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52 [email protected] 10/17/2008 The beach was clean and lovely. Very quiet day. There were two dead murres and one dead Harbor Seal.This beach still attracts illegal ATV use. One dune buggy problem occurred this summer. State police were called for an ATV incident and the dune buggy incident. The ATV user was taken to court and fined. The dune buggy user was warned at his home by the State Police officer. View full report 0
52 Laurie Prouty 09/20/2008 My friend and I picked up trash as part of the SOLV program. There wasn't as much trash as previous times. Perhaps the sand is covering it all up or maybe, just maybe, people are being more responsible. Let's hope. It was a lovely, still day. The ocean was actually glassy, beautiful reflections of pelicans flying over. View full report 0
52 [email protected] 06/03/2009 All was peaceful and calm. Pelicans flying in lines and CA sealions swimming and barking. Only one person, surf fishing. I picked up one small plastic bag of litter, a few plastic bottles and a broken styrofoam buoy. There was the usual scattered driftwood, some in lovely shapes, all sizes. The beach was very clean. ATV's continue to travel the beach, but not today, at this time. View full report 0
52 [email protected] 03/18/2009 There were few people on the beach this day, only two and only one van in the parking area. The beach looked clean and typical of Paradise Point beach...pebbles, agates, bullwhip kelp and driftwood, some arranged in lovely sculptures, AND the ever present ATV tracks. I noticed gorse for the first time on the cliffs/bluffs of Paradise Point. It is gaining a foothold. I noticed small boulders of a reddish/iron- containing-looking nature at the foot of the trail down from Paradise Point. The bluff may be eroding and the parking area may be affected in time...who knows how much. This time of day it was mid-tide. View full report 4
52 Laurie Prouty 01/18/2010 DISPATCH the ocean has breeched into Garrison Lake at high tide. High surf and high tides allow the waters to merge. The beach looks very different, getting flatter everyday. View full report 0
52 laurieP 08/05/2012 Lots of people out enjoying the rare non-windy august day in port orford. not much driftwood or agates, everything seems covered up with sand. Very calm day. View full report 0
52 Laurie Prouty 09/19/2011 Beautiful September Day! Lots of sand covering up all the agates. Only 3 pieces of trash, not bad. View full report 0
52 Laurie Prouty 06/18/2013 didn't know what this egg casing was from or is it some kind of jelly fish??? Nice quiet day at the beach, lots of kelp. View full report 2
52 laurieP 04/26/2014 Nice day, a bit windy and big surf. Lots of rocks and agates. found this one clump of some kind of eggs?? View full report 1
52 Laurie Prouty 12/29/2016

Beautiful day!  Lots of people out collecting agates.  Fairly calm day for Port Orford.  Lots of driftwood treasures and rocks for all.

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52 Peacecoaster 04/22/2018

Routine day at Agate Beach.  Very little litter.  What a beauftiful way to celebrate Earth Day!

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52 Laurie Prouty 11/08/2018

Beautiful Fall Day!  Ocean calm and clear. Only trash was fishing ropes buried in the sand.  

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52 [email protected] 07/30/2021

Most human (26 people) and dog (7) activity was concentrated at the south end of Agate Beach. Almost 50% of the visitors were searching or digging for agates. Excavations created by digging for agates cover large portions of the beach. Over half of the dogs were off-leash. Two people riding one ATV entered the beach at Paradise Point and drove north. 

Driftline was very clean, with almost no visible debris. Very few shorebirds present on beach. Surveyor observed one Long-billed curlew on waveslope. At least 9 adult murres with one chick each observed offshore. One dead common murre chick found on beach, as well as one unidentified dead seabird.

One private property owner recently cut down shore pines along bluff edge. Surveyor will research property ownership to determine if pines were on private or state property.

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52 [email protected] 10/02/2021

4 people walking on beach; 4 people digging for agates; 1 unleashed dog; no vehicles, but tracks were present. Beach swept mostly clean by recent tides; very little trash or plastic; no "nurdles" (plastic pellets) observed; 5 western snowy plovers resting together in dry sand; 1 alive stranded duck (brief look - unknown species); 1 dead brown pelican; 3 dead common murre. Area of cut shore pines on bluff (likely private property, but unknown). Notice of pesticide spraying posted at Paradise Point parking area.

