2007 In addition to the new RV pads, there is some erosion control going in on the next mile to the south (220). The Schooner Landing motel has brought in drilling and other equipment to try to control bluff erosion. Further details unknown.The construction crew made a new ramp onto the beach from NW 70th (Schooner Creek) access site. They will block the ramp with large logs when the work is done. View full report 0
16 Christine 09/01/2007 This is the section of mile 16 I call Spruce Island Viewpoint South. It was too foggy to see down to the small cove beaches. Otherwise, nothing unusual observed. View full report 0
10 [email protected] 09/01/2007 Walk started out foggy with one other couple on beach; fog burned off by time we got back to car and people began arriving along with sun. No significant changes noted, no development to be seen on area east of Highway 101 (US Borax property)On 9/9 walk, dead otter and dead cormorant found on lower beach. View full report 0
253 JSteiner 09/01/2007 Huge flock of brown pelicans floating in the surf, and diving - must have been some sort feed that they were after - they were very active.At the S. end of this stretch of beach where it meets Cascade Head, a tall dirt cliff continues to erode. View full report 0
324 NHolmes 09/01/2007 Nice to see so many people enjoying the warm evening on the beach. Lots of kids, adults of all ages sitting around fires, playing with dogs, having a great time. View full report 0
218 Liz O. 09/02/2007 Seems to be more whale activity this summer season in the Agate Beach area. Also sighting many more flocks of pelicans. View full report 0
112 rheadohner 09/02/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casing, wood, large piece of styrofoam and ocean-based debris in the driftline. Plastic garbage was removed from the beach. Many long logs (sawn on both ends) on beach. Decreased numbers of sea stars and anemones on the rocks. Shorebirds foraging in surf. Sand accumulation on beach. Low human impact (4)-walking. On July 14, tire tracks came around Five Mile Point and went north to Sea Stacks between Agate and Sacchi Beaches (vehicles are prohibited on this beach). View full report 0
113 rheadohner 09/02/2007 Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, wood pieces, Styrofoam, ocean-based debris (plastic bottles, pallet) in driftline. Large number of crab carapaces, clam shells and clumps of mussels. Auto tire on rim near vegetation. Shorebirds foraging in driftline. Low human impact (4) walking. Area of Concern: Large fire in the driftwood on about 9/1/07. View full report 0
248 Dr Kayak 09/02/2007 Peregrine falcon flying around Cascade Head; brown pelicans, three cormorant species, common murre, black oystercatcher, one California sea lion, and two harbor seals. View full report 0
153 bebdhm 09/02/2007 The most beautiful day we've had in 4 years on this stretch of beach. People camping and fishing and ATV'ing on mile 152 and several on mile 153 which is more remote. View full report 0
200 bluemoonjoanie 09/02/2007 What a beautiful day on mile 200. It does not get much better for a perfect weather day. View full report 0
197 [email protected] 09/02/2007 The form I had with me didn't ask about the number of dogs but, while walking, I remember thinking, "There are more dogs than people on the beach." Most dogs were off leash.Everyone seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the fantastic weather on the Labor Day weekend. View full report 0
37 iggydog 09/03/2007 Calm day - moderate tide - less than usual beach debris - only two people on the beach (counting reporter)- many otter tracks View full report 0
171 kathrynl 09/03/2007 Heavy concentration of Red and Orange Algae in creek by Driftwood Shores does not look or smell good. Diaper and several bottles and cans collected near resort area. Sad to see such little regard for the beach at the resort! It is dirty at Driftwood Shores today. View full report 0
108 D Bilderback 09/03/2007 The main reason to file this report is to document the dead Steller's Sea Lion pup and the dead juvenile male Salmon Shark (Lamna ditropis) on this mile. The Steller's Sea Lion pup carcass was being eaten by Turkey Vultures and the Salmon Shark carcass was being eaten by Western Sea Gulls. It appeared that the Salmon Shark was bitten by another shark and that may have been the cause of death. It was not apparent what caused the death of the Steller's Sea Lion pup. Shells, animal casing, kelp/algae, small rocks, wood pieces, ocean-based debris and Stryofoam in driftline. Low human impact (4)-2 walking 2 dogs and 2 sitting in vehicle. View full report 10