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52 [email protected] 11/21/2021

Calm and warm day (58 degrees F by end of survey). Thirty-five visitors, mostly searching for agates. Fifteen dogs (10 unleashed). Small flock of Western snowy plovers observed in flight and two later observed on beach. Two peregrine falcons in flight. Loose dogs or peregrines in area may have disturbed shorebirds.

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52 [email protected] 02/18/2022

Mild weather for winter. Eleven people on beach, mostly hunting for agates. Two dogs (unleashed). Abundant vehicle tracks, but no vehicles currently using beach. Six western snowy plovers resting on beach (one partially leucistic). Stands of dead pine/cypress at bluff appear to be on private property (signs of drought or disease?).

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52 [email protected] 04/01/2022

Breezy day with 5 people and 1 dog on beach. Vehicle tracks cover beach area. Several marine floats bob in surf zone. Pair of western snowy plovers (1 male, 1 female) rest together on upper beach.

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52 [email protected] 07/01/2022

Overcast and warm day. Fifteen people on beach and two leashed dogs, with 12 visitors rock hunting. Multiple ATV tracks cover beach from wave slope to dune areas. Five adult western snowy plovers with two active nests in area of beach impacted by some vehicle use. A 4th of July event planned for Agate Beach has potential to disturb nesting plovers. Driftline contains remains of Dungeness crab and appears to be a die-off of mature animals, not a molt. 

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52 [email protected] 05/30/2022

Calm and cool weather. Fifteen people on beach and four off-leash dogs, with most visitors concentrated near access points at Paradise Point and Tseriadun/Agate Beach. Rock hunting is very popular at this beach. Four people fishing at surf south of Paradise Point. Active western snowy plover nest located on central part of beach is unprotected and vulnerable to vehicle traffic and loose dogs. Vehicle tracks surround the general nesting area. Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation posted one sign at Tseriadun access to inform public about nesting plovers. Driftline was mostly clean with small rocks exposed. Surveyor notifed USFWS and ODPR about nesting activity.

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52 [email protected] 09/02/2022

Overcast and cool day with light wind. Seventeen people on beach and three leashed dogs, with 11 visitors searching for agates. No vehicles on beach during survey, but multiple tracks evident. Large gull flock on beach and four osprey active over Lake Garrison. Nine western snowy plovers observed with 1 adult having unusual partially leucistic plumage and 3 juveniles present, possibly representing fledglings from previously reported nests. High numbers of Dungeness crab carapaces and leg parts continue along driftline. One adjacent property appears to be constructing a new staircase or retaining wall at bluff.

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52 FinsUp 10/31/2022 DISPATCH

Large bundles of kelp along the south side of Agate Beach.

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52 [email protected] 11/21/2022

Beautiful day on Mile 52; 31 people enjoying the beach on a warm and calm afternoon; majority of visitors hunt for agates near the south beach access; two off-leash dogs roam freely; four dogs are leashed in compliance with park rules; 1 OHV enters beach at Paradise Point and drives south to Agate Beach/Tseriadun access, crossing from wet sand into dry sand/dune area, causing potential disturbance to wintering flock of snowy plovers (7 birds observed); flock of 14 American crows hover near beach and perch in trees adjacent to south beach access; driftline contains mostly small rock, shells, wood and kelp; very little trash

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53 [email protected] 11/21/2007 This a very rough surf area of the coast with a sharp drop off. It appears to have very little use by the public. There are small driftwood pieces, some amazing roots of large trees ( stand 7 or 8 feet high ) and few to no shells. No birds running along this shore ! I suggest checking the tide tables before you walk this area and go only at low tide. From Paradise Point( starting point) to Elk River and back is about 3 hours. View full report 0
53 [email protected] 09/27/2007 This was my first time as a mile 53 Walker. View full report 0
53 [email protected] 07/29/2008 The day was beautiful and clear. A perfect day for a walk. This area is barren of people, ocean debris and life. The cliffs are wearing from the high tide wave activity and are amazing in the variety of colors showing. Near the mouth of the Elk River the dunes replace the cliffs. Along the top ORV are crushing down the grasses. I'll be checking on this next time to see if more damage has been done. Near the mouth of the river the surf line is scummy green and the waves are dirty appearing. I will check to see if I can find out what causes this and report back next time. View full report 0
53 SteveJT 02/01/2022

This is my initial survey of this mile. Total length was 1.5 miles. Remainder of this section is uninspected by me. No photos this time. Litter removal. Stunning day; light winds, clear air, moderate sun. Very isolated beach with few people. Hard walking as no packed or wet sand to ease the way. Off Road Vehicle Trail up dunes about 1.2 miles N of Paradise Point. 

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53 SchoenL 01/29/2022

I walked 1.5 miles and observed the bluff crumbling and gorse falling down the banks. It was very clear and very calm this day. I picked up styrofoam bits, plastic wrap and a water bottle. Beautiful day. Took photos of erosion.

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53 SchoenL 09/04/2022

This was my first coast watch walk for the full 3 miles. I don't know what is allowed on the sand banks, etc. in regards to the public or private roads. It looked like a couple new  motorized vehicles trails were going up and over the bluffs eastward and potentially causing erosion and destruction of the bank. There lots of scattered plastic strips all along the shoreline. I believe a feed sack decomposing. Only one water bottle. The beach was very clean otherwise. I am not sure of the rules. I did not confront anyone. 2 tents were pitched next to the bank just before the Elk River comes out to the beach. It appeared that they had a campfire on the beach as I saw smoke drifting in front of tents. No sight of people or pets. About 1/4 mile north I came upon a fairly recently deceased Sea Lion. I reported it and texted photos. I received a response in kind.

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54 mvolson 09/03/2007 Although the beach had obviously been heavily used over the Labor Day weekend, there was virtually no human-generated trash. Everything looked fine except for the tire tracks in the dunes near the south end of the mile. Improvement to the beach access road has made it much easier for vehicles of all kinds to get onto the beach. View full report 0
54 mvolson 06/18/2007 The beach was very clean and empty, except for the few people and one vehicle and a couple of dogs. There were many more tire prints than previously. Usually one would see more birds, at least sea gulls. The tide was quite low. View full report 0
54 mvolson 03/14/2007 This was my first look as a Coast Watcher at mile 54, so I am still trying to establish a baseline. View full report 0
54 mvolson 03/29/2008 This beach is always quite clean. The extra debris this time was probably mostly from winter storms. It did look as though the northern dune area near the base of the bluff had taken a beating. View full report 0
54 mvolson 01/01/2008 This report is to take the place of the December report. The beach was very clean, peaceful, and relatively unchanged from last quarter. View full report 0
54 mvolson 07/14/2008 No significant changes since last report. The beach was extremely clean of all human-produced debris, even though there was evidence of considerable use in recent weeks--many driftwood structures, for example. View full report 0
54 mvolson 05/30/2009 No significant changes since last visit except for lots of vehicle tracks on dunes near base of bluff. View full report 0
54 malachite 05/14/2009 Pleasant "evening on day after at a storm" beach walk. Vulture, possible eagle, cliff swallows and brown pelicans observed. Dead seal on beach. A solitary walk on a very beautiful beach. View full report 0
54 mvolson 03/21/2009 A total of 18 people were on the beach, most seemingly beachcombing. Two played in the surf. Two of the 4 dogs were on leash. One vehicle parked on the beach near entry.A few seagulls and partial remains of one dead bird (black feathers).More human-made litter than usual, especially plastic bottles.Small landslide of bluff near mouth of Elk. Large amount of driftwood and duff on beach, south half of mile 54. View full report 0
54 malachite 02/24/2010 A windy walk on beautiful beach. The beach appearance was quite different from my last visit (May 2009)--this is not my mile, I'm just 1/2x/year visitor. The number of driftlogs on the beach seemed substantially less than the last time I was here. There was a cluster near the vehicle beach access, but the cluster petered out rapidly. Further south on the beach, there was some evidence of a former dune that was cut by this winter's weather--I could see some crossbedding as well as bits of wood or driftwood sticking out of the sand structure. Despite this indication of erosion, there seemed to be much more sand deposited on the beach than there was last May. Usually I walk one way of the mile near the bluffs to look for any particularly nice samples of blue schist that have ended up there--this time I saw few to no large cobble-sized or smaller well rounded rocks, blue schist or other. I have attached some photos of what I did see, including a not great photo of what the dark strata (looks like a kind of mud/claystone w/concentration of mafic minerals and/or anerobic environment of formation but too wet to use handlens & I didn't take a sample to look at later (if I could find a polarizing microscope (or any microscope) to use to try to identify the minerals. Once soaked in water, the strata deteriorates, yet the feel & look was not standard clay & there was a kind of sheen or shine (reason for suspecting mafic minerals). Interesting. The bluffs are cut enough that, if I was really seeing some layering w/in this strata, there was enough of it exposed to indicate the strata seemed to be tilting slightly east. Tide very low this afternoon. Interesting walk on rainy windy beach. View full report 3
54 malachite 04/21/2011 Lovely day on the beach at Cape Blanco state park. I noted that (going from bottom to top) base dark, clayish layer, shell strata grading into sand then gravel strata looked as though they'd all seen some erosion, at least partly due to all the rain this winter/spring. You could see the channels worn into the base strata (see photo 3).It looked to me as though there was more sand on this beach than I saw last year, probably part of the transition from high energy to lower energy beach. I saw fewer drift logs exposed the further south along the mile. During last year's visit I also remember seeing some erosion of the dune or sand to show layering. None present along this part of the beach on this visit (then again, maybe I shouldn't draw conclusions based on one visit per year). More people than I usually see, perhaps because it was sunny, also because I usually visit earlier in the year. All but one dog either leashed or under good off leash control. The owners of the uncontrolled dog attempted to "control" or summon it by mass screaming. They were loud, you could easily hear them from almost a 1/3 of a mile away. Otherwise, everyone just out on the beach at very low tide & enjoying themselves. View full report 3
54 mvolson 08/08/2010 Mile 54 showed signs of heavy human use: vehicle tracks, driftwood construction, several campfire sites. Nevertheless, there was very little trash, and most of that looked as if it had washed ashore. The beach seemed to be in good shape. The carcass of a hoofed animal was on the beach at the north end of the mile, presumably a deer. View full report 0
54 mvolson 09/12/2012 Mile 54 was clean and quiet. Fewer dead birds than in the past. One dead seal. No evidence of sawmill activity. View full report 0
54 mvolson 05/17/2014 Fifteen people were using the beach or surf, along with 6 dogs. Children played in the creek, most adults were walking or playing with dogs. A large group of gulls, along with several pelicans and a dozen whimbrels were on the shore. Two dead mammals: one seal and one deer. Vultures were working on the deer. No noticeable changes on the beach. It was very clean.Trouble uploading photo. Will send to Ed Rossiter. View full report 0
54 rtempesta 02/23/2018

Wind started out from the SW, then rotated up to the NW. Also, there were 15 or so sheep feeding on the bluffs and cliffs. Quite a bit of erosion on the bluffs close to the Elk River. A large hole has appeared in the clog face, about 20’ up—some water was running from it. Surf was from the W, 1-2 ft. Sets 3 ft.

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54 rtempesta 08/03/2018 View full report 1
54 rtempesta 04/16/2021

Elk River backed up by sand bank and not flowing into ocean. Access to this streach of beach just opened back up March 1st.

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55 [email protected] 02/22/2010 Started my coast watch walk at 10:00 AM. Parking lot was empty. No one was one the beach. Not one dead bird and no erosion to report. Beach access was clear. After my walk there was a retired gentleman who had been camping at the campground for the last month who told me that some strong young men had cleared the roadway onto the beach of driftwood yesterday. View full report 0
55 [email protected] 10/30/2009 I arrived at the parking area which was full. The state park had few campers but there were many people visiting the beach. I asked one person who told me that the salmon fishing season had begun and the elk river (south of the access point on mile 54) was a very popular spot. There was no one on mile 55 and nothing remarkable. One sea lion was on the beach and I took a photo. View full report 5
55 [email protected] 09/24/2009 I arrived just after 9 AM. No cars in the parking lot. I walked the mile and saw no dead bird or litter or evidence of erosion. The beach goes along a steep cliffside and I was surprised that there were not more rocks and boulders having fallen. There was a lot of driftwood along the base of the cliff but nothing unusual. No cars on the beach (legal here) no dogs and only one other person. The campsite was full and it was a beautiful day but the beach was deserted except for the two of us. As I approached the end of mile 55 I saw one dead seal. There was nothing remarkable about it. It did not look to have been dead very long. As I returned I looked at the erosion on needle rock. The side facing the ocean is undercut and a couple of holes about a foot in diameter are bored through the rock. I could not tell if this is due to wind or water. The holes may be above the high tide level so I am guessing wind. I have not walked this mile in 5 to 10 years. The holes are new since then. This is my first walk as a coastwatch walker. I am taking over for my mother who use to do it. The erosion is natural and nothing is threatened except the rock apppears to be a nesting place for a flock of coramants. I will take a photo on my next walk. View full report 0
55 malachite 04/21/2011 Great morning on a beautiful beach. Although ORVs are allowed on this beach, I saw no tire tracks this morning. Tide was out. Beach was mostly clean, I saw some plastic bottles & what looked like something used in fishing (plastic also) among the driftlogs & rocks at the base of the bluff. This isn't the first time I've seen Canadian geese at the beach and I wonder if perhaps they are start to fill or trying to fill ecologic niches that used to be filled by other avian species. But those species have been hit harder/more easily decimated by human activities and loss of winter habitat (if migratory) or food supplies than the perhaps more adaptable Canadian geese. A very beautiful beach. Observed at least 3 plant species growing on higher reaches of the huge "needle" or whatever that huge rock is called that rises out of the beach near the north end of the mile. View full report 1
55 [email protected] 04/09/2011 Nice day for a walk. Very little wildlife except for some Canadian geese. I was alone but on my return walk two cars driving on the beach passed by. This is legal on this beach and not a concern. View full report 0
55 [email protected] 12/17/2011 A very nice day. Sunny and warm. Very little activity which is normal here. No erosion that I noticed. View full report 0
55 [email protected] 10/15/2011 Beautiful dayHi Ed I filed a report today. I did my mile last week but did not get around to filinf till today. No problemsDon Mile 55 View full report 0
55 Anonymous 01/10/2016

Wanted to document the driftwood pile-up that's been in place for the past few weeks at Cape Blanco beach. The good news: it blocks auto/ATV ingress on the access road. The bad news: it is a bit hard to climb over it and pass with secure footing through it. Photo taken Jan. 9 at a very high tide over 8'.

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55 Anonymous 12/25/2015

A beautiful day for my first mile summary; a Christmas present, indeed. The beach was, as usual, sparsely populated around sunset/low tide. Not much wildlife to be seen, other than the usual tidepool creatures. Could observe the ocean side of needle rock and the usually offshore smaller rocks, and was able to climb around the lighthouse point to see the hidden beach on the other side (but I didn't go because it was getting late). The shoreline and beach saw the effects of the storms and king tides, with landslides, new sand drifts, debris, and driftwood pileup along the top of the beach near the cliffs, including a logjam of about 20 feet of large logs blocking the access road completely and making it difficult to get through without climbing. Someone found a large 5-ft buoy in the rocks at Lighthouse point that he decided to take home, rolling it down the beach. Other marine debris (perhaps from the Jamie K, which wrecked there in fall?) had washed ashore near the point.

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55 KFunk 04/17/2022 DISPATCH

This beautiful beach is accessed by a road in the campground in Cape Blanco State Park. There were many people collecting rocks at low tide and a few cars collecting driftwood. In general, the beach was clean of trash. The reason I am filing this Dispatch is because there are two large pieces of garbage half buried in the sand - a large propane tank and a tire.

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56 Bob Ivey 05/26/2013 CapeWalker and buddy got up early to make the most of minus tide, On the beach just pass low am tide. Not alone, 2 trucks on the south side of Cape Blanco, it is permitted and no auto on north side, basically no access except by foot. Saw fisher person with child, two beachcombers with one dog, a student gathering data from rocky shores of Cape Blanco and a group of people on the south side. This was a walk around Cape Blanco at minus tides, usually only durning summer. I have walk this before, but this was better because of minus tides. Saw pelagic cormorants nesting, peregrine falcon high on the bluff, black oystercatcher on the near shore, blue heron, gulls, and lots of rocky shore life. The day was over cast and some lite rain but generally warm. I think this the first report for this mile of shoreline. Going to make this an annual trip for CapeWalker View full report 6
56 Bob Ivey 09/17/2018

This summer like last, I volunteer with Cape Blanco Lighthouse.  Enjoy wind and no wind day, visitors from all over the world.  Observe whales, seals, various birds and local ground squirrels plus small herd of deer up on the headlands.

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57 [email protected] 09/11/2007 Removed 1 small bag of trash, is all -- left 2 heavy nets. First time saw 3 floats in line, 50' apart, 100'out. View full report 0
57 [email protected] 06/08/2007 Beautiful day -- all the more appreciated considering projected development of access area. Photo shows 15'- 20' erosion over past year (when bank & rock met). View full report 1
57 [email protected] 03/29/2007 Most people seen at our site. Fishermen, driftwood collectors were at Hughes House picnic site access -- 1/2 mi. from beach on the Sixes River. 2 families seen on the beach accessed from Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Cliff at north (meadow) end of mile eroded over 10 ft. at one point. Large debris left included crab traps, tire, float. Removed 1 medium-sized bag of small trash, plus large fuel container. View full report 0
57 [email protected] 01/21/2008 Beautiful (cold) sunny day. Hardly any trash at all to pick up. View full report 0
57 malachite 04/22/2011 Another wonderful morning at the beach at Cape Blanco state park. It was again sunny while I walked the beach north of Cape Blanco, that runs from the Cape to the Sixes River. I then walked inland along a path (where I met some cows) that goes to the Hughes house and then back via the road (I didn't see the path that goes from the Hughes house back to the lighthouse/campground areas) to the lighthouse area/overlook. I reached the beach early enough that the beach was partly shadowed during the first part of my walk. I'd gone to the beach early to make sure I would be on the beach at low tide. The tide was low enough that I was able to walk out to Castle Rock, a large sea stack near the outlet of the Sixes River. View full report 4
57 Bob Ivey 08/04/2012 Walked Mile 57 from Sixes River's boat put in by the Hughes House to the mouth of the river and down to turn around rock on the beach. One surfisherman with his limit. Two or three other groups of people, visitors, watchers and walkers. Some birdlife both shore and inland birds. No mammals seen at all, not even in the surf. Was going to walk starting at Cape Blanco's north side but very windy and foggy, not the sunny day I was planning. Driving back for lighthouse there was less fog and more sunlight, so put in at boat ramp. The sun came out and there were a good selection of common wildflower and assortments of the grasses. Beach was nice, so much buried wood big and small. The mouth of the Sixes was filling with sea water from the wave action there. Someone might have crossed the river and headed to Mile 58, but not today. Had most of the beach to myself except for the groups at the mouth. Took the Castle Rock trail back to parking. The purple thistles were beautiful, I believe California and smaller Canadian were all around the grasslands. Weather was a mix bag, very windy and socked in with fog up on the bluff, below along the river it was sunny and warm, the beach the same with a little more fog being blow to the north. The area remain litter free, found only four plastic bottle and no small pieces of plastic. The day was good. View full report 0
57 Bob Ivey 03/08/2012 Walked mile 57 on sunny windless side of Cape Blanco, at top blowing 25-30 mph. MOre sand on beach and wack line overtop of beach. Big log there, small surf, pleasant beach conditions for watch. Not many people, some fishing, some mining and some just watching. View full report 0
57 Bob Ivey 02/01/2012 DISPATCH

ONce again a beautful afternoon on n. beach, very few people, few birds, no marine mammal and wide open beach for walking.

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57 Bob Ivey 01/12/2012 Beautiful sunny and warm day on the north beach at Cape Blanco. Zero beached birds for COASST and one river otter. Very few birds, crabbing boat had all of their attention. Walk north to south approx one mile and then walk from Six river put in to mouth of river. Few people out and just great day at beach. View full report 0
57 Bob Ivey 04/28/2013 Wandered from Hughes House to MILE 57. Few folks on beach, fishing and beach combing. NO Pets, some sheep on grassy hill sides. Saw Bald Eagle yesterday, none today. NO sea mammals, some sea birds, flocks of birds on Gull Island, need to check the inventory. Over all sunny day with good amount of Nw winds, especially on exposed beach or bluffs. Minus tide this weekend, could have rounded the cape maybe with tomorrow minus tide? Start from south side, see ya there. View full report 1
57 Bob Ivey 01/20/2013 Capewalk shared the beach with others today. It was warm and sunny most of the day. Maybe six persons on the beach and one dog, who was well behaved. One person was mining a stream coming down the slowly sliding buffs on this stretch of beach. Very little litter, one section with a fair number of plastic bottles. No major changes on beach. Saw peregrine yesterday from bluffs and a harrier today. Like I said, some noise black oystercatchers on rock close to lighthouse. No sea mammal, was hoping for whale, to late now.. Plenty of people drive out the bluff, light house is closed, but some folks were walking out to house. View full report 2
57 Bob Ivey 12/09/2012 Capewalker here, beach mile 57 was observed today. Sea were calm and flat, no big surf. Debris very little, a few folks out walking/hiking from bluff down to beach. Sunny and blue skys to the south of the Cape, darking and cloudy to the north. Debris mostly med to large logs and sand seems to be push high on the beach. From cliff's edge looking like alot of black sand below. One beachcomber maybe a miner, working the little creeks coming out of the slides on the north bluffs. A few fishing boat to the south of cape, crabbing out of Port Orford. Air temp not bad and just a little wind out of the NNW. View full report 4
57 azbeach 11/10/2012 DISPATCH Curious activity: Apparent "mining" operation approx. 1/4 mi. south down the beach from the north side of Cape Blanco. Trough lodged into foredune, over small water outlet. Being tended by 2 adult males (one of whom had perched on his shoulder a white cockatoo wearing orange vest, accompanied by a basset hound). Unfortunately -- a day at this beautiful beach sans the camera . . . View full report 0
57 Bob Ivey 10/14/2012 Cooler and cloudy day. Reconning around south beach and headlands with good views both south and north. Was intending to walk from Hughes house to Mile 57, but due to sandbar at mouth of river, the trails were covered with about 18 inches of river water. Not many folks out today. View full report 1
57 Bob Ivey 09/16/2012 DISPATCH Beautiful Sunday morning. Thirty minute walk to north beach at Cape Blanco. Mouth of Sixes river draining into ocean. Lots of wood debris, small to medium large trees. Saw a large group of hiker on beach from up at cape, but gone once I was on the beach. A little windy today, needed to hide in wind shadows. Found prob. a fox carcass, just head and jaw left. Assorted groups of birds. Very little litter or trash, just a beautiful beach. View full report 2
57 Bob Ivey 09/02/2012

Beautiful Labor Day weekend, many visitors to Cape Blanco Lighthouse, few groups on beach, northside windy and south not as bad. Could see for miles up and down beach. Pictures from up top by lighthouse.

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57 Bob Ivey 01/19/2014 A little cooler than yesterday, but very nice day. Sunny and cloudless. Very few people on beach, tide coming in and waves right up to base of bluffs/slides. Wood debris with large logs rolling, not safe on beach scurried to Turn around Rock and beat the tide and logs back to walk up. Medium amount of bull kelp tangles up and down beach. some plastic but remains clean beach. Very few small treasures on beach, no agates or shells this walk. View full report 3
57 Bob Ivey 12/03/2020

November weather, clear skies with some clouds and fog, slight wind from the Northwest, surf very rough, Orford reef covered with waves.  Few visitors most picture takers of Cape Blanco.  

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58 Bob Ivey 08/19/2012 Walked from Cape Blanco Airport trail to Blacklock Point, down the south side and down the beach to mouth of Sixes River. Mile 58 was all mine, sunny, little wind and temperature was good for walking the beach. Lots of whale signs off beach by 2-3 miles. Not many people on beach, most walked or biked to Blacklock. Saw a few dead birds, pelican, gull, two small water birds, no positive ID. Clear skies, small surf. Ocean flowing into Sixes. Maybe could have crossed on beach side of river mouth. Few folks on south side of river. Lighthouse visible and could see cars at Cape. Long walk but worth it. Few people and great weather. Beaches clean. View full report 2
58 Bob Ivey 08/04/2013 Good walk to Blacklock Point today, a bit cool especially at the point, fog and blowing NW moderate winds kept you on the south side of point. Three men on south beach fishing. Several small groups passed on my way back, but no one but me on south side of sea bluff, again, fog and wind. Did see down south beach towards Cape Blanco, no light because of fog, marine layer was thick. Few fungi I enjoy were found, on fog drip line of the coast. Tide was after high, sandy beaches and driftwood piles spread down the beach and backing right up the slides of cliffs and forest above the surf. Nothing new there. Needed wind and fog protection today on the Blacklock Point. It was warmer on the way back down the coast trail to airport and beyond. View full report 2
59 Bob Ivey 07/06/2012 Hiked to Blacklock Point. Several small groups of hikers and backpackers, some with dogs and children. Beautiful, but windy day. Could see up and down coast from bluffs. Surf brown and farther out clear blue green waters. Winds blowing on shore pretty stiff. Shoreline looked unchanged but know it has. No marine mammals but many offshore birds, no dead birds. View full report 2
59 Bob Ivey 11/26/2012 Scouted and reconn Cape Blanco on Saturday morning. Wet and windy for most of the day. Little walk on Mile south of Light house. Few fisherman and day trippers on beach. Sunday was beautiful, some mild high clouds and blue skies. I walk airport trail to Blacklock Pt. many big puddles to jump over going out. Saw two other parties, walking with their dogs. Visability was great up and down the coast. Seas were moderated and uniform. Sat on edge of south bluff and gots some sunshine. Scenic views of Blacklock Point, Sixes River Mouth and farer south, Cape Blanco and the Lighthouse. No mammal seen on the seas, few shorebirds and beaches look clean of trash. Tsumani debrie is coming?? View full report 2
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59 alaingamerica 03/30/2022 DISPATCH

On an interpretive hike led by Jesse Jones, of CoastWatch and Dr Larry Basch of Charleston, Oregon, I observed a pisater ochraceus with what looked to be severe SSWS. I submitted a report to MARINe. Happily, I also saw nearly 100 healthy ochre stars. Larry estimated their ages to be between 2-4 years old. We only covered a small portion of the south part of the point.

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59 jessejones 03/30/2022

Today included a group of 28 Coos and Curry residents, joining an ecological interpretive walk led by Dr Larry Basch. Blacklock Point is proposed as a Marine Conservation Area by the public, to be included in the updated Rocky Habitat Management Plan for the Oregon coast. Dozens of healthy sea stars were spotted in the intertidal, as well as kelps. The trail is well-trod and a somewhat large parking area across from the airport buildings and near the trail head isn't marked and is not obvious. 

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60 Bob Ivey 08/05/2012 Began walk at bridge crossing outlet at Floras Lake. Head for gap in fore dune, wide and high sand beaches. Some beaches had mini sand dunes cut by wave action. A few people on the beach, some sitting on rock and watching seas. Weather overcast and foggy mostly, air temp not bad, that old sweater help with wind from SE. Cliff/bluffs in various stages of erosion, some new slumping and sliding, a mudstone arch just below bluffs, never seen that before. You run out of beach in a ways, so doubled back to pocket beach and old road up to bluffs, probably early coastal trail. Back in the shore pine and spruce forest, signs of fungi, discovery of small serving of golden fungi, that coast marine layer is very stimulating. Final broke out of coastal wind swept forest, could it be bonsai? It is so tight in spots. Back out along Flores Lakes beach side and return to take out. Heard it was 90ish in Eugene, glad I was here with fog and cool marine layer. The seas were medium waves, great crashing sound and beach could be walk the whole way there and back. View full report 1
60 Bob Ivey 02/03/2013 Just me and Matt and one other person walking this mile. Mild weather, sea calm and not many animals or birds seen. One dead harbor seal and poss. fulmar remains on beach. Normal amounts of wooden debris, more plastic debris closer to Floras Lake, less closer to Blacklock. Can'nt wait for next hike. Later CapeWalker View full report 2
60 Bob Ivey 01/20/2014 Another beautiful day at Mile 60.sunny after fog lifted. Lite Nw wind, tide coming in. Some plastic, which seem to get worst as I walk south, but still pretty clean of trash. 3 groups of people, 2 runner, 4 walking and 1 solitary agate hunter like me working the gravel beds intermittently down the beach. Bluffs/cliff show new erosion, nothing major, just slow, continuous erosion. No shore birds, a few gulls and one Marsh Hawk. Coots and geese on Floras Lake. No sea mammals. View full report 3
60 azbeach 09/04/2016 DISPATCH

Whale washed up on Lost Beach below cliffs (Floras Lake area).  There were tire tracks leading up to it, which we assumed were from the Beach Ranger.  Looks like this giant may have died at sea and washed up -- our guess.  Approx. 20' in length; badly decomposing; odor.

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